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Which JFK Assassination Conspiracy Theory Do You Prefer?

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posted on Feb, 3 2015 @ 09:34 PM
a reply to: bucsarg

I know you didn't ask me, but I thought I'd give you my $.02 anyway. I have always thought Files' (aka Sutton at least at the time of the assassination) story rings true in many ways. There are far too many things for me to mention right now, but he was able to name many of the players that he was involved with and some he rode to Dallas with, including Nicolletti, and to identify the car they rode in which matches a description from the railroad worker, Lee Bowers. Bowers described a man behind the picket fence that was dressed the same way Files was supposedly dressed at the time, in a plaid jacket.

Also, the Remington fireball that he claims to have used would have caused the kind of damage to Kennedy's head consistent with what was reported by doctors at Parkland. It was a very accurate weapon and easily smuggled in and out. Many people try to discredit Files and most of what you read on the web is in this category, but if you really look at all of the evidence and testimony the claims of those people don't seem to hold much water. One of his major detractors is Vince Bugliosi, and that right there is a point in Files' favor in my book. If anyone is interested, here is a link to a debate between him and Cyril Wecht, who I respect greatly from 2007:

I hope this makes sense, there's a million things I'd like to add but I don't want to ramble on. I'm not a total Files believer, there are a few problems, but there's enough there to look more deeply into it.

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posted on Feb, 4 2015 @ 07:17 AM
Thank you for your 2 cents worth. Much appreciated. Will view the You Tube link.
a reply to: wtbengineer

posted on Feb, 5 2015 @ 08:21 PM

originally posted by: bucsarg
A question for you CornShuker. I would appreciate your thoughts on the James Files interview where Files stated he was the shooter at the grassy knoll.

a reply to: CornShucker

I had a feeling that I'd come across a connection to him somewhere along the way and I did. Much of what he says rings true. I read the story of how he got sent up the last time. It's rare when you can say someone is safer in prison, but this seems to be one of those times.

Ironic that the X-100 is so close to the same caliber as the weapon I got the lecture about earlier in thread.

I'm not up to an extended post at the moment, but I'd thought I should point out that there is STILL no way we can put a number on how many shooters there were in Dealey Plaza that day.

#1. I've tried to think of a simple way of saying this... The acoustic "fingerprinting" that the HSCA did on the plaza involved incrementally spaced microphones and test firings. The time and money wasn't spent on testing each location that had been reported by witnesses. What they did was akin to creating just two spam filters for your email and then checking your spam folder. Of COURSE you are only going to find spam from two email addresses in there, you started out with an inherent bias against anything else!!!!

#2. I'll have to get the names right later, but one of NPIC guys that worked on the 16mm "Z film" (that had to be an edited and animated foreground and background mask as well as the alterations to what happened in the presidential limo) the Sunday night before the funeral said that Kennedy seemed to be reacting to at least 6 to 8 shots. He was immediately informed by the "Agents" that he wasn't there to offer opinions (in no uncertain terms!!!).

#3. When Robinson(sp?) was working on the restorative art on Kennedy's face, he had to keep wiping away the embalming fluid that would seep out of several small nicks in the president's right cheek. These were apparently from small slivers of glass from the windshield that had traveled along with the slug that was the throat shot. That slug was apparently removed through the tracheostomy incision on the way to Bethesda.

#4. Amazingly, the Gawler Funeral Home workers were allowed to sit in the gallery as Humes did the pre-autopsy butchery to Kennedy's head. It can't be stressed strongly enough how drastic and desperate these actions were. Kennedy left Dallas with a blowout in the right rear of his head that was about 35 square centimeters. (The "Orange Blob" in the Z film is no more reality than Godzilla. It's smoke and mirrors!!!!) Humes enlarged the defect by a factor of 5 to ~170 square centimeters! Robinson would later say, when he saw the photo of JFK with his scalp hanging down off the end of the table and all the damage showing, "They're making it look like the bullets did that. That's what the DOCTORS DID!.

