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The Real Fallen Angel!

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posted on Dec, 13 2013 @ 03:55 PM
The whole fallen angel/son of god concept is such.

When you dream you have dropped your consciousness into your dream world you have fallen from our reality into another which is located in your sub conscious mind.

So yes Jesus/Lucifer is the morning star as the creator walks in his own creation since he only ever in his own mind anyway.

Enter the big bang: God's Exile.

Ra,Cain and many others in our past have gone through the same thing.

In the big bang case I would see it as being lonely since it is one consciousness and wanting to experience something other then itself.

So it was never an exile just the opposite. Which is why everything is nothing and yet something.

posted on Dec, 13 2013 @ 09:12 PM
First you have to look at the Hebrew scriptures, the story of JOB has Satan and Jehovah talking to each other. So this right away shows them being two seperate beings...also the war in Heaven, would also be false, if satan and God were the same being!!

Also if God and Satan are the same...God made man for the purpose of purposely punishing him!!! God made man to be a perfect being, not having an experation date. It wasnt until they betrayed God's rules by eating from the forbidden tree cause of Satan's influence!! So God purposely deceived man so he could throw them out of EDEN and then send his son to be brutally sacrificed to redeam this sin???

Also when Satan told Jesus I will give you all the kingdoms of the world if you betray God.....Satan has ruled the Earth for a long would not have been a temptation for Jesus...if Satan was not able to offer such a gift!! Jesus would have known the temptation was false!!

When Jesus was asked by satan to turn stones into bread...Jesus knew it was not right to use the gifts and miracles God gave to him to perform "parlor" tricks......Jesus' mission was to preach to mankind and offer himself as a Ransom for mankind. Jesus had to do this willingly or else it would be meaningless!!! Jesus offered himself for this task...since he was "first" born!!

Also during his "crucifiction"..Jesus could have called LEGIONS of angels to save him.....but he knew, that would also defeat the reason why he was there...Satan wanted Jesus to "turn" on God.....It would have defeated the whole reason why God sent Jesus to earth.

Satan's greatest disguise has always been to appear before men as "an angel of light" 2 Corinthians 11:14
Actual scripture: "And no wonder for satan himself keeps transforming himself into an angel of light"

Satan has always used deception to deceive mankind.......for his time is short......he knows he has a limited time to try to bring mankind out of God's graces!!

posted on Dec, 13 2013 @ 10:17 PM
reply to post by Dekard1138

You have some friends and want to know if they are your real friends so you test them.

Such is the conversation between satan and god about job.

He does seem very loyal but what if I took everything away from him would he still follow god?

People have to understand someone like god will test you to see if you are who you say you are. That is lucifer bringing light to darkness.

Who can be certain until tested?

posted on Dec, 13 2013 @ 10:21 PM
The war in heaven is 2 things. Light and darkness ie Energy and Black hole.

But they are the same as one creates the other while being fed from the other.
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posted on Dec, 13 2013 @ 10:39 PM
Lucifer more like an authoritian, as to where it like "Wanna see another day" almost, which can be great pleasure in some realities, while others, not so much. Plus I think it origins are bit older then Satan.
Lucifer wants to be god.

Satan just sounds like a superstar, trying to steal or challenge for stardom, or authority and respect. Much like a dragon. Especially what someone said in an earlier part about someone named "Samael". However, Satan never mentioned till Christianity made. Plus the earliest version of hell was "Hades".

It kinda sounds like this guy.

Lucifer challenges God only, for they are on equal terms of power.

God is the Sun, as it will destroy the Earth, at the end of days...(Hopefully thats not for a long time)

Satan challenges the Morning Star...Which is Lucifer...Whose Old...As time...Itself.
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posted on Dec, 14 2013 @ 05:16 PM
ive been thinking along similar lines lately. there are some verses that strongly suggest as such:

my remaining question is whether the common idea of god worshipped today is in fact satan, or if satan is the real god in the first place. i guess both conclusions point to a similar gist, however.

posted on Dec, 14 2013 @ 06:07 PM
There are religious theologians who say that Lucifer was the first angel and was given only one commandment from the creator... "serve only me" All other angels were created after Lucifer and were given other commandments. After the creator made mankind, he gave the commandment to serve mankind. This was a commandment that Lucifer could not follow. It was not clear as far as Lucifer goes, if he fell, or left, but became "Satan". In the bible, it shows that "Satan" answers to God. Personally, I can't imagine the ruler of hell not being the creators #1 fan. He is his protector of sorts.

