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Once Human [NOV2013]

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posted on Nov, 15 2013 @ 04:58 AM
Day Five- 2013

I am keeping this journal to chronicle whats left..

I have no clue where to start.. I guess the simplest point would be were I first noticed the changes..

Some very odd incidents had occurred act of insane violence..

Four days ago I woke up to the smell of fire in the living room.. I called for my girlfriend and got a loud grunt.. I get downstairs and I see the fire with a roasting pit.. Mt girl Friend is cooking the black cat..

She grunts at me.. Something sets me off in the back of my mind.. I dive down the the stairs and to my amazement I see everything in slow motion. At the bottom of the stairs I somersault over my GF and the fire..

Every sense I have seems sharp.. My dear Girl friend is filthy, having relieved herself and from the blood I can smell the chemical composition.. I look where I was standing at and see the bullets hit the staircase.. For some reason I kick the fire right at her.. The soot gives me a few seconds because she inhales the black smoke..

I grab the gun pushing her off balance all before she can respond.. She trips and hits her head.. I first I am scared that I hurt her..

That half second pause almost cost me my life.. A knife cuts my thigh as I sidestep before it goes to deep..
Out of some instinct I did not know I had, I choose to knock her out..

I tie her up while she is out cold.. then put out the fire..

From outside I hear a car crash.. I peak outside the windows..

Its like the people of the State of Texas decide to hold Armageddon... I see every thin I could just about imagine.. Mostly random acts of Chaos.. Violence, sex, Theft, and fires..

My girl friend comes around and growls at me as I am taking the poor cat to wrap up in something..

"Food.. Mine!!!"

She thought the cats were food..

I hear a knock on the door and freeze.. My girlfriend growls..

A second later a white male comes crashing through the window.. He sniffs the air.. "Sex..Food.." Was all he said.. Damn he was a bruiser..

He actually bangs his chest like an ape at me.. I snicker at him as several males follow him in..

Normally I would not have seen this because I realize the lights are off.. I can see, hear, feel, smell, Taste and I swear to god I just sense them..

My world frame goes to slow motion on me as the Big ape charges me.. I grab his face and twist as my other hand catches his weapon. (later on I realized it was the blade..) Like a rag doll, the attackers neck snaps. The problem I had was I twisted he head back words..

His partners in crime all get a look of shock on their faces..

I dropped the Alpha male as I call him, like trash.. My brain seems clearer then it ever has before.. I challenge his buddies the same way they challenged me..

The all look down..

My god this was a hunting party.. My girl friend is shaking the chair trying to get out.. One of the males try going to her, not meaning to I shove his head onto the corner of the bar.. His body kinda just hung their..

The males all look at me and then all bow their heads.. As my girl friend struggles to get out I turn and replicate pitch perfect what sound the alpha male made.. She pauses and looks at me with big do eyes..

The surviving cat comes running out to me.. One of the males starts to move.. I growl again in the same tone and he freezes..

The cat jumps into my arms scarred with all his fur ruffled..

It is at this time I notice my hand felt like it had been stung.. I am staring at the males around me.. I walk out and the whole group of former humans seem to all stare at me.. I replicated the pitch... And several Males step forward..

The bellow and bang their chest in acceptance.. I take my girlfriends gun and shoot the the five males.. Right in between their eyes..

I replicate the Bellow from earlier.. One male tries to run and for some reason I shoot him.. All of the others stay stone still..

I walk up and down them like a drill instructor.. I make all of them stand at military attention.. (I moved one like I wanted and growled, "Ten hut.." It took three times for the command to be stored..)

Shock is still hitting me.. Next I check their weapons and make sure each one is ready.. I find it odd that they all have bats, knives and Machettes..

I go inside the house and grab my girl friends ribbons.. I put gold on the bruisers.. Silver on their next in size.. Then Pink on every one else. (do not ask me where this crap is coming from.. I have no clue..

My boys seem to understand the system I have in place.. The whole lot seems to be afraid of me..

I did untie my GF who got real submissive in my presence.. The gold males gave her a lot of leeway.. I assigned three to guard her..

