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GMOs for Profit: The Missing Context of Industrial Agriculture

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posted on Nov, 16 2013 @ 01:15 AM

On the larger (and more dangerous and wide spread) context of wonderful GMO crops. Not about the goodness or evilness of GMOs themselves but the culture of mechanical agriculture and it's relentless pursuit (as with all big business endeavors) of profit regardless of any consequences.

Some quotes from the article:

But while the narrow debate rages on about the inherent safety or harm of GMOs to humans and the environment, the more fundamental issue of the specific role GMOs play within the greater context of a globalized and industrial agriculture is left without comment.

This is often the case with media - simplistic reporting on a narrow area (the sexy one) to the exclusion of more fundamental issues.

Ignorance of this broader framework is revealed in the editorial when its writers claim that "precisely because they benefit farmers, the environment, and consumers, GM crops have been adopted faster than any other agricultural advance in the history of humanity." Although it is certainly true that GM crops have been "adopted" rapidly the world over in recent decades, it is a mistake and a deception to claim that this is because of supposed benefits to farmers, consumers or the environment. A look at the general characteristics and history of agriculture in the past half century quickly sets the record straight.

These monocultures have forcibly replaced the energy and intelligence of farmers with the energy of oil, the insights of biotechnology and the shortsighted profit-seeking of agribusiness, resulting in millions of farmers being driven off the land by capitalist economic imperatives for growth, efficiency and maximum production.

Finally, it is difficult to imagine the benefits farmers and consumers may enjoy from consuming herbicide residues like those from Monsanto's Roundup (developed specifically for Roundup Ready GM seeds), with its active ingredient glyphosate being strongly linked to an increased rate of birth defects and with even one of its "inert" ingredients now shown to be capable of killing human cells. For farmers and farmhands, brief exposure to herbicides containing glyphosate may result in minor or moderate symptoms such as eye, skin, nose and throat irritation, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea, while chronic exposure may be connected to increased rates of cancer and non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.

It's a good, consise article.

posted on Nov, 16 2013 @ 03:26 AM
reply to post by FyreByrd

Very good find op. This is an article that speaks to me, and plenty of other people who might be against GMO'S.

If a multi-billion $ corporation makes moves to knocks peoples small, privately owned, high standard all natural farm off the map, all over the world, and make it their own, is that not within the essence of itself mean and greedy?

If this multi-billion $ sue such a tiny, independent farmer so bad that he loses his crop, because some of their friggin patented seeds was wind carried from their corporate owned farm onto there own farm without their knowledge, is that not, within itself, mean and greedy?

If this multi-billion $ corporation has it's employees also employed with the governments various health standard agencies, thereby manipulating the laws pertaining to these GMO crops, is that not by itself a little strange? Would that not get the gears turning?

If a multi-billion $ corporation insists on using very harmful chemicals to grow the genetically modified, which has been proven to be harmful in multiple ways to humans, and the farm workers MUST WEAR SOME DAMN HAZARD SUITS TO ADMINISTER THE CHEMICALS TO THE CROPS OR THEY THEMSELVES WILL GET SICK OR DIE, is that not cause for alarm?

If this multi-billion $ corporation gives millions in contributions to the government that makes the laws pertaining to these GMO crops, is that not something to consider?

If this multi-billion $ corporation spends millions to make sure that products with there crops are not to be clearly labeled, is that not a little disconcerting? The very fact that your government does not feel the need to identify to you what exactly is in the food products you eat, is that not suspicious? The fact that they shift the standards pf chemicals and additives, and disguise under more friendly terms, or the fact that they just don't bother to list it in there at all, is that not scary?

Cant people look at agricultural statistics around the world and see that the claim that this stuff helps is a lie? Can't they examine the stifling laws that by it's very design, is to limit the freedom and profit of private owners, something to be outraged about?

Last but not least, since when are we to trust any multi-billion $ corporation? Don't they lie in order to keep profits up? Will they really tell you if their product is harmful?

Didn't this particular corporation create a weaponized gas that the U.S. government utilized to murder and maim civilians?

I could go on and on, and on. But i know it simply won't do.

posted on Nov, 16 2013 @ 11:52 AM
S&F for the thread. It seems that people neglect to look at the big picture. These companies are trying to seize control of the food supply and destroying our ability to live on our own. The foods interactions with the body are not studied long term, and worse yet the products are utilized to make chemistry that attracts us to foods, causing our cravings to be misled. These chemicals are much worse than sugar, and especially when combined with sugars and starches. Hydrolized Soy protein and Modified corn starch are causing a lot of problems. These free glutamates build up in the blood and cause energy receptor damage to cells leading to problems like type two diabetis when used regularly long term. They can interact with the body to increase blood pressure in people also. The evidence I have seen leads me to conclude this. Tyramines and glutamates are interchangable in the body. Normal sporatic consumptions of these are good and necessary for things but the use of these things on a regular basis is not good, it causes a deterioration of these receptors.

The thing to look at is what these cheap GM foods are causing to happen, not in the direct link that is presently needed to prove that the products are causing problems. The long term use of these foods will make us into parrots, incapable of thinking on our own. You will be able to memorize something but not be able to apply the information. This is desirable for Society nowadays, nobody on top wants another Tesla or Einstein around.

I understand the interactions of things from studying both sides of the argument. To eat aged or hydrolized products a couple of times a week is beneficial, but not every day. Carrageenan is another evil creation of the greedy chemists of the world. A little occasionally is ok but this is not what is happening. It metabolizes to free glutamates also dampening our future intellect and turning future generations into sheep that can easily be controlled.

We have gone too far astray to fast in our changes of food chemistry and the direction we are going is not an improvement at all. It is not just the GM foods either, it is widespread changes. If everyone's eyes were open this company would be gone already but most people's reasoning has already been compromised and they will continue to follow the direction that they are told is safe even though it leads to future illness.

Now all my research is from reading the research of others and figuring out this speculation on my own. I can't supply proof, it is an original speculation of motive that may be real. I try not to eat too much of this mind altering chemistry so I can still think on my own without believing what the people running this society are pushing as real. I suppose I am not normal because I can see, normal is based on the perceptions of most people.

I feel sorry for the farmers who grow GM foods. Most will feel terrible when the truth comes out about the overall safety of things in the future. They think they are helping people when it will be proven that they are causing a lot of problems because they believed in the lies that greedy people on top are spreading with a lot of misapplied or inappropriate research backing it. I remember how my father felt when DDT was proven to be bad for us, He just wanted to get rid of the farm because he believed and parroted the lies he was told of the complete safety of the chemical.

If people want to eat this stuff, than let them. When their memory fails them and their health declines, they will not remember why. They will blindly believe the doctors medicines will help them. The damage is done, the medicine is only a treatment not a cure for their believing the devils lies. The devil is a word for deceit, not an actual being. When something seems to good to be real, there is often a reason for it, it is a product of deceit.

I believe in Monsanto, I believe they are trying to build a rich empire that will control the world.

posted on Nov, 17 2013 @ 04:52 PM
reply to post by FyreByrd

Monoculture is very very wicked. From what I read alot of gmo is being grown for bio-fuel, not food. That way Monsanto et al can get green credits while advertising it up about feeding the world. The whole situation is straight out of the mouth of hell. S&F.

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