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China vs. India

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posted on Nov, 17 2004 @ 09:35 PM
Ok, since many people are completely ignorant of PLA's advances are still making claims that "China can't catch up with India in terms of military tech for many years.. I will repost this stuff here.

If you believe the above statement is correct, you can't just bullshiit your way out, you have show us what the indians have done vs. chinese and show evidence that they are ahead.

Here is a good link to PLA weapons system and please don't even try to say crap until you go through it!

1) China does't have AWACS: well you know what, we do. take a look at these photos???? It is reported that China already bought two An50I and one English source reported that China is in the process of fielding our self-make AWACS. This is an interview with the designer with our own indigenous AWACS.

2) China is still fielding T-55 while india is fielding advanced british tanks. Like what. Do you have a frigging idea what you are talking about??????? Do these photos look lik T-55 to you? And what advanced british tanks exactly does india have, like the Challenger???? I thought it is fielding Russian T-72s mostly as their top of the line and most of their tanks were as old as some of ours!!!!! And they have scrapped their Arjun tank which was delayed for 10 years!!!!

3) India's navy is better. Like what!!!! All it has are the two old carriers that are about to retire. They haven't added any DDGs in the past few years while chinese navy added two new Sovys (with two more due next year and the year after) and 4 054 Aegis-equivalent DDGs, a few 054 Steath frigates, Yuan-Class subs, etc. What has india added besides the 3 steath frigates it bought from russia????????

Our total naval tonnage is on a matter 2 or 3X of that of india and while there sub fleet is only a fraction of ours.

So people, please stop bullshiiiting if you know nothing. Bottom line is we make the majority of our own ships while india almost can't make anything. Its Dehli-Class DDG is at least one generation behind our new DDGs with VLS and Aegis-equivalent air defense system.

I am not even gonna mention the steath fast attack boats, which has been discussed in a different thread.

What has india made?????????

4) In terms of airforce, both are comparable in technology while we have a huge numerical advantage and we produced huge numbers of planes such as upgraded J7s, J8 etc and the new J-10 is under mass production and is exporting the FC-1 while india doesn't make ANY, ANY aircrafts and their air force is called "flying coffin". Please don't even mention LCA, which has failed a test in Russia just recently and they crashed 3 Mirage 2000 last month along. (yes, I can provide all the source you need on these)

We have our own trainer FTC-2000 while indian airforce's training is so bad that they are called the flying coffin and they had to buy some british trainer recently. See again, they can't make crap.

5)In 1962, we beat them so bad that it is still hurting and some indians think they can take Tibet?????? lolololol, they can't even control Kashmir and China still occupies a piece of Kashmir (bet you didn't know that). Do you hear any bombings and things of that nature in China while we have insurgents in Xinjiang (mulism and connected with Al Quada) also?

The PLA has fought against the US-led UN forces successfully in Korea driving them back from the china-korea border back to the 38th parallel where the war stopped till today. (the casualty of China+n. Korea is roughly equal to the casualty of UN forces+S. Korea). We have skirmished with USSR, Vietnam and entirely and thoroughly obliterated the Indians in 1962. Not to mention, we had a huge hand in Vietnam as well.

Who besides the pakistanis and Chinese have the indians fought?

6) here is a link for security ranking by INDIANS, not by chinese.

7) please don't even compare our armies, missiles/space forces. Entirely two different leagues and please spare me of my typing.

8) Our GDP is more than 2X that of india in gross terms, PPP and on a per capita basis and industrial and manufacturing capabilities is on the scale of several times that of india. Our foreign reserve is aournd $500 bil vs. india's $130 bil.

China is the world's No. 1 steel maker (over 200 million tons in 2003) while India is the 8th with (with only 36 million tons of production in 2003-2004). China is the worlds No. 3 ship maker and I have no idea where india ranks!!!

China's soverign rating or country rating by Standard & Poor's is BBB+, which is investment grade while India's soverign rating is BB+ which is non-investment grade or junk status.

