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Is super typhoon Haiyan that devastated the Phillipines anaother HAARP attack?

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posted on Nov, 16 2013 @ 01:48 AM

I even authored a thread titled "is this how they aim(or steer) haarp.

Phage came in and offered his researched opinion.

Found it. I don't know why I didn't reply, sometimes I'm way out of town and you don't see me post at all for a couple of months at a whack, I don't recall offhand if this was one of those times or not.

To answer your question "is this how they aim or steer HAARP" from two years back, the actual question you seem to be asking is HOW do they steer HAARP. That's a bit different, I looked through your posts and you don't actually seem to be proposing a method then asking if that's how they do it.

But to answer "how do you steer HAARP", well, that's a fair question. The detailed answer is fierce in terms of math. I don't suppose you want to go there. However, I can try to answer you verbally, it will not be exactly right because I'm going to have to use metaphors and I can't draw on the computer. If I had you in a classroom I would be furiously drawing on a white board at this point, because I'm primarily visual.

Do you want a LOT of detail, or do you want the 10,000 foot answer?

posted on Nov, 16 2013 @ 02:28 AM
I am not going to lie. I will not type crap i have minimal knowledge of. But i will only go by on what it has already been proven this government has already done. So here goes.

Why would the government attack the Philippines, who is not an enemy, and then send humanitarian aid? The fact that people here classify other nation as an "enemy" or "friend" in the first place would be the beginning foundation for examination for your skepticism. You are the same brilliant, informed minds who think that America wanted to free Iraqi's, North Koreans, Vietnamese, Libyan's, Panamanians, etc... How do people not see this yet? All the wars that this country has started was for the good of the people, and to protect our freedoms. COME ON. How hard is it to imagine this government that has already slaughtered millions directly or by proxy to slaughter another ten thousand? Just because we cannot fathom a reason for this does not mean that THEY DO NOT HAVE A REASON. Simple as that. These folks operate on a whole different frequency level than we do, with a whole different set of morals and goals. Think about that.

And then what is really the use of sending humanitarian aid? Once again, hard to fathom, bu this is a bit easier; to create a good image? Re instill faith in themselves? Fabricate a renewed sense of faith and responsibility to their government and nation?

Is it really that hard to consider that the affairs of the nations of this earth has not advanced at all? Go over there, smash em', profit. Only difference is they provide you a bright box to sit and watch, where they tell you we are nice and benevolent.

HAARP does not exist and the government hasn't weaponize it? It is all science fiction? Alright. Whatever. Move along, head back to bed, sorry to wake you up. So the patents this man presented here, and the many others that the government has, just because these patents do not explicitly say POTENTIAL WEAPONIZATION, STRONG CANDIDATE FOR USE OF INTERNATIONAL DOMINANCE THROUGH DEVASTATION, it's not feasible? So the name on the patent is of one corporation, but HAARP technology was made by another, so it's bullcrap? They post the details of how this thing works on the friggin PUBLIC DOMAIN, and that's that? That's how it works? The way they TOLD YOU? You really think they will tell you if they weaponize ANYTHING? Originally not intended for that?

Wow, that was quite easy for them now, wasn't it?

Go ahead, keep it up. It will hit you right in the face very soon, and you will be left sitting there with your dumb faces.

And finally, here comes the last part i had on my mind. Ready?

God. Lucifer. Yep, I said it. I believe in it all. This earth has turned towards the dark prince, and God is going to let us feel what happens when you do this. He won't stop us, and he won't stop his own creation. He will let it all play out. It so happening right before our eyes. behind all the wars, all the international politics, all the fluctuations of money, all the laws, this is it.

Call it a fairytale. Call it poop somersetting like some very intelligent poster said before. In very short time, we'll see what you think.

Oh and watch this.

God bless all.

posted on Nov, 16 2013 @ 04:15 AM
Here's the 10,000 foot view answer to your implied question "How does HAARP steer the output".

