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Creationism cannot be true

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posted on Dec, 11 2013 @ 10:23 AM
Try to follow my train of thought and you will see how interpretation matters individually.

Genesis 1 is in my opinion God's spirit in regards to creation. It occurs within the mind of God. The material is a shadow. The first of any creation is first made in spirit. The spirit can be looked at as inspiration from the first cause. Evolution we see is the material reflection. All exists in the mind of God and for this very reason is why mind is said to be the builder of all creations.

We all express in one way or another. We all experience life here on earth in more ways than one. Experience and expression of his-story we all have in common. Not just as a species either. Other species have this in common.

With that being said, when the "darkness was upon the face of the deep" is when ignorance, selfishness, and the loss of divine awareness came into existence. Rebellion sums it up.

We as souls projected our self into the Earth before it was ever even formed. This was a no-no. The Earth was to become and became a dwelling place for matter, when gases formed into those things we see in nature. We became stuck within the matter itself and needed a way out. This is where His-Story ( mans story) began/created. We had to come up with our creation into the physical to get back to the spiritual.

We were in error before the matter engulfed the Earth and thus the separation appeared. When the "spirit of God moved over the faces of the Waters" is when the world came into existence and nature appeared in spirit. Water is interpreted as spirit.

The creation of matter was only first an expression via God's mind. It became a source of indulgence however as we began and still express our personal and individual influences into it. It was done first in spirit.. keep that in mind. When reading the Bible you have to get your mind into "spirit first". Before anything is ever created, it is first created in the spirit of the individual through "thought". Thought comes from the mind.

The Earth is in my opinion not created out of void or nothingness. It was created in the material from harmony and balance because it had been engulfed with chaos and rebellion from the spirits of God's children.... You and I. It was not meant to be inhabited. The Universe was meant to be our dwelling place. The Earth was meant for God's expression of mind.

We see a world of "opportunity" here. An opportunity to make things right from the separation of our spiritual awareness that leaves many feeling lost and bewildered throughout their lives on Earth.

In the ages of antiquity and the study thereof we find that man in ancient times possessed "powers". There were many "Gods". This still is not meant to be in the flesh, but in spirit. There was a time we did not project our self in the material world with collective amnesia. We had great mental and spiritual powers. It was very chaotic. The mist that covers our eyes is just that... amnesia. Wonder why when you are born you have been intertwined within amniotic fluid. There is a reason...

As the Earth itself evolved, "dry land appeared and oceans formed". We experienced each face of development and evolution. Two states of consciousness are being expressed. One is the sons of darkness and the other the sons of light. The son's of light are simply those who have not forgotten. The light runs that deep within them that the "darkness does not overcome". The sons of darkness first appeared on Earth in the flesh. The son's of light were not so closely knit to matter as the sons of darkness... or the ones who rebelled in the beginning in spirit.

The beings ( Adam) that were first here were not male and female they were both in one. They were able to divide and split into other manifestations. Remember the thought is the first cause of creation and via thought we could do anything we wanted and move through whatever we wanted having the entire experience of being.

The reason why light is referenced sooo many times in the Bible is because light is Christ consciousness. Its the divine. Let there be light has many frames of references and we are that light. Out of the chaos of darkness came Light ( Mind).

"God created man in his own image". God is spirit therefor the image is spiritual. The Divine image is the soul of man. The mind and spirit (soul) are the aspects of the God which are individual and eternal. God is constructive and creative. This is evident in all creation which we see at present state.

The creation days in Genesis are in my opinion that of awareness and manifestation. Each thought has a seed from which it grows.

The very first thing that happened was God thought, then he moved. When he moved was the first principle and by moving he moved out of himself. When we do this it is called to give. Once he moved from thought into action he gave life in the material world and this is what I read in Genesis. Nature has the power within for it's own reproduction. This is the seed.

The Animal is the highest order of evolution however man is a separate creation in itself. We were first created in spirit. We were to rule over all of life including the animals.

Now it is my view that Melchizedek wrote Job. He was an incarnation of Jesus soul. When Job tells the story of the stars singing... do you really think stars sang? No.. WE SANG with joy. The son's of man sang. "The powerful spring(water=spirits) gushes from the earth" This here was a dynamic action. This was a cosmic event!! We came to understand the ways of our error. The main character of this story is in our His-Story.. Adam/Atom/Jesus/Son of God/Son of Man/Split/Bang!! The waters/spirits gushed... manifested. It was an ATOMic Force!