9) China's military budge ($50 bil) is more than 3X that of india ($15 bil) while both countries have similar purchasing power. And most western countries suspect that China spends more than this and india buys disproportinately more weapons from other countries than China by a huge margin.

10) China doesn't have GPS system

Well you know what, we do... It's called Beidou and completed last year.

11) China commits human rights violation while india is a peace-loving people.

Well why don't you take a look at these links and tell me what you think

12) Bottom line: China is making proportionally more and more indigenously while India is still buying most of its stuff from overseas while we outspend them 3 to 1. This only means India is being left behind by China further and further just like our economies. Our eoconomy grows faster than india's and in a decade, Chinese economy will be about 3X that of India while their population will surpass that of China in the next decade, without any revaluation of our currency which is most likely to happen in the next decade. Do you know what that means?????

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posted on Nov, 17 2004 @ 09:43 PM
Text if you believe the above statement is correct, you can't just bullshiit your way out, you have show us what the indians have done vs. chinese and show evidence that they are ahead.

posted on Nov, 17 2004 @ 09:46 PM
This post is entirely too long and I see no one has attempted to post a reply due to its intimidation factor so I'll try to bump this one for you. As far as China vs. India. Let's look at this from a commercilization standpoint.

China has the best center in NBA right now, Yao Ming. He's the only center that can possibly contend Shaq. India has no prominent sports figures in sports so on that note, I would give it to China. As far as media, its a close call. China has such fine films as Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Hero and a countless number of 70's Kung-Fu Flicks. However on the other hand, India has Bollywood, the eastern rival of Hollywood.

When the dust is cleared, China would win. Hands down. They invented the Tiger-claw technique.

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posted on Nov, 17 2004 @ 09:55 PM
well, I just created this thread 10 minutes ago so it is not that long ago.

Plus hey, have you seen an indian movie lately??? I have seen some awesome chinese movies and you know which ones they are. lol

Plus, don't you think arguments should be backed up by facts rather than "china will never catch up" type of argument which can be made by everybody.

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posted on Nov, 17 2004 @ 10:39 PM
Want to add some more FACTS here.

1) China member of UNSC, india not
2) China consistently no. 3 and no.4 in Olympics; india has not won a gold metal since LA Olympics and No. 80 in Sydney and only 1 silver in Athens
3) No. 1 FDI; india's is about 1/8 of china's
4) No. 1 cell phone market; india's is about 1/8 of china's
5) No. 2 internet market and dont know where India ranks
6) No. 3 auto market (on pace to sell 2 million sendans this year, not including commercial vehicles)
8) No. 2 in highway mileage
9) No. 1 in steel production and consumption
10) No. 2 in foreign reserves (around $500 billion while indias around $130 billion)
11) No. 2 in oil consumption
12) Had nuke since 1964 and India only recently
13) Third country to send a man into space after Russian and USA
14) No. 3 in ship-building and India ?
15) Chinas GDP is twice that of India in gross terms, PPP terms or per capital terms
16) Chinas military budget is at least 3 times that of India and our: $47 bil vs. $15 bil (
17) No. 3 in terms of global trade while India is not even in the top 20; little Ireland trades more than India does.

Today's India and China

India has total of 28 million cellular users as of the end of 2003 and 18 million new users were added in 2003. See
China has total of 270 million cellular users as of the end of 2003 and around 60 million new users were added in the same year. See: (the news in 08/2003)

Internet users in India: More than 16 million: see:
Internet users in China: 78million. See:

Broadband users in China:17.4 million. see:
Boroadband users in India: I believe it can be ignored.

Less than 28 million tons of iron and steel was used in 2003 in India (An important index of infrastructure construction. This is the total India produced in 2003, and India is a net iron & steel exporter)(This is even less than what China produced in 1978 when China began its reform)
China produced around 225 million tons of iron and steel and imported other 35 million tons in 2003 for the construction.