I had them raid supplies from stores.. Food and weapons.. ( They cant drive and the hunt for supplies will have to go on.. ) By my guess we have Five months worth of food and water..

Some unpleasant things did happen.. Several wild packs attacked us.. I wanted to hunt them down personally, Instead I organized a small party and went after them..

I am not proud of it but I did do some thing I should not have.. We killed the males of the other pack.. I let my males choose females after I picked out three.. I took them home and gave them to the Guard at the house.. The guards and the rest of the pack said nothing.. They seemed to like the arrangement..

There are disagreements.. I have killed three gold men Ten silver and twenty three pink..

Mostly rape, murder, and theft of food.. I spiked the bodies as an example.. I have had no less then four challenges.. ( all ended up spiked .. Three were guards..)

You know what got me.. My wounds have healed...

The last few days have just started to dawn on me..

I have organized a tribe.. Set up rules with draconian measure.. I can remember everything with damn near perfect recall.. My senses are heightened and my instincts are all dead spot on.. This is not natural..

The others have devolved to a near primal man state.. Their vocabulary has dropped off the last few days.. They are no were near as strong as I am.. and their seem to be regressing more..

At the library, I figure out partially what happened.. Seems the CDC tried to quarantine a town in Virginia.. What ever was there must have got out.. It spread pretty damn quickly.. It made a few people insane art first..

The next thing caught my attention.. Was reports on two survivors in the two A brother and sister.. Both suffer from Schizophrenia and manage to kill Military Guards.. The power went out at that point..

So it did make me think.. Crap ..

At least I have an idea who else will be like me.. This changes everything.. People with insanity from genetics might become like me (Homo Sapien Plus).. And people who do not have it become like the tribe (Homo Sapien Throwback)

The only silver lining is that my GF has been accepted by the tribe as defacto mate.. I had to stop her from killing several of the other females who tried to get into my area..

I made a scram pack and have hid supplies.. My common sense is tingling..

The only odd note is that I need less sleep.. I have clocked only 5 hours these last few days and It feel natural...

I hear something.. I have to go check on something.. Like I said my common sense is tingling..

What the f happened..

posted on Nov, 15 2013 @ 06:48 AM
Day Nine- 2013

I am done.. Completely!!!

This whole situation is unsustainable.. The truth is I am also pissed..

I do not feel human any longer not after what I did today.. You see my common sense had tingled for a reason..

My hunters had found another like me.. They came running to me.. He couldnt have been more then Sixteen.. When I go there he was surrounded and five members were dead..

He told me a bald face lie.. His heart beat and skin never changed.. He came back with me and we talked.. Fed me a line over how his family had all gone insane.. He had been hiding and my people attacked him..

The men brought their buddies bodies back.. they buried them.. ( yes an observance of an afterlife)

I feed the kid.. I did not believe a word he said, but I was nice.. In the back of my mind I was remembering the report I was reading..

Well imagine my surprise when the kid tried to take over three days later.. His mistake was not realizing age and treachery wins over youth and enthusiasm.. My second came and got me.. He was wounded badly.. He died trying to grunt to me..

Well I snuck back into my area.. Imagine my surprise when I see the little punk with my Gf..They are going at it..

That is not what really pissed me off.. He sees me and laughs..

"Old man the tribe is mine.. dont bother going for your gun I have it.."

Well I laugh at him.. I taunt him as his men surround me with blades.. I kill the two closest to me.. My ex GF is screaching.. He pulls a gun on me.. His inexperience gets him.. He growls and his men step away..

"Ang last words old man.. Your tribe is mine.. I will have to kill a few to keep the food supply going but I will be fine.."

As I speak he pulls the trigger.. To his shock it goes click.. The Throwbacks look down as it dawns on their childlike minds..

I move faster then they can.. I have the kid in my hands.. I end it pretty quickly..

The Other Throwbacks leave running.. I kill them before they get away.. My Ex knows she messed up on some level.. I push her away, She whimpers in the corner.. I load the gun... I walk over and kiss her on the fore head.. She tries to follow me on the way out.. I ignored her and kept walking..

She screeches at me.. Turning, with the gun pointed at her made her stop.. Grabbing the scram pack, And hit the road.. At least that was the plan.. an after thought was I gave my last loyal man my jacket and my ball cap before I walk any further.. I made every other Throwback go to one knee..

