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I Would Like to Lucid Dream...please?

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posted on Nov, 15 2013 @ 02:13 PM
Anyone here know how to lucid dream? I am sort of envious, because I was in class working on a school project, and the guy at my table was bragging about his ability to do so every night, and his grandma has the same ability. :/

I feel that i have too much mental fatigue, concentration issues, and plain memory problems to be able to do it. This doubt probably isn't helping much.

My brain type, I'm kind of the day dreaming talks-to-self 24/7 type (probably why I'm mentally fatigued). It's hard to stop, and I feel stupid.
I can hardly remember my dreams much anymore.

Any advice? Support much appreciated.

posted on Nov, 15 2013 @ 02:21 PM


My brain type, I'm kind of the day dreaming talks-to-self 24/7 type

So you have a good imagination? Thats a good start.

I can hardly remember my dreams much anymore.

Any advice? Support much appreciated.

I find getting a good nights sleep is productive to memorable dreams.
Im not even talking about lucid dreams, as I have only ever once realised I was dreaming.
Had some interesting memorable dreams though.

posted on Nov, 15 2013 @ 02:22 PM
One method I've read is to use a trigger, that you see in daily life as well as dreams.

For example, you often dream of spiders.
In real waking life, EVERY time you see a spider, do a check to see if you are awake or asleep.
Eventually this habit will also be performed in dreams.

Checks to see if you are awake or asleep can be:
- asking "what was I doing half an hour ago?"
- reading something, then reading it a second time to see if the words have changed
- can I see through my hands if I hold them up to my face?

posted on Nov, 15 2013 @ 02:22 PM
Yes, It's very easy...when you get up in the morning, have a pee and go straight back to bed for some more sleep....the longer you sleep the more lucid dreams you will have...

Trust me...
Your's sincerely..Rip Van Winkle....

posted on Nov, 15 2013 @ 02:26 PM
This site, LD4ALL, is the best site to learn.

posted on Nov, 15 2013 @ 02:27 PM
Ive been having them and practicing astral projectings and having O.B.E.'s. for over 30 years.

You can learn, but its like meditating. Very hard to do if you are fatigued, ill, depressed etc. Some are natural and do so with ease, but can be learned.

I'd practice relaxing-meditation first until you get good at keeping your mind from wandering while awake. The you can move on to lucid dreaming...Good luck.

posted on Nov, 15 2013 @ 02:28 PM
reply to post by Lunette

I often get lucid in my dreams. The way it works for me is like this:

Since I'm an astronomer, I often watch the moon. In fact I look up at the Moon so often, that I keep doing it in my dreams. Most of the time, though, in my dreams, the Moon is all wrong - either its size is wrong, or there's more than one moon, or its color is wrong, etc. As soon as I see that, I can realize I'm dreaming, so I become lucid.

Whatever you do, don't force it. I don't use meditation as it does nothing to me. I just let it be.

And geez these dreamwolrds look SO REAL! Makes one wonder if we are not living in a dreamworld in the first place.

At Time's End,


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posted on Nov, 15 2013 @ 03:03 PM
reply to post by Lunette

Try this....

Eat couple of pieces of whole wheat toast with cinnamon and nutmeg sprinkled on the toast. Don't drink anything after you eat the toast and go directly to bed. Also wear a loose fitting pair of gray socks to bed as well.

When you start dreaming....look at your hands in the dream that will be the indication you are lucid.

posted on Nov, 15 2013 @ 03:05 PM
reply to post by olaru12


I often look at my hands when I dream, yet I don't become lucid because of it... It has to be something that is uncertain, like a symbol, or a moon, or something that changes over time. I doubt the OP's hand changes over time... If yes, into what? A paw?

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posted on Nov, 15 2013 @ 03:12 PM
I want to too , but then i think about all those mornings i have woken up with no memory of my dream and wonder if they were lucid dreams that my manly man brain is trying to forget .

The most recent dream i remember was a couple of weeks ago but it wasn`t a lucid dream , every dream from then and now could have been a lucid dream but for some reason my brain chooses to block all memory of that crap .

I just want to be able to control my own mind , yet i don`t even know if that would be a good thing since i`m destructive in nature and would surely find some way of accidently putting myself in a coma .

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posted on Nov, 15 2013 @ 03:15 PM

i don`t even know if that would be a good thing since i`m destructive in nature

You need to buy yourself a video game (the action type). These really help to relieve some stress.

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posted on Nov, 15 2013 @ 03:18 PM
Actually you sound like a good candidate. I was always in trouble for daydreaming as a kid and I have a horrible waking memory, but great dream recall memory, never figured that one out.

Set your alarm for 2 hours before you normally get up. When it goes off shut it off, and try to fall right back to sleep while telling yourself you are going to be aware that you will be dreaming. I find this time of early morning to be the best for lucid dreaming.

posted on Nov, 15 2013 @ 03:22 PM
reply to post by Lunette

It does vary person to person. I'm like you in the sense that I do a lot of internal dialogue and day dreaming but I have always had pretty vivid and rememberable dreams. Have you ever drifted into a lucid dream before? So you felt more in the experience at the time and how it all plays out rather than just waking up remembering faded snippets.

I guess there's several ways to do it purposely though. I know a girl who used binary beats or something along those lines quite effectively. She said she was flying like superman over terrain, which she could form how she wanted as she flew, and it of course felt and appeared as real as everyday reality. I hate that # though, it's really annoying sound waves of specific frequencies meant to resonate with your brain and stimulate a lucid dream. It made me uncomfortable and that's not the sort of vibe you want to carry over into a lucid or even normal dream lol.