55% of the world cement (Another infrastructure construction index) was used in China. See

China's expressway (at least 4 lanes, speed limit 100KM/hour or 120KM/hour) reaches 30, 000KM. Around 4, 600 KM is being added each year. See:
India just began its first expressway project in 2003: See:

India produced around 36 million tons of oil (A natural resource index) in 2003 and will face the resource problem soon.
China produced 160 million tons of oil in 2003 and imported more than 100 million tons in the same year.

Around 30% of Indian male cannot read newspaper and 50% of female cannot read. that means around 40% of Indians cannot read. See
Less than 16% of Chinese cannot read (most of are old person and they missed the education opportunity in the old time). See

India has more arable land than China. Indian produced 250 million tons of grains in 2003 (Thanks for the good weather).
China usually produces 400 million tons of grains each year no matter how tough the weather is (Thanks for the biotech in China).

Economy sectors:
China: Argriculture: 15% of GDP, Industry 52% of GDP, Manufacturing 35% of GDP, service 33% In 2001
India: Argriculture: 24% of GDP, Industry 27% of GDP, Manufacturing 16% of GDP, service 48% In 2001
These data comes from World Bank. You can conclude that China's industry size is at least 4 times of India's after a very simple calculation. You can see how little India's industry is.
China's industry increased 16.8% in 2003. See:
India's increased about 8%.

Speaking of the software industry, China's software industry is the similar size of India. The difference is that Chinese companies rely on domestic market while India has almost no IT market comparing with the big countries around. China has its own software brands such as KingSoft, Rising(anti-virus), Jiangming (Anti-virus), RedFlag(Working on Linux), WPS ( office software), Yongyou(Enterprise), KINGDEE (Golden Butterfly in Chinese) ( Enterprise).

Only 2.3 million PCs were sold in India in 2003. See
More that 13 million of PCs were sold in China in 2003. See

International trade in 2003
China topped 840B$ (import < export) in 2003. See:
India: total of 154B$ (export 74B$, import: 80b$, import > export)in 2003. See:

Speaking of the technology, Let's compare the super computer because Indians are always claiming India is the second IT country in the world.
China's homemade supercomputer listed as No. 14. But the fastest one used in India is No. 105. It was made by IBM. India's homemade one is listed as No. 258. Legend (now Lenova) built another more powerful one this year. It can be listed as No. 3 or No. 4. See

Thanks for the large market scale and the recent progress in the technology, China is trying to set the international or national technology standards, such as TD_SCDMA, EVD, Wi-Fi. We know the standard can make more and easier money than the simple production.

Total revenue of Wipro(around 1.17B$) and Infosys (0.97B$) in 2003 = the half of Huawei (more than 4.5B$)or ZTE around 4.0b$)
Wipro and Infosys represents India's technology. AS I know Wipro is a conglomerates, not a pure tech company as Huawei and ZTE.

Even Indians claim India is a democratic country. But its corruption is worse than China. China government is treating the corruption issue very seriously in recent years. see
Another research report said India's corruption is much worse than China too:
Do you believe Democracy works in India?

Chinese culture is much more open than Indias. See the trouble That MacDonalds, KFC and Coca Cola are suffering:
See the Macdonadss Business in China:

These two articles were written by the same foreign visitor (sounds like a biz man) after he visited both India and China in the same year (2000).
His view about India:
His impression about China:
He also described so-called Indian democracy in this article:
"India is said to be the world's largest democracy. There is no dispute about its size, one billion is large, but I don't think that a country whose major priorities in the last 50 years have favored a small minority at the expense of the majority can be called "a democracy". "

Life quality: (See the CIA links above)
Indian Infant mortality rate :
Total: 59.59 deaths/1,000 live births
Female: 58.93 deaths/1,000 live births (2003 est.)
Male: 60.23 deaths/1,000 live births

Chinese Infant mortality rate:
Total: 25.26 deaths/1,000 live births
Female: 25.65 deaths/1,000 live births (2003 est.)
Male: 24.91 deaths/1,000 live births

Indian Life expectancy at birth:
Total population: 63.62 years
Male: 62.92 years
Female: 64.37 years (2003 est.)

Chinese Life expectancy at birth:
Total population: 72.22 years
Male: 70.33 years
Female: 74.28 years (2003 est.)

