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I thought discriminating based on race was illegal?

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posted on May, 20 2003 @ 05:09 PM
[url=][/ url]

Most Americans didn't know these types of programs went on.

posted on May, 21 2003 @ 09:31 AM

Originally posted by DClark
Most Americans didn't know these types of programs went on.

Perhaps "most Americans under age 30" didn't know these types of programs were going on, but most of us over 40 certainly know about it. These are the stepchildren of the Civil Rights movement, and are designed to help bring about a bit more equality.

For an example, I'm sure you never thought about the fact that men's sports get many times the amount of funding (sometimes up to 90% more) that women's sports programs do. Even when women's teams win and are popular, the money still goes to failing men's teams rather than to the women's teams.

There are many areas of society where a little "leveling" needs to be done.

Right now, the question of "has there been enough of this to bring the field to an even surface for everyone in the United States" hasn't been answered. Racial discrimination still goes on in housing and other areas (not in the middle income and upper income levels, but at the lowest -- where landlords will often ignore the requests of anyone who isn't well educated, who doesn't have English as a first language, or who is of a different race than the landlord themselves.)

It's a LOT better than it was, but there's still lots of unaddressed areas. In this case, it might have been an excuse to get rid of some courses that they knew were losing money but were afraid to drop for fear they'd have legal action against them.

posted on May, 21 2003 @ 09:54 AM
These are "weasel word" issues, D-C: meaningless anywhere, and fit only for politicians and drivelling liberals.
What is "discrimination": it merely means "choosing": to treat everyone "equally (another weasel word) is as discriminatory as to treat them unequally.
To treat people better than others is as discriminatory as to treat them worse.
"Race" is effectively meaningless except as a liberal euphemism for "colour".
"based on": what does that mean?
"illegal" how, why, what? "criminally", "civilly"
Go to any international airport - nationals face different procedures from those non-nationals face.
Is that "racial discrimination"?
Sheer drivel and gibberish - to be avoided: there is nothing intelligent to be said.
It's called politics.

posted on May, 21 2003 @ 09:56 AM
Words are the barrier between you and the monkeys: respect words; treat them well.

posted on May, 23 2003 @ 10:48 PM
Here's an example of these programs going to far though. Local town not far from me, low on safety forces needs to hire. The can afford 4 fireman, but the first one has to be black.It's costly, because to fulfill the needs they are paying overtime and of course dangerous not to have enough staff.

Anyway, thought I would share.

posted on May, 24 2003 @ 09:30 AM
Oh, speaking of race. Hear in I believe florida? Blacks protesting a literacy test to graduate highschool. You have to get 40% or higher and have five chances to pass it. They say it is discriminating to them. Why? If you aren't literate, why do you deserve a highschool diploma?

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