#5. Crenshaw(?) in Dallas put Kennedy's loss of brain tissue at 1/3. At Bethesda, O'Neil(?) put the loss at 1/2... There was no time for finesse, I guess Hume's just cut away whatever it took to get the lion's share of bullet traces and fragments as fast as possible. Sibert and O'Neil only sent 2(?) fragments to the FBI. Someone in the gallery showed Robinson a vial before the official autopsy started with multiple fragments. When asked by the ARRB to put a number on it, Robinson said he felt safe in saying at least 8 to 10 fragments.

There's more, of course, but I need to go for now. I'll gladly continue this later. I've found some info regarding damage to the brain in the left temple.

Btw, Paul O'Conner(?) told the ARRB that because the Y incision had already been done and the lungs and abdomen eviscerated, the flexible probe that only went a tad farther than Hume's finger could be seen making a visible bump on the right pleural membrane. The "Magic Bullet" has to close to the top of the list when voting for the biggest pile of BS ever foisted on the American people!!!

To be continued...

posted on Feb, 5 2015 @ 10:11 PM
a reply to: CornShucker

Lots of good stuff there. I agree that there were a number of shooters in Dealey Plaza that day. It was a classical ambush. All the people involved felt that the shots to Kennedy's throat and Connelly were separated in time. Both the governor and his wife said that, and the Zapruder film shows a clear lag between Kennedy's reaction and Connelly's. There is evidence that Kennedy had more than one shot to the head as well. It seems that he was shot from behind a split second before he was hit with the devastating shot from the front. What's left of the Z film that seems to be authentic supports that.

Interesting that you tie the hole in the windshield to the throat wound, I've wondered about that myself but never heard anyone else make that connection. I've never even thought about the possibility that the throat would was enlarged by the bullet retrieval efforts. I just assumed it was done to try to make it look like an exit wound. And what about that piece of occipital bone found in Dealey Plaza that was somehow not missing in the autopsy photos? I read that his head had had some reconstructive work done with plaster I think. I remember reading long ago that the autopsy doctors stated at the beginning of the autopsy that surgery had already been done on Kennedy's head. Well, there was no surgery done at Parkland!

I still think that the most important evidence is the Parkland doctors testimony about the wounds that they observed. This was the only thing left before all the evidence was corrupted. I just finished Crenshaw's book and I am amazed that all those other doctors that were there turned against him after he wrote it. Well, not really, I guess they cared more for their careers or maybe even their lives than the truth. Their original testimony which backs up Crenshaw's story is still in the record though.

I was not aware of funeral home workers being present at the autopsy, or should I say the pre-autopsy. I also have never heard that Humes was responsible for any of the pre-autopsy work. I had always read that all of that was done on the plane (not air force one) before his body got to Bethesda. Anyway, I'm about pooped myself and not at all sure that I'm writing what I intended to at first. Thanks for getting me interested again in researching this most important issue. I don't know why I let it take a back burner for so long.

Just wanted to add before I go to bed, the most intriguing aspect to James Files story is how it ties in with much of the other facts that we've learned. And the fact that he was in prison for so long and nobody recalls him ever reading anything on the assassination so that he could make up a story. Also he didn't want to tell it and avoided the publicity over it. His tale is either true or someone scripted it for him to help muddy the waters.

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posted on Feb, 8 2015 @ 07:51 PM

originally posted by: CoriSCapnSkip
There is absolute, all anyone would want and more, indications of strong motivations on the part of all those agencies. As for Kennedy's political enemies, not so much, as they might have just waited for him to self-destruct through his own behavior and not confer martyr status on him, except of course for Lyndon Johnson who might well rightly figure that he was never gonna be elected in his own right, even without JFK around, much less with him, and the only way to get in office was to bump off the current president!

It has occurred to me recently that the old idiom leaves out another scenario... (Paraphrasing) All that is needed for Evil to triumph is for Evil men to take a step back and allow it to unfold.