The first thing he did was do what I did the first day growling at certain males.. He strips off thier gold band putting pink on them..

It felt so good to laugh at the scene.. Especially when he had the young mans body brought out.. He will make it for a while I think.. He started a big fire.. Having his new Throwback Lt's toss the body on it.. Not even a strike..

The road has been ok.. So far no issues..

First stop was the Zoo.. I released the animals first.. before the predators.. The thing that got me was the big gorilla thumped his chest at me.. It took me an hour to get all the dirt off of me.. The big feller was not happy.. Seems he understood being laughed at..

I let him out.. He came at me.. Normally that would be cause to pull a flash.. I stood there and wait for him to hit me..

My steel toed boots hit him square in the chest.. Knocking him down.. The other apes all looked at me then at scar.. (thats right I went cheesy and named him that.. Guess why..)

Another big but smaller ape, came up to attack him. I kicked him off of Scar.. They all hooped and hollered..

reaching into my back pack I pull out a candy bar.. Opening it up, I take a big ole bite out of it.. Taking out a twinkie I do the same. Except I Hand it to him.. It hits the ground and he sniffs it..

He picks it up and eats it..

Walking away as I toss a few more candy bars to Scar, "good luck buddy hope you have better luck then I did.."

Sounds of the released animal fill the air..

You see the native populations will no have competition.. The wild dogs and cats will have to compete.. Plus they will spread out and provide a basis for the Throwbacks to have a food supply..

On a whim I decide to make sure the animals are not tracking me.. Imagine my surprise when one of the females from the tribe has followed me..

Several of the animals in a pack have her treed.. I go and get her down from the tree.. Of course several of the dead animals were a cost to chase the rest away..

Angrily I growl at the 20 something female.. Then I see it.. Her scent causes a memory to hit me..Its the mute whose foot is now bad..( must not want an injured one) I take her out of the tree and she is scared.. Looking at the ankle it appears that it is twisted.. Feeling along the swollen foot I find the issue..

Smiling I snap the foot into place.. She screams at me.. Then she slaps me.. She signs to me.. Great I feel like a genius now..

A scent comes over the air.. Tossing her over my shoulder I go back up the tree.. My hand goes over her mouth as my gun comes out its holster..

I wait for it.. and sure enough A female Lioness comes with her cubs.. She grabs the meat and eats as do her young ones..

We both sense the wild pack..

They come out forcing me to move.. The dumb lady slips and I barely catch her.. Sitting her down.. on the ground does not make the momma kitty happy.. The pack makes it move.. Leaping down I fire into the closest one to me.. Pulling my knife I holster the gun..

Suffice it to say me and momma kitty won.. She stares at me as does the mute.. I grab two of the dead animals and drag them to were I think she is hiding her cubs..

I go back for the very scared woman.. Mama Kitty is just staring at her.. The mute tries to sign.. For some reason my brain starts to answer with my hands.. "No I do not know how to sign.."

She mouth du#$@$% at me.. I put her in front of me and make her walk...

So to sum it up.. Everything is FUBAR'ed ..

A long day and another new person..

I take a piece of paper and write to her to just be quiet.. She frowns till she picks up a sound before I do..
Her eyes go wide..

Forgive my rambling but it has been a very long day.. MG (mute Girl) is asleep in the store we crashed for the night in..

She did write out that she suffered Brain Damage in the womb.. She could never speak.. When everyone else bugged out she faked it and hid.. She had hunted down our tribe when she watched organized behavior.. She followed me when I left..

I feel like a moron that I missed it.. It makes sense but I was not in a good mood when I tried to communicate..

We had Slim jims with Green beans.. With bagels..

So far no other explorations of the cause of this crap.. My search of newspapers was interrupted.. I am reduced to a jury rigged cell phone

(Homo Sapien Plus)
So far.. Two Schizophrenia

A psycho-kid

A mute woman

And myself...

I am going to have to spend some time sitting down and going over this.. MG is the oddity in the math.. Hers was injury based.. so.. Library again..

