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Lucid Dreaming and Demon Encounters

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posted on Dec, 3 2013 @ 03:11 PM
reply to post by therealguyfawkes

I tend to punch things in dreams. Snakes irk me, I punch them, an alligator/dinosaur attack me, I punch them. Some 10 foot demon lady comes at me, I punch her. At one point I used to have zero power in those punches while dreaming, now it's the go to thing lol. Sadly though, I found that I am acting these swings out as I sleep. Not good, I need to try mind powering the baddies so I don't injure someone.

posted on Dec, 3 2013 @ 05:40 PM
reply to post by QuietSpeech

Gotta admit, I lol'ed.

posted on Dec, 3 2013 @ 06:12 PM

Only, against him that light had no effect.

This was unlike anything I’d ever before experienced in the lucid dreamscape. There was no sensation of interaction, as when effectuating typical changes in reality. There was no sense of counter-resistance as there was when combating a lesser negative entity like that doll.

The light just washed over the Dreammaster as though no part of it had touched him, as though he was an immutable part of the dream, an entity utterly beyond my ability to control.

Determined, I tried again and again, but without any success. Patiently he endured those attempts, as though trying to show me over him I had no power. But eventually he must have grown bored, because he simply drifted up to the top of the room and perched in the alcove of an upper window.
But this was something I’ve never before seen. Normally everything in the lucid dreamscape is mutable, but this guy couldn’t be touched... not by me, at least.

What I’m thinking is the Dreammaster was either another lucid dreamer far more versed in technique than I

Did your dreammaster have a limp by any chance?

I know exactly what you're talking about because I went through the exact same thing. I know the frustration of being a skilled lucid dreamer and having these guys resist everything you throw at them like it's nothing. Basically, you're not playing the same game they are.

What you described was another human dreamer. I say that because in my encounters, these dream masters would sometimes lose lucidity and wander off distracted. A very human weakness.

I was able to figure out their game, how they are seemingly impervious, how to do it myself, and how get through that defense. I was lucky, because in my case I had 2 dream masters. The first very skilled and being invincible, and the other was very skilled at causing pain. Once I saw how the one was causing pain, I figured out how the other was ignoring it.


You only feel pain if you take the time to focus on it. Likewise, any attack is only as real as you make it with your attention.

If you wanted to actually attack your dream master, you would have to do so in such a way as to capture his attention, thus making it real for him. Something like a swarm is hard to ignore. The real game isn't the attacks, it's a duel of attention.

Check my thread history, my fist thread here was on shared dreaming.

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posted on Dec, 3 2013 @ 06:51 PM
The book The Techniques of Astral Combat has some good general purpose stuff for dream combat.

In particular I like it's explanation for why demons go with claw and fang attacks. It's a simple well defined archetype. The book explains a sword is better than a gun in a dream, because the sword has less associated complications. Guns can jam, run out of bullets, ect. The more complex the system, the more unwieldly it becomes. Claw and fang are simple and efficient.

But the claw and fang can only truly be effective if their victim focuses on them.

posted on Dec, 3 2013 @ 09:53 PM
reply to post by The Cusp

Thank you VERY much for taking the time to respond. Good to have some clarification from someone else who's been there and experienced something like this.

I can't say for sure, but the guy I encountered might've been covering up for a limp, because he just stood there in the beginning and only moved by floating (up to the windowsill after proving I couldn't affect him).

I'll certainly check out that guide, and will start conditioning myself to use detachment as a defense against attacks. As I mentioned earlier, I've been meditating and doing qigong for quite a few years, so I'm decent at going into observer-mind and seeing through thoughts/feelings. But I can always get better at it, and it seems like I'll need the skill if there's more guys like him wandering the dream....

It can certainly be a frustrating/alarming situation, encountering one of these guys, especially when everything else in the dream is so easy to transmute. But hopefully I can make this a good learning experience too.

If there's any other tips/tricks you (or anyone else!) can share, please do so! I'm fairly new to LD and can use all the guidance I can get!

