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Former Top NSA Official - We are Now In a Police State

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posted on Dec, 19 2013 @ 03:08 PM

reply to post by FlyersFan

How do we get rid of the police-state?

How do we return to a society based on individualism, personal responsibility, liberty, freedom?

If you remember Europe was liberated by US the last time this happened...

posted on Dec, 19 2013 @ 03:40 PM
Before getting all orgasmic over bloody revolution fantasies and govt overthrows and wishes for a military coup... I wish for a Convention of States.
Our founding fathers pretty well covered this exact scenario happening that we are experiencing now in Article V of the United States Constitution. This idiocy we see now is the natural progression of an office of power and the federal side was made supreme during the civil war. A convention of states would work now.

Those wishing overthrows and coups are foolish and have never considered what could fill the void.

posted on Dec, 19 2013 @ 04:06 PM
reply to post by FlyersFan

I think him saying that is all just part of the larger picture of conditioning the masses. I read your OP, this NSA guy helped develop and implement the protocols to follow, created a well though out timeline of infringement on our privacy, gathering information on our habits and the slow conditioning of familiar acceptance. Why would someone who spent so much time with this agenda come out and tell us all that we are now living in a police state? While I don't think we are living in a true police state at this time I do see the workings and buildup of it becoming a reality years down the road. I seriously doubt that he feels guilty and just wants to warn us. I think it is just another bullet point on their agenda, another check on their timeline, feed the people sh$t and they will become used to eating it and ask for more. It is conditioning, just another psy op for us "regular folk" so when (if it ever does ) become reality some people who have been utterly snow blinded will find it easier to accept.

posted on Dec, 19 2013 @ 04:34 PM

reply to post by FlyersFan

How do we get rid of the police-state?

How do we return to a society based on individualism, personal responsibility, liberty, freedom?

Only one way...destroy it utterly.

posted on Dec, 19 2013 @ 04:58 PM

Will you stop pretending that Im doing something negative? I swear..

Awww, alright, I'll stop pretending you're doing something negative.

I mean exactly what I said.. she isnt telling the truth concerning a lot of what she is saying.

What can you tell me that would demonstrate that to me?

She tried to destroy her husband long before they divorced due to her making up all of this drama and writing letters to everyone trying to play detective and going off the deep end for years.

This is an allegation, but no more, as far as I can see.

She couldnt manage to stay off the phone causing drama for years before the divorce, either... and she had been warned about making crap up due to her husbands position.

You seem to know a lot about this case. I can't find references to this sort of thing on the web. How about a source?

She doesnt KNOW what she claims she KNOWS and is passing off a lot of BS as truth.

Another allegation. You are starting to sound a lot like the woman you are attempting to describe, but I'm not sure if that's Kay Griggs.

Using her "testimony" as wholly truth isnt doing this particular subject any favors.. IF you want a rational discussion on how to deal with this "police state" issue.

The main thrust of the thread is establishing the fact that the United States is a police state, not what to do about it.

Ive even considered that the so-called diary was totally BS as well. NO ONE in his position writes this stuff down just for a confirmed off the wall wife to find.

Her husband appears to have been an alcoholic and a disturbed individual. Maybe he wasn't writing it down with the idea of her eventually getting hold of it. Maybe he needed notes to keep track of his life.

Its like she got a little dirt/truth and went berserk making wild connections and complete crap connections up. Darn near everyone she saw was a closet homo or etc.

I don't think she has said everybody was like that but certain individuals involved in her husband's work caught her attention for that reason and for various other reasons.

She claimed George was so intimidated by her Christianity and etc.. weird stuff.

Her contention, which made a lot of sense to me, was that he was a very conflicted man, operating in an arena for which his personality wasn't suited and with people who were criminally depraved.

SHe actually was under some delusion that they wanted HER for her wonderful abilities and wanted to recruit her.. which was not true.

I think they may well have wanted to draw "the trouble maker" into the circle. It would make sense. They might have made an effort to encourage her in that delusion.

She was a problem and everyone knew it but a very small group of disgruntled drama queens who gave her enough of a push to make her go overboard in her "evidence gathering".

People are funny. Heaven knows there is certainly no drama in the dirty tricks business, the arms trade or the collection of young assassins from among disadvantaged or abused backgrounds.

Running around taking pics of this and that person.. just weird stuff.

Maybe she thought some people wouldn't believe her if she didn't take pictures.

Her own words outted her. She said ( paraphrased) : Women teach ment to talk. We are more spiritual. They try to peg women of being crazy, but women are better at solving problems.

