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The Tower of babel and the confusion of tongue

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posted on Dec, 10 2013 @ 04:06 AM
The tower of Babel , and the confusion of tongue

About 400 years after the great flood a war between two alien groups broke out. This was a war between the second generation alien colonists (The Titans) and the third generation alien colonists (The Olympians). In Greek mythology this war was referred to as the ‘Titanomachy’. It lasted for 10 years and ended when the third generation alien colonists eventually became victorious and thus ceased power and further control and development over the Earth colonization project.

This event eventually led to a much bigger historical event that took place In Sumer in the city of Babylonia. Genesis only mention this game changing historic event with a few sentences , but thanks to many other ancient sources we can now reconstruct the entire story. Please note that Shinar (also Shulon) was an ancient biblical name for Sumer, and Babel was an ancient name for Babylonia and has thus nothing to do with confusion at all. But before we continue, we need to backtrack a little and take a closer look at some other historical events. Thus we will be able to understand the later events.

The biblical world

Many people seems to believe that the Bible and other biblical sources covers the remote history from all continent . This is wrong. The biblical sources basically only cover the history from the Middle East, Northern Africa and larger parts of Europe, and thus they only cover the history and the whereabouts of the human being tribes (and races) that settled in these areas.

The first three Adamic prototypes

According to Gnostic , Sumerian, Biblical, Greek and various ancient Historical sources, the aliens went through a series of experiments in order to create an acceptable human being race that suited their goals. The first two races the aliens created we know very little about, but we know that they were not able to reproduce and that their intellect didn’t meet the alien’s standards. They were probably some kind of advanced apes, and these races soon became extinct . The third Adam, became the first prototype that the aliens eventually regarded as successful. They were initially born as Androgynous (both man and woman). Greek myths calls them Hermaphrodites (Eros). These androgynous beings were later separated by surgery into man and woman, and thus Adam and Eve came into being. They were the first individual beings that was created man and woman and who could produce offspring with each other in their own image. Ancient texts describe this race as giants who physically was the aliens lookalikes. They had slightly different genes and didn’t have the same facial likeness. They also had genes that allowed them to live close to a 1000 years. Texts often refer to them as Hero’s of old. Babylonian texts claims they were created as labor and servants for the alien colonists.

According to a Gnostic text called ”On the origin of the world” , the first Adam, was referred to as “Spirit-endowed” . The second Adam was “Soul-Endowed”, and the third Adam was called “Creature of the Earth, or Man of Law”.

The first Adamic races

The first Adamic race that the aliens created was a black race. The father of this race was an alien called Samael. He was also called Satanel, and thus his descendents became known as the “Satans” ever after. Samael was an Archon (Archangel) and was the chief accuser in the “heavenly court”. Several ancient biblical texts refers to the Satans as a very problematic race who was disobedient , arrogant , was engaged in criminal activities and had low moral values. They also totally rejected the religion that the aliens tried to teach them.

Then the aliens created a white race (Adam and Eve). They seem to have been a lot easier to control and lead than the Satans were, and they also accepted the alien religion. Thus they soon became the alien favorites. When it (in addition) turned out that the white race scored higher than the Satans on IQ tests, a bitter conflict between those two races arose. It later resulted in a uproar, which in turn resulted in the expulsion of most of the Satans to Tartarus (Earth). Thus they were expelled from the alien community.

However. Soon the white and black race intermingled and a third (brown skinned) race was born. Thus we can conclude that there existed three basic “races” in these days. Those were the Satans (black skinned), The Sethites (white skinned) and the Cainites (brown skinned). The father of the Cainites is Cain, who was the son of Samael and Eve. The father of the Sethites is Seth, who was the son of Adam and Eve (or Lilith).

It soon turned out that the Cainites behaved exactly like the Satans and soon they followed in their footsteps, and after Cain slew Abel it became a ‘law’ amongst the Sethites not to intermarry and mingle with them. A law that was (it turns out) not always kept.

The Watchers

The so called fall of the angels is described in the first book of Enoch, and happened in the time of Jared, which must have been sometimes between 700-1200 years after the creation of Adam and Eve. The book of Enoch tells us that about 200 aliens were allowed to descend to Earth and sojourn on Earth amongst the Adamas. However. They had to promise not to break the prime directives.

However. It soon turned out that they broke these prime directives anyway, because we can read from this book that these aliens (soon after they had descended) found themselves human being wives (as many as they wanted) and thus begat children with them. They also taught the human beings forbidden knowledge and even shared some forbidden technology.

The children of the alien watchers and the Adamas’s became known as the Nephilims. They were a super giant race , who in the time before the flood separated into several different tribes. The Anakim, the Amalekites and the Amorites are the most known of these tribes, but there could have been as much as up to 15-20 of such different giant tribes in the biblical world alone.

