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Secrecy still shrouds Sandy Hook investigation!

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posted on Dec, 8 2013 @ 09:57 AM
Innocent lives are not being saved. They are being arrested. What used to be handled by a lecture from the vice principal, like getting caught smoking in the boys room, or a dust up on the playground, are now handled with handcuffs, jail, and court dates. The presence of a cop in every school has resulted in an explosion of juvenile arrests across the country.

The real purpose of cops in schools is to impress the kids that they live in a country where their every move is watched by an armed agent of the state. And lets not forget the enormous costs to the taxpayer to have these cops mostly do nothing all day, as the chances of a whack shooter showing up is just about infinitesimal. Anyway they had cops(and cameras) at Columbine and Virginia Tech. Fat lot of good they did there.

And you can bet a big part of what these these STASI agents do is ply the students with questions about personal details from the home. Like if Dad has a gun, like what drugs they are using, like how often they fight, etc. Oh yeah, that is their real job.

posted on Dec, 8 2013 @ 12:03 PM
reply to post by starviego

Not necessarily. There are plenty of incidences of violence against teachers and administrators. All you have to do is google them. The boy that raped and killed his math you think a talk or lecture from the principal would have straightened that kid out? Kids today have so much more access to things than we did when we were in school. Back then, you could get paddled. Kids would have a fight and shake hands and move on.

I think a huge part is that these wimpy whiny parents who think their kids can do no wrong, and little junior does not deserve punishment for his wrongdoings It's always someone else's fault. Parents such as Nancy Lanza are too afraid to face the fact that their kid has a problem. She enabled him instead of helping him, as he was obviously mentally ill. She was too afraid of him. Too afraid to ask for help. Too afraid to commit him somewhere. The woman obviously wasn't poor, getting $6000.00 a month in alimony. People are to ashamed to admit there is a mental illness or ashamed to admit a child has problems.

Back when I was in high school in a rural area, guys carried rifles in gun racks in the back of their trucks and NO ONE would have ever even entertained the thought of shooting someone.

You are just obviously anti-law enforcement. I have had doctors ask about guns in the home. NONE of their business either. And yes, on occasion kids have been arrested at school, for things like having a weapon, knives, etc and even illegal drugs. The few cases of things like that being found here locally is because they bragged or said something and someone ratted them out, not a school resource officer illegally snooping. What? Large schools in big cities actually have metal detectors kids have to go through to enter the building. That will not prevent fights and such, but it sure cuts the risk factor of someone bringing a weapon into the school. That, my friend, is law enforcement doing their job. Because if said kid used a hunting knife he brought in a backpack and stabbed other kids, then you would say the officer didn't do his job. Can't have it both ways. Some kids are rotten, no good budding criminals and it is the fault of the parents who are in denial that junior can do no wrong, and left to others to fix, and some are mentally ill or unstable and the parents are too embarassed to ask for help
The result of people not wanting to take responsibility for themselves or their children and not being taught right from wrong.

Whatever happened, or for what reason, this could have been prevented if
1: Nancy Lanza had not buried her head in the sand and asked for help for a situation she could either not control or was afraid of.
2: Lack of mental illness resources
3: Better trained law enforcement and response in this type of scenario
4: Better security in the school (Not having working recording cameras)
5: Someone like Nancy Lanza, knowing a person has a mental illness or problems and having guns where they are accessible and actually taking and teaching the kid how to use them.

Instead of getting him help with problems in school, she removed him and supposedly home schooled him. Ok, that saves him from having problems at school, but it doesn't help when you don't get a person the help they truly need. In some cases, coddling a child doesn't help the child, it makes matters worse, especially when they are high school age and more prone to act out violently against others.

It was said, she and Adam didn't even speak, but communicated by text and email. Why do you think that was? Afraid of him? Not a normal, sane way of communicating with an offspring that lives in your home.

I don't know, maybe because I am a parent I am more sensitive to what goes on in school. What kind of security they have and what procedures they have in place and what sort of training the teachers and officers have in that scenario. NO parent should ever have to lose a child because of something like this. EVER. The chances of it happening again, anywhere can be drasticly reduced.

Which all amounts to the fact that there are still so many questions unanswered about this case, and no one has learned a darned thing because of it, and therefore, not many improvements in preventing it, responding to it, or getting people who are mentally ill the help they need. Bottom line is this: This should not happen EVER.