What I do is simply close your eyes as usual, lie on your back preferably and of course be in darkness. Then just focus on the weird blinking patterns that form in your vision. Keep doing this for like 5 minutes and if you've manage to keep thought free you will enter that very specific state between consciousness of this world and entering the dream world. By now the patterns in your eyes should be tripping you out a bit regardless so stay focused on them and you'll realise weird things happen, at least I do. This is the point you're literally about to 'fall asleep', its a feeling I can't really describe well but I'm sure you know it. At this point ill sometimes hear noises, have a random loud thought say something to me or suddenly have a vivid vision or a strange feeling - all sorts of crap, good and bad. This is usually when your consciousness shuts off quickly lol, but if you learn how to stay awake at that point you can initiate a lucid dream.

The problem usually is when you first try to consciously stay awake and focused and thoughtless at that point, you will get scared and then you'll have thoughts back in your head and you'll move etc ruining everything. This is ok though, weird # happens to everyone who attempts to be conscious of that state, I think it was Edison that said he would pull ideas from that state. But don't force it, if you got freaked out and 'backed out' try again next night.

It's not as glamorous as it sounds though. I think people big themselves up and exaggerate abit about lucid dreaming etc because they sound more mystical and all that lol. The truth is your forcefully placing yourself in a DEEP state of awareness in what could be any scenario depending on what you're meant to see. It's like taking certain psychedelics in a way. It's not child's play if you are doing it properly though, I had the single most terrifying experience of my life in one of these weird dream states. They call it sleep paralysis but it was beyond real. The experience was short in what would be human time but seemed like an eternity at the time. And I've seen messed up things in real life, believe me.

Not trying to scare you but at the same time I'm trying to make you realise we don't quite fully understand these states of consciousness and why dreams are so vague etc so its probably not wise to try force a lucid awareness of these states, at least not on a regularly basis. That's just my opinion. Trust me, I've had some of the most unbelievable sequences of semi lucid and sometimes fully lucid dreams that would blow my mind when I woke up. My memories of those experiences is fading now though, just like with real life. Remember, stay free of thought and feeling when you are attempting this whole thing.

Enjoy ;]

posted on Nov, 15 2013 @ 07:10 PM
Thanks for your replies everyone!

reply to post by DazDaKing

I really appreciate the time you took to type all that out.
Yes, I've heard of sleep paralysis before, it does sound scary.

Do you have specific technique, like MILD (mnomic induced) or WILD (wake induced)? I heard WILD is harder, but I have good visualization skills, so would it be better? I'd also have more control, being able to form and jump into the dream...

I will try that suggestion, the post few posts up suggested as well, about the moon...cept I'm not sure what I can stare at. Maybe I'll just ask myself if I'm dreaming all day. That may work.

posted on Nov, 15 2013 @ 07:33 PM
reply to post by swanne

It`s all i can play , i can`t even play horror games unless there`s some kick-ass action in it .

Metal Gear

countless action games ..... my brain is ready for the apocalypse but my body is fkd

posted on Nov, 16 2013 @ 09:41 AM
Been trying for years. A few times I've become conscious in my dream state, which then startled me awake. It's been difficult to keep that awareness without waking up. It is a jarring experience to say the least. Good luck.

On a side note, anyone ever read any of Carlos Castaneda's work? The Art of Dreaming in particular. Highly recommended.

posted on Nov, 16 2013 @ 10:04 AM
reply to post by Lunette

Just in case you haven't seen it, check out the movie "Waking Life", a great movie about lucid dreaming and related subjects. It's very highly rated, and very good. I'm about due to watch it again (Roger Ebert watched it three times before reviewing it, and said in his review that he's going to go back and watch it again).

posted on Nov, 17 2013 @ 08:46 PM
reply to post by Aleister

Thank you, I'll be sure to check it out.

posted on Nov, 17 2013 @ 08:56 PM
reply to post by Lunette

ive had dreams that were crazier then lucid dreams. They were choice dreams and what i call let go dreams.

I had this one dream where this colorful wavey portal opened up and it was asking me, but i could feel its request but it wasnt saying it. very weird and lucid, it wasnt even lucid is was more then lucid, deeper. Needless to say i wasnt ready for that step and havent had the chance again.

i had this other reoccuring dream untill this one time... this is the choice dream, also much deeper then a lucid dream. in these dreams i was being chased around by a witch and she would start out with me and my family and they would lead me somewhere, then the witch would come in after they would dissapear. this would always take place in a familiar environment like a house i grew up in or some such. during these dreams i would always fight back from her as she would start attacking me with magick. well one time i decided i would allow her to attack me and not fight back and this is where it got interesting.

when i allowed her to attack me she brought me up to the attack and she asked me why i kept lying to her, and all of a sudden we started spinning around each other and flying into space spinning around each other. she told me to stop lying to her and i told her to stop lying to me and she agreed and then i awoke suddenly.

those dreams were both more intense and deeper then any lucid dream.

posted on Nov, 17 2013 @ 08:59 PM
you know what thats even the best or worst of them.

i did a sweat lodge once and on the night of the sweatlodge i went to sleep and had an amazing dream.

during this dream this angel brought me a lotus flower and she gave it to me in this crazy magnificent fashion and she was floating by with it and allowed it to come off the edge of her finger tips and come to me. the flower got bigger as it got closer and eventually i reached out for it and it opened in front of me and it was amazing.

also deeper and more intense then any lucid dream.

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