The long list of Chinese medal winners at Sydney 2000 Olympic Games: See:
Let's congratulate to the only one Indian winner: See:

India has about 10 million HIV infected people. Indian Government admits 4.5 million as of August 2003. See;
China has more than one million as reported by BBC: See:

46% of general population in Bombay carry an active sexually transmitted disease (the greatest risk factor for HIV spread). Do you believe it? See:]

Aid from outside:
China got aid from Soviet Union between late 50s to the beginning of t 60s. After that China develops on itself. India has been aided by both western countries and Soviet Union for a long time. See the link:
You cannot imagine, What should India be without this aids.
China has been helping many other countries too. That's why most of Africa countries like China so much.

Religion Issues in India:

Foreign reserve and the external debt:
India's forex reserve < external debt
India has 100B$ reserve, See:
and India has more than 112B$ in debt in the end of 2003. See:
China has more than 400B$ reserve. See:
China has 160B$ external debt. Reserve >> debt

Some more links:
India asks how its economy can catch up with China's

India Versus Chin-- Was written by some Indians

Can India Catch-Up With China? -- Was written by some Indians

The Population Bomb that can devastate India, actually it is a comparison between India and China

Can India catch up with China?

Can India Overtake China ? -- The famous article saying India will overtake China

Data show that China developed much faster than India even before China's reform. India was much better than China before the Chinese Communist Party took power. But China's GDP caught up India in 70s last century.
GDP Per capita ( I believe it is based on PPP)
India........533......533......673......619......853....1,746] (more details)

India's economic grows at average 6% GDP vs. China's grows at 9% for last 2 decades.
India has 2 times faster population grow that the same time(1.7 vs. China 0.8%).

China: Not a syndrome, a phenomenon

Chandan Mitra/ Shanghai

Next time you visit Larry's China at Delhi's Ambassador Hotel, spend some time over the menu. Preferably, get over with the orders and leisurely study the rare photographs of China in the 1930s that spice this most unusual listing of a restaurant's offerings. Shanghai features prominently in the collection, gleaned from the archives of an American photojournalist who spent many years in pre-modern China documenting the life and times of ordinary people in this enigmatic country. The photos show coolies carrying huge loads in baskets slung on their backs, ropes firmly tied across foreheads. They also depict rickshaws pulled by hand, the variety that now exists in only one city in the world - my native Kolkata. Then there are opium addicts and women with tied feet. (In China, women's feet were tied at the age of around three for small feet were regarded as a sign of incredible beauty). Larry's China was inaugurated many years after I first visited Shanghai in 1986. I still vividly remember walking along the bund late one evening. Young couples, obviously constrained by the restrictions of space and size of joint family apartments, were busy making out on the benches. Soon the police arrived, Mumbai style, and shooed the embarrassed pairs away. The speed at which they retreated made an amusing study.

Cut to Wednesday evening. I have been Shanghaied in an altogether different sense by the time I joined a cruise on the wide bosomed Huang Po, organised by FICCI. I had to pinch myself to believe I had returned to the same city! Across the river was a brand new city, Pu Dong. When I was here 17 years ago, there were only decrepit warehouses, dilapidated barges, shaky row-boats and other symbols of post-colonial decay. Today, I was told to try and make time to visit the 80th floor of a building there or, alternatively, a revolving restaurant towards the top of the TV tower that is now the world's third highest man-made structure. Some journalist friends told me they visited a rundown municipality office on the 420 sq km Pu Dong exactly 10 years ago to be shown elaborate plans of how the authorities proposed to transform the barren area into a high tech city. And they actually did it in less than a decade!

Driving into downtown from the airport, one has to travel across a 40-km-long elevated expressway, even more impressive than Bangkok's. Atul Dalkhoti came here as a child because his father, a Communist, was inspired to lend his muscle and brain to Mao's Revolution. Now heading the FICCI office here, he told me it could take up to four hours to reach the airport from the city till the high-flying eight-lane road was constructed. Now it takes 45 minutes.

