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Earth May Have Been Terraformed

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posted on Nov, 16 2013 @ 09:10 PM
reply to post by AndyMayhew

I understand what you are saying yet it does fall into the main stream way of thinking imo. I think it would be unfair to think in terms of Earth not being a very special planet in the bigger picture.

posted on Nov, 17 2013 @ 12:19 AM
reply to post by antar

IMO Earth should be considered a very average planet in a universe full of them.

We are going to terraform. Other worlds are going to terraform. Simple as that.
The more worlds, the greater the likelihood that THIS planet was terraformed.

And that's just considering terrestrial potentialities.
When we consider dimensional potentialities the likelihood increases even more.

I like the idea a lot. Life is everywhere. All of this universe's "purpose" is to create life.
It is going to form as efficiently as possible.

Seeding life is the most efficient way I can think of unless we start talking God magicing life into existence.

posted on Nov, 17 2013 @ 01:11 AM
reply to post by JayinAR

Yes and the other reason we would terraform is the we can place and entire seeded eco system without the incompatable chemical and ecological process that would occure if we tried to colonize a already living planet, the bio hazards of such an act of colonizing already biologically active worlds could be the most dangerous even in the lifetime of a race as instantly there would be two entire ecologica/biological systems with there innate eco defence (virus/bacteria/spore/fungus and mold) at war with one another and terraforming would allow a specied to seed the new world with compatible systems.

posted on Nov, 17 2013 @ 01:17 AM
reply to post by JayinAR

Great and interesting thread. Thanks a lot.

This is my baby too. If one have faith in the multitude of ancient texts that are out there, that is basically what they all tells us happened.

Our alien forefathers probably comes from a planet in this galaxy that is basically a blueprint of our own planet. Because when they decided to colonize Earth , they wanted it to turn out as a copy of their own. Thus all animals on earth as well as all the ranges of various species of vegetation comes from their planet , brought here as frozen seeds and eggs. The different human races we see on Earth today are descendents from the very same races that are on their own planet. We also speak the same languages and use the same sets of writing systems. We even inherited their culture, religion and lots of their philosophy.

Some texts tells us that these aliens already had colonized several other planets before they colonized Earth. Thus they already had the technology and the knowledge they needed to take it upon themselves to start yet another such project.

The texts pretty much tells us that the entire Earth was covered with water once they arrived. Thus they probably had to establish a base that was floating on the water. The atmosphere couldn’t yet support organic life forms , as the levels of oxygen in this period was too low. Thus the alien colonists had to wear spacesuits when they were working outside their base.

In their first stage of colonization , the aliens filled the water with a multitude of different primitive organism’s. Over time, more and more advanced species were added as well as a multitude of vegetation that was able to live in the water. Meanwhile these technological advanced aliens were working on a plan to rise up the dry land. However they did it, dry land, mountain ranges and islands eventually appeared. Mainstream science claims that such events would need millions of years to take place, but according to some texts (The Bundahisn) , the first dry land appeared after just 18 years, and thereafter it continued to rise for another 800 years. This explains why we still find fossilized sea shells on mountain ranges all over the world.

Dry land must in this period have been very inhospitable and harsh. Earth quakes was probably constantly shaking , lots of hot springs and volcano’s was active and the surface was covered in some sort of organic mud from the seafloor.

This is an example of how I see Earth colonization by aliens could have taken place in a remote past . It describes the first and initial stage of such colonization. By combining , analyzing and trying to establish an average between several different timeline alternatives , this colonization probably started some 20-25 thousand years ago.

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posted on Nov, 17 2013 @ 01:12 PM
reply to post by helius

Thanks for the interesting post!

Can you possibly link the stories you refer to?

posted on Nov, 17 2013 @ 05:47 PM
reply to post by JayinAR

I am going to give you some thumbs of an apollo 17 image, if the earth was terraformed then the terraformers would hypothetically have had to be space travel capable and sentient, now I posted a thread some time ago to bring debunkers out (I linked to a hypothetical russian space mission but believed that it was far too old, still WE? had to see there reaction) and yes they say rocks also to skirt around the fact I believe these to be very ancient indeed as the crash scar and the debris are covered in dust, I believe this is one the photographic touch up deparment botched and left some but not all detail in, maybe the employee thought we needed to know.
The red heilighting is my clumsy work as I can not even draw streight.
first the area of interest with the high resolution one untouched up after then from left to right with increasing interest.

and to add something from earth that was a wall carving in a bronze or iron age settlement near turkey here is a great ooport.

