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The report on Sandy Hook has just been released by the state's attorney's office.

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posted on Jan, 3 2014 @ 12:33 PM

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posted on Jan, 3 2014 @ 01:06 PM
reply to post by starviego

Any witness statements taken from children would have been on the first day as media outside interviewed people near the school. All comments by children were only done by police afterwards and only if the child wished to speak about the incident.
The term "children" may be misleading in this case as I believe only 1 child gave such a description. Perhaps I'm wrong but only saw it one time to my knowledge.

As for those who claimed to know Lanza many were just attention-seekers or basing ideas on what they once knew of him. It seems he had no outside friends for the last 2 years. I take all the personal information coming from others about Lanza with not just a grain of salt but a whole block of it.

Interesting that you noticed the part about Lanza learning Mandarin Chinese from a nearby professor? That is simply bizarre and I don't know whether to believe it or not.

More and more though it does seem that more than 1 shooter was on scene. Police thought there were multiple gunmen at one time.

Lanza's clothing does seem odd to me as well. 6' tall yet wearing 32" inseam pants and 8 1/2 shoes? The gloves were size small. The tshirt was a size small and every other picture of him he wears baggy shirts. Just not his style (if he had one) and the "bulletproof vest" turned out to be an Eddie Bauer shooters vest. Still other reports said he was wearing shades or a mask. So much conflicting information apparently it became a problem for parents trying to talk to their kids about the incident they formally complained to the police about it.

The bathrooms in the classrooms are tiny- 3' 1" by 4'. You cannot hide a class full of children in such a spot making the Kaitlyn Roig story less than believable. Apparently most of the children shot in one room were all in the bathroom together, at least that's how it's described.

[Note: the size of the bathrooms is described in CFS_1200704597 , Pg. 16 of PDF 00118939]

One last thing is the 911 recordings - listening carefully there are multiple spots of discontinuity. I believe they were edited many, many times and not simply to protect someone's identity. The Rick Thorne calls I find especially troubling as he says at one point he didn't see any gunman. He also tells dispatch he's locked all the doors even though we know several class doors in the front hallway would not lock.
I think the dispatch tapes were edited to conform to a time frame that makes the story of the official report jibe.
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posted on Jan, 7 2014 @ 12:34 PM
I am unable to open the 7K downloaded files. Does anybody know if they are accessible elsewhere?

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