Homo Sapien throwback has shown no signs of further change.. (Stabilization)

I will keep the Sapien designation in my notes till I can see proof of crossbreeding.. No crossbreeding with successful offspring then two separate species.. What ever it was, it did its work..

I am going to head to a less visible town with less foot traffic.. I know a few places with fishing and privacy..

Tomorrow will be a long day..

posted on Nov, 20 2013 @ 06:31 PM
Day 34- 2014


MG is still asleep in what is now our bed. She will not tell me her real name, but was not able to hide the tan line from her wedding ring. I make no assumptions, so I still call her MG.. Last night was the first time anything happened..

Oddly enough it happened after a fight.. Bless MG's little liberal heart.. She did not want to wear a gun.. Some PC crap about it would lead to violence (I am serious).. Yes I told her she could leave my house if she did not want to follow my rules.. I did not give two rats arse, The predators come in many shapes and sizes.. She called me a DINO.. I told her thank you..

An hour or two later (one hour 53 minutes and 18secs.. but who is counting), she came back inside while I was working on some projects.. In complete tears she signed that she was sorry.. (yes she was wearing the guns) Reaching for me she gave me a hug.. Well one thing lead to another..

Holding her after she went to sleep several different things just dawned on me..


This little cabin is siting on an island... A very bored rich man had paid to have built.. I knew one of the workers and thought this would be an ideal place.. It is in the middle of the lake.. Solid stone and cement

After several trips , I have emptied the local area of a few things.. Not just food..
Electronic components
I also emptied out the hardware store

My next real raid will be home depot..The supplies need to grabbed and stored.. I am not worried about the would some much as the tools

My goal I am almost near.. Drones..
There were enough parts at the various Little electronic store and houses to cover my area with little spy drones ( as soon as I am finished)

The hydroponics are going up and with the drone I can automate the the process..


My body has begun regenerating. Old scars have healed, as have old wounds.. My teeth seem to have self corrected. I have a new set of molars that have returned..

MG herself..well she surprised herself when she made noise from her mouth.. Her brain is trying to heal itself.. It was so cute to see her response..

As for my observation of Homo Sapien Throwback from observations

-intelligence seems to have stabilized at idiot level
-I have noticed an increase in strength - one of the throwbacks moved a car
-group survival strategy in use-

I have noticed signs of others
Apparently the old pride I had left a mark.. It appears that a few other Homo Sapien Plus are trying to find me..

Damn shame I mined the entrance to supplies.. I know because of the blood pattern and no dead Throwbacks.

My guess is they are watching and a little pissed

(it is why I am building a war machine.. I have to assume that the other plus are smarter and stronger then I am..)

A third note here..
It sounds weird but.. I know there are survivors not affected.. There are plenty of facilities were they would not have been affected by the cause of our change...

The governments have plenty of spots were this could have occurred

It is the other reason I might rebuild the pack and re-assume control.. I need foot soldiers..

In history at no time has humanity or those in charge allowed forces to challenge them.. The Homo Sapien Sapiens will try and kill the Plus and enslave the throwbacks.. The trick is how to do this..

I am researching from known hidden bases and looking for evidence they are out there..
Little things like quiet un occupied spaces and small communities holding out..

I have done my best to live my life with an understanding.. all decisions made by those in charge are made by calculations over power... I am not going to be a victim

posted on Nov, 20 2013 @ 07:48 PM
45 day 2013

Well MG has mellowed on the gun thing

Several throwbacks tried to take her.. four of them I shot dead from a distance.. I wounded the last two and she surprised me.. As a liberal no less, she executed them. single shot to the wild Throwbacks, back of the head.

She did not puke or anything.. I am a bad influence

What I left out when talking with her.. We were watched by Plus.. They are good I am better. The gear I have stolen allowed for the creation of infrared optics on drones. The feed back from the airborne showed the heat signatures matching the same range of mine and MG's..

We have a slightly lower body temperature.. My guess is that it is due the process that creates us.. Homo Sapien Plus

What made it interesting is she went inside and took a shower.. The two Homo Plus had followed us back.. Apparently they were thinking of taking her and this little island.. The never saw the bug drone that stunned them..