Thanks again!

posted on Dec, 4 2013 @ 07:41 AM
Hopefully you'll run into them again. Fighting those guys was the most fun I've ever had in a dream.

The link in my signature goes to a dream control thread I started based entirely on what I learned from my encounters with these guys. Weird thing is, that type of dream control is applicable in the waking world as well, and is suspiciously like what traditional magic and occult practices are supposed to be.

It's all about attention. Anything you encounter that is a real entity will be recognizable because it is messing with your attention, and it's likely going to do so very skillfully. It doesn't matter what kind of paranormal report you look into, in a large % them the witness explicitly states something was messing with or otherwise directing their attention. Meditation is just training to focus your attention in a laser like point.

posted on Dec, 5 2013 @ 08:43 AM
reply to post by therealguyfawkes

Sorry for the late response. I fought it cause just as in life I have found it's best to fight against negative forces cause if not they are going to do what they want anyway and at least if you fight you are giving yourself a chance, and a lot of the time you will surprise yourself with what you can accomplish. I fought but eventually either lost lucidity or woke up, can't really remember.

Just a quick story on shared dream states (and a positive one at that) my specialty when it comes to dreaming is flying. I can fly in dreams and also have done so around my town and further astrally. So much fun. Apparently I must be pretty good at it because I have been asked to teach other people how to do so I'm my dreams. Not sure for what purpose but my point is these were actual people in my dream that I don't know, you can definitely tell when someone is made up by yourself in a dream of if its a real entity IME.

Also a side note but feel it pertains a little to the conversation. My screen name is leopard seal because I had a dream where one was presented to me and I was told that was my power animal.

posted on Dec, 7 2013 @ 05:42 PM
I had a lucid dream this morning that I just can't get over. I was a party and it seems now that all the people whom I ever met were there. I mean from passing on the street to talking briefly at a party. Shortening here, I found myself outside, on a southern California beach after the party (now in the AM), when we are hit by a huge wave, from the east. I survived the first wave only to see another, larger wave coming, towering over our heads. That one didn't kill me either but it's then when I realized I was still alive, that this had to be a dream and I came out of it, woke up and shock my head. Man, that was weird!
Now, I'm out of work and I'm starting to feel the stress of not having the money we used to so I can understand the waves for sure. Will see what happens. I have "flood" dreams before. Ones that wipe out entire areas. They seem to come and go.

posted on Oct, 26 2014 @ 09:47 PM
I've been dreaming a lot lately. I've always been a very vivid dreamer and am perfectly capable of shaping what I dream about. I'm the sort of person who likes to seek out all forms of information and with that being said I would like to share what I have been dreaming about because I am unsure if its something like lucid dreaming or I'm just going nuts.

It all started with a dream I've been having since I can remember about a basement. It doesn't matter if the basement is the same or not in each dream because whether its behind a door or through a crawl space its that same damp blackness. On one occasion I was dreaming of my grandmothers house, she used to have a clear glass door leading down to her basement where she did her arts and crafts. Trust me when I say there was nothing sinister about this place in real life, it has a big open space where she had her library, a door that led to the room where she made stain glass, the furnace room and a door to the crawl space.

I already knew that I did not want to go down those stairs, I had this freezing feeling in my legs and swear I even felt myself sweat but I couldn't stop my feet. I ended up in the crawlspace, I had to crawl through and I remember crying because I didn't want too. It smelled like wet damp earth and was freezing cold, I just knew whatever was in there wasn't good. I closed my eyes before I entered the darkness and cried more as my feet finally stopped moving, I refused to open my eyes but suddenly I was in third person view. I could see myself crying and squeezing my eyes shut. I knew I was underneath a house because I could see the floor beams above me but when I looked at what was in front of me I suddenly couldn't rip my eyes away. I didn't see anything but I felt pure fear as I stared on into the darkness for what felt like forever before I woke up.