The Sumerian text archive called “The Electronic Text Corpus of Sumerian Literature (ETCSL)” contains over 400 ancient texts translated to English. In addition to those there are also Babylonian texts as well as other works from this region who is all related. All these texts tells the story about these alien watchers. All the biblical texts (on the other hand) tells us the story about the human beings that these aliens created. That’s the big difference between the Sumerian and Biblical texts.

Part One

posted on Dec, 10 2013 @ 04:08 AM
The fourth (and final) race of human beings

After the great flood , Genesis tells us that only Noah , his three sons and their wives survived the flood. A total of seven people. This is obviously a myth that has to be taken lightly until we knows more about what happened exactly. However . No ancient texts offer any more useful information on this historic event. It is however mentioned in some sources, that Noah himself had 18 wives.

The legends of the Jews tells us that the population of the (Biblical) world was about two million at the time of Peleg. This tells us that a great deal of the Adama’s race must have survived (both Satans, Sethites and Cainites). Other texts also tells us that a great amount of the giant tribes survived as well.
The legends of the Jews also tells us that 600000 men participated in the building of the Tower of Babel.

The Tower of Babel was built some 400 years after the flood. Thus we must conclude that the Noah myth must have some different meaning. This meaning is IMV that the texts are trying to tell us that an entire new human race along with a new generation of ‘clean’ animals was either created (and preserved) shortly before the great flood , or shortly after the flood, or both actually as we will see. This prototype thus became the fourth (and the final) human being race on Earth. This is the race that are still around. They were basically identical with the Adamas race, but a lot shorter of course and with a lot lesser lifespan. We can read in the Babylonian text called Enuma Elish how and why this happened.

The 72 alien tribes versus the 72 human being tribes

The alien colonists that created this new generation of post flood human beings were themselves a mixture of 72 different tribes or nationalities. Thus they all contributed in the creation of the 72 new human being tribes , which they wanted to populate the Biblical parts of the world. Each alien tribe thus begat their own human being counterpart tribe living on Earth.

However a few human tribes (or nations) was still missing. For example the Jews and the Elamites. Those tribes (nations) were created shortly after the division of Earth. We will need to deal with these other additional tribes after we have taken a look at the big summit that took place in Babylonia, and the new world order that was declared and established there, or deal with them in another thread.

Genesis tells us that Nimrod (A son of Cush, a Cain’ite ) was the one that became elected as a leader and king over all the races of human beings after the great flood. He thus became some sort of world leader at the time. When Nimrod heard about the alien colonist’s plans to establish a new world order and split the Middle East, Northern Africa and Europe into 72 nations, he , his people and the remaining giants joined the Titans in their war against the Olympian aliens to try to stop this from happening. It was also this war that eventually led to the building of the so called tower in Babylonia. It was eventually this tower that gave birth to the confusion of tongue myth, which we now will explain.

Part Two

posted on Dec, 10 2013 @ 04:15 AM
The new world order, the origin of languages and writings, and the first united nations.

Shortly after the third generation aliens had won the war, the aliens called on (and gathered) all the leaders of the 72 human tribes (from the new race) to participate in a great summit that was taking place in Babylonia. In this great summit, The Middle East, Northern Africa and large parts of Europe was divided into 72 nations. These nations were thereafter given to each of these tribes as an eternal heritage. The division happened by lot, and each leaders had so sign legal documents that the aliens had made out, committing them to respect the division and the new borders and the new nations.

When this division was finished, each of the 72 alien tribes (or nations) presented themselves to their human counterpart tribes and thus gave them information of the new world order they had created ,and thus gave them insight in everything that was about to happen. Afterwards the alien colonists basically made each human tribe pick a unique language as well as the set of writing they were going to use. Ancient texts refers to these days as the days of teaching languages, because in those days the aliens established schools on earth, and thus they basically taught the 72 human being tribes 72 different languages and 16 different sets of writings.

In addition to this, 72 alien ambassadors were appointed. Thus each of the 72 nations got their own alien ambassador to represent them. All these alien ambassadors held meetings regularly ay the heavenly court and thus all kind of political issues and problems related to each nations were discussed with the alien leadership, which decided what should be done.

Enoch (a pre flood patriarch), at this point working for the alien colonists as a ‘Metathron’ (a high ranked alien officer title) , was the leader of this United Nations assembly. It seems to have worked similar to our own United Nations actually.