Would we have believed the story of Jesus if he was not tested over and over again?

As far as the other angels, it was Azazel, who taught mankind everything they needed to know to sin. He is the one most people think of as Satan. The creator was seriously pissed and cast him into the desert throwing a mountain on him. Odd though, because angels can take on any form or no form at all. They can walk through walls, not get sick, etc. Like Jesus was after her rose. He walked for the while and no one could see him, then he took the form of someone else. It was what he said that made the ladies know it was him and he appeared in his recognizable form.

So, no I don't think Jesus was a fallen angel.

I do wonder, though, if he not only opened the door for us, but for the fallen as well?

posted on Dec, 14 2013 @ 07:49 PM
And of course then there is far more deeper things to consider, that Light and Darkness are truly the illusion here..

That everything has an opposite, and that only one "Creator" exists.

Let us realize that over "time" many beings have evolved or always had the ability to reach into limitlessness, and that some original "Creator" no longer exists at all.

This is hinted at very much in the highest levels of mystery school teachings, and is all but ignored , just like Christians ignore virtually 90% + of the Bible, such a great script writing team there is !

The "God of this world" its creator, the creator of this solar system could very well have NOTHING to do with ANYONE'S perception of what they imagine a GOD to be like, with totally different reasons for creating... but these foolish books give only the slightest hints to make sure the silliness goes round and round, every so often culminating in something cool...

But never escaping the intention, and that would be to generate some way,, a way to Re-Create... The Creator...A Better GOD.

The Creator who finally realized long ago that too make anything REAL, it would have to dissolve itself ENTIRELY into everything, so as to have no way of knowing what is going on....

posted on Dec, 15 2013 @ 01:04 PM
The thing with the whole Lucifer thing, is that there are no verifiable stories about this Lucifer character until there were Christian pastors walking the Earth a couple of hundred years after their Christ left us all for Heaven. Now whether in Judaism, Christendom or later in Islam, let alone Gnosticism or Hermeticism-- no angel or god called Lucifer, other than the obvious Greco-Roman god or the concept of the Morningstar as belonging to Christ and the Father, but it's not this Lucifer your priest will discribe. Lucifer myths developed side by side the churches being more and more elaborate, reaching peak height during the gothic dark ages. Lucifer was born and made it into Dante's masterpiece, Inferno. Lucifer, like Jesus, is a frainchase product courtecy of the Church. Difference between the two is that Jesus most possibly may have lived, though with another name and no real miracles or anything to report other than that he was a successful herbal healer, while this Lucifer guy is 100% makebelieve, a product of 2000 years of religious illiteracy put into system.

However, looking around, there certainly is evil, and oh my, devils do exist, and some even with class and pedigree, but this arch-archangel called Lucifer is but a Halloween costume noone really knows how to make believable. In my life I have certainly met a few people i Would call devilbred, but these are hardly evil people. They may know every corner of John Dee's maces and manifest their egos up with God through ritual sex and chaos majic, but that doesn't make them enemies of God, neither would any kind of fight against any god yield lasting fruits-- most magicans I know are also in some way Hermeticists and would laugh of the idea that you could be an enemy of God alltogether. You'd be an enemy of yourself. Or like being the enemy of space or light, like Don Quijote fighting wind-mills.

