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"Ra" and the Three Threads of the Mystic

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posted on Nov, 17 2013 @ 09:57 PM
reply to post by Unity_99

I also thought of the same thing lately that Israel does not mean a country
just a symbolism for people who start to awake.
Even if they wake up, they can always go back to sleep if they "break the law" by worshipping idols, allowing themselves to be enslaved by "the authorities", etc

In bible "the authorities" are represented as countries like Babylon, etc, but in real life they can be our siblings who act as "the rulers" or "boss",
if we think we are lower than them, we are the slaves to them
and if we think we are higher than them, we are the slaves to ego (satan)

"break the law" in this case i would say "giving power" to others

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posted on Nov, 17 2013 @ 10:27 PM
reply to post by dodol

Indeed, they were. In the religions and cultures, they were icons or symbols. Most of the ancient European Head figures shared many similarities.

The Hewbew God "Yah Weh" is heavily emphasized on this, which is why it is titled "Jealous God" in some contexts, although not the actual meaning of the name.

While Easterners were more to the Divine and mythical beast approaches. Dragons and Oni's(Ogres). Although they did share some similarities to the Egyptians. Like the Chinese Emperor, or Pharaohs being incarnations of Ra, or a Dragon.

Also the Aztecs share the Father being dethroned by his son, or vying for power trying to get the throne. Quetzalcoatl was the Aztec sun god, and his name is feathered serpent, while Ra the Sun God, he get chased by a Serpent named "Atep".

Funny resemblances, or ironic in some ways. Being on ether sides of the world.
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posted on Nov, 17 2013 @ 11:26 PM
I've always thought Seneca was Luke, since reading his works. And here is something:

Seneca on the shortness of life:

The majority of mortals, Paulinus, complain bitterly of the spitefulness of Nature, because we are born for a brief span of life, because even this space that has been granted to us rushes by so speedily and so swiftly that all save a very few find life at an end just when they are getting ready to live. Nor is it merely the common herd and the unthinking crowd that bemoan what is, as men deem it, an universal ill; the same feeling has called forth complaint also from men who were famous. It was this that made the greatest of physicians exclaim that "life is short, art is long;" it was this that led Aristotle, while expostulating with Nature, to enter an indictment most unbecoming to a wise man - that, in point of age, she has shown such favour to animals that they drag out five or ten lifetimes, but that a much shorter limit is fixed for man, though he is born for so many and such great achievements. It is not that we have a short space of time, but that we waste much of it. Life is long enough, and it has been given in sufficiently generous measure to allow the accomplishment of the very greatest things if the whole of it is well invested. But when it is squandered in luxury and carelessness, when it is devoted to no good end, forced at last by the ultimate necessity we perceive that it has passed away before we were aware that it was passing.

Paul...!!! Luke and Paul!!!???

Anyway, thats very interesting.
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posted on Nov, 18 2013 @ 02:59 AM
reply to post by Unity_99

Wow, very interesting! Some Christians don't like Paul but I find he says the most humbling stuff.

He says Christ had given us Freedom so that we will not be a slave to the body but serve others through The Spirit.

"There was a messenger of Satan (demon) piercing my body as a thorn. I asked God to take it away from me 3 times and God said 'my grace is sufficient for you, my power works best in weakness (humility).' I then understood why God kept this demon there , it was to keep me from becoming prideful. So, if I must brag, I will brag about my weakness so I can remain humble (without pride), and The Power of Christ will continue to work through me " - Paul; 2 Corinthians 12:7-9

posted on Nov, 18 2013 @ 08:51 AM
reply to post by arpgme

I didn't appreciate Paul either, for I felt he was a sexist. Now what I believe is, Rome put a little more into his words than he said, to try and create more division with him, because he was very much gnostic.
And they were reshaping Christianity and what it was, turning something metaphoric into a more fundamental concept. Paul is one that refers to baptism as Moses and the Red Sea, and that refers to meditation to still anger, overcome all the temptations and armies of anger and rush impulses to act out. To stand still and know God/Goodness. First have faith, then he said, man of peace, stand still and know God.

Paul speaks of Christ being formed within us. I find this site very good, for its pure gnosis, ie. its seeing the light code, all positive, and Paul is brought up rather frequently.

posted on Nov, 19 2013 @ 05:31 AM
Ra is to Set, what mayonnaise is to peanut butter. Granted, they may both be toppings you would put on bread, but they should not be lumped together as the same thing, cause lets face it; a mayonnaise and peanut butter sandwich wouldn't taste to good.

Religious orientation is much like everything in a culturally diverse world, it is generally tailored to suit the people of any given region. The only part that you were completely correct on, is that the search for 'truth' and understanding which lies as the basis for all such religions does boil down to a very simple, common fundamental question.

"Who am I?", or by proxy "What is the meaning of life?"

This is the basis for all life pursuits which give 'meaning' to life, religious, scientific, spiritual, philosophical or otherwise.

We are all one people asking the exact same question.

