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Perpetual Generator Can Power Your House for Free!

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posted on Dec, 12 2013 @ 03:17 AM

Mary Rose

Subject: Re: Lutec update story
There is only one such lab in Australia that concentrates and specializes in electrical engineering matters; and it is in the city of Perth Western Australia 3444 kilometers from our city by air. We commissioned them after accepting their price including airfares and travel, to come see evaluate and write an independent report on the performance as witnessed of two of our machines.

We picked the engineer up at the airport when he arrived and drove him back to that airport here in our city when it was time to leave. He was pressed for time

If the engineer flew all the way from Perth to Cairns just to see their "device' why was he pressed for time? So he flies for 8+ hours just to see their toy, then is pressed for time..

You really shouldn't believe fairy tales!

posted on Dec, 12 2013 @ 04:04 AM
reply to post by hellobruce

Most likely he was pissed he wasted his time flying out there and wanted to leave once it was evident it was a fraud. Especially since NO ONE IN THE WORLD, not even black budget USA, has the technology they have according to them.

not allowed to use his own testing equipment

Not the DoD in Australia, not the DoD in the USA, no university anywhere not even the Australian capitals, Canberra Research Laboratory have the correct equipment.

Trust us, it works, but your equipment can't test it, use ours, only our equipment shows the "true" energy gain!

posted on Dec, 12 2013 @ 09:14 AM


Trust us, it works, but your equipment can't test it, use ours, only our equipment shows the "true" energy gain!

Well, you know, if it's THAT hard to tell your device is putting out 5x the input, something's wrong.

It ought to be blazingly obvious.

If not, you can always do it calorimetrically - it always works. Dump the output into a resistor and measure how much heat you get. It never fails. That's the gold standard. And if you really have 5x the output, well, you'd know it on the spot.

It's the SOS. You got a bunch of technically semi-literate electrician types that tinker up something that puts out nasty pulsed power and they can't measure it properly, but they're SURE that it makes "free power" because their sine-wave RMS meters say it's doing that. Despite the fact they can't disconnect the battery from it or that it doesn't make the heat you'd expect for the claimed output. So the next thing is that it's putting out mysterious "cold power" and "can't be measured with any meters but mine", Bedini and Bearden go a bit further and claim that usage of the thing in a location "conditions" the location to work properly so that you can't remove it to a neutral location and test it with untampered meters in a setting that doesn't have little Keely-esque additions under the table.

Always excuses with these guys. "Ooo, we can't close the loop and get rid of the battery because it's enveloped in phased space-time vortices, see, BOHM! and and and TESLA!"

posted on Dec, 12 2013 @ 09:18 AM

Mary Rose

The statement about correct equipment reminds me of a post of mine on another thread. Ken Shoulders said the same thing: "You have to have frontier instruments for frontier science."

If you're trying to spot decay modes of Higgs bosons, yes.

If you're trying to see if a putative house power generator actually puts out 5x the input power, no. That's actually really straightforward. It's grade school stuff to see if I put in a kW of DC power, do I get 5kW of AC power out of the thing.

posted on Dec, 12 2013 @ 04:34 PM
Thats why it makes me almost pee my pants with laughter when I watch countless youtube vids were people have multimeters that clearly show the efficiency is like 20% when they have built what is basically an induction coil... and they say... "Oh im generating voltage! look! this is like 500% efficient"

posted on Dec, 12 2013 @ 08:44 PM
reply to post by pheonix358

Ok, so in Japan there's this game called 'Pachinko'. Pachinko is a mix between a slot machine and an arcade game; you place a bet, play the game, and then win an arcade prize at the end (japan has gambling arcades instead of casinos). The way pachinko works is this: you drop a small metal ball from the top of the box. The box is filled with pegs that the ball hits on the way down. If you can catch the ball or guess where it will go you will win a prize. How does this relate to your question?

The top of the box is at a higher gravitational potential than the bottom of the box, this is a potential difference or (sorry anal physicists) a gravitational VOLTAGE. When a mass, the metal ball, is placed in this gravitational voltage it begins accelerating downward if there is nothing for it to rest on. When a charge, an electron, is placed into an electric potential, a circuit, it begins accelerating through the potential, the circuit. But metal is just absolutely filled to the BRIM with atoms all over the place (weird, right?) and these atoms act just like the pegs in the pachinko box.

The electron starts off at ZERO velocity (and therefore cannot leave the resistor at the same speed it went in) and begins accelerating through the voltage drop. It hits a copper atom and STOPS. The copper atom jiggles and the resistor heats up slightly. But the electron is still in the potential gradient so it starts accelerating again until it hits another copper atom further down. The resistor continues heating up and the electrons continue starting and stopping and starting and stopping. Then, it gets out of the resistor.

Now, you claim that this is someone's unproven ideas/conjecture. So then it was just complete chance that every equation derived from these laws corresponds to the empirical results we see? Electrons don't behave at all the way we think we do but we can accurately and precisely predict their every motion in an e/m field?

