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Gates Of Hell. Keys to Death and Hades.

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posted on Nov, 26 2013 @ 06:09 AM
Poverty and darkness is gated. To become spiritually rich and have true riches you have to go through a series of gates.

As more people arrive at the same gate it helps to overcome the current gate and move through to the next one. The people arriving at the gates are producing spiritual fruit at the level of the gate. Certain measures and things have to be meet before the gate will open. You have very few resources after going through a gate and arriving at the next one your basically starting again. Each gate is an advancement and level up on the last.

Supplies and resources can be sent from the root or base and arrive at the current gate that you are at. As the resources travel along, they strengthen and drop off resources and supplies at the gates already unlocked, overcome and passed through. Once you go through a gate wealth resets in a manner and you have to build it back up on the other side of the gate at the next gate. Very few resources and wealth reach the front line

You have to balance supplies between living and some to offence against the gate. As each person arrives I think they bring a key. It takes many keys to open a gate. I think a person can have many keys and can manufacture as required but it takes time of course.

The more gates you've been through the larger your foundation and landmass if you can call it that.

Eventually after going through enough gates you have a big enough foundation to build a construction on that won't be shaky and fall. You can choose to build at any time to maximum wealth but if the foundation is to small you get shakes and wobbles and collapse once you reach the high end of wealth if you haven't been through enough gates. With a larger foundation you can handle and have even greater and more wealth.

As you pass through a gate more gates are created in a way to produce more and more gates until every bit of poverty and darkness is gated. Like pruning to produce more fruit. The gates provide control and security and pillars.

It's like grab an inch reinforce it grab another inch reinforce it, as you pass through each gate. There is only forward advance.

These could be gates to knowledge or wisdom or truth or just a general land grab.

This has been my mad rambling theory of boring, stupidity and randomness that is broken unscientific and doesn't work.

Any questions? I probably can't answer them. Will you help me unlock some gates? LOL.


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posted on Nov, 26 2013 @ 06:32 AM
reply to post by leeda

My first question is, are you talking about spirituality or 3d reality here?

I am in agreement about the gates.

I am not sure about accessing them though, are you talking about needing material to get through them, other than a key at is?

I think the key is a 7.

also found this really weird post on another forum about gate crashing, and wasnt quite able to get my head around this..

Just for reference, gate crashing means going uninvited to anothers party. There has been a large cabal party going on for some time, of late many guests stopped enjoying the hospitality or became unwell and then excused themselves. The party rolls on but very few guests are arriving and many more leaving due to getting sore knecks from looking over their shoulder constantly. Lately one or two of the few arriving guests have shown unusual antics like, meaning what they share and genuine happy laughter. While disconcerting to many, the beautifullll glow of the new guests appears to enable them to stay. Their talk seems to negate what older guests have been saying - we are it, the end is nigh, we are and must control, we cannot change track. Some guests wonder why these new guests are still here, still talking or even allowed to keep talking as many smaller groups of powerful elders appear most upset but more new guests arrive and some are even grand and great grand children of said elders. Some of the new guests have obvious outside and inside scars showing from recent battle and healing. Imo the collective mind/noosphere has and is being gate crashed and the Know Thyself gate crashers invite ticket was/is their known mind. When we see blogs from here that crush the reality of even age old cabal meme's set in the collective mind, the growing glow of new Earth exspands and allows more minds to connect within.

rest of post here

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posted on Nov, 26 2013 @ 07:43 AM

reply to post by leeda

My first question is, are you talking about spirituality or 3d reality here?

Just nonsense really. You can choose. Take your picklee.

We all started start on the lowest level at zero or one I think everyone on the planet. In total darkness. Each gate has a number maybe that add up. People arrive from different gates to the same gate you are at. You can solo them but it's faster I think with more people. The gate is definitely going down. You can keep secrets for a while from others but it can help to share or course but you can also cherry pick your own stuff.

After zero or one came two.

Yeah just some nonsense i'm rolling.

Females are pink. Males are both pink and blue. Yep nonsense.

You can become addicted to the height of your wealth and forget about the gates at the bottom of where your wealth range is, opposite to your top addiction. You need to create wealth to solve the gate create keys. It's not true wealth though. Once the gate opens the next gate is worth more.

There's a minimum standard for how many gates you must of been through before you can build and have an everlasting construction with wealth that wont corrode, rust or be eaten. The minimum standard is all you need to start your construction anymore is not required.

I guess i'm saying there's not many gates left to be opened. They are like flood gates of sorts and the flood that follows when they open knocks out takes out some wealth, all the rich.

Once you are through darkness and poverty you become medium wealthy and the gating cycle continues but you are in the light color not wandering in darkness you have a map of sorts or can at least see where you are going, where before you were in the dark and wandered around aimlessly.

No other life has started from one or zero so this is to our constructions benefit. Every stone will fit perfectly and provide the broadest strongest largest construction.

More pure nonsense i'll leave it at that.

posted on Nov, 26 2013 @ 07:54 AM
reply to post by leeda

It is funny, but I disagree about the poverty.

I have a friend of mine who is religious, and thinks that if she is good in this live she will be rewarded by wealth in the next.

Wealth is a distortion. It is not what it seems, certainly not a reward.

The gates are only available through expansion of awareness that I know of, but there are certainly many many different paths to do that.

That is why I was asking if you are thinking that you need material to buy your way through or something?

The only way that it may make a difference would be to be able to dance in the circles of the higher echelon, you may need wealth to access that reality (gate). But to be honest I feel that would be a choice for a soul to make that would present itself in a position where the gates were available according to life plans, rather than making it another way. Dont know really, pure speculation on my part.

To Try to put this into some sort of perspective, Phil Collins did a song "Another Day in paradise"

With wealth also comes great responsibility, I mean if you were very wealthy and saw someone asleep on the side of street, would you help them?, where would stop helping?.....
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posted on Nov, 26 2013 @ 02:06 PM
reply to post by leeda

I'm sure I didn't get what you were passing on 100% but, what I did understand reminded me of the game LocoRoco Cocoreccho. You get these Mui Muis through a level by waking them up and trying to accumulate enough of them at each gate for it to open.

It reminds me of waking people up spiritually until there are enough people to get humanity to the next stage. And the next. And the next.


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