Just as true it is that the Church invented the Christian Lucifer, Lucifer lives and exists as the most priced gem of the Red Dragons' crown of crowns. Created a favorite golem made by the Church, elevated to new heights by the Dragon. To the Church: Another beast of burden they can send into the mob in times of trouble to satisfy the violent fatales. Only this one kicks back, Lucifer is like the ultimate Pokemon, since Satan loved the idea. I understand the need for Lucifer more easily than I see the need for Christ in the situation that has developed in the world. Satan has been sent to destroy us, Jesus comes to watch, and then do some doctor stuff, perhaps make a few speeches and then some search and rescue stuff to keep his dynasties alive. Rumours has it that he has some kind of carrier capable of bringing a lucky handful among his family to refuge. And his city plans are epic. But in the end it's all down to save yourselves and help your neighbour.
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posted on Dec, 15 2013 @ 03:42 PM
reply to post by Chipkin9

all these holy books you all read, it is just texts written by anonymous writers in the 2nd and 3rd century, after killing all true christians and other religion followers. . I am not rejecting Iason (Jesus for u), I am rejecting their truths. They fed the world with their plans and they fulfill them now as we speak.

Tomorrow is an important day, they will probably try to fill it with despair and panic. Nostradamous, old Christianity prophets, ancient civilization samans and others, reflect the tomorrow day, as the birth or the return of the true king (more like Jesus ). So the apostates (rebels) will try to represent their own soon enough. more like the antichrist.

I could give you clues and references. But I prefer to give you an advice instead. Avoid reading news, or avoid feeling bad these days. Try to make nice plans with your loved ones. Project positive energy and feelings into the world. Because there is lots of indications, about them, trying to create a sad incident, so the world will fall into despair. (negative energy) So at least fight that, you know and you know what to do. Be happy with your families and loved ones.

Tomorrow is a special day, 16 of december, 16 hours and 16 minutes Is the time of true god. And its a special day because AISON is related and 3 more planets in a perfect alignment. Its a special day for them to, thats why I told you that.

Happy christmas.

(here is a paradox that nobody speaks about it) We call Jesus IASON and they called the comet ISON.
(Iason = Jason though....) I in english is like AI for us. So its like a disturbed/reversed Iason. lol So, I personally call this comet as IASON instead.
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posted on Dec, 16 2013 @ 03:34 AM

I am not rejecting Iason (Jesus for u), I am rejecting their truths.

Iason, as Jason with the fleeze? And what happened to Jeebus? I liked that name.

posted on Dec, 16 2013 @ 08:12 AM
reply to post by Utnapisjtim

Everybody thinks that Jesus is Jesus and Jesus is Jew. Either ways Jesus was born in Palestina. Palestina before it takes the name "Palestina" was Filistina. From Filisteos King from Crete.

It was a small greek community. The 80-90% of residents were greeks from Crete. a 5% was jew and a 5% was romans. (Thats why there is lots of hate with Palestine today...) Jesus have greek characteristics... we greeks have a bit more thiner characteristics in the face... pointed nose, small cheeks, greeks eyes and tall... Jews normaly have heavier characteristics, fat noses, shorter.

Anyway, Jesus was born into a greek residence. Ancient Cretes they called Maria as Miriam, Jews called Miriam as Maria. Jesus from Cretes is Iason. Jesus also knew and speak greek, also he NEVER wear the jewish hat. So tell me, is there any proof that Jesus is jewish and jesus is jesus? There is more proofs and indications that Jesus is Iason instead. Many of us the greeks, that we dont follow the jewish Christianity, we call Jesus as Iason. Jewish Christianity, combines their books that have nothing to do with Christianity , with "jesus" . But their books speak about the reptilian god Yahbeh, the turtle demon. Anyway its nobody's fault, its not peoples fault. Its their responsibility and those will pay the price. I believe in Iason yes, I dont reject him, but I personally dont accept the jewish books. After all they killed him and they expect from "THEIR" books the opposite of Iason. Now you know why we call him Iason.

Its such a special date today... I went out and I spelled our ancient pray to the god, its our alphabet in a different pronouncing. (ABCD...Z) and it has as it follows.
its the greek vocabulary in a different pronouncing... for example ALFA BITA GAMA DELTA...
it means : AL (my GOD) , you the true light, come to earth!
And you SUN, drop your rays into the mater that fries. Let it be a land, so I can live and exist and stand upon the ancient earth. Do not let the dark prevail, that is the smallest thing in the universe and let it perish, burn it. And let the soul that is the ultimate and greater of all, prevail.
Its amazing that the alphabet is a pray to the god.
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posted on Dec, 16 2013 @ 09:28 AM


Its such a special date today... I went out and I spelled our ancient pray to the god, its our alphabet in a different pronouncing. (ABCD...Z) and it has as it follows.

