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"Hardcore Alien Contact Believer"

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posted on Nov, 17 2013 @ 11:33 PM
reply to post by KellyPrettyBear

The issue is that if you do not believe in nothing as you had stated, then you do not even believe in yourself... how on earth anything that you have to say after statement that can be taken seriously ? That was my main point...

If you have no beliefs you also do not have nothing to fight for, no aspirations no goals. So I dare state that everybody believes in something and the ones that are worth noticing and listening is those that try to defend what they believe in, even if one disagrees with it. Because no one has the monopoly of what reality is the best we can do is work together in puzzling it all out and be opened to hear anyone that can provide a better rational or view point over something that we even may believe to be BS. One should aim to be inclusive to all view points but at the same time one needs not internalize all existing beliefs as their own.

I do not believe in the reptilians but I accept that some people do. Since I'm not omniscient and all knowing and I'm fully aware of human limitations, I have to admit that there may be something valid on those claims and so I developed my own rationalization for that fact.

I accept that there is an alien presence on Earth (some evidences for it suffices for me to accept that as valid), now as they are here and we do not have official contact acknowledged and due to the lack of proper action and transparency that goes beyond criminal behavior and incompetence the fallowing is one of the strongest possibility. That our society has been infiltrated by those entities.

I can only contextualize those sets of beliefs on this type of frame and doing so I can at least relate to some part of the meme, and I can incorporate some of it on my own belief system, even if I dislike the label, well not as much as calling these entities demons or angels, but I'll gladly add ultra-dimensional beings to the list of possibilities...
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posted on Nov, 17 2013 @ 11:52 PM
reply to post by Panic2k11

Ah! You are referring to belief in a somewhat non-dictionary way.
You are talking about believing in a CAUSE.
I was discussing belief in the strict scientific sense.

In that sense, I believe in ALL SORTS of things.

I believe in honesty, and beauty and doing one's best.
I believe in faithfulness and loyalty.
I believe in standing up for the weak and confused.

The list could go on for a page.


posted on Nov, 18 2013 @ 12:03 AM
reply to post by KellyPrettyBear

belief in the strict scientific sense

There is no belief involved in science, science is the result of a consensus about verifiable facts. Science is the destroyer of beliefs, as you need not believe in something that goes fully and honesty through the scientific process. You just accept it as reality or not.

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posted on Nov, 18 2013 @ 02:04 AM
Exactly why nothing regarding other beings should be claimed as a fact. However, there is plenty of space in the form of documents (most still not released but by various researchers or even part of them disclosed) to consider it a possibility.

posted on Nov, 18 2013 @ 06:55 AM

reply to post by KellyPrettyBear

Wow so reality is you are really a very pessimistic person, who knew lol. I certainly thought the opposite. I too think this should have been a pm. It is hard to do this stuff on tablet lol.

The Bot

Pessimistic ? why ? Because he states that the vast majority of phenomena are down to earth and explainable. It's called reality! Something sadly lacking round here at times.

I'm an optimist. I believe there is Alien life in the universe and we will crack the faster than light problem in order to be able to visit them. However, I am still waiting for the evidence they are visiting us that consists of more than 4 pixels of white light on a black sky taken with a shakey camera!!

posted on Nov, 18 2013 @ 11:27 AM

reply to post by Unity_99

That thread you referenced was very chaotic and I don't know
how many pages of it I'd have to read through, to get even a
glimmer of value from it. However you presumably have
studied it.

Can you present 3 cogent points from that entire thread and
explain why those points are something highly worth

Just so you don't misunderstand, I'm giving you a space to
to shine on this... you have displayed immense beauty
in some of your threads.. beauty of an emotional /
devotional hue which I dearly appreciate.


I ground on that thread, it takes me down to earth and calms illusions or speculations. Because its like walking into his room where he is imparting extra knowledge, and sitting there having a coffee with a hero who went through some crapola here, to get to the point of putting out his message, though he says he didn't and its freely given, its like he was called in to help others who should be doing the work they came to do, to start to do it. I know that, so it settles me down immediately. And yet, never do I agree wholeheartedly with someones stance on a few things, nor are we even supposed to, but its the overall. And there is more to that story, it involves another "avatar" and even more information, but I think they're in the same camp so to speak.

The way to read that is to go to his notes only. But also if you search his name, Lou Baldin, you get his website and he gives free readings/chapters of his books, also on his facebook. And also, some have already compiled his information, pdf'd it so to speak. That makes a short cut.

But I like having more control, over potential editting. So I like the original thread, and then chose to read mostly his answers but certain posts of my choosing along with him.

Another poster that fits in with this is ET_MAN, so much similar. And you have to get past the "vehicle" for his big thread, into all the metaphoric meanings of doom. I spent more than 1000 hours in chats with him and over a hundred in voice chats, and he couldn't give answers, some answers yes, but the other ones were more challenges, what was gravity? what is the sun? what is time? what is infinity? And he kept nudging until Higher Self directly stepped in, and then I got a series of downloads.

It like stepping stones. We don't come in alone, there is always the next step. Another door opens and more growth.

We never did see eye to eye on all things, and that isn't going to work. At one point he said, he thought I didn't come from a past life but came in from Home basically to help perhaps my family through, but I have memories so can't agree with that, but don't agree with some of the karmic and lower denominator reasoning and the full actions of the middle management here, but see it all as levels of delegation or bigger tests, they're in their own tests so to speak from Source.

