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My dream in pictures

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posted on Nov, 25 2013 @ 11:31 AM
My dream in pictures 261120131200GMT

Waiting in a waiting room, just a normal day

Fire is seen in the sky

Mass destruction

I watch as a huge rectangular UFO slowly drifts through the sky

A man being lifted from the ground

Searching for food

An old arch provides a safe shelter

posted on Nov, 25 2013 @ 12:05 PM
I had a crazy lucid dream this past week that Russia nuked my home city of Eugene, Oregon. I knew that the date was December 5th, not sure what year but it seemed like this year. Me and some of my friends were watching tv at my friends house when all of a sudden there was a blinding white flash outside. We had a few seconds to look at each other wondering what the hell had just happened when all of a sudden the blast hit. It felt like the house was being lifted off of its foundation, the windows were blown out, and we were all thrown across the room. We were all in complete shock and fear, I think I was concussed. We huddled together in the corner of his garage trying to avoid the radiation, but realized it wasn't working, so we got in two cars that somehow still ran and started driving away from ground zero. The air was hot and glowing yellow. I don't think we were going to survive honestly. There were people running to their cars in complete panic everywhere and we only made it a few blocks before traffic was at a stand still and we decided to run on foot. The sound of sirens and screaming was everywhere. A voice over a megaphone was saying behind us that Russia had dropped a nuke on the intersection of 20th and Hilyard and to move away from that area as quickly as possible (I looked up the intersection on google maps and could not have picked a point more in the center of town if I tried.) I thought about where the blast came from in the dream and it came from the exact direction of 20th and Hilyard. In the dream I had a complete primal urge to survive. I wasn't thinking about how my family and friends were doing, just trying to survive. I had not been thinking about a nuclear threat or Russia attacking the US at all before I had this dream, which makes it even stranger that I had such a specific dream.

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