I am not a violent person, but I am affected on a level I can't describe knowing that very comprehensive photographs (much more detailed and clear than the American people will ever be allowed to see) were taken for the benefit of those who'd come to gloat....

posted on Feb, 9 2015 @ 11:47 PM
a reply to: CornShucker

What happened to the alleged hospital photos showing what the Parkland doctors actually saw?

posted on Feb, 10 2015 @ 12:24 PM

originally posted by: CoriSCapnSkip
a reply to: CornShucker

What happened to the alleged hospital photos showing what the Parkland doctors actually saw?

As far as I am able to understand, they've never existed. (In other words, that's what we're expected to believe.)

They had their hands full just trying to save JFK's life. It's no wonder they missed smaller entrance wounds. I've been piecing together what I can on the days I've been able to be up and about.

As I mentioned earlier in this thread, one of the surgeons not invited to the ARRB deposition physically put his finger in an entrance wound in Kennedy's left temple (at Parkland). Then we have the drawing that Gawler Funeral home employee Robinson made to show the location of the entrance wound in the skull of the right temple. (My working theory at the moment is that this, indeed, is the shot fired by Files just as the head was knocked forward.) Also, we can't forget the entrance wound right at the upper right forehead that made the "V-Cut" by Humes necessary.

Give or take a tad one way or the other, this is what was almost universally seen at Parkland. (I think Agent Sibert even drew a dotted line around the wound during his ARRB deposition enlarging it.)

"-Although only in Trauma Room One for 3-5 minutes, she did see the head wound. After asking Dr. Perry “where is the wound,” she said he turned the President’s head slightly to the President’s anatomical left, so that she could see a right rear posterior head wound, which she described as occipital in both her oral remarks, and in her drawings; -She said she could see brain and spinal fluid coming out of the wound, but could not tell what type of brain tissue it was; -She said it was her recollection that the right side of the President’s head, and the top of his head, were intact, which is why she had to ask Dr. Perry where the wound was in the first place."(04/l 4/97 Summary of ARRB interview)

Just imagine being there at the moment Jeremy Gunn gave Dr. Boswell (who was under oath) a model (think wig stand with all the correct cranial sutures and such) to draw the amount of missing bone at the beginning of the autopsy! It's no wonder that Gunn and Horne had to struggle to keep a poker face.

This drawing does have a notation of something that I believe existed in Dallas but was understandably missed. There was a small entrance wound to the lower right of the blowout. One of the doctors (I think it was Boswell) became quite exited when one of the smaller "late arriving" skull fragments fit perfectly and completed the circular entrance wound.

I'm not sure at the moment who expressed surprise earlier in the thread, but notice the wedge shaped bone in the above pic with the yellow arrow.

As was mentioned earlier, as evidence was moved from one government entity to another this picture got relabeled along the way. The HSCA decided they were better able to discern the orientation of the photo than those at the autopsy.

The only good thing I have to say about this photo is that it does a fantastic job of showing one of the areas where a few quick stitches had been made to hold his scalp together long enough to get him back into the bronze casket and back out the door.

Let's include this one so everyone can see how they tried to explain all this:

The problem with the Braden/Dox diagram is that the cratering in the skull is OUT not in!

Now let's do an "Honesty Check". (I searched for any copyright statements on this image and couldn't find any. No infringement is intended.)

Testimony from various witnesses and participants in the autopsy said that the president's entire skull was very malleable. By the time the official autopsy started, virtually every bone (include his face) had been broken. What skull remained attached to the scalp could easily be manipulated. The ARRB showed Mr. Stringer the autopsy photos in the archive and he showed them physical characteristics of the materials (such as film type, the way they were developed, etc.) that convinced him that he had never taken them. One of the reasons the photos above are of such poor quality and confusing is that the ARRB determined that it is a virtual certainty that they were taken after the official autopsy had ended and Agents Sibert and O'Neil had left. Mr. Knudsen was a social photographer. His job had been to take family photos for the presidents or at official functions. He wasn't familiar with autopsy procedures and how to use the equipment on hand for the usual far, medium and up close photos that were usually Mr. Stringer's job.

One more thing before I go for a while. I think this does a good job of showing the dishonesty at play by the HSCA.