I must honestly confess, four days into this country on my third visit, I still haven't figured out what makes China, China! How is it possible for any country to get transformed so rapidly? I have visited Communist and post-Communist Russia several times. The contrast between the two eras is nowhere as striking. Arguably, even today's China has many warts. There is widespread corruption, the police are authoritarian to the point of being fascistic, islands of poverty and deprivation exist even within glittering steel and glass skyscrapers. But still, the speed of change is just dizzying.

As a former Communist, I recall studying Stalin's speech titled "Dizzy with success" in which he warned partymen not to get carried away by the stupendous strides made at the end of the Soviet Union's second five year plan. Should the Chinese leadership also issue a similar warning? China started charting a new course with Deng Hsiaoping's Four Modernisations only in 1978, two years after Mao Zedong's death. Till the 1990s it was still a predominantly agricultural country that provided just basic amenities to its citizens. Today, no new model of a car is launched without China being a destination.

People have evidently made incredible amounts of money. But, unlike post-Perestroika Russia that slid into disorder and criminality, China has managed change with an elan that has no parallel in contemporary history. I asked my industrialist hosts on board the river cruise where the money came from. Pointing to the staggering array of high-rise buildings across the Huang Po, I wanted to know who funded this construction boom. In India banks would not lend money to anybody for fear of CVC, CBI, political vendetta etc., unless they covered their risks at least three times over. Who lent money for the China Phenomenon? I didn't get a convincing answer. The funding was ascribed largely to patriotic, affluent non-resident Chinese living in South-East Asia, Taiwan and the US.

Could be, for unlike NRIs, NRCs put their money where their mouth is. The Chinese Government and its local variants, too, I was told raised huge loans from Western merchant banks. But obviously these loans are being serviced. Obviously, the investment made in building the infrastructure of roads, railway connections, power supply, health, education and housing is paying off. That's why China can contemplate constructing a 1100-km-long elevated magnetic propulsion rail link between Shanghai and Beijing that will connect the country's commercial and political capitals in five hours flat. That's why Shanghai alone attracted US$ 5 billion in FDI last year, against India's 8. We take pride in India for living in many worlds simultaneously. It was somehow reassuring to find that even as China surges towards First World status, there is a delightful Third World that continues to exist in its urban crevices.

We would have got a terrible inferiority complex but for this experience. On Tuesday, we went shopping at Beijing's famous flea market, known to foreigners as Silk Alley - reminiscent of Janpath/Lajpat Nagar/Sarojini Nagar in Delhi, Fashion Street in Mumbai and the now demolished Gariahat Boulevard Hawkers' Corner in Kolkata. Young women, evidently of peasant stock, run these stalls, shrieking and tugging at potential buyers. Bargaining beats all Indian standards hollow, the only difference being that the women nowadays converse fluently in English with a vulgarised American accent. They all carry calculators in their hands for they are still not quite used to expressing numerals in English. They key in their price; you grab it from them and put in your bid. The deal is struck at around 25 per cent of the price originally quoted. That is also a reality of China.

Shanghai's river front sporting huge neons proclaiming the march of consumerism - Canon, Nikon, Samsung, LG, Bayer, IBM - is an equal reality. Some day, in not too distant a future, India too will be like this. But in the 1950s, it had seemed India will do it and China would follow. We are definitely 50 years behind by now. Isn't it time we put our heads together and think why things came to this sorry pass?