These aren't people's 'favorite' pet theories. These are the theories that produce the most accurate and consistent results. Yet, if we look at the entirely separate question that I believe you are conflating with this issue* we come to this: I can base my beliefs on the workings of the universe on the entirely subjective and unverifiable preachings of someone claiming to be receiving revealed knowledge, something that could never be empiraclly demonstrated, or I can base my beliefs on the workings of the universe on the entirely objective and verifiable predictions made by modern physical theories. I can test, and have tested, other people's physical ideas and get the exact same data that they do. So can you. I can only take a philosophers word. The point being, the ask different questions and get different answers.

*Science attempts to answer the following questions: What happened, how did it happen, where did it happen, when did it happen? Philosophy attempts to answer these questions: Why did it happen, what is 'what/how/where/when'. One of those lines of questioning seems to have a lot more tangible benefit and by Godels incompleteness theorem the answer to the second line of questioning is unknowable outside of revealed knowledge and revealed knowledge is something that is built on someones unproven ideas aka conjecture... You can take your pick of revelations and creations. You have many to choose from. You have your favorites, others have theirs and in the end, no one actually knows anything! Science does not ask WHY. Science will never ask WHY. If you have to ask why that is you do not understand what science is.

posted on Dec, 12 2013 @ 08:47 PM

Mary Rose
Common sense dictates that a website "" is a front group for suppression of technology. Who else would be motivated to host such a website?

Wait, wait, wait, wait. Are you suggesting that

A: you don't think that scammers are real and, as such, a site called 'fraudwatchers' could only be a conspiracy,or

B: there are literally no people on the entire planet who would be motivated to protect other people from scammers?

posted on Dec, 12 2013 @ 09:00 PM

Mary Rose
Common sense dictates that a website "" is a front group for suppression of technology.

Common sense dictates that people who oppose sites set up to catch/report frauds are upset their particular scam/the scam they support has been caught

Who else would be motivated to host such a website?

What else would motivate someone to attack a website set up to catch frauds?

posted on Dec, 20 2013 @ 05:58 AM

Common sense dictates that people who oppose sites set up to catch/report frauds are upset their particular scam/the scam they support has been caught

But as there is ridiculous amounts of money and even bigger reputations involved common sense will get trampled to death... I think that many or most of these companies may be scams but i hate the idea of websites or agencies that tells lay people that this or 'science' is impossible if for no other reason than such agencies having a horrendously bad track record... What you will find the history of science and like programs filled with is people trying to protect their standing and income by suppressing alternative theories not based on how accurate they are but based on how dangerous they are to their particular ideology.

So i agree that common sense dictates that it should be so but i hope you can agree that common sense does not seem to play a significant role in our globalised corporate capitalist world order...

What else would motivate someone to attack a website set up to catch frauds?

Well can a agency really judge a individual effort when it has already decided that what you are attempting to do is impossible given their interpretation of 'the laws of physics'? What do you think will happen when you get on a bus ( or seat) that is marked 'whites only' when you are not? Having official bodies that decide if your science is 'good' or not is a horrible idea and the only reason society seems to need it is because our schooling systems are churning out people that are utterly ignorant of the sciences and literally can not tell science from faith.

Lets fix the real problem which might not only mean the end of such ridiculous organisations but also a generation of people that can make value judgements based on sound scientific principles and reasoning.


posted on Dec, 28 2013 @ 07:08 AM

The laws of physics may have to be rewritten, as a new perpetual generator can power your home–for free.

AUSTRALIA (INTELLIHUB) — For eons technology has been suppressed by people in positions of power, typically for reasons of greed.

The truth of the matter is, free energy exists and always has since the time of Tesla.

Now two Australian inventors have developed a machine that will change the world, if released into the mainstream.

Once started, the prototype will run for years without stopping. Essentially it’s a perpetual generator.

The unit produces 24 kilowatts of power per day.

The inventors have applied for an international patent after developing the prototype over a 6-year period.

OK! I hope this one could truly come to market it would save people thousands of dollars a year.
My electric bill is about $150.00 a month and I conserve energy like crazy,in the summer time with AC it's like $200.00 plus.

This could truly help people all over the world!

I am just worried that when big oil and power finds out this is real these two guy will just disappear.

"you canne change the laws of physics".

so this is a lot of rubbish as usual by people who never took a science class and watch too many crap sci-fi movies where the inventor erects a spaceship in his back yard overnight without a thought for the number of man hours of work required for that...

seriously you ought to be ashamed of posting this rubbish and believing in it.

you cannot get something for free free lunch.

you cannot defy the laws of physics.

better people then you or i have tried and come up with zilch.

posted on Jan, 30 2017 @ 03:07 PM
A summary of the SGS report which I found embedded in a pdf file here:
There was a small machine and a large machine tested. The small machine had an efficiency of 1440% at half load (14.4 times overunity) and 1097.37% full load. The larger machine had 289% efficiency at half load and 480% at full load.
You may ask why the small machine is more efficient.The larger machine was only run at approximately half speed.The reason for this is that the meters used would not have been able to record the required data (as it would have been beyond range).

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