This is the original orientation of the photo above.

This is the same photo including what you hadn't been allowed to see!

It's pretty obvious that the section of skull to the left has been pulled over toward the president's right ear. Mr. Knudsen's focus is pretty crappy, but you can see JFK's hair going UNDER the section with the exit wound...

Placed back where it belonged, the exit wound lines up with the Files shot and the "found" wedge shaped fragment above would fit just right to reveal a small high velocity exit wound. Notice how they combed his hair over to minimize the massive amount of slicing and dicing that went on before the autopsy. I'm extremely close to forming the opinion that the president was hit by three nearly simultaneous shots. If Files actually did fire some kind of explosive round, it may have followed the path of least resistance, the blowout from the two shots (left temple and high right forehead) that hit tiny fractions of a second sooner.

One last thing, Nobody that witnessed the official autopsy saw the metal stand under Kennedy's head. The morgue had a rubber chock for that purpose.

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posted on Feb, 10 2015 @ 01:49 PM

originally posted by: bucsarg
A question for you CornShuker. I would appreciate your thoughts on the James Files interview where Files stated he was the shooter at the grassy knoll.

a reply to: CornShucker

I'm glad you pointed me in that direction. Once I had a bit of extra money I bought the home use MP4s for a closer look.

The complete, unedited confession interview didn't even budge my "BS meter". My gut feeling is that Files is telling the truth.

The other video, "The Grassy Knoll, had me sitting with hair up on my arms and my head spinning. I got that old familiar feeling again. The documentary they are selling has more of the spray with he head shot. It's still got the back of the head blacked out and the "Orange Blob", but it would definitely be more than one film frame.

It's a bit depressing, but I've come to the conclusion that until we can find out for sure what was done to the Z film we're just dogs chasing our tails. It is of extremely limited value as a research tool.

Watching brought back the way I felt the first time I watched a clip on YT. Seeing the "Orange Blob" that so many accept as fact is impossible for me. I'm not just talking about the fact that I know Kennedy only had entry wounds from the front and the top of his head had NOT been blown off. I'm not sure where or when, but my gut tells me that I've seen a version somewhere along the way that doesn't show the "OB".

I wonder where all the people that believe in the YT version think the "OB" went on the way to Parkland. Something that nasty would not retract into two (or three) entry wounds, it just defies logic that this happened but the doctors at Parkland saw nothing even close... One of the nurses had time to check for injuries while waiting for some men to lift him on a gurney. The only wound she could see with the way he way laying was the throat wound. (Btw, his tie was never hit by an entering missile or an exiting missile. The nicks and tears were caused by the nurses using scalpels to get the president's clothes off once on the table. This was SOP.)
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posted on Feb, 10 2015 @ 02:05 PM
Upon my review of the Files interview I did not have a feeling he was bsing. It's the reason I wanted your opinion. Glad I could be somewhat helpful to you. Take care if yourself.

a reply to: CornShucker

posted on Feb, 10 2015 @ 02:16 PM
May be off line for a day or two. Thought I'd share a couple of links I found.

AARC Public Library Contents - ARRB Medical Testimony

Tremendous resource... Testimony of the doctors, official photographer, x-ray technicians and FBI Agents Sibert & O'Neil are in downloadable PDF form. You can download these and read at your leisure rather than me being restricted to providing multiple links and excerpts that are limited to two paragraphs per the ATS policy on plagiarism...

ARRB Master Set of Medical Exhibits

Another treasure trove of info going back as far as the Warren Commission. All are in PDF downloadable format. HSCA, Clark Panel, The Warren Commission and much, much more.

This site has 250+ PDFs that you can either view online or download.

posted on Feb, 10 2015 @ 06:06 PM

originally posted by: CoriSCapnSkip
There seem to have been three copies made of the Zapruder film, and the original was not altered. This was very enlightening.