First, radio waves are EM just like light. They're a transverse wave, with electric and magnetic field components at right angles to each other. Like light, radio waves can interfere both constructively and destructively in a volume. Outside the volume in which they interact, they continue as though nothing had happened - but in that volume, you can get some interesting effects. That is how you get a phased array to do beam steering.

Here's a 25 second Youtube that shows two spatially separate sources in phase:

I don't see offhand a nice one for a phase controlled directional antenna. But you get the idea - the wave outputs interact. By making an array of sources and controlling the phase of the outputs, you can cause the waves to actually form a nice beam, much as if you had used a huge parabolic antenna. I don't know if you're old enough to remember or if you noticed if you are, but you used to see radio towers in groups of three, especially AM radio towers. This was actually a sort of phased array! By setting the phases just right, and having the towers be vertical and just so far apart, you could calculate the phases so that you got the radio power squirted in sort of one direction. The more towers you have, and depending on how you set the phases, you get more or less directionality:

A three tower AM radio array:

A three tower AM radio radiation pattern in day and night time phasing:

Note that with three towers in a line you can't swing the beam in an unambiguous way, but you can affect the antenna pattern. If you try to beam steer without a back reflector, you'll see a duplicate beam on the other side. Thus, this type of antenna is set up to fire along the array in a more or less tight pattern

A single antenna pattern would look something like a donut shoved over the tower. With multiple towers and the right phase relationship between the antennas, the constructive and destructive interference results in all the power being squirted in a pattern.

Now, if you wanted to steer that puppy in a 3D pattern, you need a 2D array of sources. Thus do you have a rectangular array of antennas in the IRI.

Basically, the structure is something like this. In the main office, there's a nice but somewhat dated (and it wasn't state of the art at the time) management system. It's a big computer with a very specific function - it takes your firing pattern and calculates all the amplitude, mode, phase, and frequency data needed to produce that beam from the array. That is, you put in with an editor how you want the beam to swing, what power, polarity, dwell time, aiming angle and whatnot you want it to do. The machine crunches away and produces a program for the array. That program consists of power, phase, mode, keying, switching, I and Q data and the works. When you pull the trigger, the management system sends the firing pattern and a very nice clean reference signal to the doghouses. There are 30 of them in the antenna field. (some call them outhouses) There are 12 RF modules in each outhouse that take the digital commands from the management system and from that produce appropriate signals that are fed to the final amplifiers. The management system and RF synthesizers were designed by BAE Advanced Systems and a group of second tier engineers, with Steve Floyd as the chief engineer and grand poobah. Steve was the overall project manager for the entire thing.

For each beam orientation, size, angle and power, you have to feed a new set of instructions to the field. The management computer precomputes all this and tells you up front if you're trying to do something it can't manage. For example, if you're swinging the beam around 15 degrees from the zenith or less, and sticking to one band only, you can pretty much have at it because you don't have to send a full set of data. But if you're hopping back and forth between high and low band antennas or trying to swing more than 15 degrees from zenith, there are restrictions as to whether and how fast you can do that.

In this case, you can swing the high band dipole pattern 15 degrees from zenith. You can't get more. You can swing the low band 30 degrees from zenith, but if you go over 15 degrees, it requires a bigger data block per RF module and you can't get all of them updated fast enough to really pop that beam around. The beam looks like crap if you do anyway. Note that there's a theoretical max of 60 degrees of beam swing for a perfect, infinite array, so it's not like 30 is a BAD thing, for a big wavelength like this it's pretty decent.

Coming out of the output modules, you've got about a 10mW signal. That's fed into a D616G final. Some of the HAARP finals are DRS, others are Continental. I think they had a third vendor but that's the only two I recall out there. There are 12 finals per outhouse, driving six antennas through a continuously adjusted tuner network, each has 10kW output. For each antenna, you've got one D616G on the N-S dipole pair, and one on the E-W dipole pair. There are switches to select the low and high band antenna for each dipole pair mounted on the AMU.

The D616G's are 45% efficient, so you lose more than half the output power to just heat, there's a blower system in the outhouse to keep it ventilated. You lose another wad to the coax, tuner, switch and balun, about 400kW total if you've got the thing going full blast at the low end. That's with 1 5/8" low loss coax, too.

