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India- US Diplomatic Crisis after Indian female diplomat arrested and strip searched

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posted on Dec, 19 2013 @ 11:50 PM
reply to post by GargIndia

you are right , they should show kindness to the couple 100 million Indians . Either way , she will get immunity and come to India and there is nothing they can do about it . What can be done is ,Issue an interpol notice on US Attory Preet Barrara for aiding and abetting a fugitive .

posted on Dec, 20 2013 @ 01:04 AM
If the Indian diplomat is wrong she should face full force of justice. But because the American media continues to criticize India’s reaction and our credibility as a nation where rule of law prevails, it would serve the American media well to recall just two cases from not so long ago. No not Iraq, not Venezuela, not Guatemala, not Panama, not Vietnam, not Afghanistan…
1. Raymond Allen Davis incident and what followed
2. Anderson and Union Carbide actions (>several 100,000 affected, casualty of several thousands)
How were these covered by the Washington Post, Chicago tribune, LA Times? I know I'm digressing but all this coming from a country where state surveillance is comparable only to Stalinist Russia (as we are learning everyday) and news is tailored and rubber stamped by authorities.
As far as the overreaction is concerned, I don't think the ordinary Indian/Indian media believes the diplomat to be right or above the law or anything, but the outrage has been around the handling of the affair (cavity search - if that's true) etc.

posted on Dec, 20 2013 @ 04:10 PM
I can tell you exactly what's going on and it's far more nefarious than anything in this article. This will be a long post, but well worth the read for those of you trying to deny ignorance.

This has everything to do with Edward Snowden. We all know his story is a complete fabrication and that this highschool dropout isn't some super spy...that's ridiculous. So what does it have to do with some chick from India being persecuted? Read on my friends and it'll all become clear as a bell.

On July 2, a little noticed “reform” passed in January went into effect. The Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012, passed as part of the 2013 National Defense Authorization Act, will allow the CIA to flood America with more government propaganda.

So, the CIA is now allowed to propagandize Americans...that's what's happening with this India thing and here's the overall tie-in as to why:

Ed Snowden miraculously leaves America full of State Secrets and flies to an aggressive Communist country and makes it alive. When he arrives, he's greeted by a flash mob of Chinese people complete with multi-language signs proclaiming him a hero and condemning the US. How did those people know anything when WE didn't even know? It was staged.
During his time in China, the US Government whipped the American people into a patriotic frenzy over the audacity of China giving asylum (albeit temporary) to a criminal wanted for treason. Congressman called for boycotts and some even wanted to stop paying debt to China until he was returned.

Ed Snowden leaves China for another Communist country...which is more strange because neither China or Russia are beacons for "Freedom of Speech" and both spy on their own citizens. Nonetheless, Russia gives Snowden a year asylum and AGAIN, the American Government whips it's people into a Patriotic frenzy. Obama cancels his planned trip to meet with Putin regarding the missile shield and the sheep start baaa-ing anti-Russian nonsense.

Today, Ed Snowden is seeking asylum in Brazil of all places. The American Propoganda machine is now in full effect over this with the sheep calling for sanctions if Brazil grants Snowden asylum.

Add this fiasco, an Indian Diplomat strip searched for Visa violations and some crap about her paying her help less than minimum wage and the whole dinner table has been set!!

What do all of the above countries have in common people???

They are all the members of BRIC!!!! This is all propaganda to gear the American public to hate these countries for the impending war over currency!!!

For those that don't know...BRIC stands for Brazil, Russia, India, China (S.Africa just became a member as well in 2013).

In the aftermath of the Yekaterinburg summit, the BRIC S nations announced the need for a new global reserve currency, which would have to be "diversified, stable and predictable". Although the statement that was released did not directly criticize the perceived "dominance" of the US dollar – something that Russia had criticized in the past – it did spark a fall in the value of the dollar against other major currencies.

The BRICS Forum, an independent international organization encouraging commercial, political and cultural cooperation between the BRICS nations, was formed in 2011. In June 2012, the BRICS nations pledged $75 billion to boost the lending power of the International Monetary Fund (IMF). However, this loan was conditional on IMF voting reforms. In late March 2013, during the fifth BRICS summit in Durban, South Africa, the member countries agreed to create a global financial institution which they intended to rival the western-dominated IMF and World Bank. After the summit, the BRICS stated that they planned to finalize the arrangements for this new development bank by 2014.