I see the words differ slightly from the Greek syllablic names, like Pi and Rho and Sigma becoming Pyros and Igma and how you include the ligature Stigma and so on, but utterly fascinating. Never thought of the Greek alfabet in this way. Looks like perhaps the old Cretans built the lexicon around among other things the names of the letter in the alfabeta. Could possibly have been a way of teaching both language and religion in one turn. Like a prayer. However I won't advise anyone to start dividing words into syllables and give the syllables semantics, it's a Pandora's box of sorts. Kind of amusing how 600 60 and 6 basically spells out 'Χ Ξ ς' in Greek, or 'S E X' in Roman letters upside down. You can also read other words like 'excess' or 'access', or 'axes' or even 'ex-es' for that matter. Or how 3.14 reads PIE in a mirror. But trust me, don't go there, it ends in missery.

its the greek vocabulary in a different pronouncing... for example ALFA BITA GAMA DELTA...
it means : AL, you the true light, come to earth! And you SUN drop your rays into the mater that fries. Let it be a land, so I can live and exist and stand upon the ancient earth. Do not let the dark prevail, that is the smallest thing in the universe and let it perish, burn it. And let the soul that is the ultimate and greater of all prevail.
Its amazing that the alphabet is a pray to the god.

Quite amazing. Reminds me I have to learn Greek. I guess your Greek is a Cretan dialect of some sort? Exactly where would one place your language on the linguistic world tree?

And on a side note Jesus is called Balder in Norse mythology, the kindest and favorite among the gods.
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posted on Dec, 16 2013 @ 02:48 PM
there is also 2 more alphabetic letters on it... the original Hellenic vocabulary is not 24, but 27...


The extra letters contained in the pray, also alphabetic letters, are : DIGAMA/STIGMA and KOPA
There is also SAMBI but its not used in the pray.

Stigma/Digama - the latin F
KOPA - the latin Q

Let me help u with alphabet..

( Alpha, Bita, Gama, Delta, Epsilon, Stigma, Digama, Zita, Eta, Theta, Giota, Kapa, Lamda, Mi, Ni, Xi, Omikron, Kopa, Pi, Ro, Sigma, Taf, Xi, Fi, Psi, Omega, Sanbi )
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posted on Dec, 16 2013 @ 03:42 PM
reply to post by Ploutonas

If you master subliminal language it's a powerful thing with the right mind put into it. Again, interresting thing I wasn't aware of.

posted on Dec, 17 2013 @ 10:17 AM
reply to post by Utnapisjtim

No problem, its a wonder for me, how they mastered the alphabet being maths, music and a coded pray at the same time to the global organism. Bellow I give you the original if you make your study for ur records.



AL - ΑΛ = the concuss (intelligent) sun, the light that does not burn, the source of all. (this is just a tip, which is AL). So this pray is offered to the source of all. I think they call it Global Organism in english.
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posted on Dec, 17 2013 @ 02:13 PM
Anyway guys, in the topic, I will share with you, NOT WHAT the bible or biblical books tells you, but what believe as a race (greeks) and have in our records.

In the beginning was human race, white scientists and community and ethiopians, dogons, etc black races. The earth was a garden, with so many forms of life and the white community was mostly scientists, studying. The black race was indigenous with earths transformation into a living planet.

Life begun from Seirios star system, thats why black people were indigenous with the earth. Other civilizations more advanced, protected the solar system from out coming threats, because it was a garden, a project under development. So every 32000 of years (Not sure about 32000, its 16000 but every 32000 they make DNA changes, advancing us), the central universal government send a fleet to protect, maintenance and do specific changes in the project. Also they changed shifts with the previus fleet.

