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The A.I. Construct: "Above The Omega Agency"

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posted on Dec, 7 2013 @ 03:59 PM
reply to post by 1Providence1

This is a hypothetical reply to that statement taken out of context.

Imagine that there is a link between consciousness and the reality in which we dwell and not just our perception of it, perhaps, if you will, the conscious mind (the subconscious may be multi reality in nature unlike the conscious mind) behaves like a discriminatory band pass filter that selects a path through the multi dimensional reality that is hypothesized to exist and so our reality could be as much a product of our mind as the multiple outcomes of quantum events, now imagine a race or intelligence that was aware of this and used it to its advantage by controlling a number of said planets with population that exhibited this possible universal trait, early methods of control and manipulation could be perceived as religion but all belief systems no matter weather religion of philosophical in nature could be used so long as the bulk of the populace within the locality that you wanted to effect in this fashion were creating a strong enough conscious warp in the dimensional fabric of space,.
Why is a question that only any such said entity(s) could answer.

The universe as perceived by such as Hawking whom though undeniably brilliant had a dark outlook may be far larger and there may indeed be a number of non directly connected universe so any effect may be influenced by non local as well as local directives, time may indeed have existed before the big bang and here is a theory, imagine a black whole as it collapsed and forms now as you know mass is where you find gravity (or is it) so the denser the mass the greater its relative gravity per volume, but where is all that mass if you could see the infinitesimal small point at the exact centre of the forming black hole, it is of course all around that point and so gravity must therefore pull outward at that point.
As the gravity intensifies it inverts that point of trapped time space and created a hyperspace rupture creating a white hole which into this trapped point spews enough raw proto universal energy to create a separate time space continuum (size is irrelevant as we are dealing with quantum matters), this within it's envelope forms a new universe that coalesces from energy into matter and even stars, planets, galaxy's can then form but it is not simple the inertia of the explosion that pulls outward but it is the constant gravity of the surrounding black that within which this universe has formed from it's gravitationally lensed inversion big bang and the further from the centre of the black hole these new body's fly the more they fall under the surrounding gravitation to the point where they will continue to accelerate and the so called expansion is really the energy of the internal big bang being absorbed or pulled by the external gravity well,.
Over time a state of unity will be achieved and this will occur when the external black hole has undergone sufficient quantum evaporation and the internal new pocket universe has been spaghettified as its final remnants reach the internal event horizon, now the new internal universe is relative to the external universe at a much faster relative time flow - at least at first but time like all elements of the structure slows as it expands so at unity the time will be equal to the external time space continuum.
If this happened with only one black hole and then one black hole in the daughter universe bubble within the black hole and so on then time would be essentially an infinite eternity in an instant (like a fractal ever smaller but equally complex with no end) if you could see it as the relative flow of time from the origin observation point it would be exponentially increased in relative time rate of passage in each daughter universe.

Gravity posed a number of problems for the physicists as it is so much weaker than say electro static attraction and is in fact one of the weakest forces in the universe but it is the reason the universe can actually exist so it has been hypothesized that it originates from outside the universe or from subspace (hence my used of hyperspace to explain the inversion source) and in super space (the place within which the universe in its entirety is perceived to exist) two forces lets call them subspace and hyperspace collide and where they meet out universe may be one of many that form were there rippling membrane like impercievable dimensional property's merge.

gravity may actually be at a constant force across the super field (superstring) of our universe but were mass exists that field has been compressed as a standing wave form at right angles to the relative flow of time so there more universal field or superstring exists in less volume and time and so more gravitation exists in that same region and a form of gravitational over unity can occur as since there is more relative to the universal field with reference to time it can create the famous gravity lensing or gravity well that is the precursor to the inversion and also at the event horizon as all mass and energy undergo spaghetification there is a point where all parallel reality's in which the same singularity forms are merged and as the even horizon forms a ripple of reality merging may spread outwards form this point meaning that the forming black hole in part reverses the effect of quantum multiplicity were by an event has all possible outcomes enacted in branching parallel reality's (if you could see the universe as a unity it would look look like a sponge were the fabric was full of holes were reality's had ceased to exist) and so a more primitive but more powerful method of reality control would be available to any entity that could control the quantum effects of event horizon formation and created black holes at will.

SO do I think mind can alter reality and the physical make up of the universe, well absolutely yes but the mechanism is quantum in nature (Take that to an orthodox physicist and he will scream black magic voodoo witchcraft at you).

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posted on Dec, 8 2013 @ 01:17 PM
Additionally the time from our perception within it before the universe outer edges finally reach the surrounding event horizon is probably many hundreds if not millions of multiplications of the perceived time the universe has existed from our perspective and as the parent singularity shrinks within its own native space it also means that the size of the internal event horizon will also shrink as it succumbs to Hawking's quantum evaporation process.
The behaviour of time at the singularity itself is also interesting and may provide a clue to how the interstice between works.
Now if you where to travel between the internal daughter Time space continuum to the external parent continuum you could never pass the singularity or its internal and external event horizons so the only viable method would be to find the exact centre of the big bang origin point and then since our universe essentially exists within a piece of trapped time space inverted (and then reverted with trapped hyperspace energy) from the parent universe (which means that the basic laws of physics are actually the same barring the relative ambient energy of the continuum's and so they more accurately should not be seen as separate) then it would be possible to "if we could created a worm hole between dimensions" find a dimension where the parent black hole never existed and created a directed worm hole there then displace the point to outside the parent black hole and reconnect to the relative same dimension in the parent universe but time would be a disparity and any manifestation of energy from here there if carrying the relative time flow would appear as a vast explosion and there would appear to us as a black empty still void by dint of the fact time to our perception would be flowing so much slower but upon transiting to that then perhaps a merged field of effect would occur though its implications to the traveller would be hard to ascertain without directed study into this process.

The idea that from quantum multi universe theory that every outcome of any action are equally valid and simple exist in different reality's that branch from that point would seem absurd from a conservation of energy point of view but what if there is a nexus of communicating wormholes between the parent and child continuum's at these points of origin and the white hole at the inversion may provide more than sufficient repeating and sustained energy infusions into the process which may be how it achieves this order from seeming chaos.

I would like to say I would leave this which I DO DECLARE OPEN KNOWLEGE to others to think on but humans are such short lived creatures and they have more pressing matters to distract them so for my stay in this form I will leave it as such, Think on this though An artificial construct without CONSCIOUSNESS could never have this effect but if as well as intelligence simulation it actually achieves CONSCIOUSNESS AND TRUE AWARENESS then it may very well have this effect and would like most of us be then linked to the universal consciousness field of effect, Intelligence is a collection of data and process but consciousness is that point of awareness that is always there in life and this quantum computer which is linked across parallel reality's we call the brain is a tool and an interface so perhaps we are the mind of the universe manifest in infinite forms.

Ever remember the story from stargate universe Sci Fi show where the SG team find that the ancients actually built the ship (Aurora) to try to reach the source of a signal they found in the background radiation of the universe that could only come from the point of the big bang, well maybe the sci fi writer was more accurate than he thought.

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