That's a somewhat old fashioned view. A relic of a society in which the roles of men and women were more clearly distinct from one another. She's that kind of person, a traditionalist, a Christian, shocked by depraved people in her husband's life and at their rationalizing their behavior through a version of Godless "existentialism".

Just listen to her.. women do NO wrong.. men are bad bad bad.

You must have missed the part where the Navy secretaries overseas worked in a sort of "prostitution pool".

Everyone was attmepting to kill her. These guys are stone cold assassins according to her, but couldnt manage to kill her.. cause she is "special".

People were breaking into her house and moving things around in a playful way, while she was out. She was very disturbed by this and Sarah McLendon, the White House correspondent told her to get out of there or she would wind up dead. Similar things happened to Gerald Bull before his assassination by an unknown assassin, probably from MOSSAD.

The truth itself is bad enough.. no need to inject her weirdness.

I don't think she's weird at all. She's sweet. A little old fashioned but in a nice way. I like her.

posted on Dec, 19 2013 @ 05:36 PM

reply to post by beezzer

The answer to that question is too unsavory to imagine in this day and age. Now that it does exist at this degree can we ever truly make it go away? Powerful men will do everything possible to insure that they do not lose this control mechanism over us.

Did we ever truly believe that "we had nothing to hide?" Did we ever truly believe that this power would be used for the common good. Have we so soon forgotten that the mouse always asks for a glass of milk?

Dwight David Eisenhower warned of the military complex.
He was a 5 Star General.
Kinda like been there done that.
So have we waited too long to fix this situation
or are WE THE PEOPLE going to take back what our fore fathers fought to defend ?
My question is
Who's brave enough ?
Who is willing to lay down their lives for what WE THE PEOPLE believe in.
Our constuition,Our country,Our lives.
Someone tell me who will be the first.
Willing,Ready and Able.

posted on Dec, 19 2013 @ 05:38 PM
reply to post by bluesman1955

Oh and by the way.
NSA may be on the way to take me away
but I as an american am using my Freedom of speech.
God Bless America.

posted on Dec, 19 2013 @ 05:59 PM

For some reason, your post brought back a distant memory of a song from my youth -
Steppenwolf's "Monster" very much seems like the NSA:

Yeah, there's a monster on the loose
It's got our heads into the noose
And it just sits there watchin


Great song! More relevant now than when it was released.

posted on Dec, 19 2013 @ 06:20 PM

reply to post by sulaw

That is indeed the plan!

An uprising focused on force would make a lot of the goals of "TPTB" so, so much easier to obtain. Plus, the ensuing economic crash will yield massive profits, and sell out even more control to those who already have enough.

I have little doubt this is how things will end up, because its just the exact same cycle repeating itself. Very few are interested in breaking that cycle, and will react in the way they are programmed. Its almost an inevitability.

That doesnt mean there arent better options, but that would require participation instead of just "reaction."

People cant even pinpoint the *exact* people who are in control of all of this, much less the ideology that is implemented.

At best, it will appear like a temporary "reset," only to end up in the same place as every single other revolution that has ever taken place in the history of mankind.
solution equals "tax the rich"

posted on Dec, 19 2013 @ 08:06 PM
reply to post by symptomoftheuniverse

I have the answer and its too easy. All we would have to do to end the police state is take all your money out of the banks and stop buying imported garbage. TBTB would have no choice but to take drastic action which would turn even more people against them.

If 10% or more would be willing to do that we would force them to rethink their agenda. Society would be a lot better off if we could just get rid of certain elites. We have the tools for a decent society and imo its just a matter of removing those who cant see that.

posted on Dec, 19 2013 @ 10:52 PM
And there's nothing really to be done but wait and let it collapse under its own weight because it inevitably will. At some point, there won't be enough resources to prop it up and the boot on your throat will quickly find that men won't work for scraps when they have families in danger due to a break down in social order.

Regimes do not last long once the insanity of the ones running the show sets in. That's what has happened. They've run mad with power and greed, and they're in the process of slitting their own throats. Now, they're going to bleed the rest of us out before they go, but they'll eventually go.

