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Edhi Foundation, Human Kindness to Combat Ignorance

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posted on Dec, 2 2013 @ 03:21 PM
I have recently been bothered by how often everyday citizens paint people of the same race, religion or creed with the same brush. This is a problem that is everywhere and I see it a lot here on ATS. So here is a story of one of the kindest human beings of the past century.

I have been told by a friend at my work about the Edhi Foundation, this is a charity that has been organised in Pakistan. It began with a Muslim man named Abdul Sitar Edhi, he observed all the suffering of people on the streets who were usually orphans, starving people, elderly people without help, mental patients rejected from certain areas etc. and he could not take it any more. So Abdul began helping people on the street, taking them into a one bedroom home in Karachi, offering them food and shelter. As his work became more well known he began the Bilqis Edhi Trust with just R.s 5000 (about $1000 US at that time) in an attempt to expand his charity.

Today The Edhi Foundation has over 300 clinics across Pakistan, they own air ambulances to be able to get people in rural areas to hospitals, they look after women that have been abused by husbands and generally it is one of the greatest things that has happened to health care in the entire country. This is all down to one man's heart and his need to see the suffering of his fellow countrymen and women ease, even if it's just a little. This is all done from public donations, they do not accept a penny from the government so they may remain independent and he also did not care about other people's race or religion when he helped them. He is just a genuine, compassionate human and I think everyone could take a lesson from Abdul Sitar Edhi.

So next time you think "Oh, these Muslims, abusing women, forcing their agenda on the world" or "Pakistani's are all terrorists" or something equally derogatory, remember, that there are bad people in every race or religion and the media will always show those and never the kind heartedness of human beings, especially if our nation is trying to push a war on them (middle eastern Muslims, not particularly Pakistan). Next time you feel like insulting a group of people and you base it on their most obvious identity like skin or religion, just don't, it's extremely ignorant.

I wish Abdul Sitar Edhi all the best for the future, he is a true man of virtue and honour. I hope that next time the Nobel Peace Prize committee hand out a peace prize, they won't give it to the EU (who, amusingly, if the EU were a country, it wouldn't accept itself due to lack of freedom) and they give it to a MIDDLE EASTERN, MUSLIM man who truly deserves it.


Edhi Foundation - Biography
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posted on Dec, 3 2013 @ 04:12 PM
reply to post by iRoyalty

Wow.. Thanks for sharing that.
That really brought tears to my eyes that are now streaming down... No joke.

Oh humanity... I have hope.. I really do. I know there's good in so many of us. I try so hard to push love and peace out towards others..

I sure wish everyone on this site would read this..

Peace and love
-nat the blue eyed cat-

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