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'active shooter situation' at Arapahoe High School .colorado

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posted on Dec, 17 2013 @ 05:17 PM

The Colorado school-shooting gunman wrote the Latin phrase Alea iacta est — meaning "The die has been cast" — on his arm, along with numbers and letters that investigators believe outlined his plan for carnage, officials said Thursday.

Being curious I looked it up on wiki. Strange thing somebody just recently made a change to that page to say a English version of the meaning is the mold has been created.

User singlecandle added that in November.

They also edited the page for Death of Joesph Smith of LDS.

So is this a strange coincidence or was this him? And why is there no user page for singlecandle on wiki?

The English phrase "the die is cast" is commonly used with a different (and semantically appropriate) meaning, that the nature or form of something has already been determined – "the mold has been created."

I would normally say somebody changed this after it was put in the news paper article about him writing it on his arm. But it was changed in Nov. a couple weeks earlier.
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posted on Dec, 17 2013 @ 05:51 PM
reply to post by DisgruntledPatriot

And thank you, as well.

We agree on what the basic causation of these terrible events are, but the question is, what's next?

How do we fix the complacency that seems to be so rampant in our educators, the sometimes downright complicity that seems to foment the bullying and torture?

For every child that grows up to do something like this, there are likely dozens more, who, like us, grow to be normal, strong adults.

Not every teacher is like this, but it seems a whole lot are. I do sincerely believe there needs to be some sort of re-education, not for the children, but for the adults, on how to handle bullying, and discourtesy, and meanness. The blame seems to always fall on the students, when in reality, it's the adults that are the problem. The children are the symptom.

I have seen teachers that were more interested in their popularity than discipline and actually taking control of their classrooms. I have seen teachers afraid of their students, for multitudes of reasons, and I have seen teachers that simply gave up.

It's easy to say, "Just homeschool!" which I did when a teacher physically and mentally abused my son, but simply put, we should not have that as the only alternative. What that means is, either you love your child enough, or throw them to the wolves.

I don't expect an idyllic school situation, but I do think something more has to be done. I just don't know who, what, where, when, and how it would start.

Without some type of action, I believe things like this are going to become so rampant, schools will literally become like war zones. We are damn near there now.

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posted on Dec, 17 2013 @ 06:14 PM
reply to post by Libertygal

His debate coach was not a teacher. He was a librarian who was a debate coach for a extra class. Did he ever get any training to be a teacher or training to deal with teaching children. How to separate the teacher student relationship? With not being a teacher he was free to build friendships and bonding with students. That does not sound bad but it can be. For every student he friends and it turns out better than normal teacher student education. There is a second out come in reverse. The Student he friends and it breaks up and becomes a hate between teacher student which acts like a bad marriage which turns out nasty.

And this brings up Adam Lanza from a year ago. Richard Novia his Tech Club Teacher was not a teacher. He was the head of security for the school district playing Tech Club teacher on the side. Did he ever train to be a teacher? Head of security does not train to be a teacher as far as I know. But he did build a strange relationship with Adam Lanza as a fatherly protector. And when those type of relationships break up they get nasty..

So is there a problem where schools are now allowing people who work for schools as janitors security or even librarians to be teachers for classes when they are not trained or have any experience to deal with students in a Teacher Student relationship?

It is one thing to have that mean old teacher who all ways fails people. The one who is mean and gives bad grades. It is just that mean old teacher you don't want to get. No body runs around shooting at them.

It is another thing when you have these nonteachers building friendships with students that turn ugly in the end.
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posted on Dec, 17 2013 @ 11:46 PM
reply to post by OtherSideOfTheCoin

Once more into the breach,

Fine, post wherever you want. just don't be surprised when I am there to let the air out of your fallacious arguments and watch them flutter to earth like the limp things that they are.

I usually am as eloquent as possible when dealing with tripe like this, but I am in point of fact tired of bringing a horse (in this case a jackass) to water and not watching him drink. It is almost enough to make you want to push the stupid herbivore's head under until he stops twitching.

I have always thought that Scots were inherently fierce people, had to be to give the world a sport that is basically throwing a TELEPHONE POLE with your bare hands. With Heroes like William Wallace and Robert The Bruce's blood running in your country I would expect better. SOMEHOW, you have devolved from Woade-painted warriors who sent better armed and trained soldiers running in terror to a country that now lets convicted muslim bombers go free. You might want to dig down to the bottom of the sporran hanging on your belt and search its contents, because I suspect that as a Nation your balls fell out of your kilt a LONG time ago.