The most recent dream I had is the only one that has lead me to even think a demon could be a possibility is because of the detail and symbols I dreamt of. It started with me just on the side of a street in my hometown, I knew where I was immediately and realized there was a little girl talking to me with her mother.

"Look for 22nd street." She told me. "Run and make sure you don't talk to anyone." I was confused at first because I was yanked out of a perfectly nice dream to endure an almost apocalyptic scene of our main street. I listened to this little girl because the way she spoke made me feel like this was urgent.

It seemed like it took me forever to head across the street towards the East side of our town, but as I was crossing I saw people leaping out of windows breaking them and cars exploding. I had no idea what was going on and ran, just like in real life I came to the abandoned Dairy Queen we have here, and suddenly there was a different alley than before.

I was curious and wondered if this place was what the little girl was talking about and followed it. I turned the corner and came there were two long shelves on my left and right. I felt the hair on the back of my neck stand up even though I was dreaming, the shelves were filled with porcelain dolls in their pretty dresses smiling at me. Some had cracked faces, others an eyeball missing or the hair was ratty but they all started to laugh and I walked past them. I didn't look at them or anything because I felt scared but what I heard next was what made me feel like this was some sort of night terror. All the dolls were facing me, their mouths all wide open and I swear I heard thousands if not millions of voices screaming for help and laughing.

I looked back and as I realized as it was closing, those shelves made a gate and sealed off my only exit. I stared straight ahead of me and saw a lot of people to my relief. At a distance everyone looked normal, I thought it could have been a bar crowd but as I got closer there seemed to be something really off about the alley and its loungers. I can't pin point what it was but there was an eerie blue light around me. It reminded me of the way a dark room glows red but of course this was blue.

I walked up to the only person that made me feel somewhat comfortable by first glance. I pushed through a group of people who didn't seem to notice me and approached the woman dressed in pink from head to toe. It was clear she was a prostitute, she wore a feather boa. Don't ask me why I felt more comfortable asking the pink haired prostitute than the many others around her but she stood out to me. I am female so do not mistake this as some sort of lustful approach. I simply asked for the directions of the street I was looking and only then did everyone seem to notice me.

I couldn't hear what any of them were saying, it was sort of blocked out like background noise but it came in loud and clear as soon as I had spoken. I was lost in the confusion for a second and lost concentration on what they were saying, only watching them all push towards me. They were all laughing and joking.

"I'll show her the way." one bald, broad shouldered man wearing a brown jacket put his hand on my shoulder. Others were saying they wanted to take me too.

I just looked at the pink haired woman's eyes, golden eyes with slits for pupils like cats but with three black dots on each side. I had a thought that these could be in fact demons and panicked for a second. It didn't take long but the gate opened and a figure came through lightening fast, making the others vanish just as fast.

This new man was a pale blue color, he wore an outfit sort of like a mages, with gold embroidery around the sleeves and a golden symbol on his chest. I didn't even look at the face because the symbol against the black cloth caught my attention. It kept changing from one different symbol to the next and I tried hard to memorize what I was seeing. Later on when I did some research, just simply looking up "demon seals" I recognized one as being a Seal of Solomon but I cannot remember which one it was.

There's more to the dream, the middle, but I'll skip ahead to the more important part which is the end. I was led into a hotel room by a man, not sure what his face looked like because for some reason every time I looked at him I could only see from the color up. He wore a nice tan suit that's all I know, like a business man or something. He sat me down on an chair in the middle of the room facing a t.v. which he hastily turned off and told me he had to go. I felt like I didn't want this person to go but he bent down and kissed my lips.

"I'm having a party later. Come over when your ready just go through the red door." and he left me alone in that hotel room.

I remember this last part clearly because the world and dream around me seemed to slow down drastically. I stared at the door after it closed and paid attention to the three t.v's on the left of the door, on the door, and to the right of the door. I realized I was watching a few of my friends as they were at work and on other screens there were images of my childhood all playing like an old film on a projector, black and white and silent. As I realized what it was the rooms just starting breaking away and I woke up...