(It's taken me this long to get around to finishing this section of Horne's Volume IV because it is highly technical and I just wasn't capable of reading anything complicated and having it stick. This round of cluster headaches rivals the migraines I had as a teen. There was always a spot in my lower left vision that if I held my arm out straight and pointed my fingers up, when my hand was moved into that spot I couldn't see it. I had a blind spot in my vision. That was always the advanced warning that I had 15 minutes or less to find somewhere dark, cool and quiet to lay flat on my back 'til it passed.)

One more before I go for awhile...

First and foremost, thank you for the link. I'd have never seen it had you not posted it.

That said, there are a few things you need to know. Mr. Zavada is probably a nice guy and he was drawn out of retirement in order to take on this task. Sadly, the USA Today article is one more puff piece to lull the sheep. To read the way it's worded the impression is given that there will always be "conspiracy buffs/nuts" that just don't know when to "let go"...

"When the Zapruder film was first sent to Washington, it went to the National Photographic Interpretation Center, a top CIA facility designed when we began doing satellite reconnaissance. Consequently, they handled it as a top- secret item. Why would you take murder investigation evidence and make it top secret?"

The central goal of the ARRB was to declassify every piece of evidence, and to set a strict time limit on those that they decided should remain classified.

"The few records that remained sealed will be released in about a year and a half, and we'll see what was there," Zavada said. "I know some of what was there, and none of it is going to be too significant or upsetting."

We need to step back and ask. "What is wrong with this picture?"

By the time Zavada was brought on board Jeremy Gunn had changed in outlook (largely because of what he perceived as a betrayal on the part of Horne). He now thought in terms of the politics and what has become popular in use lately, 'the visual' of any challenge to the status quo on the part of Horne.

Some parts of this volume are just too complicate...

I'll try to keep it simple. When the women working at Mr. Zapruder's shop were in hysterics over the "men" with drawn weapons that had shown up, it became clear that the camera and film weren't going to be allowed to sit in Mr. Zapruder's office safe.

So began a busy afternoon/early evening of a car full of people and Mr. Zapruder, Mr. Schwartz (Zapruder's business partner), two uniformed Dallas policemen, Harry McCormack (Dallas Morning News) and Forrest Sorrels the Special Agent In Charge of the Dallas Secret Service Office. McCormack thought that his employers, WFAA, could develop the film but it turned out they didn't have equipment that could develop anything but B&W.

I should have mentioned earlier that Mr. Zapruder had very wisely done NOTHING with the tremendously important bit of history that he had filmed. When he hit *STOP* after the motorcade he neither rewound his film or took it out of his camera.

It was 'film the motorcade', put it in the safe, obey and go with the men with the guns to get it developed and then Mr. Zapruder got stuck doing a live impromptu interview for the station. The stop proved not to be wasted time, though. He was not only directed to the Eastman Kodak plant in Dallas but also got to have a short talk with Phil Willis (who was also trying to get his slides developed).

When they got to the Dallas Kodak facility the employees should be applauded for treating the film with the kind of caution and professionalism it deserved. They were the first to touch what would become the "Z Film". SAIC Sorrels made himself just one more problem to an already tense situation, to the point of violating company protocol and entering the darkroom interfering with the technicians that had already been told what the film likely documented and how important it was. We may take it for granted now, but back then developing a movie film was light-years removed from write-protecting an SDHC card and sticking it in your pocket. The Kodak employees were greatly relieved when he was called away because of Oswald's arrest.

When Mr. Zapruder requested that three copies be made, he learned that his exodus was not over. He was referred to the Jamieson Company, a lab which had the ability to make contact prints. They explained that, once exposed, the contact prints would have to be returned to the Kodak lab for developing.

Since they already knew that the J lab's contact printers weren't built to accommodate 8mm film, Kodak at first DID NOT slit the film (the SOP).

*** For those of you that haven't been following this thread, here's a refresher. The old Super 8 film was similar to the layout of audio cassettes. If you have a 4-track recorder (like my Fostex X-15) it isn't/wasn't necessary to ruin your phono needle to check songs that supposedly contained backward masking. When listening to a commercial audio tape (can we say Led-Zep, boys and girls?), all that was necessary to have the side of the cassette that didn't have "Stairway To Heaven" on it and turn down track 1 & 2. Turn up track 3 & 4 and you'll quickly find why urban legends are such a waste of time. Your efforts would be much better spent with track "Number Nine" off the Beatles' White Album. There is nothing ambiguous about the, "Turn Me On, Deadman...".