So follow the timeline...

Ed Snowden starts "stealing" State Secrets from Booz Allan Hamilton in March of 2013. BRICS announced that they were forming a NEW bank to "rival the Western dominated IMF and World Bank" in that SAME MONTH!

Three months later, Snowden starts his journey to THREE BRIC countries, and now the fourth (India) is being hyped in the news to foment anger by Americans. It's ALL propaganda thanks to the Smith-Mundt act allowing the CIA to propagandize AMERICANS!!!

This doesn't take any stretch of the imagination and like just has to follow the money! This is all a scam from the usual suspects and seems to be working on the sheep.

Keep in mind that BRIC countries have a combined GDP of over 16 TRILLION USD and a total reserve of 4 TRILLION USD. The total WORLD GDP is just over 71 TRILLION USD. So BRIC represents over ONE QUARTER of the total WORLDS net worth. They cannot be trifled with.

I wonder how this will all play's going to be scary times ahead in 2014 if the BRIC countries follow through on their plan for a new bank offering a new reserve currency.

This wasn't meant to derail your thread OP, I just think that this INDIA story plays right into the theory I'm proposing and honestly, what are the odds that this is all coincidence??

I posted a huge thread on this on another site that has generated ALOT of attention. If anyone wants a link, message me. And no, it isn't an ATS rival site.

Thanks for reading.

posted on Dec, 20 2013 @ 05:00 PM
reply to post by Miniscuzz

HOly crap

posted on Dec, 20 2013 @ 05:05 PM

Why the hell would U.S start a problem with a country who is friendly ?

This is the way the US treats law abiding, tax paying citizens in the US now.
Why does anybody from the rest of the world expect to be treated any better ?
They know it's a police state now.

posted on Dec, 20 2013 @ 05:36 PM
reply to post by Miniscuzz

A good analysis of a complex event. It's all tricksy.

posted on Dec, 20 2013 @ 08:08 PM
reply to post by Miniscuzz

Your theory is good.

And I believe fully that American news is full of propaganda. Only one side (the one painting the USA/West in good light) is presented.

Mrs Khobragade did make a mistake - she did not understand the nature and activities of the host government. This is a mistake many Indians make. The Western education has made many Indians very comfortable with West.

I think that she should have understood the legal implications of any contracts she was making with the maid. She should have known that she can be in trouble with the US legal system.

She comes from a 'dalit' family, the part of Indian society that is currently the most advantaged for government jobs. So some people have become used to privilege without much effort. She tried to apply the Indian yardsticks to USA, and she thought that influence overpowers any laws. She forgot that she has no influence over the US government.

The way that the maid disappeared and started legal action against Mrs Khobragade smacks of organized plot. She is obviously the fall guy though what she did was done by her predecessors as well. Only problem with her is that she was not discreet and careful.

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posted on Dec, 20 2013 @ 08:25 PM
reply to post by maddy21

Is it really that much of a surprise? The Obama administration has been treating EVERYONE with disdain, and contempt. Recently the Germans found out that the Obama administration had been listening to the personal cell-phone calls made by the German ambassador which put the Germans in an uproar.

Associated Press
German Chancellor Angela Merkel complained to President Barack Obama on Wednesday after learning that U.S. intelligence may have targeted her mobile phone, saying that would be "a serious breach of trust" if confirmed.

For its part, the White House denied that the U.S. is listening in on Merkel's phone calls now.

"The president assured the chancellor that the United States is not monitoring and will not monitor the communications of the chancellor," White House spokesman Jay Carney said. "The United States greatly values our close cooperation with Germany on a broad range of shared security challenges."

However, Carney did not specifically say that that U.S. had never monitored or obtained Merkel's communications.

The German government said it responded after receiving "information that the chancellor's cellphone may be monitored" by U.S. intelligence. It wouldn't elaborate, but German news magazine Der Spiegel, which has published material from NSA leaker Edward Snowden, said its research triggered the response.
The White House has cited that review in responding to similar spying concerns from France, Brazil and other countries.