From ancient texts we know that Nimrod and Abraham were present and participated in the great alien summit in Babylonia. We thus know that Nimrod and his tribe was given Sumer as their nation, and that Abraham was given the land from the borders of Egypt (including Sinai) until the borders of today’s Iraq. However. Because the Jews was not yet created at this time, Abraham thus represented them. We will write a lot more of this and clarify this in another thread

The alien ambassadors ( assigned to each nations) was later referred to as ‘guardian angels’, or ‘Tutelary angels’ because their job was to defend the rights of the county they represented. We know only a few of these names. The biblical Archon called Michael became ambassador for Israel. Michael’s real name was also Israel and it was also Michael who renamed Jacob to Israel. The ambassador for Egypt was Uzza, and the ambassador for Persia was Dubbiel. Those are the only names i know . The alien ambassadors are also referred to as ‘Princes’, which perhaps indicates that they had more power than just being ambassadors at the time.

We can read about the days of teaching languages and the division of Earth in the legends of the jews here :

“But I warn you not to kick in your prosperity and not to become perverse, resisting the commands of God, who satisfies you with the best of His land, and not to forget your God, whom your father Abraham chose when the families of the earth were divided in the days of Peleg. The Lord descended with seventy angels, at their head Michael, and he commanded them to teach the seventy languages unto the seventy families of Noah. The angels did according to the behest of God, and the holy Hebrew language remained only in the house of Shem and Eber, and in the house of their descendant Abraham. On this day of teaching languages, Michael came to each nation separately, and told it the message with which God had charged him, saying: 'I know the rebellion and the confusion ye have enacted against God. Now, make choice of him whom you will serve, and whom will you have as your mediator in heaven?' Then spake Nimrod the wicked, 'In my eyes there is none greater than he that taught me the language of Cush.' The other nations also answered in words like these, each one designated its angel. But Abraham said: 'I choose none other than Him that spake and the world was. In Him I will have faith, and my seed forever and ever.' Thenceforth God put every nation in the care of its angel, but Abraham and his seed He kept for Himself.
Thus were divided one hundred and four lands and ninety-nine
islands among seventy-two nations, each with a language of its
own, using sixteen different sets of characters for writing. To
Japheth were allotted forty-four lands, thirty-three islands,
twenty-two languages, and five kinds of writing; Ham received
thirty-four lands, thirty-three islands, twenty-four languages,
and five kinds of writing; and Shem twenty-six lands,
thirty-three islands, twenty-six languages, and six kinds of
writing--one set of written characters more to Shem than to
either of his brothers, the extra set being the Hebrew.

We can also read that the amount of the fourth human being race that the aliens created shortly before and after the flood, was 1440 men at the time of the division of the earth. Those numbers could be further subdivided like this:

Ham : their numbers in those days were about seven hundred and thirty men.

Japhet: their numbers in those days were about four hundred and sixty men.
Shem : their numbers in those days were about three hundred men
Total (Ham,Japhet,Shem) - 1490 men

Only about 1490 men (72 tribes) from the new human race existed at this point. In addition to these men women and children must be counted. Thus we might assume that the new race of human beings counted around 3000 persons when the 72 nations were divided. Europe was given to the tribes of Japhet. The middle East was given to the tribes of Shem, and the Northern Africa was given to the tribes of Ham.

Part Three

posted on Dec, 10 2013 @ 11:10 AM
Don't stop now, it was just getting interesting.
Enjoyed the read.

posted on Dec, 10 2013 @ 11:32 AM

The Watchers

The so called fall of the angels is described in the first book of Enoch..

One of my favs. Great job.

posted on Dec, 10 2013 @ 11:36 AM
reply to post by helius

I have read through your post with interest, but the cynic in me still languishes with the view that the only reason aliens came to this planet was simply to mine its gold. When you look at the ruins in South Africa,there are literally thousands of them with only a tiny amount of archaeological interest, which seems to think these ruins were some kind of elaborate cattle pens. However they ap-pear to have been where rich seams of gold existed. I do think the Sumerian tablets simply tell of a scheme to mingle animal and alien dan together to make slaves. When you look at Yahweh's attitude to the Jews, they were purely his slaves, not a people of any value, because he said if they didn't obey him and do exactly what he wanted he would destroy them.

If you ask yourself then, does that sound like a God or a slave driver, then the idea of God, which is nice, does not enthuse one to wish to be under Yahweh's rule of impalement if you don't obey. This treatment suggests slavery and if humankind was the LuLu which we even see a picture of on the tablets, it does make sense. Were different tribes of aliens wandering around, with the gold and general beauty of this planet, why would they have left it, they would still be here surely?

posted on Dec, 12 2013 @ 09:59 AM
reply to post by Shiloh7

I do think you might be right if we talk about Elohim/Annunaki. But when you talk about Yahweh the name has a spiritual meaning that is the "the existing ONE".

And since the oneness is from my point of view the real thing that reveals itself to those who light the 7 lamps within them, I cannot say that the bible is totally miss representing everything, even if I am more comfortable with the more direct approaches in eastern philosophies.

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