The deity by which we 'connect' with our spiritual understanding is far less relevant than the question which drives us to such.

You need to appreciate; that for those in this world that struggle to come to terms with their mortality and their spiritual existence, that a deity serves as a conduit by which they can find some 'grounding' to pursue their spiritual being. It is merely a point of focus by which they can direct the questions that burn within them.

This is not something which should be considered inherently wrong; as none of us yet have a conclusively 'correct' understanding of who we are, and until someone can provide us with a definitively correct path to understanding our own existence, the human race will need such deities.
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posted on Nov, 19 2013 @ 12:35 PM
reply to post by BornOfSin

I completely understand your perspective. And I know that weaning people from corrupt symbols won't happen anytime soon.

There is far less difference between Ra and Set than one might think; they take coffee breaks together and finish each others sentences.

I do agree with you overall...people are desperate for something and a cracked and rusty wheel seems better than no wheel. And in fact an educational process is served.

It is in fact possible that this earth is intended to be just like it is a manner of speaking. It does act like a magnifying glass on part of reality.

But id like to hope that eventually our turn on this cosmic pony ride will end and another crop of youngins will take our spot all glowing and hopeful that they too will learn to beat the odds.

That's the race im betting on - all in

posted on Nov, 20 2013 @ 12:14 PM
The key to understanding that which is offered by religion, is in reading between the lines.

There is far more at work there than what you might think, and it's powerful in what it can offer those seeking understanding of who they are.

I am one who personally set out to decode the Bible in order to disprove it historically; and what I found was more than I could ever imagine.

The key is in understanding that the spiritual world and the physical world are not vastly separate as is believe within a world where most people are solidly grounded within the physical.

You need to look at the far deeper arcanum wisdom and understanding hidden behind the veil of the Biblical and historical texts; and within it you shall also find the bridge between the physical and spiritual worlds.

I wish I could help you more than this towards your understanding, but unfortunately the path to such is different for every one of us.

But what I can assure you of; is that there are now lights shining in this world brighter than any this world has known for a very long time.

This pony-ride is about to turn into a Harley Davidson, which purrs like a kitten.

posted on Nov, 21 2013 @ 08:57 PM
reply to post by KellyPrettyBear

I have come to the conclusion through my walk in faith that the only thing that can free us is 'love' and 'service' just as Jesus taught us and nothing more. Not fear of worship, bloodshed, hell or any of the doctrines that only serve to enslave us to that 'unseen' power that has made slaves of us all by way of feeding from our life force. 'They' have trapped our true power and birthright inside a prison of chains and amnesia so much so that we do not know that power that resides within us to break free from their shackles binding our bodies, minds, souls and 'being'.

The texts written with the message of 'fear' and or 'worship' serve the enemy that has been feeding and serving 'their' cause for thousands of years, making us terrified to think for ourselves and 'connect' with the True Source of Love which will ultimately emancipate us from this hideous prison.

The layers of deception are thick here because where there is one granule of truth, it is heaped with lies upon lies upon lies. We spend years seeking and chasing our tails purposefully mislead in this way and many die before that simple truth is discovered.

There has indeed been a planetary 'take-over' of various factions that each have their own agenda and we along with this earth are the prize. Everything possible that you can imagine has been implemented along with technologies that you can't possibly imagine binding your soul matrix to this false reality.

Our souls, our blood our bodies and minds are captive and everything that this world advocates for is there to keep us a slave and a prisoner.

Jesus came to teach us that the way out is through 'Love' and 'service'. LOVE nothing else.

Let us stop chasing our tails because of the endless snares 'they' have devised to keep us all bound whether through religion, politics, bloodlines, beliefs, false histories, Holy Texts, genetic manipulation, pineal repression, technological bombardment, poisoning our bodies, minds and frequencies and an endless list of diversions.

LOVE is the Finger Print of our Creator not fear in a worship or fear in a faith. Nor it is absolute detachment either like other sophists/Eastern mysticism's preach. We are not meant to be detached but attached in service and love to those that 'suffer' more.

The more we are consumed with ourselves the farther away we are from the narrow path which ultimately can free us from 'ourselves' and this cage.
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posted on Nov, 24 2013 @ 01:16 PM
reply to post by Egyptia

I 100% agree with this reply. But people want to fight and die
for their interpretation; the 'interpretation' has been made
to be more valuable than the message. In fact the message
of Jesus was destroyed almost before he died. (assuming..).

I would gladly walk into any church of any faith and talk
about love and honesty and courage.. but I'd get books
thrown in my face, which would drownn out the message.
Of course the fate of Jesus (who attacked the religious
authorities of the day) would also be waiting for anyone
presumptuous enough to insist on love and honesty as the

I don't WANT to be some 'in your face' sort of person who
says contentious things.. I have always wanted to be the
person who gives out hugs and helps with whatever needs
to be done no matter how simple.

But what needs to be done is to fight this spirit-sucking,
love and honesty destroying madness.. by showing love
and clarity. If even 0.1% of the human race did this..
we would be free.


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