We have been said to "subdue the Earth". When we subdue for selfish reasons there we find man with many old stumbling blocks to overcome. With giving of self we find stepping stones to advancement. Here we can see the first Adam in error and the last Adam in Christ. The old way is filled with chaos and the new way of thinking/light/mind is balance and harmony. We are all the time overcoming our self. Me, me, me!!

The Garden of Eden is explained as a garden eastward in Eden. "Eastward" is a description of the Sun which is closest source of life. Man and the Garden of Eden were projections.

When it speaks of the river going out of Eden to water the garden this symbolizes spiritual influence, the same as the powerful spring above! When the stars sang and shouted for joy there was more than just Adam. Adam was not the only "man" on Earth. There was indeed a soul group! We always come in groups. We appeared in five places at once ( thus we have five senses) . Adam ( Jesus soul) represents the many as in an atomic force. This is why the Bible makes reference to bread so often and why the body of Christ is symbolic with bread. The Heal and the Crown is the body. Head to toe. The pieces in between are US!! We are a soul group with the master plan of coming back together and being one (rising- being rasied) with our maker within the mind/consciousness/light.

posted on Dec, 11 2013 @ 11:13 AM
I know my posts are lengthy but it seems this thread needs a little bit of "fresh" thinking. lol Creation is a lengthy discussion and I hope you dont mind as I am wanting to make the time for this thread.

Jesus is said to be the lamb that was slain before the foundations of the world. He said that before Abraham, I Am and before the worlds were ( five nations) I AM! The coming of the lamb was our way of making amends to the fall in Eden ( in spirit). The truth, the light and the offering was made via EXPRESSION. It was offered in the very beginning before time itself.

When one reads about gold in the Bible he needs to understand what gold symbolizes. Gold is the connection of mind and body. Every atom responds to Gold.

Now if you read the Bible please know that the same soul of Jesus is also that of Enoch, Job= Melchizedek, Joseph, Joshua, and Jeshua.

In Eden you may think well God knew what would happen. Why all the drama?

God only knew what could happen but had not a clue what mans choice would be. It's like a parent who while raising his kid says do not touch the stove, it's hot, yet the kid touches it anyway and gets burned! We hope our kids do as we say but it's up to them to make their own choices and then inevitably reap what they sow. The same can be said for God.

Adam's "deep sleep" was that of the mental "state" of meditation. Mind is the builder/creator!

The soul itself has no sex.. neither male or female. I think earlier I stated both but I meant neither. Positive nor negative.

When Adam split there began male and female as well as positive and negative forces. Forces that created positive and negative coming together in harmony and or unity. Adam/Man took on the positive force by meditation and began the course of procreating with another soul of man/woman instead of that of an animal. Here we have a unity within the positive and negative. There is now balance out of the sexual chaos and the desires of many.

The apple in the garden is a symbol of acting upon desires without wisdom. This is the descent of man and the need to be raised. This is also the fall of man in the material world. They (We) wanted to take the knowledge before knowing or having wisdom. It was an error you see. Their (our) senses told them one thing while their inner being .. the image of God told them another. The story basically is this.. man chose his desires within the flesh instead of the desires of the spirit. Matter over spirit was the choice made. This choice was made because the knowledge was sought before wisdom. In order to make a wise choice we must have wisdom over said choice. We must look at the choice from all angles and decide from there.

Does the choice serve the self or others?

There are few commandments that actually relate to God. If you notice, most relate to how we treat each other.

God gave of self with the first cause/thought. He acted by moving from within himself. He gave. We being his image is to do the same. We think of giving, we give. This is Love/God/ becoming Christ-like. This is the trinity. Mother/Father/Son. Out of love came the Son/Child. The child must be raised.

posted on Dec, 14 2013 @ 12:47 PM
reply to post by Krazysh0t

Fixed your title:

I don't believe Creationism can possibly be true, from my perspective it seems impossible.

God bless,

Btw, creationism is true, the Truth is a combination of Progressive Creation, Intelligent Design, Old Earth Creation, Theistic Evolution and Young Earth Creation, each perspective has bits and pieces of Truth and come together for a sum total of Catholic Truth,

quote from Jesus Christ, speaking to the Father (The God of the Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the God referenced in the Book of Genesis); "Sanctify them by Your truth. Your word is truth."

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