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Texas Mom's 'Thanks a Lot' letter to Obama goes viral

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posted on Nov, 22 2013 @ 01:38 AM



reply to post by snarky412

Wahhh. Cry me a river. I think most HUMANS not just Americans have done this.

I'm not pro Obama,but it's getting old.I thought about actually responding to that letter and putting that person in their place,but the effort isn't worth it. My post probably would've been deleted.

Glad to know you where you stand on this.

Being as Obamacare just started up, many people are just now finding out the predicament that it is going to put them in.
Loss of current plan...
More money being paid out...

And a president who intentionally deceived the public about all of this.
[unless he didn't know himself, which is equally as bad if not worse IMO]

No big deal tho...*sigh*

No,that I can agree with.Obamacare is ridiculous and I don't agree with it. I was just venting about the fact that too many AMericans blame everyone else for their situation.Instead of finding a solution to THEIR problem.That's what i was getting at.

And I agree with you

Shifting responsibility seems to be the norm, but our fearless leader Obama is the worst when it comes to 'passing the buck' and not facing the music.
He is a master illusionist at dodging accountability.

As I'm sure you've heard/read about by now. LOL.

Much respect~

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