But here is another thing I have noticed about this case. Everyone if hollering about giving the families their privacy, don't release 911 tapes because it could be upsetting, the same people who were eager to go out and do interviews, who now want privacy. But in the Columbine case, a couple of the parents went out and publicly spoke about and tried to make a difference so this would not happen to other children and families. I for one, greiving from losing a child would not be running out giving interviews with Anderson Cooper and such, but I am the kind of person who would grieve then try to make a difference because I can't imaging another parent having to go through something like this if it could be helped, trying to make something positive from the outcome. Why do you not hear of any of these parents speaking out and trying to improve mental health care, trying to come up with ways to better protect children? No, instead, they have all disappeared, are in hiding wanting their privacy and the entire event is still shrouded in secrecy, questions still unanswered. Why have none of the parents publicly questioned events from this day? I for one would be asking A LOT of questions, one being, what's the point of having securty cameras is they do't record anything? I would probably be asking more about the other people from the woods, who were written off as nobodies. Granted, people grieve in different ways, but NOT ONE has publicly come forward and asked for clarification about so many questions that have not been answered, or answers that changed so many times. In a way, that to me is a little bit creepy.
Which then makes me wonder about the "father" who was running through the woods behind the school. If he was at the school making gingerbread houses why didn't he maybe grab his kid or a few with him? Why didn't he just run out and call 911 in these days of everyone carrying cell phones? I don't buy that at all.

But I do bet that if they had a school resource officer, Adam Lanza would not have gotten far enough into that school to wreak the havoc and cause the deaths and injuries that he did.

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posted on Dec, 8 2013 @ 12:51 PM
reply to post by starviego

I understand your apprehension about LE in school/police state and all that. I went to a school in a high crime area we had plain clothes/young cops in our high school. I gotta say they pretty much ignored me/I them because I wasn't a trouble maker.

I got caught smoking outside by the vice principal, he didn't call LE on me. He lectured me, took down my name and sent me on my way. Nothing ever became of it.

The cops in my school didn't act like tough guy nazis it wouldn't work, they took the mentor approach. I'm not talking about smoking/fighting on the playground. A girl got raped in my school, a blind student was beaten within inches of his life, someone took a sledgehammer to the porcelain in the main floor bathrooms etc. I was glad to see a cop on the more secluded upper floors where the girl was raped.

A 9 year old paperboy in my town was caught with a gun because junkies were stealing his collect money. The local newspaper initiated payments by mail. That kid deserved a paper route but criminals took it away not LE. Same with the schools, criminals would've run amok/taken our education away. LE in schools was the best in a bad situation. At least they took a more honest/realistic approach.

Parents monitored the situation closely, we were kept safe. No one ever came in blasting and cops didn't purposely antagonize us. They knew better than to stir that hornets nest.

This was 30 years ago, don't kid yourself, kids are getting meaner. Cops got bigger fish to fry than harassing little Johnny for forgetting his pencil. It's hard for those who grew up in idyllic neighborhoods to grasp what life is like for those who don't. Well inner city crime is coming to suburbia. We can prepare or suffer the consequences.

Maybe you don't have this kind of crime rampant your schools but I'll almost guarantee there's a ticking time bomb waiting to blow even in nicer schools like SHE and Columbine. It's actually more dangerous in those schools because the kids/teachers are so clueless/unsuspecting. At my school we knew what some of us were capable of.

You can't know everyone that associates with your child/lives in the neighborhood. I'm sure Lanza's neighbors/community thought they lived in a safe place.

Star for you Opal13 you're spot on I agree with everything you said. So many red flags with that kid. I don't see how letting someone like that walk around freely is any different than leaving a loaded gun laying around.

posted on Dec, 8 2013 @ 12:54 PM
reply to post by opal13

Your post to me basically says don't blame teachers,principals or police. Only blame the parenting. But when there is obviously a problem at home which I don't deny but also with the school, teachers,police and so on do you just give them a pass? Or do you call out all of them and expect change?

Lets go back to when Adam was pulled from the school.

Facebook picture leads to arrests in Newtown

Affidavit details assault that led to arrest of Newtown High students

Victim of Newtown High YouTube assault is suing town

Sixth Newtown teen charged in alleged YouTube assault

This is Richard Novia Adams Tech Club teacher and head of the School Districts Security. Hit a student?

