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Intelligent Design is a self evident truth

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posted on May, 24 2014 @ 03:39 AM

originally posted by: Grimpachi
reply to post by begoodbees

Did you read how they are trying to explain away the supposed 70 million year old trex soft tissue, it is laughable.


Bet you feel pretty embraced. Well you should but don't beat yourself up to much. Creationist sites that parrot that stuff don't want you to actually research the facts and they never update their stories when new evidence comes to light that may damage their case. It is pretty common.

My advice to you is whatever the claim try to verify it from different sources that means you need to look beyond creationist sites. Good luck to you.

Yes, I do feel embraced. Any website that disagrees with evolution hypothesis you have excluded from the debate, so under those terms you win by default.

How about you provide some evidence from a non evolutionist source. There, now I win by default, I like your style, I can easily win any debate this way.

There are no unbiased websites.

posted on May, 24 2014 @ 04:16 AM

originally posted by: DJW001
reply to post by begoodbees

That's the thing, there is tons of evidence to support my beliefs and nothing but speculation to support yours.

I said that you are welcome to believe what you do based upon faith. Now you are claiming that I am not supposed to believe what I do based upon evidence. Please provide your evidence. Be specific. Cite sources. If I can prove that your sources are inaccurate or fraudulent, will you abandon your faith?

I'm not sure what faith you are referring to? I have faith that my truck will start tomorrow because of my knowledge of the creator (the spirit fire does open the eyes of some).

I am asking you to understand that your evidence is speculative and is not proof of anything. Sure, there are looney religious groups that believe in nonsense (evolutionists being one of them) and come up with crazy notions to support their ideas.

My evidence? Supposed 60 million year old soft tissue being found and never adequately explained is a good start. Human footprints along side of dinosaur tracks in stone (in more than one place). clay pots that date millions of years old.

Didn't I already link to a video that explains some of this? Oh wait someone said it was debunked without presenting any evidence except to say that somehow people mistook dinosaur prints for human prints, easy mistake right? Probably one of those unbiased websites out there told him that so it must be true.

But evolution was debunked by the discovery of dna and bipedal micromachines working inside of living cells, taking out trash and such and other fairly modern discoveries. Obviously (to the thinking mind) it is impossible for something so complex and coded to just accidentally spring into being. Very complex machines indeed are living cells.

So I guess that even after debunkment the fairy tale lives on and is being taught and defended how? Did you guess it? Religiously!

What about the distance of the stars? How was the distance measured? I know, and it makes no sense. It makes no sense because it was made up in order to support toe. It makes no sense because it is not true.

If you had never heard it before and just now as an adult were told this story (evolution) you would most likely place it in the same category as other nonsense religions. It is only your indoctrination that enables you to believe this makes sense. Just like christian indoctrination makes them think that their beliefs are true even when there is so much evidence even in the bible itself that proves them wrong.

Just like all religiously indoctrinated people, most will never change their mind no matter what.

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posted on May, 24 2014 @ 04:30 AM

originally posted by: rival
I love this simple child's question...Who created God?

If you have two brain cells to rub together you can easily understand
that this question exposes our COMPLETE ignorance at this point in
human history.

It is still a fun topic to debate, and while seeking answers
to our unknown questions of the origins of life and the universe
is a human's greatest endeavor...

We are simply arguing from ignorance at this point.

carry on....

God created God because only God can but since God can exist outside of time, God has no beginning (just like God can have no end).

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posted on May, 24 2014 @ 04:44 AM

originally posted by: rhinoceros

Actually the genetic code is a clear example of evolution. However, let's entertain the idea that you're right. Now please go ahead and explain e.g. why the present day code has 6 codons for Argine, but only one or two for Tryptophan, depending which genetic code we infer. What is the intelligent design perspective here? Remember, you wrote it's a clear example of intelligent design, so answering my question shouldn't be hard at all.

Actually, the genetic code is a clear example of chemistry.

Actually, the genetic code is a clear example of physics.

Actually, the genetic code is a clear example of information theory.

Actually, the gentetic code is a clear example of semantics.

Actually, all the above are true, lets not get on our high horse and feel all superior about it.

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