The problem with wanting more constantly is that there is just not always more and there's a thousand like you wanting the same thing. At some point, you kill the golden goose.

posted on Dec, 20 2013 @ 05:06 AM
reply to post by AnIntellectualRedneck
So they may kill the peacefull protester and they may kill the violent and stupid but somewhere sits the smart and violent, left with no choice kill or be killed the forces of the so called elite wont be captured but executed on the spot or tortured for information and shown the same mercy that they show others. The hunters sudenly become the hunted, no mercy to be shown. Remember technology can be used against those who abuse it. Robots can be reprogrammed, surveilence used to incriminate the elites etc Then their was the alien craft that they shot down, guess they were not so happy about being shot down either as a little help might have been given to the rebels. Add to this the people that are sick and tired of being the elites cannon fodder and decide that the world would be better off without them. Perhaps the security guard that suddenly fires a few rounds into they head, oops that mind control didnt work so well after all. While we are divided so are the elites continuing to fight among themselves , greedy nacissitic people often do not want to share with others either money or power. While the nwo/illuminati may gain power they will not keep it for long and i believe that they soul will be sent to a very dark place to learn their lessons on why they should not do what they have done.

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posted on Dec, 20 2013 @ 06:35 AM
reply to post by FlyersFan

So NOW they tell us. God damnit, where were the warnings when we needed them?

Oh, that's right, F#CKING EVERYWHERE

NSA, ASIO, CIA, KGB, Mossad, all you spineless rat bastards...... get a real job. There's no pride in being an international peeping tom, no matter what garbage your recruitment agencies fed you. Remember, the truth always prevails eventually. Always. Which side of history do you wanna be on? The good guys? Or the bad guys? Personally, I pick the team who puts humanity first and not power & dominance.

Your move. Assholes
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posted on Dec, 20 2013 @ 03:50 PM



Call me, you have my number.......

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I wish I could give you a star for each photo...those are pretty good!

posted on Feb, 10 2014 @ 01:29 PM

reply to post by FlyersFan

How do we get rid of the police-state?

How do we return to a society based on individualism, personal responsibility, liberty, freedom?

Only one way to enforce the "Bill of Rights"...