Ever since recently I've been plagued by dreams of strange shadow beings being in the room with me while I sleep next to my fiancée. Anyone want to way in on this? Keep in mind I'm being 100% honest and if you don't believe me then its okay.
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posted on Oct, 29 2014 @ 09:00 AM
a reply to: therealguyfawkes

Any update on the dream master? Just curious.

posted on Oct, 29 2014 @ 09:08 AM
a reply to: EdgarAllanCrow

Your accounts sound like vivid dreaming, and possibly even some lucidity but they don't show you taking over/controlling them.

For me it is always an "aha" moment because things just don't make sense and I figure out I am dreaming. After that the sky is the limit, well not always I once flew into a star to see what it was like in there. So...

Next time you see the shadow beings realize you are sleeping and lose any fear you have. Spark up a conversation or tell them to leave, if they refuse fill yourself with ? Energy? Light? I don't know how to describe it but there is a tingling sensation when you are in the right frame of mind, it makes you want to smile and you feel invincible. Then just push them out like little children.

posted on Nov, 1 2014 @ 01:14 PM
a reply to: EdgarAllanCrow

intense dream

posted on Nov, 14 2014 @ 04:10 AM
a reply to: StopThaZionistWorldOrder

Actually it makes perfect sense...& lines up with specialists who explore and write about this stuff.

posted on Jun, 13 2015 @ 05:12 PM

originally posted by: therealguyfawkes
And beyond losing his physique and hair, he also seemed to be losing his battle with exhaustion. Despite the chalk-white layers of court jester’s makeup powdering his face, he had dark crescents of weary flesh sagging beneath his hazel eyes.

I have been lucid dreaming for years, and just had a horrifying encounter myself with an entity that partially matches this description.

Long story short after I became lucid I walked into my kitchen/loungeroom area and it was really dark except for flickering light from a single candle. There was this black mess all over the floor and all my furniture was in the corner of the room.

Standing behind this furniture was what kind of looked like a filthy, porcelain angel with its head in its hands. Suddenly it noticed I was in the room, snapped its head up and made direct eye contact with me.

At this point I noticed that all this black mess was tears from this creatures face, as it had stained its 'mask'. Under this 'mask' the eyes I saw almost identically matched your description (dark, sagging skin, hazel colour eyes), which is how I found this post in the first place.

We looked at each other for a moment, and the scariest smirk appeared on the 'angels' face, as if it knew that I had already lost.

At this point I basically stumbled back into my hallway freaking out, and thankfully woke up.

Anyone have any idea of what to make of that?

posted on Jun, 27 2015 @ 08:05 PM
I've been lucid dreaming ever since I was a small child. Over the years I've gained a greater prowess in controlling the dreamscape, however only recently have I encountered negative entities to which I would possibly perceive as demons.

The most recent experience being last night, I was in a very dark unfamiliar house. As I walked to one room I saw what appeared to be a friend I knew from long ago, when I realized who it was and that it couldn't be possible that it was him I gained lucidity.

At this point he ran off and turned the corner into a another room, I gave chase telling him to get back here. What I saw around the corner was a very muscular being, with hazel eyes, grinning with a mouthful of huge fangs. Remaining silent it just stared at me.

I never feel fear in my lucid dreams for I am most of the time in control. I attempted to teleport him away but to no avail. It began to walk towards me, as this happened I was angered by the fact that this thing was disturbing my lucid dream. I walked toward it making myself three times as large as this being.

I attempted to grab the being and choke it, but as I went for its neck before even getting a chance to touch it, the floor disappeared beneath me and I fell into a black void landing in my bed in what I believe was still a lucid dream.

I was being being held down by my wrists and choked with this thing over me saying "im in your world now". I thought this was me possibly experiencing sleep paralysis for it had most the same indicators it was but never with something actually speaking to me nor me seeing such a detailed entity(always a shadow of a figure) with its hazel eyes peering into my own and its pointy fangs grinning as if knowing what would be the outcome. I've learned that to escape sleep paralysis it's best to remain calm and instead of fighting and eventually you'll come out of it. But the less I resisted the more constricted my breathing felt and the more control it had over me.

