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JFK: Danish ophthalmologist finds the two shooters

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posted on Nov, 26 2013 @ 01:23 PM
I'm sorry, but the OS all makes sense.

Oswald's is a textbook case, straight from psych 101. He was having wifey problems, and was a commie as well. He owned a gun and loved drinking, plus, he was unloved as a child!

Then Kennedy, the handsome playboy, and world's most powerful man, showed up on Oswald's turf, and then armied right down his street. Oswald, being familiar with rifles, couldn't help himself. A few drinks, and right over the edge!

If I had been working for the NSA, with today's technology, I would have been able to predict all of this, in my sleep.

Anyone with a government clearance would have been able to see where Oswald's actions were leading to, on that day. Any and all of 'em.

Everyone is just looking for more blood and gore to get their fix! I'm telling them that they don't have to look at any more evidence, because the President died, and everyone saw what happened! Have any of you personally visited JFK's grave?

I have.

I'm getting sick and so tired of armchair detectives and internet sleuths getting off on more images of blood and brains. If I were a mod, I'd shove this one in the LOL forum along with Sandy Hook! Then I'd alert the government about the [HOAX] being perpetuated.

Do you write the mind reading algorithms? Have you ever launched a surveillance satellite, or piloted an armed surveillance drone?

If not,
then why are you putting forth crazy theories?
Why are you asking questions?
Why does any of this bug you in any way shape or form?

These are extremely important questions!

So, I think that the moral of the JFK/Oswald story says it all: NO MORE GUNS except for ALL police and ALL government!

Only the government, police, and government doctors, are expert at mental health, and they have been carefully screened to ensure that none of this ever happens again!.

I'm not sure why I even have to say any of this, it's all on CNN, at all times!

They must protect themselves! You see what guns do!

# 86
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posted on Nov, 26 2013 @ 03:46 PM
reply to post by Imagewerx

Echos in this spot would most definitely mask the direction of the gunfire and might make it sound as if it were coming from the grassy knoll, the overpass, the gutter, etc. With that said, I think Oswald picked the location because he knew he would have access to the sniper's perch, and it afforded the best possible circumstances and angle, (going away at slow speed,) to take the shot. If it was indeed orchestrated as a "hit" by more than one gunman, it would again be an almost perfect setup. High ground (and buildings) surrounding the site on three sides. Unobstructed view of the "kill zone" from all angles. Numerous escape routes. Literally like shooting fish in a barrel.

posted on Nov, 26 2013 @ 05:33 PM
reply to post by TheWhiteKnight

What's wrong with a good who-done-it? When some of the worlds most popular fiction comes from programs like Miss Marple,The Midsomer murders,Poirot,Sherlock Holmes,Scoobydoo (LOL) etc,why not a real life mystery to keep us entertained? Instead of who stabbed Lady Cynthia Cholmondly-Cumlately and stole her diamond necklace,why not one such as who shot the most powerful man in the world in broad daylight in front of thousands of people with no aparrant motive?
The majority of these are solved in a matter of hours,this one has gone on for 50 years and despite the uncountable number of man hours that have been put into it,we're still no closer to solving it than we were all those years ago.So if it's alright with you,those of us without your special insight would like to carry on as we were before please?

posted on Nov, 26 2013 @ 05:37 PM
reply to post by SonofaSkunk

Maybe instead it was chosen because it was the most open space on the whole route and was the only place they could position more than a single gunman where all of then would have clear shots?

posted on Nov, 28 2013 @ 05:14 PM

If the government wanted JFK dead or some other government or relatively powerful group then why oh why would they do it at Dealey Plaza?

Good hiding spots for shooters.

Lee Harvey Oswald being the primary suspect makes sense because he was just a citizen and his best chance to assassinate JFK would be when JFK visited his hometown.

There are mysteries surrounding this ”Oswald”. The real Oswald with brown eyes allegedly “defected” to the Soviet Union, then taken into custody by the russians, brutally interrogated and later killed. The russians supposedly then sent a “Oswald” look alike to the United States, but shorter height, thinner hair, blue eyes, english speaking with eastern european accent. One of the mistakes this “Oswald” supposedly made was that he wrote in his paper that he lived in New Orleans in the state of Texas.
This theory is mentioned by Jens Thygesen, and supported by statements from the mortician, among others. Same mortician who claim to have noticed that “Oswald”s burial vault had been found “broken open”, and that something was not right about “Oswald”s body.

David Atlee Philips allegedly instructed this “Oswald” to infiltrate the JFK assassination plans in Dallas and to prevent the assassination, but “Oswald” supposedly realized too late it was a setup.

It was either Richard Cain or Chuck Nicoletti who allegedly fired the first shots at JFK’s back from Texas Book Depository building.

