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Tim Tate on the making of the Franklin Scandal documentary Conspiracy of Silence

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posted on Dec, 5 2013 @ 06:58 PM
reply to post by saucepan

Yes, I actually have a signed copy of the 2006 updated edition. It is quite explosive. It is interesting to note that DeCamp also represented victims of the Columbine school shooting and found ample evidence to prove that SSRI medications were responsible for the homicidal behavior of Eric Harris and Dylan Kliebold.

I also came across the PDF a while back as well and inserted it into the OP somewhere. But thanks for the direct link here! DeCamp is a very interesting person. He was friends with William Colby.

I just recently asked Tim Tate personally about Colby's involvement with 'Conspiracy of Silence'. I also asked him more about some of Tim's other work. This is what he had to say about it:

Colby was an old friend of John De Camp: their friendship started, according to John, in Vietnam in the early/mid 60s. John said that at the time Colby was running the assassination program targeting supposed/alleged Viet Cong fighters in the south.

In our interview Colby was very, very cautious. John was present and managed to get him (Colby) to repeat what he said said privately to John - something to the effect that he(John) needed to be careful because it wasn't entirely unlikely that someone would want to kill him as a way of stopping the Nebraska scandal widening.

I'm flattered that you're interested in my other work ! My most recent film aired on Channel 5 last month ("Children of The Master Race"). It is viewable on line, as are two major investigations I made for Al Jazeera - "On A Wing & A Prayer" (an investigation into allegations that Boeing has knowingly put 1600 passenger planes into the air despite the fact that they are made with bogus/ill-fitting parts and catastrophically dangerous) and "Dirty Little Secrets"(examining allegations that the US used biological weapons in the Korean War).

My books are also available on Amazon if that's of any interest.

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