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Stop hitting on windows XP!

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posted on Nov, 26 2013 @ 04:24 PM
I still own several copies and they run great. I don't recall every having anything specific about XP that I didn't really like or couldn't get to work better by playing around with it.

Getting ready to do a fresh install over the holidays on the PC I use at home. It's been running for two years without any real problems, just time to do a reset.

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posted on Nov, 26 2013 @ 10:02 PM

reply to post by VoidHawk

I don´t know how to respond nor do I understand what you want to tell me with that answer.
I´m going to be honest now and in no way I´m trying to insult you.

You come across like a huge fanboy, the way you defend XP here.
Not trying to insult you dude, but thats a typical corporate troll tactic.

XP is outdated and not compatible to new hardware.
verschickter, to be honest you ARE quite insulting, because you assume that you, and only you, know what your talking about.
You say xp is "out dated and not compatible with new hardware"
Have you ever wondered why the new os's are compatible? Its quite simple, they wrote some drivers to support them. They could just as easily have written the drivers for xp instead, then it would be the new os's that weren't compatible!

Like 80% of the people already said, XP was nice at its era
Ok, lets take a quick look at some of the comment in this thread, mostly from IT professionals.

You're absolutely on the money with this one. XP was their best operating system

I said outright that the users prefer it and we haven't had any problems with it. It hums right along and it fits in perfectly with the way our business runs. Most of the users have Win7 or 8 at home, and they still prefer XP. What does that tell you?

As a big fan of XP, I very heartily agree.
At work I've given users a choice between Win7 and XP. (To the extent that I can still find computers that will install and run XP, I've given them dual-boot choices.) They always choose XP.

XP Pro was the best.
I still have PC's running that OS that are WAY MORE STABLE than anything else that Microsoft ever made.
I miss those days!

I also agree 100% xp was and still is the best OS.

I love windows XP I`ve never had any problems with it.

Windows 7 is definitely more rock solid than XP in terms of security and stability. But as an end user and a power user I still prefer XP.

Is WinXP with all service packs available for sale anywhere?
Computer shops are all about the latest OS, which is a shame.

the machine i am on i paid an extra $100 to have it downgraded to XP before it was shipped out to me.

I like Win7. No real probs there, though I think XP is the best yet of all OS's
Win8, as a business application, sucks. So does the matching Office suite. The touch screen concept of computing will destroy efficiency among power users.

I have been in IT since the early 90's. I am still using XP, updates OFF, with NO AV wasting my processor cycles.

Windows XP was a solid operating system, clearly better than the versions before it. The rest of the companies are only not supporting it because of times and Microsoft in itself moving forward.

Indeed, it is the most stable and reliable incarnation of windows that I have ever worked with.

I also think xp is by far their best OS yet.

I really liked XP... I'm not at all partial to Windows 8 by the way..the Metro system is just horrible.

I agree with the OP though. For me, much as I like the glitz of Win7, I wish they had kept the ease of handling and "nerd access" of XP

Gotta agree with the OP. Loved XP


, although I resisted updating from 2k until about 2006 or so. Now its outdated and messed up with all those service packs they had to integrate. I myself used a nlited version I did myself in 2007. It used ~600MB harddrive space and ran as hell.
A bog standard install of xp is about 1.5 gigs, so your example is hardly representative is it!

You are saying you are restricted in win7, I ask you again, tell me only two things you can´t do anymore
Before you entered this thread I asked the question "Tell me what you can do that I cant do with xp?" Nobody has answered me.
But here's what another poster mentioned about win7.

Oh, God. Search. They have destroyed it. All that's left is some ugly, fruitless exercise that makes me want to hurl it across the room.
And there's not even a really decent 3rd-party substitute. The best I could find was Agent Ransack. Which is good, but it's nothing like the great search in XP. In fact, if I need do a satisfying search I boot into XP to do it.

and the reason why you had to do this.
Well, you said the following.

but I rarely hear from someone something like "XP is crap, win7 forever", and if I heard it, I would think "man, this guy has no clue".
I saw comments like that on a thread, so I created this thread, for the same reason that you felt that you needed to enter this thread!

ETA: People keep on refering to xp being "patched" so let me just add this.
Download service pack 3. Slipstream it into the xp setup. That way it installs as an upgraded os rather than a patched version. The latest versions of xp were sold that way.
Lets also mention that security updates are patches too! and I'm sure there's already many patches for even the most recent microsoft os's.

posted on Nov, 27 2013 @ 12:33 PM

Not trying to insult you dude, but thats a typical corporate troll tactic.

I stopped reading here.
Yeah, ok. Excuse me for whatever insulted you, I just write this so you know why you get no answer to your WOT. I just write this because you seem to miss understand my question. Still my question remains and you did not understand it. I´m sorry for that, still, ask yourself the question I asked several times, answer it for yourself. Be honest to yourself.
Have a nice day

(no sarcasm!)

Edit: Why do you quote my positive comment and post other similar comments from other users under it? I do not understand the reason and purpose. You clearly do not read my posts or I suck writting them, one of both, regardless, if you feel I want to troll you, or if you feel you did unjustice to my comments, be free to U2U me and I try to get my point across again. Others that read my posts hopefully will not take it personally, like you do.
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Edit: The reason I entered the thread: After reading your title on the frontpage, I thought "Hm, I don´t have the impression that so much people hit on XP and was curious why you would think that.
Then I wrote my perspective (the industrial side of the coin, you don´t seem to know) on the thing and I asked you the question I will not type again. Then you said you will not answer, I should answer your question first, Then I did not know what you want from me, Then I wrote it down, Then you accused me Trolling, now I´m typing this because I feel you are doing unjustice to me because you do not read my posts

Edit 2000: I finally wrote you an U2U, explaining my credentials, so you have a better understanding of my background and all.
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posted on Nov, 30 2013 @ 04:57 AM
BTW, you went on a rant spree about my post and used quotes out of context, like the one where I said I myself used nlited version and it ran as hell. Why do you jump on this and say it is hardly representative, when all I wanted to say is: "cool down I´m not a xp hater, see I use it myself" but you come along and try to twist a rope out of it. You don´t care to answer to my U2U, your horizon on this issue is so small it´s incredible that you believe there is some conspiracy or something against XP.

If you would read my comments without searching for all the negatives, you would see this for yourself.

(first bad smiley I ever used on ATS)

posted on Nov, 30 2013 @ 05:01 AM
They clearly made XP too good.

It was an excellent platform for both work and home, excellent use of resources compared with all other versions.

Why was it binned?

They rushed out win7 with the vista version (come on admit it vista was just a paid in between version).

posted on Nov, 30 2013 @ 02:58 PM

But I can't stop hitting on XP...she keeps flirting with me.
All the older videogames I loved to play were still available to me through XP. Win7 I wouldn't even wish on people I hate.


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posted on Nov, 30 2013 @ 05:28 PM
reply to post by Eryiedes

You can use a VM to run XP if it finally dies because there are no more drivers for the upcoming hardware.

posted on Apr, 1 2015 @ 05:18 PM
a reply to: ChaoticOrder

Maybe not

posted on Apr, 1 2015 @ 05:29 PM

originally posted by: Biigs
They clearly made XP too good.

Well it actually worked, lol

If thats too good....

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