The Constitution of the United States, with the Bill of Rights…
Is the foundation upon which most of us conduct our lives here in the United States. It establishes our rights and responsibilities as citizens of this nation, and it sets boundaries beyond which our government cannot go. In other words, it is the law of the land for the people and the government.
If our government declares Martial Law, Then it is setting aside the Constitution. The people of the United States will no longer have any rights. None. Nada. The government (military) will be declared to be all-powerful and the military will become the supreme law of the land. You and I will have no rights. No right to own personal property. No right to live where we chose. In fact, we will not even have the right to life itself. If we don’t do everything the government says, we can be instantly executed without a trial.
Not a pleasant thought, is it? But it’s the truth. However, there’s another truth that goes unnoticed. Do you know what it is?
The government has no rights either. Our Constitution gives our government the right to rule over us. If our government throws the Constitution and our rights out the window, then it also throws out the original legal document that gives it the right to rule over us. You and I are no longer bound by the Constitution because it has been declared temporarily null and void.
What does this mean? It means every citizen of the United States is on his or her own. If you wish to submit to the military and do what they tell you, then that is your choice. On the other hand, if you disagree with their orders, then you are under no legal obligation to obey them. The one thing that can force you to obey the military is overwhelming force and the threat of death.
If Martial Law is initiated due to civil problems, then I will personally support it as long as it is only used to keep the peace and to provide emergency relief to those who desperately need it. If the presence of the military helps to prevent vandalism, robbery, rape, and murder then I will be an enthusiastic supporter of the military. However, if the military accomplishes these objectives by infringing on the rights of peaceful, law-abiding citizens, then my perspective will be different.
Let’s consider a few hypothetical scenarios. A group of military men knock at your door. They are heavily armed. And they outnumber you by at least three to one. Plus they are trained in military tactics. And they have their loaded rifles pointed right at you. Then they tell you they are going to search your residence without your permission so they can do one or more of the following:
1. Remove any food they believe is in excess so it can be distributed to the others.
2. Remove all your guns and ammunition so they can maintain control.
3. Remove all cash, silver, gold, precious metals, and jewelry to finance the military effort to help keep control of the country.
4. Draft all men at the age of 16 and up to fight for the country.
5. Draft all women to provide support services for the military.
6. Remove energy sources (solar panels, generators, gasoline, diesel fuel, propane, kerosene) for military use.
7. Evacuate you and your family to a FEMA camp where you will be safer. You may take the clothes you are now wearing.
8. Take control of your residence as lodging for military personnel.
9. Use your imagination and continue the above list as you see fit.
If you are confronted with any of the above situations, how will you respond? Faced with superior numbers and superior force, will you obey or resist and maybe fight to the death?
Before you answer let me ask a few more questions. How do you know these military people are legitimate? Is it because they have some official insignia on their uniforms, or because they show you some kind of identification card?
Can these things be forged? Can they be removed from dead bodies? Are you being confronted with a legitimate military unit or a fake one? How can you know for sure? You can’t! Even if it is legitimate, it ceased to be so when a usurper in the Whitehouse suspended the Constitution through the use of an executive order declaring martial law.
So, what will you do? I suspect most of the people in this nation will submit the same way the Jews did to the German soldiers in the 1940’s. They will give up without a fight. If most of the Jews had resisted and only one Jew out of ten had been able to take several Nazi soldiers to death with him, then the War would not have lasted as long as it did. By giving up without a fight most of the Jews eventually perished in horrible ways.
Will that be your fate in this situation? Will you surrender without a fight? As for me (and I can’t speak for the other members of my house), I will go down fighting if that is possible. I would rather die a quick death as a free person than a slow painful death from starvation, disease, or imprisonment inside a FEMA camp.
If you are prepared for martial law, then you do have a choice. If you aren’t prepared, then you have no choice. Starvation will make you a puppet of whoever promises to give you your next meal.
The confiscation of food by the government has never in the history of mankind improved the life of the average citizen. It has only permitted those in authority to maintain a luxurious lifestyle. The average citizen has always spent more time, energy and resources standing in line to obtain the tiny amount of free government food than the food itself was worth. In other words, they burned 800 calories getting to the distribution site, standing in line for four hours in the freezing cold, and then returning to their home with 200 calories of poor quality food.
Please don’t get the wrong idea about me. I love my country and I obey its laws. I pay my taxes, I support our government leaders, and I respect and honor our military. However, if our Constitution is set aside, then I will be forced to act in the best interest of my own family and my neighbors (the people I know personally and can depend on in a crisis). We will organize to come to each other’s aid regardless of who is attacked, for any reason, by any group. As neighbors we will live by our nation’s original motto: United we stand, Divided we fall.
How will we be able to do this? If Martial Law is declared, I will visit my neighbors one at a time and tell them they can depend on us to help them defend their home from outside attack. The reason we will do this is because it is easy for a small group of soldiers (or mercenaries, thieves, etc.) to attack one house at a time and overpower it. But it is very difficult to attack a home if all the close neighbors get involved and help to defend the home under attack. (Surround the ones that surround your friends and neighbors.) This does not require organization into groups with specific boundaries (such as our group stops at the corner). The reason is because the people who live on the corner are neighbors to the people who live across the street. Each family unit should meet with their ten or twelve closest neighbors and agree that they will help defend one another from attack. This technique will allow an entire 200 home subdivision to protect itself from outside forces. (Or a town of 10,000 homes.) If you hear gunshots, then you come to the aid of the home under attack. If you are too far away to hear the gunshots, then you are under no obligation. But if you hear the gunshots and you don’t help, then it will only be a matter of time before your home will be next on the list. Therefore, it is to everyone’s advantage, in the long run, to help at the first sign of trouble.
The above agreement does not comprise the rights of individual families by asking individual families to share their meager resources with an entire community. Each family only agrees to help in the mutual defense of their immediate neighbors from outside attackers. Other than that, each family is on their own to the extent they chose to be. If a family wishes to do a lot of volunteer work, then they are free to do so. But if they chose not to share what little they have, they are free to do that also. There is another reason for agreeing with your neighbors to protect one another. If civil unrest weakens our nation to the point where we become an easy target for foreign terrorists, then we may have to fight a foreign power here on United States soil. If that becomes necessary, then every family may have to make the decision to either defend itself or run away.
My final suggestion is to remember how we won our independence in the late 1700’s. We faced a superior military force with superior weapons. But we didn’t fight according to conventional military rules. We used guerrilla tactics. We fired from ambush and ran away to fight another day. In the end, we won. If someday you find yourself as the last survivor of your family and you still believe in the freedom our forefathers originally fought for, then use the strategy that worked for them. Don’t go up against superior numbers. Don’t sacrifice your life needlessly. Pick your fights carefully. Do as much damage as you can while still leaving yourself an escape route so you can live to fight another day. Don’t organize into large groups. Small groups have a better chance of surviving (staying hidden and not betraying one another). If we lose our freedoms because of martial law, don’t let that be the end of our national heritage. Remember that freedom will never die as long as it lives inside the heart of one patriot. May God strengthen you in your hour of need! Sincerely, An Old Patriot

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