At this point I thought to myself I tried taking on something that was out of my realm of control and messed up. I called out to God for help for that's all I was able to think to do. The more I called out the less force I felt upon me until I was finally awake and rolled over to one side thinking wtf just happened.

I mention this because the entity I saw matches partially the imps with the fangs that have been mentioned before and the hazel eyes that seem to be a common trait for these beings. For it actually being "in my world" as it said, I'm not sure what to make of it. As for the smirk on the angel face which sounds like the same grin the being I saw gave me, it's almost as if they have this foolhardy confidence over us. Have you experienced anything similar since then?

posted on Jul, 10 2015 @ 10:34 AM
I have been lucid dreaming since I was about 6. I used to battle all kinds of entities, but I never hear any idea who or what they were. Now I hardly ever see another being in my dreams, almost like they street clear of me.

posted on Jul, 12 2015 @ 02:20 AM
I lucid dream very rarely--in fact it's rare if I remember *any* of my dreams--but one from several years ago still sticks out a bit.

In my dream, I was in a dark, dreary place with the smell of damp, old earth. I remember thinking "dungeon", as in a classic dungeon-crawler RPG, and the feeling of being deep underground. I had a companion--the kind you "know" while in the dream itself but haven't the foggiest idea of who it is upon waking. The place was very dimly lit with sputtering torches that seemed a hairsbreadth away from going out at any moment, the weak pools of light they cast doing little to dispel the heavy darkness. I remember telling my companion to keep quiet so as not to alert any denizens on this place and to simply try to make our way through it. At some point I thought to take inventory of what was on me--the light too dim to make anything out, but I thought it odd I didn't have a belt knife or anything to be considered "armed" in such an environment. I remember feeling like, "surely I have a knife somewhere" and remember fumbling around on my belt or patting to looking for a belt pouch or pocket (in real life I pretty much always have a knife on me, hence why I thought it odd to be without one). We rounded the corner and came face-to-face with two entities I can only describe as Nagas; female torsos, arms and heads with serpentine fish-like bodies, spiked "fin" appendages and mouths filled with impossibly sharp-looking needle-like teeth. They moved like they were swimming, but were in the air in front of us to block our only way forward, and hissed/growled/slithered around threateningly, all the makings of a terror nightmare where you're being chased relentlessly by something. Somehow a short sword appeared in my hand, and I think it was at that point I became somewhat lucid as to what was going on; I remember thinking "if this is my dream, perhaps I can control something of it". Although grotesque, the female potions of the bodies were what most would consider fit, trim and athletic, and I remember taking on a humorous tone and saying, "what's a pretty girl like you doing in a place like this?"

Like a light switch, the two figures stopped hissing and looked at me kinda sideways, as if they were puzzled. The faces turned soft, feminine and beautiful, and while they still "swam" in the air they moved more like graceful mermaids than the threatening snake-woman entity from before. I distinctly remember the one on the right smiling at me, backing up a bit and pulling on the sputtering torch behind her, which "turned on the lights" of the whole place and opened a side passage out of there. I said, "Thank you, gorgeous!", to which she smiled and nodded and we made our way out. I woke myself up actually laughing out loud.

Now if only I could *keep* consciously doing that when I dreamt, I'd have a ball.

posted on Jul, 16 2015 @ 11:30 PM
Hello I am Azmolial Sorccer, Shaman, Magick Man. Sounds like an interesting story. Though its not been one of my higher priorities, (though some times I think it should be), I have had some interesting encounters.

For how I had sort of explained to me the mindscape is like the beach/sea shore of our subconscious that can lead out to the vast oceans of the Astral Sea. Wether it's something of your mindscape or out there just depends on how far you sail, and doesn't mean its not from further away depending on how big of waves you have made that might draw in attention. I have seen, met, conversed with, and (sometimes) blown up things. (Though I always encourage talking before shooting up the place/person.)

