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Question for CaseyClay

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posted on Nov, 18 2004 @ 11:43 PM
I hope you don't mind me directing this question to you.

I noticed the pic of you with the black bird on your arm. Is that a black crow? It looks like one, but I thought I would ask. You say bird watcher in there also.

Anyway, to get to the point. On the morning of Nov. 17, 2004, I had a very unusual experience. I usually have prophetic dreams of weather related disasters and this was out of the ordinary for me. I was walking down a dirt road in a country area with trees all around. It was fixing to get dark and I had a feeling of someone watching me, all of the sudden a big black crow came out of nowhere and was diving for me. Right before he hit my head I woke up. It was a very crazy feeling. I have never had birds in my visions or dreams that I can recall.

Do you have any idea what this could mean? Just thought I would ask you.
Any imput you might have would be grateful or if anyone else would.

Thank you....

posted on Nov, 19 2004 @ 05:29 PM
Thanks for asking me. The crow is a very powerful animal symbol. They have been sacred to cultures such as some Native American tribes, the Celts, the Greeks, and even Asian cultures as well. It symbolizes that which travels between the worlds of the living & the dead (like any good Shaman can do), and also represents the messenger or divine oracle.

While only you can truly figure out what the dream means, here are a couple of suggestions:

1) it might signal a change of life or of a life circumstance that will ultimately lead to you living "truer" to your basic, spiritual self. Here is an example of what happened to a friend of mine. He had a very loveless marriage to a rich woman; had material wealth but was miserable. One night while throwing out the garbage a big crow landed on the can and stared at him. Then it reared up on its legs, spread out its wings, and screamed at him. He was not a mystic-minded man but this really made an impression on him. The next day, his wife found out about an affair he was having and divorced him. While he lost $$$, he found himself & the last time I saw him he was free, happy, looked younger, and was taking courses in college in a subject he always wanted to pursue. He believed that it was the crow who signaled this change in his life.

2) If you find yourself with some predictive dream ability, the visit from the crow may be a sign that you should look into this ability further. The crow is the sacred animal totem of prophecy for many cultures, and when such an animal visits you in a dream in the way you have described, it's its way of "getting your attention."

I would suggest if you are not already doing so to keep a dream journal, and to do some research into things like dreaming, animal totems, crows, shamanism, or whatever strikes your fancy.

I wish you the best of luck on your journey!

posted on Nov, 19 2004 @ 07:02 PM
Dear Cassie Clay,

Thank you so much for you insight.

Both are true for me. I am in a new relationship. We started dating about 3 months ago and it is amazing how much we are alike in everything. Our religious beliefs especially. I am a very spiritual person and I have been through two divorces and neither were as connected as I am to this man. I just am enjoying the company of someone who is so great in all aspects to be around.

I am also very psychic. Since I had my first o.b.e at seven years old I have been naturally doing it ever since. At about 13 I started having visions of natural disasters like tornadoes, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, etc. and all of them that are so vivid and in bright colors has come true on the news. I do have alote of blackfoot indian in me. My grandmother was full blooded and my other grandmother was a quarter blackfoot also. It is strange because it is of the same tribe. I don't quite know how much that would make me, but I have always believed that this special ability came from the indian culture. I didn't know that about the crow. This is the first time that has happened. I have recently had a vision of a town that was hite by a bio-chemical weapon. It was as disturbing as the one I had about September 11. I think I will look more into the meaning of the crow. It really scared me when he almost hit me in the head. I was looking straight into his yellow eyes right before I dunked and woke up. It could be a danger sign.

Thank you so much for your time and your help. If I can help you with anything just let me know and I will try.


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