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TSA agent confiscates sock monkey's toy pistol

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posted on Dec, 11 2013 @ 09:51 PM



reply to post by Advantage

I wouldn't mind trying
for at least a few hours

Is that a sock monkey gun in your pocket or are you just glad to see me?

I swear, the more I hear of what they confiscate.. the more positive I am I live in some alternate world named "Bizarroworld".

For all involved and thank God normal in their reaction, stars until I collapse to bed. It will now be soon.
Don't want any stars myself, thanks... beyond reacting by now to this, it's simply unreal.
If Alex J. says the system is so scrUd now that an Austin DA could convict a ham on rye for side packing a pickle, Ad, I have to emphatically agree with you. This whole planet is so brain- inverted and intellectually bankrupt it would be funny, except for the fact these creatures running it are actually serious.

Sorry about the rant, -- but I did have an Arab roommate who had a hobby of actually fabricating the incorrugible little criminals in question from scratch, for her three wonderful children. They (the sockeroos) all had rather swarthy and suspicious skin colors; but I figure it was because they were once worker socks in construction trades. This for probable insertion/infiltration later into the management workforce.
One of them even sported a fez (one of those truncated cone jobs, there's a red flag).

Lots of suspects, actually... but at no time were her three children ever dull-eyed or otherwise visibly impaired in my presence from snorting any cotton based monkey butts.
This leads me to believe there was no contraband or fume leeching explosive compounds concealed in the sullen artificial primates. It also alludes to no deviant tendencies in the youngsters, although maybe they're all on a list or four by now through association with such unAmerican inert riffraff. God only knows what would have resulted in these parts by actually arming one or more of them with high density polyethelyne.
/waxing to overt sarcasm off

My guess is that school bored the little geniuses unto general apathy. They probably were all exposed to instructor grade automatons for six and a half hours a day, and came home as Fry Bombardo's side men yet-to-mature. Public school, nasty stuff. I'd personally rather have married an energized belt sander than not done the K to 8th in a private prison.

Back to context--
First our government (elected because supposedly highly educated) decide to allow a fringe element of it, and from high up, to declare war that war on an idealogy, this for the first time in history. We the creeple swallowed the whole stinking mackerel and the complete contents of the tackle box.

If that isn't bizzare enough, examine the tactics to maintain the war being exactly those of the supposed 'enemy' --and this by definition. If you finally don't go along with this because by the way you're the normal majority, they call you crazy and either minimalize, politically bully or pass laws making it legal to kill you. Oh wait....

I forgot one step somewhere in there -- they can use a bunch of allegedly more learned minds to justify medicating you into somebody with all the perception of a well neglected and dried-down spider fern. When the wierdos are handing out the pills we have arrived... DC Comics have come home to roost and it's simply chock full of characters that make our superhero in need of a peel look like Kate Beckinsale.
Off topic and PS: and unlike Monkey Boy, words fail me except we're not worthy..

I'm not angry at the system, it's made up of what appears by now a noticeable subculture of people cultivated to overlook evil... especially upstairs, where those invisible offensive coordinators call the plays down on the field. And our republic is now a third hand football bat, cracked as a family sized Venezuelan soccer spatula taped top to bottom.

My kingdom for a hearse, and pass the mandatory probation.

I just have two question were you stoned when you wrote this? Or do i need to be stoned to read it ? Im a little unclear how this is supposed to work.

posted on Dec, 12 2013 @ 07:21 AM
reply to post by dragonridr

Funny, my first guess was Meth...


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