MG's vocals have healed.. She screamed real loud when she saw the two Plus's writhering on the ground.. "Continual taser feed with elephant tranquilizers"

This caused me a slight issue.. Two plus predators in my custody..

The male when he came to, tried to break the chains (almost did)

I was forced to pump the male for information.. This is the bad news.. It appears someone got the drop on me planning wise.. They were the ones who set off my traps in Home Depot..

Apparently the tribe I organized was looked into and has been enslaved by this group..

Forty to fifty, Homo Plus have gathered in a small community in Denton..

They were concerned when they encountered the Pack I had organized.. It appears that the tribe while stupid has been better organized.. The Denton People were slightly afraid of the pack.. Numbers

The leader of the Denton people decided to take over the Pack/pride and use them to eliminate the other competition..

They found out it was someone like them who organized the pack.. It appears.. Like children the Pack had drawn pictures of me .. The Plus in Denton think they worshipped me..

I was pissed when they told me they killed the leader of the pack.. The male I appointed as the leader.. A female took his place and is being kept to keep the pack in line..

Mind you I lost a day to this advance enhanced interrogation techniques I used.. MG did leave during this time..

Making the male face the female Plus.. The HP was disposed of in a gruesome fashion.. I of course recorded it.. They told me the name of the person in charge and that I would be sorry.. A Denton County Police Officer is the one who formed what he calls New Denton..

The female presented me with a new situation.. She smells healthy and I cant just kill a reproductive organs. To top it off she appeared normal.. After a few minutes, the female demonstrated her disorder.. She is paranoid.. Very paranoid.. Being tied down caused her to exhibit a different personality as well.. She bounced between them becoming very sexual and then very aggressive..

I had to knock her out again.. MG was note happy at all.. She gripped me tight and held me close as the Bound girl was yelling threats.. MG was shocked when she offered her sex if she set her free..

MG shook her head and walked out of the room..

It appears the LEO has been ruling the New Denton area like a private harem.. Those males that might challenge him he has killed.. Most of his Lt's were police officers..

Buy my guess these two were supposed to scout out the area and report back.. I have several supplies.. An experiment is called for.. I am going to see if I cant follow the instructions in my books and attempt to monitor here cure.. If I treat for her mental health issue will she stay normal..


My hydroponics are up and running
First crop in a few months

The Fishery is up and running
I have a sweet rig and am expanding it..
I am raising them young then letting them go
So far two batches of feeder fish with captured others

My Drone production (which MG is now in favor of)
Expanding capabilities

A recycling facility will be in order.. However I will have to deal with New Denton
In good conscience I cant allow it to exist.. Two of their people have tried to kill me

Spying and collecting more information is a good idea while I build some new weapons of war..


My spy drones did send back some other information

It appears the animals I freed have started to fill niches..

Of note is it appears the ape cousins were affected by what ever caused this.. I have records of them copying the throwbacks.. It astonished me when some of our cousins watched the Throwbacks in action and their small little pack copied it.. (opening cans of food and stalking prey)

Scar has grown meaner and ruthless.. A small dim bit of thought appears to be going on in his ape skull.. He has hide his tribe from both sets of us.. It seems once he got our scent he decided to watch from a distance..

I know I may later be called a moron but.. Scar was signing commands for hunting and relaying orders.. It may be at a child's level the Throwbacks are on but it is communication


MG redecorated the Little house we live in

New Thermal Curtains
I borrowed slightly used appliances from nearby houses (on the other side of the lake)

She did help me transports the crap here..

The clothes raid was fun.. We both agreed to leave the underwear we found there.. We cleaned out the Walmart for supplies.. We have opted to use one of the rooms for storage..

The extra is being hidden in attics of the lake houses.. (the food stays on the island)

The roof is being converted to tin .. It has been a learning process but.. It is being done and MG is learning new skills..

Odd thoughts

It does seem that MG has made some sort of peace with her situation.. She is very pretty and smells good (except her politics) I guess I can count myself lucky ..

That damn line over other humans.. They have protocols in place to protect themselves but not the rest of the population.. They will be as much a nuisance as the New Denton people..

Time is all I need.. The weapons will be online..


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