China - India, Comparison on Economic & Social-Economic factors

Economic or Social factor Unit of measurement

Steel production million tons / year 133

Cement production million tons / year 650

Food grain production million tons / year 418 208
Crude oil production million tons / year 160 30
Coal production million tons / year 1300 300
Telephone lines connected millions 240 27
TV sets in households millions 400 75
Mobile / Cellular phones millions 150 6
Internet connections millions 35 3
Foreign Trade (export + import) US$ billion / year 491 75
Exports US$ billion / year 260 42
Tourist Arrivals millions / year 87 2.5
Non-Resident citizens millions (approx) 50-55 20-25
GDP of Non-Resident citizens US$ billion / year (approx) 800-500 425-375
FDI inflow (in 2000-2001) US$ billion / year 46 2
FDI from Non-Residents US$ billion / year 32 0.2
% FDI from Non-Residents % of total FDI received 65 10
FDI % of exports 22 5
Forex Reserves (China+Hong Kong) US$ billion 312 51
GDP US$ billion 1121 440
Population millions 1260 1030
Population increase per year millions 9 18
Birth Rate Numbers per 1000 8.8 27
Per Capital income US$ per year / person 990 440
Life expentancy Years 72 61
Poverty line % of total population 3 40**
Poverty line Actual numbers in millions 40 400**
Primary school enrollment % of school going children 99.1 92.1
Junior school enrollment % of school going children 94.4 ?
% of school going chindren attending school for first 9 years 99.1 ?
Size of family, average (1998) Numbers 3.63 5.52
Women marrying, first time,avg.age Years 23.57 ?
Employment of women
(world average is about 34.5%) % of work force (1999) 46.50 32.1
Chinese women paid % of what men were paid 80.40 ?
Infant morality rate Rate per 1000 31 72
Hospitalized delivery rate % of births 66.80 35
Inoculation of 1 year children with BCG vaccine ..% of total 97.80 ?
Inoculation of 1 year children with Polio vaccine ..% of total 97.40 ?
Inoculation of 1 year children with DPT vaccine ..% of total 97.80 ?
Inoculation of 1 year children with Measles vaccine ..% of total 97.50 ?
Maternal morality rate Rate per 100,000 42 410
Poverty lines, as per World Bank US$ per year / person 365 365**
Retired people covered by basic retirement insurance in millions 30 ?
Social welfare institutions run by the government 1000 ?
Community run senior citizens homes 40,000 ?

1 billion = 1000 million
1 million = 10 lacs
1 crore = 100 lacs = 10 million
Number of people below Poverty Line, as per data available from records of the Government of India and China.

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posted on Nov, 18 2004 @ 04:32 AM
I would say China is currently long a head India due fact its growing faster, over 5,5% GDP placed for military while India lacks on that totally. But i wouldnt look India totally as country that overrun China more likely stay as choice if China decides to dramatically change its stance we still get cheap labor from India and isnt it cheap educated labor that counts currently on investing to ASIA. China has long time been ICBM cabable and has own rocket research and so on while India is long away from it, actually India is loosing almost every factor to China but still that could dramatically change if investments moved to India instead.

I see India only a filter and second option to invest if China turns its foreign company tax policys or other matters to make it own people run the country while currently draining lots of invests.

Saw those talks about movies, well personally i dont look Bollywood movies, dont like the way they move, singing and stuff.
Chinese movies i would like to ask does Chinas goverment invest on those, for example Hero i think its very political colored movie in the end if you look at current China Emperor trying to build one united China and main character sacrified for that cause, very dramatic, have seen many other of the Chinese and Hong Kong (China) movies that are after millenium produced. I see same sort of flavor on some of em. You can call it cultural differences also and i dont blame for united propaganda, thats what you find from most of the US movies where they are the superiors. Main question is just does Chinese goverment fund its movie industry to get some word on scripts or are those indepent products?

posted on Nov, 18 2004 @ 04:55 AM
link eyes are tired after reading this.i got nothing to add on.

posted on Nov, 18 2004 @ 07:51 PM
No. Hero doesn't have goernment money at all. It is all private money. As long as your movies don't deal with anti-government or morally decadent material (lol yes morally decadent by commie standards), you can pretty much make what you want to. Of course, there is some kind of proval process that you have to go through first.

posted on Nov, 18 2004 @ 08:09 PM

India : Mahatma Gandhi, Subash Chandra Bose, Jawarhal Nehru.


Sonya Gandhi: Rated no:2 most poweful leader in the world, next to Rice.

Land Usage

India 54.4%

China 15.4 %

Debt External

India $101.7 billion

China $197.8 billion

And that is from 5 mintues of searching. Not only that India is much more smaller than China, yet in the competition, that is got to tell you something.