The antenna system and tuners were designed by Phazar. You've got high and low band dipoles, and you've got high-low pairs running E-W and N-S. There's a continuous tuner in the unbalanced side that keeps the reflections as low as possible over the frequency range (although if you hop frequencies it's going to take a while to retune, and you will have phase noise while you do). Up on the mast is a balun/monitor and a set of relays to pick between the high and low antenna set for each pair.

Anyways, when you get 180 outputs popping in an array (you rarely run both n-s and e-w) and you phase it right, you get a beam. By stepping through phases, you can swing the beam in a 3D grid. The farther off zenith you swing it, the more and larger sidelobes you shall have, and the bigger and mushier the main lobe gets.

4.5 MHz at zenith looks like this:

4.5 MHz at 30 degrees isn't too bad but looks like this:

4.5 MHz at 60 degrees looks like this:

Get up onto the high band dipole set at 10MHz and you get nicer patterns, but you can't swing it as far:

eta: I did find this youtube that shows a seven source linear array in simulation. Note that you can get some amount of beam swing, but since the array's linear, it's ambiguous, so you get two beams. Not too useful for AM radio work (or radar). With a 2D array against the ground, you can get a nice 3D beam. If you mounted a reflector behind the linear array you could do that too, but I digress.

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posted on Nov, 22 2013 @ 12:31 AM
reply to post by alienreality

Well then, if we make a lot of money rebuilding after a disaster we created, wouldn't it make more sense to destroy a country of higher standard of living so we would make more money restoring it to that higher standard of living, the much greater amount of tech and infrastructure would mean much more profit. Destroying a low standard of living only provides for a lower amount of profit, so how does that make sense?

posted on Nov, 23 2013 @ 03:43 AM
How about China's expanding its military power in asia and the US is getting concerned of their growing power. The US bases/presence in some parts of south east asia like the Philippines were either evicted or abandoned a decade ago. The Philippines evicted US military base before and a lot are still oppose of the idea of having the US presence in the country. Then also we have the ongoing Napoles scam/corruption in the country that involves the Senators/Congressmens and possibly even the president. Before the super typhoon hit the country all the medias attention was on this Napoles case (mishandling/corruption of billions and billions of the country funds by the elected officials). A day before Super typhoon Leyte, Napoles was being grilled one day(shown live on tv throughout the country) to name government officials involve in the corruption. If you were following the events she had her back to the wall and cant answer the questions thrown at her. She was afraid to tell that the government, elected officials Senators, Congressman and most likely the President are all accomplices on robbing the country. With back on the wall, the President and associates spoke to BIG Brother US saying "hey you know we tried our best to get the attention away from us by inciting and funded the recent Zamboanga crisis, but that didnt work, media is still on this Napoles case. Now we have our backs against the wall, the people are finding out about the truth, they are going to do another people power and we are going to lose our place. Here's a great win-win deal. With the emerging power presence of China, you want your base/presence back in the region right? Then you do a sort of 9/11 effect so that the people would be behind you with great approval in having your presence back in the country. Hit us with something devastating and send more than 6,000 troops This will soften the hearts of Filipinos and you will be welcome back with gratitude. And Napoles case will be forgotten because people will be so devastated, thus we will still be safe at our posts. So it's a win for us and win for you situation. So the BIG brother say " Yeah we do have something like that in our arsenal. And since your country gets hit by 20 plus typhoon each year, this will be something no one would suspect but we'll make sure that its going to be so devastating people would forget the Napoles case. Plus let's do it on a historical spot where Gen. Mc Arthur made his RE-ENTRY to the Philippines and fulfilled his words when he said "I shall return"

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posted on Dec, 14 2013 @ 05:26 PM
Interesting, no, not just all Haiyan-WeatherControl being dismissed automatically as SKUNK works, but evidence of microwave pulses immediately preceding the formation of megatyphoon Haiyan:

Oh, Dutchsinse, why are you so hated by the sheople???

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