A couple of times I met some big guy, "name brand" Demons. They are creepier/cooler seeing them in that way, though still no great concern if you know how to deal with them.

But closer to what you where describing. Once upon a lucid dream time I wanted to go on a dreamscape adventure, with specifically no place in mind, but rather then just wanting to see what would avail itself. Kind of like the "Dream Quest of Unknown Kadath" I went down some stairs to an portal looking place. The "walls" where a consent swirl of color and the martial Aether of dreams. I saw some one there. A short portly looking fellow, in faded orange robes. (He kinda looked like the Dungeon Master of the old Dungeons and Dragons cartoon.) He seemed rather friendly, though didn't seem to "feel" like a personification of my mindscape. I didn't get a name, but he said he was in charge of helping dreamers along their way.

I told him I was just looking forward to what would avail its self for adventure tonight. (At this point I was at a good level of concince lucidity and was sure I was somewhere, where the Astral meets the subconscious). But before we could talk any longer some one else appeared, someone else who did not feel as of myself, someone I did not call. It was Maleficent or whatever darker faye eventually became known as Maleficent. (While I do like the Faye a great deal, I haven't actually done much with them...but I did have a crush growing up from the Disney movie. Had she taken interest too?)

Whatever the case may be, it was for all intents and purposes Maleficent her self, there and appeared of her own will. The short old guy, seemed dismayed. (I'm guessing that not many from that side of reality just show up.) She bid me come with her which I did. The guy didn't say anything, but didn't seem sure that was was a great idea. But it was Maleficent after all. I wasn't about to refuse an invitation from her. (Things did work out so well with King Stefan and invitations now did it?) And after all I was a long time fan.

So off we went to her castle (the forbidden mountain?) Which looked pretty much like it did from the movie. At this point i was alot more green in my traveling, Dreamscape, Astral or otherwise. So spent time helping me get aquatinted with being able to manipulate and operate around. She must of felt my curiosity when it came to if this was more "just in my head" or Astral, or why this place looked and felt just like the Disney portrayed place. And more over who exactly she was. Don't remember exactly so I'm going to paraphrase here.

"Real not really real? Your imagination or not, what does it really matter? I am the one known as Maleficent. This place is known to your mind and the minds of many. So too is it a part of you as well as a part of all who know it. The point of wether it is here or there isn't as important as what that it is, and what you make of it. The castle will be here wether you remember it or not, and too I will be Maleficent wether you believe it or not. But I suspect in your heart it has been there for a while..."

From there we walked up to her personal part of the castle....and things go a little "personal" between us there.

Since then she as appeared or her on volition on random nights. For various reasons. (And before anyone has the chance to chime in something like "you musta made contact with something else" or "OMG run, it's a shape changing thing like a succu-what-have-you ) NO, I do plenty of other things, and met plenty other other entities....even the kind ones would warn about, and this is different. M.O., feel, other ways. Whatever that short guy was and whatever she truly is, is different and tied to the gates beyond sleep and waking consciousness. And she seems fully self aware and cognizant.

posted on Aug, 17 2015 @ 01:47 PM

originally posted by: FullMick1
What I saw around the corner was a very muscular being, with hazel eyes, grinning with a mouthful of huge fangs. Remaining silent it just stared at me.

its hazel eyes peering into my own and its pointy fangs grinning as if knowing what would be the outcome.

UGH okay now I am officially creeped out, these sentences almost match my experience perfectly.

Thankfully I haven't encountered such an entity again since, but the idea of multiple people havjng such a similar experience during a lucid dream is very disturbing to me, and points towards evidence that our dreams may not simply be a manifestation of our subconscious thoughts but rather a gateway to another realm where such entities exist independe tly.

Please let me know if anyone has any similar experiences, or better yet insights into what such an experience / encounter means.

posted on Aug, 26 2015 @ 11:50 AM
a reply to: Azmolial

Very cool story, thanks for sharing.

I will get to that level sometime in the near future.

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