8mm film was the same basic idea with the exception that, after developing, it was slit down the center and Side B was attached to the tail end of Side A. (as per Kodak's SOP)***

While Zapruder and crew (minus reporter McCormick) were on the next leg of their adventure, Kodak and Jamieson lab staff consulted on the optimum strategy for a quality product.

Zapruder insisted on being in the darkroom in order to assure there were no unauthorized copies of his priceless video.

They then needed to make yet one more trip to Kodak who (around 8pm) to have the three first day copies were developed and slit as per Kodak SOP.

The fly in the ointment is the way Mr. Zavada went about doing the job he'd accepted.

Although my 'career' in IT only last, technically, a bit less than four years, I would have been shown the door in short order had I gone about my job with the attitude that Mr. Zavada did.

If I were a homicide detective and I started my investigation by taking a picture of the victim and then kept coming back repeatedly to the major figures in the case and pointing to characteristics of the crime that conflicted with their memory and pointed out (though not mentioning I'd been the deciding agent of indecision and change) that others had reconsidered their recollections and changed their minds, I'd be doing an unforgivable disservice to not only the victim but everyone that loved or cared for them as well.

To be continued...

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posted on Feb, 10 2015 @ 07:55 PM
I am only revisiting this because of how long it took me to feel well enough to read Horne's chapter on this.

I'm sure some of you are familiar with this, but it's an important enough of a topic to go over for the uninitiated...

The "Puff Piece" in the USA Today link makes it sound like to only ones that disagree with mister Zavada are conspiracy nut jobs, nothing could be further than the truth. The section of Horne's Volume IV that addresses his work and the assertions in the Zavada Report are highly technical. It makes "Lifton's Best Evidence" look like light reading!

Let's put it this way:

#!. By the time the investigation into the authenticity of the Z film came around, Jeremy Gunn was no longer a curious General Counsel. He saw the termination deadline coming up, was aware of the ARRB's limited budget and most of all felt that Mr. Horne had committed the unforgivable sin of trying to go over his head before the clock ran out.

#2. Even though,at this point, the ARRB knew that something extremely odd had gone on with the Z film on the weekend of the assassination and before the funeral, they chose the very same company that ran the CIA film lab in New York that according to SSA "Bill Smith" had developed film in Rochester and had quietly conducted a compartmentalized clandestine operation at NPIC just the night before but with a different crew. Homer McMahon, head of NPIC Color Lab in 1963, was told that the film SSA "Bill Smith" brought there Sunday night was because NPIC had the SOTA enlarging capabilities that Rochester didn't. (The film he worked on was a 16mm color film that shouldn't have existed. Also, he had no way of knowing that Dino Brugioni's, Chief Information Officer, crew had been up all night Saturday working on an 8mm Z film, complete with stopwatch timing between key frames.)

#3. Gunn allowed himself to be seduced by the fact that Kodak offered to pull Zavada out of retirement and provide his services pro bono.

#4. There are many oddities to the existing "original" in the National Archives and ALL of the so-called copies!!!

I'll close the day with this example:

Zavada went back and used what we have now to gradually erode the confidence of those who had been responsible for all that precious film that day.

If he managed to get close to a phenomenon that runs for many frames in the Z film, but he could only produce those results under lab conditions for a frame or two, he considered that a success.

To me, to most unforgivable of all...

With anniversary coming up, Horne (reasonably in my opinion) suggested that since Zavada had claimed that no two devices were alike and the Z camera was already in Dealey Plaza at the 6th Floor Museum, that test film be shot at the right time of day from the same spot where Mr. Zapruder had stood in order to show whether or not the anomalies were device specific.