E. Howard Hunt, among others, claim “Oswald” was a patsy.

posted on Nov, 28 2013 @ 07:36 PM

The problem I have with Grassy Knoll / Behind the Fence man is this. I live near and visit Dallas frequently. I have been to Dealey Plaza countless times. What I don't think some people realize is that the "knoll" is not a small hill going up and over. Immediately behind the fence / wall at the top, is a parking lot and railroad track area that is flat as a tabletop and extends for hundreds of yards in all directions exactly the same as it did in 1963. Where did the shooter go? I know there are about a billion theories. Guy next to a pick-up, hobos, etc. But, seriously, how was the guy not noticed by the LEOs positioned in the area for the express purpose of keeping it clear?

From my recent search, I believe there is an area right behind the knoll that one can open and go down into a tunnel system:

posted on Dec, 1 2013 @ 07:10 AM

Though I don't doubt the doctors sincerity... the underlying problem with his discovery is that the head shot was from the rear. Proven time and time again by ballistics and autopsy photos.
I think you need to evaluate your statement. The Zapruder film shows that the fatal headshot forced JFK’s head backwards, which proves the headshot came from the front, from the Grassy Knoll direction. Some of his brain matter was blown out of the exit wound at the rear of his head, landed on the back of the limousine, behind JFK and Jackie. Jackie Kennedy crawled onto the back of the limousine and tried to collect it. After she got back to the backseat she said “They’ve killed my husband, and I have his brain in my hand”.

James Files (former Sutton, allegedly served in the U.S. Army, marksman) testified he was the Grassy Knoll man who fired the fatal headshot,

From the confession of James Files 1994: "When I got to the point where I thought it would be the last field of fire, I had zeroed in to the left side of the head there that I had because if I wait any longer then Jacqueline Kennedy would have been in the line of fire and I had been instructed for nothing to happen to her and at that moment I figured this is my last chance for a shot and he had still not been hit in the head. So, as I fired that round, Mr. Nicoletti and I fired approximately at the same time as the head started forward then it went backward. I would have to say that his shell struck approximately 1000th of a second ahead of mine maybe but that what's started pushing the head forward which caused me to miss from the left eye and I came in on the left side of the temple."

From the confession of James Files 2003:

J - where were you aiming?

JF - Oh, I was aiming for his right eye, which to me is the left side of his head looking head on. But for him it would be his right eye, and when I pulled the trigger, and I'm right in on it, and it's almost like looking 6 feet away through the scope. As I squeezed, take off my round, his head moved forward, I missed and I come in right along the temple. Just right behind the eye.

J - Here or in the hairline?

JF - Well, I'm not sure, you know I can't see the penetration, I know I hit him right here (pointing at temple). I know I hit behind the eye. Somewhere within a half inch diameter right there (pointing again).

W - So there were actually two shots almost simultaneously?

J - You think he got hit as you squeezed?

JF - What I believe is this : ….. And I got my readings as a marksman, I'm a good shooter, always was, I'm not bragging on my stuff, don't get me wrong, but that's what got me my start with David Phillips. Because of something that I did in the service, and I made a mark there and it's on record and it's recorded, for headshots, for what I did, and the things that I did. But anyway, to make a long story short, as I am preparing to squeeze off my round, Kennedy's head moved forward, just as I squeezed. It was already in process, the head started forward. To me … what I believe is, … and I did not see, let me clear the fact now, I never saw Mr. Nicoletti shoot Kennedy, but I know he was the man in the Daltex building, the man supposed to be doing the shooting. Therefore the head started forward and as far as I am concerned Mr Nicoletti hit him at that point. As I squeezed off my round, the head started forward, I hit it and blew the head backwards.

posted on Dec, 1 2013 @ 07:46 AM
reply to post by UnifiedSerenity

I've never heard of a grate that lifts up right in back of the fence. Is this real, and, if so, where exactly is it in back of the knoll and is there any record of it being there in '63. I would have thought this grate, if it exists, would be common knowledge. Has anyone else run across the grate, and if so, does it lead somewhere or is it just a small hole underneath?

posted on Dec, 1 2013 @ 08:14 AM
reply to post by SonofaSkunk

Lee Bowers, the railroad dispatcher working that day, was in the tower at the time of the shooting and noticed two men standing near the fence right before the shooting. A few seconds later he saw a bunch of movement by the fence and a car going by. It was either the flash of light or a puff of smoke that attracted his attention.

A few moments later a train pulled out of the yard that he hadn't authorized so he stopped the train. That's where the 3 'hobos' were found and arrested.

A few years later Lee Bowers was killed when his car crashed into a bridge in Midlothian, Texas.
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The eye doctor could have found his proof. I'd be interested to see the follow up on this.
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posted on Jan, 12 2016 @ 11:34 PM
Every person that is crowned an "expert" on any topic involving the JFK assassination is strategically put there to intercept good info and evidence. Some will intercept the "whistleblower" themselves! This was a lesson I had to learn the hard way. This "doctor" was put in the spotlight because he is related to the Koehler family. Always look them up on background search sites! In fact, I challenged anyone to bring an expert to my attention and I'll prove this statement!

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