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Keeping Kosher, Circumcision... hidden benefits?

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posted on Nov, 17 2004 @ 11:36 PM
Have you ever pondered if "God" made laws for the benefit of us, rather than a test of faith? Such as keeping Kosher? And all the test of faiths were bull# made up by man? Was keeping Kosher a way of tricking us into not eating foods that in ancient times could lead to sickness, such as pork? Was the covenant of circumcision made with the idea in mind being that it would be healthier to cut away the foreskin?

In my opinion the "God" of the old testament gave laws to people so that they would be better off.

Think about it. Ancient man's brain capacity grew as more and more protein was available to them.

Which really concurs with the statement, "we are what we eat."

I think the message of keeping Kosher has been twisted and misunderstood.

I think the whole point of "keeping kosher" is to eat healthy to ensure the growth and development of future humans.

To me, truly keeping Kosher is eating healthy all the time, excluding junk food. Definitely a lot of protein. If ciggarettes were around during biblical times, I wonder if "God" would have banned smoking.

Think about it, this may be why drinking is bad in religions. Not because it is a sin, but because it is bad for your health.

Remember when christians were shunned when they had skin problems like pimples because people thought they came as a result of their sins?

This makes me wonder if a sin in the words of "God" would be considered anything that would jeopardize health.

I believe that "God" would be in favor of dental hygene.

Think about it, murder jeopardizes health. Divorce jeopardizes the mental health of the children etc...

posted on Nov, 18 2004 @ 05:09 AM
hrm you would think that all men would be borne without a foreskin of thats what god wanted of us no?

it may be a test of faith if this happend when men were like 18 or so when they got it cut off

posted on Nov, 18 2004 @ 11:21 AM

hrm you would think that all men would be borne without a foreskin of thats what god wanted of us no?

Exactly, the "God" and as you can clearly see I have it in quotation was something higher than us in the universal hierarchy but lower than the true God.

You know, the "God" in the old testament playing the wizard of Oz and always hiding up a mountain or behind a bush?

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