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Orange Revolution On Steroids, Color Revolution Proxy Directed Pro EU Protests

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posted on Dec, 1 2013 @ 06:04 PM
Orange Revolution On Steroids, Color Revolution Proxy Directed Pro EU Protests

Orange Revolution On Steroids, Our Mainstream Media Lies Again on the Protests.
In Ukraine, NGO Organizations are Behind the Recent Pro EU Protests, Our MSM lies Again.
Our Mainstream Media Lies Again on the Protests

In first week of the self proclaimed Pro EU protests our mainstream news outlets have proclaimed that were about 10,000 between 20,000 Pro EU Demonstrators Demonstrating in Kiev. During the first week after Yulia Tymoshenko decided upon to start a hunger protest.
Agence France-Presse: Tymoshenko on hunger strike backing pro-EU rallies

Jailed Ukrainian opposition leader Yulia Tymoshenko went on a hunger strike Tuesday in solidarity with thousands of pro-European protesters outraged with the ex-Soviet state's shock decision to scrap a key EU pact. The fiery co-leader of the 2004 pro-Western Orange Revolution made her announcement in a letter read out Monday night to 20,000 EU integration supporters who thronged central Kiev for the second day running.

Ukraine aligns with Moscow as EU summit fails

Angela Merkel tells President Viktor Yanukovych 'we expected more' after he refuses to sign pact at summit in Lithuania

Although the actual Pro EU protests were started on Nov 29 after EU officials were expecting more from Viktor Yanukovych.

It was a six-year campaign to lure Ukraine into integration with the EU and out of the Kremlin's orbit, which however it failed on Friday, which followed several scripted, organized Pro EU protests in Kiev.

Protests were violent,violent images of the protests were not shown.

The Pro EU protests weren't as peaceful as the MSM media claims they were. Here are just few examples.
Image Source
Peaceful Protester isnt he?

From an CBC article.
Ukraine protesters call for President Viktor Yanukovich to resign

A man holds a stick as protesters try to break through police lines near the presidential administration building during Sunday's rally in Kyiv. (Vasily Fedosenko/Reuters)

Apparently according to our news outlets protesters in other countries beating police officers with sticks is Democratic even if your wishing for your country's death by joining a failing bloc.

Mainstream News Media Lies about The Strength and size of the Pro EU rallies.
The week during Pro EU protests, MSM reported there were:10,000 Pro EU demonstrators then a week before that 40,000.

Now the MSM claims there are over 350,000 Pro EU demonstrators demanding that Ukraine signs the EU Agreement.
And what has changed today? on social media i asked if anyone can confirm the actual number of the Pro EU demonstrators this was the response i had received after i was responding to an image they were tweeting.


#Kyiv today. Numbers unconfirmed - many are on the side streets and not caught on picture.

numbers are unconfirmed

According to this user the numbers for today's pro EU rallies are unconfirmed yet our mainstream news outlets exactly know how many there are protesting in favor of the EU agreement.

Whats more Ironic?
Pro EU Ukrainian Social Media users are using an image from 2004 and were claiming last week that this how many people were protesting in favor for the agreement last week.
Sorry, not Kiev today. Recirculated 2004 photo

Our Mainstream News outlets wants to fool us again as they tried to fools us with the Syrian protests, but rather then being agaisnt the Government our MSM wants to believe that the majority of Ukrainians want to join the failing European union.

posted on Dec, 1 2013 @ 06:05 PM
Femen members urinate on Ukraine leader's photo in Paris

PARIS - Topless women from the Femen feminist movement on Sunday urinated on photos of Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych in Paris to condemn a crackdown on protesters angry about his rejection of a key EU deal. Five women from the group gathered in front of the Ukrainian embassy in the morning, bared their breasts and then took off their knickers to defile the photographs they placed on the sidewalk. The slogan "Yanukovych piss off!" was painted on their torsos. They then left and there were no arrests.

I am quite sure those Pro EU Femens are quite civilized. The Ukrainian people should be happy that they arent in the EU otherwise they would be just like another Italy or Greece but apparently traitors never lesson to reason.
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posted on Dec, 2 2013 @ 02:06 AM
The numbers could be real but either way I doubt very much if any of them care about joining the EU, Ill bet most of them just wanna leave the Ukraine.

My bet is the protesters would be the 1st ones to take advantage of the easing of travel restrictions and piss off to Germany, France, UK before the ink was even dry on the agreement

posted on Dec, 2 2013 @ 04:04 AM
OP, why do you call yourself "USA supporter"?
Your opening post is obviously very critical of the current protests, and the direction of the EU itself. You seem to imply that it is falling apart.

Are you Ukrainian or Russian?
(I am Hungarian by origin, and my country of birth is ruled by another Viktor. He also makes hints at times that this country should step out of the EU.)

Could you explain why Yanukovich (who obviously supports a close alliance with Russian strongman Vladimir Putin) is the good guy, as your posts imply, and Timoshenko the "bad lady"? (She may have come across as naive in Western Europe but certainly not an evil plotter).

Is there any proven relationship between the Ukrainian Femen that protested in a disrespectful manner in Paris and the current protests in Kiew - other than the mere fact that both are critical of Yanukovich?

posted on Dec, 2 2013 @ 06:10 AM
reply to post by Kokatsi

You seem to imply that it is falling apart. Are you Ukrainian or Russian? (I am Hungarian by origin, and my country of birth..

If you weren't following what has being occurring in the EU for the last 20+ years that it is indeed falling apart. Because when it does anything can brake apart even the American Government after wasting billions and millions of tax payers wealth that could have being used for rebuilding Brigades and schools.

(She may have come across as naive in Western Europe but certainly not an evil plotter).

Of course not when she with the Westernized militarily industry complex she's always good right?
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