Security officer asks for hearing

A near by school where assault on children by janitor was covered up and the principal was fired. Not sure if he is related to Richard Novia?

Derby High principal arrested

This one goes back even further to 2005 but plays a part in todays scandals.

Music teacher stealing money from the school in 2005.

Judge OKs ex-music teacher for rehab

The school superintendant today under fire for using that same music teacher to make money playing national as Students of Newtown Choir.

Newtown schools superintendent under scrutiny

When caught she just move along with a raise?

Newtown's embattled schools boss to take Stratford job

So even today there is misconduct by the school district that just gets moved along and hushed up. Maybe they need to look at the whole picture and clean house instead of ignoring one group while demonizing another? No passes just answers to what the hell happened and how do we fix it. No stone unturned. Clean house and throw them under the bus so to speak.

And just to think that the girl who led the attack on the kid and posted it on youtube with 6 other students. Is the one who was quoted in the papers attacking Adam after the shooting? She said she did not think she knew anybody who could do such a thing but when she heard it was Adam she understood how it could of been him? Strange comment from a girl who cheered on and orchestrated a attack on a fellow student while only a janitor was even at the school. Are janitors supposed to be in charge of children at school in the first place? If not why was he the only one there?
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posted on Dec, 8 2013 @ 02:41 PM
reply to post by JBA2848

There's more than enough blame to go around, everyone plays a part but we have to start somewhere. Keeping kids safe until we figure out the rest has to be the priority.

Parent's aren't preparing their children for school and it's getting worse. Add to that the fact that teachers have their hands tied concerning discipline, it's a recipe for disaster. Some just give up and corruption/misconduct ensues. It's all a mess but kids can't die because of it.

What do you suggest? How quickly could it be implemented? It's not as easy as you might think. Parent's of the problem children don't see them that way. They will fight for their rights as strongly as you fight for yours. How do you fix parent's attitudes while keeping your kids safe? I don't think you can.

I'm no cop lover but LE in my school was well thought out/carefully selected, parent's/child psychologist had input. My city/LE was corrupt to the bone but typical street cops didn't set foot in my school unless there was a riot/arrest. The cops in my school were a whole new breed of cop, they were more psychologist than cop yet did it with a firm hand. I had respect for them.

posted on Dec, 8 2013 @ 04:25 PM
reply to post by Morningglory

Seems to me they already have all the weapons and military equipment they need.

Seems doing the other things is what they have not been doing. And more fire power and assault teams is not the answer. And just to think all that military response was planned by Richard Novia who was in charge of the School Districts Security and also Adam Lanzas Tech Teacher. So is there a need to check out what he has done and redo the plans. I would say so. After all it was him who installed the security at Sandy Hook and did not bother to put in a simple video camera that records. I guess buying another gun through DHS was so much better to deal with anything that came up. But the cops never fired a round so how did they help? And this goes back to the cover up of things that the school staff do wrong and allowing them to carry on. Nothing gets fixed. Look at the current superintendent just moving on to a higher paying job at a new district after being caught dealing with a music teacher who was fired for fraud and stealing from the school. Just so they could do what make more money from donations. Was there fraud in that accounting of donations? I have posted enough links above in the other post to show the school system there needs to be checked out and corrected. The already have enough guns now they need responsibility forced on them. And no more shell games of who is to blame. It is as bad as the catholic church and child molesters.

And really it is not the school teachers to blame but the executive staff there. Like Richard Novia not a teacher hired by the school but head of security hired by the school district to meet DHS standards and doing Tech Class and running a TV show for News Corp as extra credit.

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posted on Dec, 8 2013 @ 06:26 PM
reply to post by JBA2848

What I am saying is you cannot blame teachers and law enforcement. Discipline and teaching right from wrong begins at HOME with the PARENTS. When some parents start taking a role in raising their children, there will be less problems. Of course there are teachers and law enforcement that have tried talking to parents, but when these parents turn a blind eye to the problems with the child, or think the child can do no wrong, they are not being parents.