Family is love. At a certain point he started to say to me, Family would want to do such a thing, ie. save everyone and have a perfect plan, but alas there is free will.

The last thing he wrote when to me in a chat before he disappeared was, that Lou has most of the answers, so pushing me that way, and also, that what I always push for, everyone being safe in the end, no such things as shredders and silly stuff or reformatting or turning the Persons inside of us, into cosmic soup. He said, a Loving heart never gives up on anyone. Of course not!

These last parts are all about ET_MAN, who is like Lou's brother....They both use term Pixie Dust and lot more.

What Dreams May Come I'm Sorry, Babe

If earth is the metaphoric hell, then many come in, lower frequency, risk getting stuck for a while, and forgetting, to get family out. Doesn't mean we have all the answers and are from home. We're infinite, and all these facets of ourselves, like an infinite diamond, perhaps some still murky different densities of self, striving to perfect. One metaphor. In any case I know from whence I came, that it was eutopia, no one would harm each ohter, if someone could break down tired, cranky and get upset, it wouldn't activate a huge fight but family cluster around to heal you to give you rest, to assist, to help share your burden/thoughts. This planet is insane. But did a part of the other portions of me come in with the lower portion, or do I have more access to the fuller me? There are many ways it could happen, prefer to see me as a dandelion and everyone as a dandelion. Common average nearly weed, BUT, dandelions have secrets, they're starseeds....So some like to say, oh no they're just dirt, and I go, no everyone is a wonderful dandelion, so much more than they think, but equal nonetheless.
Could say snowflakes, a field of wheat, or numerous other things. But I do have access to home, some memories.

Anyway, sometimes I read his posts with more look into what he's saying, its like he says it so it could be taken different ways. And then I always envision this military presence trying to clip his wings so he can't come right out with it. Such was the case with ET_MAN. He got death threats. I wrote to the guy and said to stop it, that when someone is doing good and opening the tiny box they're shoving people in, Higher Self protects. Then I got a threatened. As if any dark hat could even begin to threaten me. Coffee's on, the line will be drawn, and hero or zero lecture of their lives coming up. But back down, be silenced, never.
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posted on Nov, 18 2013 @ 11:30 AM
reply to post by Unity_99

Alright. His energy speaks to you. Got it.

posted on Nov, 18 2013 @ 11:53 AM
reply to post by KellyPrettyBear

His energy, but his material is right on in much of it. ET_MAN's too. I link those two because they are the most outstanding, and similar.

Never in my life did I witness a repression of info like on ET_MAN's threads from willing to make videos and telling me what threads he had in the works, to having to deal with a full scale repression, yanking the videos, and going the religious route, towards the end asking me to pull posts on his own thread, that were quotes from the beginning of his thread and telling me they were off topic.....Um.. how is your own posts from your own thread at its early stages, off topic towards its end. I said, NO WAY, though in the end did it becausse threats are threats I guess. I said, I will never allow them to put humanity into boxes.

It was also quite interesting that Project Camelot was going to interview Sleeper, and ET_MAN wrote and said he had some messages from them as well, around the same time, but in the end for both of them it fell through, and ET_MAN said, because Kerry is into the law of one, which of course we're all infinite parts of infinity.

Religions (as opposed to Spirituality/Metaphysics and even IMO Christ's real message) is about putting humanity in boxes and it is their main vehicle of control so they are like rapid dogs when you challenge, the gatekeepers. And I want to nard them!

Take this PTB and your gate keepers, coffee's on but boy let the nardings begin. Hope you wake up limping, yeah and that will be me and a score of angels. May the FORCE be with us!

Balls of Steel - The Ultimate Nutshot

Sleeper's/Lou Baldin's already has some mitiary boot camp feel, but he expands beyond, but they're always trying to curtail info. Like shredders, what crapola. Dog eat dog, right winged crapola, when Family is THE equality, and that is just dad's energy, he's forgotten all about MOM's and what it takes to raise healthy children.
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posted on Nov, 18 2013 @ 12:08 PM
The thing is, they want us to believe that people are going to perish, ie, shredders. Well if they're AI, and just some function that isn't needed, without feelings or identity, like a toaster, then perhaps they do get shredded, if that is what renegades are, AI catalysts or virus's. Like agent smith in the matrix.

However, the idea of shredding, permanent hell, and all sorts of things.....We All Come In With Bungee Cords. We Would Never Come In Otherwise.

No HIGHER UP/DAD/MOM would ever say to his 2 year old, you have free will, go along and play now. Hope you don't stand in traffic!

They would be unfit parents.

Just realize what Love is, especially MORE LOVE THAN YOU CAN EVEN IMAGINE, turn up the dial on love into expanded consciousness, 100's of thousands of times it size, and a Mother's Love, hundred's of thousands of times its size, and you'd pretty well throw all the dark crapola in religions and harsh judgments out the window forever. In fact like me, who has a sense of remembering the equality and love and sensitivity of home, you'd be speaking up and saying, That is Bearing False Witness Against God/Goodness/Mom and Dad, so stop it!

And then start to have some faith, real faith in real Love and the real Good Team up there.

And yes there are really Good Ets too, even if some of them need to be reminded to turn the dial up on their love as well.
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posted on Nov, 18 2013 @ 12:41 PM
THis is how Benevolents, ETs, Family and even us when we see our familiies in hardship.

"For being so wonderful a guy would chose hell over heaven to be around you...."

What Drems May Come

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