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Radiostations of sole purpose of transmitting sound/music into space?

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posted on Nov, 18 2004 @ 02:10 PM
Hey There

I was wondering if they are certain radio stations that are only avalable to transmit into space ( i have heard that all radio transmits into space)

I have found one that just repeats the same music over and over again, no voices just the same music over and over again

I am from the U.K Sheffield

and its frequency is

MW 800 (put the needle of the tuner to the middle of around 0 of 800, 8o0 (aka the small o on this instruction)

Scale 4.1/2 (its 1 and then a half, directly middle of the .1 and .2 (not 6) e,g | here | next to the 4)

Its directly between 2 radio station (one is Hallam FM and the other is Viking FM i think)

(I know this intruction might seem confusing)

If u can tune into it tell me what you think

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