And here is caseys rock taurus littrow valley, this is an expedition frame and not the one released to the public, it was another were the photo was not touched up completely so look at the leg in the middle of the image and toward the top in shadow, see the solenoid or piston configuration as I beleive this is another ancient piece of hardware.

Now concerning this last one they always try to use the public release image to debunk this but it is a genuine nasa image, the expedition frame and not released except under a freedom of information request so someone was sitting tight on this, not the astronaut took samples and the 'moon dust' was noted to have a high thermal resistance (Space shuttle tiles anyone) and remember the old six million dollar man series wich had the intro showing him crashing in a prototype air craft launched early shuttle glider which NASA and the USAF were working on, now compare that gliders shape to the fallen glider at the side of this object from which he has taken his samples, there is also a very great disparity between this image and images that claim to be of the other side of the BOULDER which do not match but then they were TOUCHING up all the images for public release,.
If the earth was terraformed or colonised by an advanced race, even if they were only a handfull of settlers/survivors they may have tried to leave a cache of there advanced technology for there descendants to find and learn from, I would as what is more important than the survival of your children.

But what if they had enemys?.

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posted on Nov, 17 2013 @ 11:47 PM
reply to post by JayinAR

Thanks for reply jayinar.

I have been studying ancient texts from all over the world for years. The possibility that Earth in a remote past was terra-formed and colonized by aliens was the first thing that actually hit me. It’s really nice finally running into someone who actually have the same taughts. If you have some more information and taught on the stuff, It would be greatly appreciated.

As to the references. I have left out the references deliberately because I taught most people got annoyed if I started pasting in lots of passages from those ancient texts in my posts. I somehow taught that most people just wanted the shortest possible story of it all , and didn’t want to use time digging into it. It seems to me that the interest for Aliens and UFO observations are enormous amongst people, but that the interest for the multitude of old texts that are out there (telling mankind’s ancient history) , are sadly not that great. I will however give it a try if I feel motivated to do so.

That being said. Genesis does not tell us a lot about the ‘creation’ of Earth. Some ancient texts claims that the six days of creation actually are 6000 years, because one days of the aliens are as one of our days. Even though this is not quite true either, most people will probably agree that the 6 days of creation must be taught symbolically. I therefore prefer referring to them as Phases or stages in a colonization project instead. There are also written a lot more about this early colonization stages. We can find pieces of information about what was going on in quite a few of these ancient texts actually.

The general problem is that this is really very ancient history indeed, and thus there does not exist some eyewitnesses reports, and the aliens didn’t leave behind any technical manuals that describes it. The stories that has survived are also difficult to interpret, because those authors who eventually tried to write about this process lacked the knowledge to understand what was really going on. Thus all that is written about this time period are cryptic. Leaving us to reconstruct the story as best as we can.

Most ancient texts starts to tell their stories when we are in the last stages of the alien colonization project. Thus all the biblical texts as well as the Sumerian texts deals with the period some 2000 years before the great flood and some 3000 years after the great flood. Quite a few of those texts gives a pretty detailed description of this colonization Project from this period. Once one have spent some time to gather all this information from the various texts, sorted them out , and eventually pieced them together somehow, the result is quite amazing actually. Much is still confusing and much is still pretty much in the dark, but in summary it eventually gives us a history that makes sense.

There were at least Three generations of alians that once participated in this colonization prodject.Different ancient historians and different ancient texts has divided our remote past into different ages. I will present those ages here, because I find it very helpful for further investigations into our past.

The Age of Chaos. This age is said to have been ruled by an alien group of Three leaders. They are referred to as The first order aliens, The first generation alien colonists or The trinity. They are also referred to as The father, the son and the holy spirit. This generation aliens ruled a long time before the great flood.