Kronos fleet was the 4th mission when the betrayal happened. There was a war in development elsewere. between dragonians and other civilizations. Many civilizations fall and be able to live and survive, they changed sides, or else they had to die.

Here comes the Myth of Perseus that killed Medussa. It was a master fleet of dragonian forces and all the supportive smaller fleets of the dragonians and rebels, fleed away to save them selves from a certain death.

They entered our solar system with Lilith and Levan flag ships and other smaller ones. At that time Kronos fleet was guarding our solar system. In the beginning they tried to intrude earth 20.000 years ago. They didnt make it, so they left far away, in the edges of our solar system. They tried a second attempt to align with earth 13000 ago and at that time they succeeded an alliance with Kronos fleet to allow them do it. That means Kronos instead of killing them in the first place, allied with them. The earth government, didnt have the resources and defenses to fight back, so the dragonians, requested to let their populations (a hybrid race) between reptiles and andromedans from Kronos fleet.

They allowed them to move their populations into Poseidonia (atlantis). And then the corruption started into Poseidonia. The hybrids corrupted the locals and they tried to force their one world order (it was the first attempt). Athenians noticed that and they call into arms to stop them. Thats how the war between greek and Poseidonians begun.

Poseidonians lost and the dragonians commander anger was so great, that he gave command to evacuate the hybrid race from Atlantis, into a safe spot (of the earth). With geomagnetic canons he bombarded earth. It was the cataclysmic event. Atlantis sunk and most of the middle earth. All advanced ancient civilizations, destroyed and or turned into cave age. Since, you know what happened to the history.

So fallen for us, are not the dragonians, these are by default enemies. The fallen are Kronos fleet, who betrayed his cause and human race, they allowed the creation of a hybrid race and since they love power and pretend to be gods.

Kronos is Saturn and also Sabbaoth. But the fallen races disturbed history, they named the fallen as " Nefelim" to confuse humans and the true fallen are called Gods for them... Thats the part of the story.

I ve wrote in other topics in the past, what is NEPHELES or Nephilim. Its the ancient spaceships and we called them like it, because they had the ability to transform, cloak into smoke, cloud...

Nefos or Nephos = cloud, steam, smoke... So Nephilim is a wrong word, Kronians is the right one.

You all know more or less, who is the dragonian commander and who is Kronos... They split their roles into the history, they created the system we live on and here comes the myth of the SYRENS / Medussa and Odysseus.

Few years ago, the new mission arrived into our solar system and the media, "they" tell you that Nephilim are comming. But you have to look arround you and feel who is the true " nephilim" lol... Eearth is allready being invaded and the true fallens live here allready. They fear for their pathetic existanses and they try to fool you that their world is the ideal for you, of being slaves and food resources. So anybody who tries to save you, or come... is a bad nephilim... Bad you all forgot that the bad "nephilim" fall....
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posted on Dec, 17 2013 @ 02:38 PM
reply to post by Ploutonas

Such great POV's coming out in this thread.

I especially was most intrigued by your Ploutonas. Could you please tell me where you read or studied the information you presented?

It's what you said that sparked something, but I don't know what that something is... Maybe it's something I thought upon in the past but didn't surface until you stated what you did.

I would like to know so I might looking into this some more

Best regards,

posted on Dec, 17 2013 @ 03:03 PM
reply to post by sulaw

Give me a day or two to gather ancient philosopher authors and books, because many many spoke about it, also to decode you and prove you a couple of myths and also give you some other references...
(but I ve said it in several posts about which philosophers spoke about these things, one of the many who spoke about the ancient war is Isiodos philosopher). Also ancient Sebila Airithrea spoke about it and also gave prophecies about the return, she gave specific signs... She said, the return will be at the time that they will force you numbers as IDs (oficial documents) under your skin. She said that very clearly. The most recent Sebila Pythia, also analysed the Adam and Eva story... I will write them down and pm u.
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posted on Dec, 17 2013 @ 03:29 PM
reply to post by Ploutonas

It's striking to the core, and most appreciated that you will take the time to do this for me.

Thank you very much from my very core.

Best regards,

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