For instance, a thread here the other day, the mother of an armed robber was mad because someone shot her son, who she described as a good person, as he was commiting an armed robbery. He had just served time for armed robbery and was recently released from prison. How can she say that her son was a good person? Because probably years ago when the kid had discipline problems she said the same thing, that he was a good kid and wouldn't do whatever. So yes, parents. I am a single mother and have been for 14 years. I had no choice but to put my kid in day care at six weeks. But I have always made sure to give her the time and attention to teach her what she did not learn in someone else's care. It was not their job to raise her, it was mine. It was not and is not her teacher's job to raise her, it is mine, It is my job to teach right from wrong. To teach her values. It is my job to check her internet history, her text messages, etc. It is my job to look for red flags and changes in behavior. It is also my job to make sure she takes responsibility for wrongdoings. As far as fighting, she has always been taught if she finishes something for good reason I will have her back, but if she starts it, she's on her own and if she's big enough to start s^^t she had better be big enough to take her punishment, both from school and at home.

Now if my child has a problem in school that is bad enough I am contacted by teachers or resource officers, it is MY responsibility to deal with it, to find out how to help, what to do, not expect someone else to deal with it. I have had conferences with teachers when she has struggled to find out what I could do to help her improve, not blame the teacher for not doing their job. I know I am not the best mother in the world, but I am the best mother I can be and it is my responsibility to make sure she grows into a responsible adult. Sure, she's not a perfect kid either, no one's kid is perfect, but time, attention, communication and love from parents make a huge difference in how a kid turns out, and as long as you do your best, all you can do is hope and pray they keep the values they were taught.

All these kids who have committed these mass shootings have had red flags, kids have been caught threatening to bomb schools, or shoot people, and guess what? Most have had internet history on how to make bombs, how to get weapons, studying other serial or mass killers. Do you think if a parent had bothered to ever look at the internet history of those kids and were responsible, they would have escalated to that point?
It would have been interesting to see what was on the hard drive Adam destroyed. It would have also answered many questions.

What if his mother had put her foot down and said, you are taking your medications, you are going to do this and that, or you are going to leave my home. Would he have been out on the street without access to violent video games, access to her guns, and access to whatever he had on the computer he destroyed?
And I was not talking about people filing lawsuits concerning events in the past, I am asking why not ONE parent of a victim in the SHES shooting that day has spoken up and asked questions about alot of the things that to this day are being kept from everyone. I would think at least ONE parent would be making alot of noise about what really did happen that day and why there are so many unanswered questons and why so many people changed their stories. That in itself is a question to be answered. You can honestly say that out of 20 parents of children or relatives of the teachers that were killed that day that NOT ONE has questioned ANYTHING about that day? I sure as heck would.

It does take a village to raise a child, but it also takes parents to do their job from day one and continue to do it.

posted on Dec, 8 2013 @ 07:06 PM
reply to post by opal13

And you just blame Adam. How do we know it was not Adam who was threatened by Richard Novia. Sounds like some thing he would of said to Adam. One day some one is gong to beat your ass. Remember Novia insisted that Adam take his class. Hell Novia even did over nights at Adams house for Tech Club Weekends. Novia even said h e felt like he needed to protect Adam from others. Then you have the Students attacking a kid tied him to a chair and posting it on Youtube. And I kind of wonder if that could have been Adam. Maybe the mother Nancy did the right thing bring him home but the wrong thing by not getting him treatment for torture at the school by other kids and then threatened by the school security officer. So how do fix the problem then? Punish Adam? Hell that would drive anybody crazy wanting revenge for a world out to get them.

Simply blaming the mother when you can't even get the facts is wrong. The facts need to come out and they need to be corrected or the next Adam will appear. When these officials do things that are wrong don't protect the and simply move them to a new location like Catholic priest who rape children. Thinking things are all ways the kids or mothers fault is a bad mindset to have. It shows blindness to the establishment as if it could do no wrong. Well when Adam was removed from school it seemed the school was doing nothing right with all the arrest of principals, security officers and janitors , school board members being removed and so on. And a janitor in charge of 8 kids at school on the weekend? Janitors job has changed since I was in school.