The Golden age. This age is said to have been ruled by an alien group of Eight leaders. They are referred to as The second order aliens, The second generation alien colonists or The Ogdoad. The Greek referred to them as The Titan Gods, The Sumerians Referred to them as The Annunaki, The Anuna Gods, or The Igigi. This generation aliens rules a large time before the great flood, and a short time after.

The Silver age. This age is said to have been ruled by an alien group of twelve leaders. They are referred to as The third order aliens,The third generation alien colonists or the Dodecade. The greek referred to them as The Olympian Gods. The Sumerian referred to them as The Annunaki, The Anuna Gods, or The Igigi. This generation aliens ruled after the great flood

The Bronze age.This age is said to have been ruled by an unknown number of different Demigods. These demigods was mixtures between the second, and third order aliens and the third and possibly the fourth generation human beings.

The iron age. This age was and is ruled entirely by the fourth (and final) generation of human beings, up until today.

I also have some additional question for you or others. It is my understanding that Earth initially (and in a very remote past ) was entirely covered with water. What could a technological advanced species of aliens do in order to make dry land appear? What would this water be like? Would it be salt water? Where did fresh water come from? Would there be fresh water underground that could be pumped to the surface by drilling. What would we have done if we were in a similar situation?

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posted on Nov, 19 2015 @ 07:36 PM
Hi, i just found your conversation through google, just by asking "Is it possible that earth was terraformed??".

This thought striked me years ago, but on a little level, but i tell you about it later, as a guest to this conversation it would be kind to reply to this first:

Some ancient texts claims that the six days of creation actually are 6000 years, because one days of the aliens are as one of our days. Even though this is not quite true either, most people will probably agree that the 6 days of creation must be taught symbolically.

Everywhere in major religions it is somewhere around 6000 years, i read somewhere that in Hindu war between the Gods and humans had place around that time (correct me if i am wrong, i am not an expert), well everything we know about mankind as a civilized more or less reaches around 6000 BC, everything before that is 90% a mystery. But i am thinking, what if it is actually a time we traveled?? Is there anything that may harbor life in vincinity of 6000 light years lets say?? Well, Mars does not fit!
But if it was Mars, to all looking for traces, imagine what would be left from our cities on earth after 6000 years without atmosphere and after some global armageddon??

OK, back to my idea:
Well, did anyone of you is familliar with game Mass Effect??

Well, on top of the idea of terraforming, actual hypothesis which was presented there, led me to the question if it is possible that we are NOT the first civilization on earth, that everything we have, we claimed after them. The pyramids, the stonehenge's, sphinxes everything that is 6000 years and older was never built by humans. Yes, we claim we did, for historical consistency but we have no slightest idea why, by who, how and for what purpose exactly.

I see it this way: Let's assume for a moment that we found planet and have technology to terraform it, and we do it. Our first people who would go there would not be settlers, it would be engineers, survivalists, scientists, soldiers and others who would have to set up a base or something and confirm that this planet is safe enough for settlers, and that requires time, a lot of time during which that group of people in perfect enviroment would start settlement on its own, and by the time the second transport of settlers would arrive, first one would definitely feel superior which as a human i think would lead to mass enslavement, which in turn would lead either to a war, or a god like status or both.

What do you, people think about it??

Sorry for grammar, English is not my first or second language.

posted on Nov, 19 2015 @ 07:39 PM
needs to be done again, now.

posted on Nov, 19 2015 @ 07:56 PM
Some people think the Pyramids around the earth were for this reason as studies have shown that when they are complete the atmosphere around them makes for good vegetation and water

posted on Nov, 22 2015 @ 07:18 AM
Hi Fellow conspiracy theorists,

The truth is that the earth is being terraformed and I believe this has been going on since the 1970's chem trails are definitely playing a role in this. It is enhanced by the HAARP program. Even though everyone knows this is happening and the UN and the WHO deny it, soil, air and water samples containing strontium, aluminium, and barium do not lie!!
So we know there is global warming which is caused by a greenhouse effect largely from this toxic spraying which is causing extreme heat which is melting the polar caps which will see the sea levels rise and so on.