First I will deal with the actual fact, inconvenient for the emotionally based argument(?) that you keep attempting to push, that the statistical probability, numerical odds (or however you choose to frame it) of ANYONE dying in one of these shootings is FAR LESS LIKELY than meeting your end due to a bee sting, shark bite, or lightning bolt. Yes that is just inconvenient as hell for your supposed premise, but it is a FACT. I deal in FACTS, NOT in emotionally manipulative hypothetical arguments. Protectionists like yourself live in a place called hypothetical-land, where you actually think that what MIGHT happen, or but what if this happened, trumps actual, DOCUMENTED, HISTORICAL, VETTED FACT. In reality, where I live, believing that something which is not true trumps fact is insanity.

NEXT, I will deal with the FACT that we DO have a Constitution, which recognizes the Divine Right of every man, woman, and child to defend the gift of life they received from the Creator. To actually attempt to equate that right with a piece of CLOTHING is so insulting to someone who has seen his brothers in arms DIE to defend those rights as to be almost beyond my ability to put it into words.

Almost, but not quite.

To refer to the document that founded my Country, the document that has recognized the Inalienable Rights of HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF MY COUNTRYMEN as a "piece of paper", as though it were no different from an office memo, or a paper towel you received with a sandwich, arouses a FURY in me that I almost cannot express. And then to claim that you meant no disrespect is a LIE. A BALD FACED, COWARDLY, DISHONORABLE LIE THAT I FULLY INTEND TO CALL YOU OUT ON.

Just WHO in the HELL do you think you are? By what supposed moral superiority do you claim the authority to degrade and insult the founding Document of my Country? By what superiority do you feel you can talk down to me or any other American who will WITHOUT APOLOGY state that these are our Rights from our first breath, and we will NOT surrender them until our last? Just HOW do you justify speaking AT ALL concerning matters in my Country, as though you could go to your neighbor down the street and give unwanted advice about how he should conduct his household?

Now where might such power come from? PLEASE tell me because I am curious how you justify insulting the Constitution, the Country it founded and by extension, EVERY MAN AND WOMAN WHO SWORE THEIR SACRED OATH BY THAT "PIECE OF PAPER" AND EITHER DIDN'T COME HOME, OR ONLY PART OF THEM DID?

C'mon Tails, Get to tap-dancin'. I can't WAIT to hear your answer.

(Or maybe, next time you should just think before you open your damned mouth.)

posted on Dec, 18 2013 @ 09:54 AM
Some curious comments by the chief in his news conference the day of the shooting:
Chief Robinson: 12:49
.. If there is any positive, and there are probably going to be a lot of positives out of... out of this situation.... That's a positive. Not to take away at all from our sadness about the 15yr old young lady who lies in a hospital right now....

Gee Chief, do you have anything in particular in mind?*

"I think that the quick and aggressive response from our school resource officer and from other deputies that were in the immediate area and reacted to an active shooter were part and parcel of why the suspect shot himself... so I will give a great deal of credit and gratitude to the work of those deputy sheriffs that isolated this kid..."

Sounds like they had more officers in that school at the time of the suspect's death than just the school resource officer. Since the kid was dead within 80 seconds or so of the first shots, those other officers in the "immediate area" must have been very close indeed. I suspect they were pre-staged withn a couple blocks of the school.

* I think he does:
December 12, 2013
Popular Arapahoe County Sheriff Grayson Robinson announced his retirement today
Robinson's timing and text raise many questions. ... it read, "Leaving office prior to the end of my third term has always been an important element of my very deliberate and well-considered succession plan". Robinson is hugely popular in Arapahoe County among community leaders in both parties. .... Robinson's been positioning himself as a moderate and getting media attention as an "independent thinker" for some time. .... Clearly, he is getting good campaign advice if he is running for something.

I believe one of the many "positives" coming from this tragedy is the tons of free publicity for this man, given how the media is fawning over him. His timing was excellent. The question is, was the sheriff just lucky, or was the school shooting all part of his "well-considered succession plan?" Or are we just once again in coincidence-ville?


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posted on Dec, 18 2013 @ 06:08 PM
reply to post by starviego

Robinson isn't "hugely popular" - I don't think the general public thinks about him for a second. And if you live anywhere near AHS you know there have always been loads of cops in the area.


posted on Dec, 22 2013 @ 10:37 AM
Victim Claire Davis, 17, died Saturday afternoon. RIP Claire Davis.

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