posted on Dec, 8 2013 @ 07:30 PM
reply to post by JBA2848

No, I am not just blaming Adam. I will probably take alot of heat for saying this, but I don't place alot of blame on him. Sure, he was the shooter and what he did was heinous and wrong and horrible beyond belief and in no way am I defending his actions, but looking at what all was wrong with him, and him not getting the medical and mental care he should have been getting, there was alot that failed Adam, and in my opinion, his mother was one big thing that failed him. From what we do know, I place alot of blame on his mother. I place blame on a broken system. I place blame of lack of mental health care, which with each passing day is being cut so even less people will have access to it. I won't say Adam was a victim of circumstance, but part of me senses he could have been helped somehow. There are treatments for Asbergers (?) and anxiety and whatever else he suffered from (sorry too lazy to go back and find out exactly he was diagnosed with besides the Asbergers)

But IF Adam was used as a patsy, it would have most certainly been because of his weaknesses. I do not think Novia had Adam's best interests at heart and his wanting to protect him is a line of bull. I think he preyed on Adam, and most likely other kids as well. Granted Adam most likely was highly intelligent and was good at technical things, but he saw a weakness in him and he took advantage of it. It probably would have been very easy for someone like Novia to take advantage of someone like Adam and to also have earned his trust to the point Adam would have done anything for him. And easy for him to gain the trust of his mother, who thought that Novia actually was helping him and had his best interests at heart. That guy definitely needs to be looked at alot closer.

But, last time I checked, janitors and custodians were pretty much in charge of cleaning and light repairs, not hosting lock-ins and overnights with students. If he was such a tech wiz, why was he a janitor? Yet he was in charge of installing security systems at the schools? Makes one wonder what else he had going on. But if Adam was not the only kid involved in this kind of thing, you would think perhaps another kid that could have possibly been victimized would come forward. Or others in the tech club to say, looking back, Novia wasn't what he appeared to be, or he was kind of a creepy guy, or there just wasn't something right about him. Also, Novia wasn't someone heard much of, at least by me, until someone here did alot of digging around.

But for all he (Novia) did and/or was involved with at the school as far as trouble, I do blame administrators for that. Another case of bury it and it will go away, but funny thing about burying things is they always seem to resurface at some point in time.
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posted on Dec, 9 2013 @ 02:33 AM
reply to post by JBA2848

You make excellent points. Especially concerning Richard Novia.

I'm not advocating military grade fire power in schools. I'm talking mentor cops trained in child psychology.

Parents wouldn't like it if schools routinely screened their kids for signs of mania/school shooter. It's left to busy teachers, other students or parents to observe and report. The cops I'm talking about can spot these kids in a heartbeat. They can relate/intermingle with students, earn trust/respect and hear gossip. I've seen them at work.

They can observe students without having to screen them individually. It's cheaper, parents don't get upset and well trained people have a spotlight on little Johnny.

I gotta say as corrupt and crime ridden as my hometown was they did a decent job keeping us safe yet free from police brutality at school.

School officials in my town took violence as serious as a heart attack because it was. So why would such a nice place like Sandy Hook neglect their school security? Did they develop a false sense of security? Could this cause people to be lax, invite misconduct/corruption?

It's not just schools in a mess, everything reeks of corruption/misconduct. I understand your apprehension about LE but it can be done. Some parents are either too overworked, stressed or overwhelmed by life to honestly deal with their children's issues and the most vulnerable will pay.

Tbh I wonder who'd even want to be a teacher theses days. Before the cops came in at my school the teachers were nervous wrecks or zoned out. Afterwards they really seemed to relax and got on with teaching. Instead of being subjected to abuse they'd call a cop, the kid most likely already knew and liked them so no harm done and we all breathed a little easier.

posted on Jan, 17 2014 @ 03:14 PM
What a coincidence Nancy Lanza's ex-husband Peter became Annie Sweeney Haddad Giorno husband and both Annie & Nancy have 2 sons with Peter (the other son Ryan whose voice it is on the radio show a yr prior as 'Greg'), and it was Annie who attended Adam's 'Monthly Moms' school night meetings and Annie who was Adam's special ed teacher not just at Newtown but also his previous school, St Rose and the news named the substitute/assistant teacher who was in the classroom during the shooting but not the actual special ed teacher who was also there and there is a disagreement between students and Media as to whether Nancy was a teacher at the school..

posted on Apr, 27 2018 @ 07:24 PM
a reply to: JBA2848

I know of this case very well. And your records, regarding this victim are as horrible as you referenced.

Newtown didn't have a "zero" tolerance to bullying. These defendants were repeat offenders.

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