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Nelson Mandela Died on 26th June 2013 , so whats going on right now in South Africa ?

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posted on Dec, 11 2013 @ 03:20 PM

reply to post by UnlimitedSky

Sincere question : did he ever take responsibility for his past atrocities? I mean is this the view of South Africa, that the man redeemed himself?

I've been on the net and searched and ended up on right wing extremists sites all in order to get a definitive list of these atrocities. All I can find are atrocities committed by his wife (and/or that gang of nutters she led) whilst he was in Jail.

So, please provide 5 atrocities, with dates, number of dead and who was dead. With at lease two different cross referenced sources that are not simply a copy and paste between sites.

posted on Dec, 11 2013 @ 07:51 PM
Yes and also Bush made an announcement in September, so the entire thing is very unusual.

And this:


Also search this title: Secret Space War III: Marduk Lands in Africa ?

Weird doesnt begin to describe what's going on.

posted on Dec, 11 2013 @ 08:34 PM
reply to post by yorkshirelad

NYTimes from May 1997

South Africa's governing party admitted today that it used torture, executions, and land mines during its fight against apartheid, opening a new chapter in this country's efforts to come to terms with its past.

Senior officials of the African National Congress also said they could have done far more to stop the gruesome practice in the black townships of ''necklacing'' people suspected of cooperating with the South African security forces. Such people were pinned inside a car tire, doused in gasoline, set on fire and left to die.

Party officials had long resisted appearing before the commission, saying their actions were excusable because they had been fighting a ''just war.'' Today's testimony before the Truth and Reconciliation Commission represented a major step toward holding the winners in the struggle against the white apartheid Government accountable for their share of atrocities.

Party Led By Mandela Now Owns Up To Atrocities

less 'reliable' source from July 2000 Atrocities of the Marxist ANC

posted on Dec, 11 2013 @ 08:46 PM
reply to post by Tucket

I just watched that video you posted - lots of different kinds of info on it, and is definetely worth watching - whatever whacko thing they say is documented with interviews with the people and MSM media links.

posted on Dec, 11 2013 @ 08:50 PM
reply to post by Unity_99

People should force themselves to watch this video - I hate youtube videos, but it is very strange - and have links to document the info by....

posted on Dec, 11 2013 @ 10:25 PM
reply to post by Happy1

Yes this video is well researched with documents and information right before our very eyes. Knights of Malta, and the Queen of England is its head. In order to be a member, at least until somewhat recently, you had to have a royal bloodline in all 8 trees, that is to say, all our great grandparents on all sides. He was a member. Interesting.

posted on Dec, 12 2013 @ 03:46 PM

well, so long as the convicted terrorist is dead, 133 charges I believe,

you were only wrong by 129 charges

And given he decided to advocate violence only after the SA Govt removed all hope from any sort of peaceful revolution I think that puts him firmly in the camp of legitimate revolutionary and freedom fighter - much like US revolutionaries in the 1770's!

He justified the movement's decision, in view of the increasing restrictions on permitted political activity on the part of Africans, to go beyond its earlier use of constitutional methods and Gandhian non-violent opposition to the state, embracing a campaign of sabotage against property (designed to minimize risks of injury and death), while also starting to train a military wing for possible future use.

who did nothing about his fellow countrymen being burnt to death by 'flaming necklace'

what do you think he should have done from prison?

I would bet some people are really happy he's gone, and his ex wife was accused of fraud?

there are indeed some religious zealots and total tossers who are happy he is dead.

Are you one of them?

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