Gunn responded like a good politician, "What reasons can you give me to perform such a film test that have nothing to do with authenticity?" His priority wasn't getting to the TRUTH, it was about avoiding the headline, "Review Board doubts authenticity of the Zapruder film; conducts controversial tests in Dealey Plaza."

The compromise was pathetic and I'm going to jump ahead a bit.

After much discussion, animosity & (imo) sabotage, the "compromise" decided by Mr. Gunn was to have Mr. Zavada load one of the 2nd hand double 8mm cameras he's bought and ship it to the ARRB. It was decided that Tom Samoluk, the ARRB Deputy Director & Communications Director, would do a test film since he'd be there November 22nd on ARRB business anyway. When he tried to test the night before in his hotel room, he found that the camera had "jammed" on him.

It was only later that the true problem was diagnosed. Mr. Zavada, the very same man tasked with proving the authenticity of one of the most important rolls of film in History, apparently didn't feel the necessity to let Mr. Samoluk know that, since there was NO battery, the camera had to be wound before use...

For more on NPIC the weekend of the assassination, you can go Here.

posted on Feb, 10 2015 @ 08:04 PM

originally posted by: bucsarg
Upon my review of the Files interview I did not have a feeling he was bsing. It's the reason I wanted your opinion. Glad I could be somewhat helpful to you. Take care if yourself.

a reply to: CornShucker

I freely admit to my ignorance with weapons. I used to try my luck on our groundhogs because they'd very wisely chosen Dad's bee tree for their base of operations...

My experience is limited to a very generic single shot .22 bolt action that Mom has in storage somewhere.

I was shocked to go to YT and find out how close the Remington X-100 was to AR-15. I would have loved to had one of those when I was stalking groundhogs.

May not have helped... Dent??? I never even put nick in their population!

posted on Feb, 10 2015 @ 09:04 PM
I hope this burst of energy isn't something I've seen many, many times. If you work with livestock or are a vet. I'll say no more, tempting Fate at worst is very foolish. It may mean nothing, but if you are the one in 375.2 million what difference does it make to you?

One of the things that bugs me about the existing Z film is how many people I've talked to that acknowledged internally the unreal quality of the "Glide" downhill on Elm but never voiced their doubts to anyone. I swear it's almost like there's some subliminal suggestion in there to keep your mouth shut or you might labeled some kind of nut!

I've always loved music. I never had the chance to become involved in film. It was particularly satisfying, though, to have a song that had nine layers to it and have someone remark on a part that I knew was on the bottom layer. This was before multi-track recorders were within the range of 'weekend warriors' like me.

Back then I had two identical TEAC decks and one Pioneer. Just as the discussion about Zapruder's camera brought out the fact that not all B&H cameras were the same, I had to label every cassette that had a "keeper" on it because TEAC apparently decided that, since their target market weren't dogs, variations of fractions of a pitch were acceptable. "Play your store-bought tape, if you want perfect pitch spend the money!"

This picture reminded me of the tapes I used to make. It's also most definitely on topic because it is a shining example of just how early Reality and Perceived Reality began to change. (I LOVED the idea that I could pre-plan a guitar part and not have to go through all that ego crap that comes with playing music...)

As I've said before, the only things that have kept me going this long are Irony and Humor...

First time I saw it, the "Eastman" was like a shining beacon.

The Z film HAS to be dependable?? A little note about the above picture...
Picture From:

No cut lines visible (in today's lingo -- matte lines) film density even across all 10 image pieces which make up this one image. Quite a feat for those day's. Any Zapruder alteration would require the mixing of 5 maybe 6 sources TOPS! You think we had the technology, techniques, craftsmanship and the folks that could pull off the Zapruder Film alteration in 1963-64? The picture your looking at was composed 4 years prior to the CIVIL WAR, that's correct, 1858.

An interesting site, indeed, and please bear in mind that this is a website done by someone showing what they've been "allowed" to know. As Dino Brugioni enthusiastically proclaimed, "Hawkeye could do ANYTHING if you're talking about doing it with film!"

