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French Scientist Proposes UFO Propulsion System using Magnetohydrodynamics

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posted on Dec, 29 2013 @ 02:51 PM







I would tend to speculate that the starship is surrounded by two magnetic magnetic shield to protect the starship from the plasma, but also to contain the plasma with the help of the outer magnetic shield.

The two magnetic shields thusly combined, will interact with deuterim atoms from seawater with extreme pressure, in order to ignite the fusion reaction.

The magnetically contained plasma will simply absorb the hypersonic sound waves...with the plasma being a source of fuel, when it is directed to the photon engine of the starship and expelled with extreme thrust. The photon engine should have the ability to create the two offboard magnetic shields, using the gravitic power of a mini black hole --- otherwise --- it uses the gravitic power to attract starlight photons in outer space for travel in the superluminal realm.

Unfortunately, not in this universe.

Its like you're piecing together various bits of things and misunderstanding densities and basic physics of how any of it works but nice try anyway I guess.

Hep hep...quite contrary --- maybe in your view of the vast universe --- but not mine!!! IMHO...You're steadfast view of basic physics is compounded by your opinion, that the basic laws of physics cannot sometimes be broken. I base my own hypothesis on my own witnessed sighting of an intelligently guided lighted orb, way back one night in November of 1976, approximately 40 miles west of Washington D.C.
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So how did you reach your conclusions from your orb sighting?

Assuming that what I saw was one or two interstellar capable starships from another star system...basic scientific deduction.

IDH, wormholes aside...I believe that a photon drive engine on a superluminal [ I say superluminal, beasuse IMO, an interstellar capable starship must travel faster than the speed of light for any creedence that ET's have made occasional excursions to our planet] capable starship must rely on starlight or fusion plasma photons as a souce of fuel.

I champion the hypothesis that the photon engine is partially constructed of infused black hole matter...from evidence that certain black holes eject photons at there poles at near the speed of light.



Well this is why I find the wormhole stuff Bigelow and friends have been working with so damn interesting. If wormholes are involved, then it would explain quite a lot about the phenomena... For example, it would remove the need for interstellar spacecraft - what we are observing are just highly advanced aircraft. The ISP and delta-v requirements become so much more manageable when trying to conceptualize these things.

It also explains why we haven't observed anything in the solar system. Aliens or not, they need to obey thermodynamics and that means that alien ships will have radiators. We aren't seeing anything on infrared surveys of the solar this implies that the phenomena is limited to our planet. Stealth in space is hard - but hiding in our crowded and noisy biosphere is comparably easier.

Excellent points.

And since you brought up Kip Thorne and NIDS (Thorne was one of the NIDS people)....

You might want to peruse his papers...

ArXiv: Kip S. Thorne
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Oh man. Kip Thorne is involved?!
This stuff is gonna be a treat...

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