The problem here is that the fresh water from the glaciers will ultimately have a stark reaction with the gulf stream causing what I believe to be an ice age. We cant deny that we are having extreme heat but that is only half the story. This is where most of the thinning out of the earths population will occur. Before that time we are and have been poisoned not just by ariel means but by (water:- fluoride, radiation, nano-bacterial) (Food:- GMO's aluminium) (Air:- chemtrails etc)

The secret ones well they have their underground bases which from last count are around 1500 worldwide, but that is only for the lesser lights, in fact that is probably for the 500,000 or so slaves they require after the population soft kill. The privelidged ones get to go off planet with our alien dictators, these would be the major sycophants who sold us out. You dont think they built the Hedron Collider to test out the Higgs Bosun theory did you. The maggnetic field created from that can be used in a lot of applications, off planet transport being just one. I strongly believe we are in the last dozen or so years before the # hits the fan and still the people sleep, why some have awoken and the majority are still hynotized is a mystery to me, but I do know that since the industrial revolution our energy technology has basically stayed in a stasis. Mng around multi layered semi conducters with over 1k of circuits on each layer and we are still driving around in internal combustion engines, with energy companies still refusing to stop burning coal which is throwing elements of uranium and strontium into the atmosphere. The left over flyash is being used for the chemtrailers for this very reason.

So one would ask why take 2 or 3 hundred years to do this, thats simple if your lifespan was 700+ years this would be no problem as you could carry out your large scale experimentation on your slaves during this time. I used to think everything was about money once the same as everyone else, but now of course we realise it is just a prop to get us to a point where they want us, trouble is folks we are now past our use by dates and it is time to thin out the herd. I will discuss more but want some feedback off others to see if we can't fine tune what else our unwanted friends are after.

posted on Jul, 4 2016 @ 05:57 PM
a reply to: JayinAR

I've been thinking something along those same lines; What if the last ELE wasn't an asteroid at all, but rather a means of 'reformatting' this world to make it more suitable for a newly seeded DNA type: mammals; with primative hominids being one of several intermittent steps.

When we think of advanced space travel technology, we're thinking in terms of movement, not thru space, but thru time or rather 'space-time', as Einstein called it. This denotes that FTL used to cross the vast distances between stars would be more like what was displayed in the BSG (2003-2007) series, which didn't depend on movement based on velocity, but rather more like collapsing into a singularity based on quantum entanglement. Pop out, pop in. All based on 4th dimensional coordinates. Where and when.

The question then becomes, "is this a guided experiment?", or "has the initial phase been successful, hence the lack in direct human interaction with 'gods' for several thousand years?", or....(this one may be my favorite), "what if the most ancient texts were trying to describe their persception of what was actually a legal action taken against a group of rogue genetic engineers on a fledgling, backwater world?".

I see multiple possibilities, but the complexity of latter day life forms --in terms of Terran geological age; leads me to believe that something other than a period of rampant death & mutations occurred.

Insectile life is one of Terra's first forms that walked on land and had complex eyes, which in turn lend to more primative structures found in lower crustaceans, all the way down to the shrimp which is the closest living decendent of this planet's earliest evolutionary waves. We can establish a link between some of the most ancient of fossils to amphibians, and in turn to the slow rise of reptilian life. But then the inexplicable happens... a mutation causing scales to become more like feathers... here I stop, thinking, WTF?!? How the hell did that happen *without* direct genetic tampering? In and of itself, the mutation seems too extreme to be a product of natural selection --meaning, an occasional mutation that successfully breeds to reproduce more of its kind, refined over generations via cosmic radation, diet, environment, etc.

I've never felt comfortable calling the process as something of a divine nature, but without some sort of tampering, the jumps in magnitude-of-complexity defy logic as we know it. Perhaps we simply haven't been lucky enough yet to find a mutated fossil that isn't simple written off as a defective birth, and come from the time scale between the rise of giant reptiles, the rise of birds (which are amazingly diverse, indicitive of a very long span of the whole subgroup), the rise of the first mammals, and the rise of what became humans.

It strikes me just as oddly that humans suddenly appear in the timeline, with the oldest traces of modern humans being less than 1/65th of the span between now and the ELE that took out the dinosaurs. I wonder, if we, ourselves, might be the end result of multiple phases of a long term terraforming project that started with clearing the surface of giant reptiles on this backwater world that had otherwise evolved naturally.

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