P.S. Wait till you meet Stealth Sky.


posted on Nov, 18 2004 @ 08:17 PM

China? Well trying to sneak into Japan and get caught and public humiliation, did I mention public humiliation? Guess I did.

Damn, see now you have made look like anti-China.


posted on Nov, 18 2004 @ 08:19 PM
yet, but our foreign reserve is around $500 billion, india's only $130 billion, plus our economy is more than twice the size of india.

Plus, you will need more than that to make an arguement.

Well, I don't think the US has had a female or foreign president, so what????

China is much bigger than india is in terms of overall geographic landmass.

posted on Nov, 18 2004 @ 08:21 PM
So what, you didn't know that our sub sneaked into japan several months ago and they didn't detect crap... So what??? This is just a little game all hostile countries play. I am sure US subs are around Chinese and russian waters all the time.....

There is nothing humiliating about it...

posted on Nov, 18 2004 @ 08:23 PM

Originally posted by Hawkssss
yet, but our foreign reserve is around $500 billion, india's only $130 billion, plus our economy is more than twice the size of india.

Plus, you will need more than that to make an arguement.

Well, I don't think the US has had a female or foreign president, so what????

China is much bigger than india is in terms of overall geographic landmass.

China has a bigger economy, so what?

China has a bigger geographic landmass, so what?

Hey, I am just following your example. What comes around, goes around.

You don't get my argument, do you?

India is much smaller in terms of geographic landmass, yet you are here telling how much better China is. Having such a huge advantage you should have won hands down, did you? Noooooooooo.

China has almost the same landscape as U.S., yet who is winning? Yeah that is right.


posted on Nov, 18 2004 @ 08:34 PM
well, but they have over 1 billion people and that's why the two countries all always compared. Plus, this thread is because some ignorant people were saying "China is years behind india in military technology".

I just want to present facts and you decide for yourself

posted on Nov, 18 2004 @ 08:39 PM

Originally posted by Hawkssss
well, but they have over 1 billion people and that's why the two countries all always compared. Plus, this thread is because some ignorant people were saying "China is years behind india in military technology".

I just want to present facts and you decide for yourself

If you were just telling us about military tech, why are you telling us about other facts?

Anyway it is all numbers, in the end the winner is the one who takes the best care of its citizens, which is neither right now, in fact there is no country which really does that.


posted on Nov, 18 2004 @ 08:39 PM
You shouldn't be concerned about China and India, you should be concerned about China and Taiwan. =)

China. Their military manpower is overwhelming, China can pass a draft and over a billion can be drafted. China also has better training(?)

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posted on Nov, 18 2004 @ 08:42 PM

Originally posted by BurningAces
You shouldn't be concerned about China and India, you should be concerned about China and Taiwan. =)

China. Their military manpower is overwhelming, China can pass a draft and over a billion can be drafted. China also has better training(?)

[edit on 18-11-2004 by BurningAces]

Better training?

I thought better training involved giving access to good weapons to soldiers. Maybe it is just me.


posted on Nov, 18 2004 @ 08:44 PM

Originally posted by surfup

Originally posted by BurningAces
You shouldn't be concerned about China and India, you should be concerned about China and Taiwan. =)

China. Their military manpower is overwhelming, China can pass a draft and over a billion can be drafted. China also has better training(?)

[edit on 18-11-2004 by BurningAces]

Better training?

I thought better training involved giving access to good weapons to soldiers. Maybe it is just me.


So If I give some untrained Soldiers good weapons and they don't know even how to use it, would they be "better trained"?

posted on Nov, 18 2004 @ 08:47 PM

Originally posted by BurningAces
So If I give some untrained Soldiers good weapons and they don't know even how to use it, would they be "better trained"?

At least they would be better equipped and have better odds at winning than a very well trained soldier fighting with a stick.


posted on Nov, 18 2004 @ 08:47 PM
well, guys. First, china can't draft a billion people just like the US can't draft all 300 million americans. Ok,

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