How It Could Have Been Done!

posted on Feb, 10 2015 @ 10:41 PM
I would like to know why, after all this time and tax money, the American citizens are required to either make a reservation and spend (what for us) is a considerable amount of money to view the archived materials that we not only paid to validate, sort and preserve but have the inarguable right to examine due to the contract between our government and ourselves.

Having a panel like the ARRB release a final report that makes a bowl of cold pablum look appealing only serves to show the American People that the country/government we were promised growing up disappeared in a cloud of detritus, gristle, bodily fluids and pulverized brain matter on Friday, November 22, 1963 at 12:30 p.m.

I wonder on a daily basis why I should believe anything I'm told. The message sent that day went out Loud & Clear, "We Giveth & We Can Taketh Away. Either way, you can''t Touch us!"

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posted on Feb, 22 2015 @ 11:42 AM

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And what about that piece of occipital bone found in Dealey Plaza that was somehow not missing in the autopsy photos? I read that his head had had some reconstructive work done with plaster I think.
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Wanted to get a bit of a reply out to you.

Gawler Funeral Home employee, Tom Robinson, did the restorative art on Kennedy. It was good enough that remarks were made at the morgue about a possible open casket. In spite of this, JFK had to have his face turned slightly toward his right because of the missing bone at the rear of his head.

The pictures of a supposedly complete scalp were almost certainly taken after FBI Agents Sibert & O'Neil left. In otherwords, after the official autopsy was over.

The drawing done by Ida Dox of the autopsy photo of the back of JFK's head is very deceptive to the eye, although I don't believe that she intentionally ever meant to pull the wool over anyone's eyes. The photo shows much more clearly the delineation between wet and dry scalp. Once again, they were using illusion to their advantage. There was much work ahead as far as preparing the back of the head for the funeral so it was a simple matter to create a flap of scalp to pull over and fool the eye.

Here's another site with a mountain of info (including the Harper fragment):

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Yes I read about the restorative art performed and I know that they were thinking about an open casket. The family didn't want to I believe after seeing the body. I know Jackie said that it didn't look anything like him.

I've read a lot of different theories about all the shenanigans that took place between Parkland and the autopsy, but I'm not sure what I believe. I've heard everything from reconstruction to JFK's head before his body got to Bethesda to reconstructive work being done at the autopsy, to faking the pictures and X-rays, to using J.D. Tippit's body in place of JFK and doing work on his face so it looked more like Kennedy's. The only thing I'm sure of that makes all the difference in ever being able to know what happened is that the chain of evidence was broken when the SS illegally took JFK's body at Parkland.

Oh, and thanks for the link, I'll be looking at that directly.

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originally posted by: CornShucker
I would like to know why, after all this time and tax money, the American citizens are required to either make a reservation and spend (what for us) is a considerable amount of money to view the archived materials that we not only paid to validate, sort and preserve but have the inarguable right to examine due to the contract between our government and ourselves.

Having a panel like the ARRB release a final report that makes a bowl of cold pablum look appealing only serves to show the American People that the country/government we were promised growing up disappeared in a cloud of detritus, gristle, bodily fluids and pulverized brain matter on Friday, November 22, 1963 at 12:30 p.m.

I wonder on a daily basis why I should believe anything I'm told. The message sent that day went out Loud & Clear, "We Giveth & We Can Taketh Away. Either way, you can''t Touch us!"

No, that's not when it happened, that's just when everyone got their wakeup call, sat up, and began to take notice. The shadow government began taking over at least during the Roosevelt administration with incidents before the big one at Roswell. Eisenhower was the last president to have and invoke real authority. Nixon also had some degree of knowledge and access but knew like all of them what not to reveal. Kennedy tried to have authority and control and we all see where it got him.

posted on Feb, 22 2015 @ 10:12 PM
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You know, I'd say it was even before that. I think things were in motion to go the way they have for a long time. It's just that once the movement started to get momentum it really started taking off. That's why we see more change over the later years.

posted on Feb, 23 2015 @ 11:01 PM
Great thread.

George H.W. Bush, with a heavy dose of LBJ.

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