If the Obama administration is treating in this way powerful allies, imagine what they would be willing to do to regular Americans...

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posted on Dec, 20 2013 @ 08:25 PM
Stupid action unless they are covering up somewhere else. It doesn't make sense for that kind of search unless some things else was afoot.
Reading waay between the lines it sounds like they were suspicious of her for something else. Then they didn't find the expected item. It's not unheard of for diplomats to be drug smugglers. If you have any brains you have to treat these diplomatic players with more than usual respect. Even if they don't deserve it.
Dumb move and no retraction or apology from the top... Weird considering what else he has apologized for.

posted on Dec, 20 2013 @ 10:44 PM
reply to post by datasdream

Mrs Khobragade did make a mistake that she made second employment contract with the maid.

I do not doubt a legal reason for her arrest (paying less than minimum wage).

However (And this is very big issue) both person involved in this case are Indian citizens. The proper route for USA was to take it up with the Indian government. It was for the Indian government to take remedial action.

The action of USA creates a number of problems for diplomatic staff of both countries. A minimum amount of trust is needed for embassies and consulates to function.

posted on Dec, 22 2013 @ 11:33 PM
US diplomats who got away with abuse

US double standards in diplomacy are common enough and pretty familiar to foreign office officials of countries which host embassies and consulates of the US. But what might be not so well known are the specific cases of US diplomats not only underpaying their domestic help but also physically abusing them, and how they got away lightly in most such cases.

In 2011, an Ethiopian national, Jan Doe, filed a case against American state department employee Linda Howard accusing her of forced labour, involuntary servitude and human trafficking. Doe said that Linda Howard hired her during her assignment in the US embassy in Yemen. In late 2008, when Howard was reassigned to Japan, Doe agreed to move with her and continue as her housekeeper. Her contract promised $300 a month, time off each week, health insurance and a safe place to live and work.

However, in Japan, Doe was forced to work more than 80 hours a week for less than a dollar an hour. The minimum hourly wage at the time of Jane Doe's employment was $6.55. Doe was even raped and forced to engage in sexual acts with Linda Howards's husband, Russell Howard, who threatened to deport her. When she finally escaped and complained, Linda Howard was removed from her post in the US embassy in Tokyo but returned to the US and continued to work for the state department.

By the time the Virginia court found the Howards guilty and awarded Doe over $3 million in damages in November last year, the Howards had fled the country. No effort seems to have been made by the US to track down the Howards who committed felony on federal property.

In a similar case, in July 2006, Harold Countryman, a former state department agent, and his wife, Kimberly Countryman, a realtor in northern Virginia, were found guilty of abetting visa fraud, forced labour and underpaying a Cambodian woman they had hired during their posting in South Korea and brought to the US. Kimberly Countryman admitted that she withheld a portion of the woman's pay, took possession of her passport and physically assaulted her. Though they had to pay the Cambodian woman $50,000 in restitution, Harold Countryman, the diplomat, only received probation. Visa fraud carries a statutory maximum penalty of 10 years imprisonment and a maximum fine of $250,000. The maximum sentence for involuntary servitude is a 40-year jail sentence.

In a much older case, in 1993, a US diplomat Thurmond Borden and his Filipino wife hired a domestic help from Manila offering to pay $300 to her to work for them in Japan. To comply with Japanese immigration regulations, they made a contract stating that they would pay her $1,500 to work six days a week for eight hours a day with overtime pay of 125%. The contract was submitted to both the US embassy and the Japanese immigration bureau.

Lucia found that she was forced to work from 6 am to 10 pm and not allowed to take a break even on Christmas or New Year. When she complained, her air ticket and alien registration certificate were confiscated. Lucia managed to escape after complaining to the Japanese police. When she tried to sue the Bordens, the US state department claimed diplomatic immunity for them and the Japanese legal system was forced to drop the case. Borden is now consul general Jakarta where among others tasks he will also be responsible for issuing maid visas to domestic help for US diplomats headed for the US.

These and many other cases have been put together on a blog, The Dissenter, by Peter Van Buren. Van Buren is a former US foreign service employee who turned whistle blower with his book criticizing American reconstruction efforts in Iraq. He now writes blogs and columns on American foreign policy especially on the working of US consulates, embassies and the foreign office.

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