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Insidiae Pinus [Nov 2013]

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posted on Nov, 14 2013 @ 04:05 PM
Insidiae Pinus

“I’m telling you...they are REAL.”

“Right, right...are we gonna go through this again?” replied Sam, annoyed. “I mean seriously, many times over the last century or so have you tried to prove to me that some ‘unknown entity’ is lurking about and causing mass genocide amongst our brothers? Seriously, you’re letting your imagination get away with you.”

“Hey, there have been recorded instances that definitively prove that these things exist,” retorted Bob, defensively. “We don’t know what they are but they’re definitely out there. “

“Right...” responded Sam sarcastically as a breeze blew gently through his branches.
Bob contemplated Sam for a moment before beginning, “Okay, explain to me about cause of the genocide that happened while back. We lost contact with an entire stretch of our brothers after they started reporting feeling something really sticky being sprayed on them just before they disappeared. ..”

“Dude, that was a fire. A fire. You know, those things that get really hot and lots of trees die,” Sam retorted, really seeming annoyed now. “Do you even know what I’m talking about? “

“This was no fire. The trees that survived it said that they never once felt any heat,” Bob shot back with extra emphasis on every word.

“Well, what about the resin signals? Whenever there is a fire, the first brother burning starts producing resin and starts letting everybody else know. There were resin signals going on in that event and that’s because it was a FIRE,” Sam responded emphatically before muttering, “God, you’re so dumb. It’s hard to believe we’re descended from the same tree.”

“But the survivors didn’t feel any heat from it,” Bob replied, ignoring the jibe about their shared parentage. “How do you explain that, Mr. Smarty Bark?!”
“Well, they survived,” responded Sam in a matter of fact way as a percher lit on one of his branches. “Maybe they were further away from the fire than they thought ,”

“No,” Bob trembled his branches emphatically. “There was no heat because there was no fire. They were taken, one by one. Something...I don’t know what...abducted them,”

“Oh my god, are you going to start going on and on about how you were touched once by one of these things?” Sam laughed incredulously, causing the percher to lift off.

“I was violated by unknown entity. Don’t make fun of that, man,” replied Bob, defensively.

“It was a scrambler,” Sam said simply.

“No way that it was a scrambler. It was way too big to be a scrambler and it didn’t scramble up me.”

“A big claw then maybe? “

“I don’t think so,” Bob replied, uncertainly before adding defensively. “Look, all I know is that something hard hit my root and the next thing I know, I’m feeling pressure, man...on my trunk. ...LOW and just stayed there for a bit and whatever hit my trunk was HARD.”

“Maybe it was a gentle stepper then,” Sam offered. “When they’ve accidentally hit my roots, it felt hard.”

“Yeah, but they don’t lean on us like this thing did, “ Bob was silent for a moment as he recollected the incident, trembling. “There was a scrambler on one of my branches, too, and it just took off real fast. It was weird, man.”

“Right,” Sam replied, mockingly. “Pretty sure you’re the weird one here, Bob.”

“You know, I think he’s right,” Fred interrupted from several feet away. “I was talking to a neighbor the other day who was telling me about this really weird experience they had where they felt like something or someone was wrapping something thin around their trunk and squeezing it a bit. He was totally freaked out about it.”

“Oh my god, now you are going to start believing this crap, too?” Sam bristled.

“I’m just saying that there could be something out there. My buddy is a pretty reasonable guy. Known him for centuries now and not once has he ever said anything like that before. It made him a believer,” Fred replied, earnestly.

“Am I the only one in this forest that doesn’t believe in little two trunked soft trees?” Sam sighed to the sky.

Ignoring Sam’s snide remark, Fred continued. “Well, we don’t how big the world is out there. There could be plenty of life forms that we don’t know about...”

Sam rustled his branches indignantly and replied, “True, we don’t know what is out there but seriously, these stories only really start a couple centuries ago. If they were out there the whole time and coming into our forests, we’d know about it. “

“Well, maybe they just arrived here,” Fred offered. “Maybe they came from somewhere else and moved into our area. That’d explain why more of our brothers have been disappearing over the last few centuries.”

“Trees get old. They get weak and dry and then they burn in FIRES. That’s what happens,” retorted Sam before quickly adding, “And that’s ALL that happens.”

“Then we’ve had a lot more fires than we’ve ever had before,” stated Fred. “ Think about it. How is it impossible that there could be something that we don’t know that has come into our area and has started to take our brothers down?”

“Because it’s never happened before here and besides, a lot of us have been getting sicker lately like poor Bud over there--his bark is totally infested with little scratchers...right, Bud?”

“Yep and they itch like the dickens,” Bud replied morosely. “I really could use a few trunk knockers helping me out but, eh, none of been stopping by.”

“Yeah!!” Bob shouted, excited, “Our brothers aren’t the only things that have been disappearing around here. The trunk knockers are growing scarce, man.”

“Oh so now these little two trunked creatures of yours are stealing all the trunk knockers, too?” Sam laughed hard, causing a few needles to drop. “Dude, you crack my bark.”

“It’s not funny, man,” retorted Bob indignantly, clearly offended. “We’re in danger and this is serious but you’re treating it like it’s all just one big joke.”

“I believe you, Bob,” Fred interjected. “I’ve always believed that we don’t know everything there is to know out there. Are we the only intelligent species out here? I just can’t believe...”

“OH MY GOD!! OH MY GOD!!” screamed Bob, “Sticky spray!!! Something just sprayed something sticky on my bark and it’s so gross... I’m gonna die!!”

“Now you’re really letting your imagination get away with you, Bob,” sighed Sam. “Why, oh why, are we related?”

“Holy crap, it’s on me, too,” said Fred. “I’ve got it on me, too! What the hell?”

“Great,” Sam muttered. “Now you’re in on it, too”

“Oh my god, guys,” Bud whispered. “I’ve got it on me, too, now. What is that stuff? It’s the worse than the little scratchers.”

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posted on Nov, 14 2013 @ 04:05 PM
Several weeks later, Sam stood alone in an open field, unbeknownst to him, surrounded by the trunks of his now departed brothers. The scramblers and big claws were gone and only once in a while had he felt a percher light on one of his branches. I can’t be alone, Sam thought before tentatively calling aloud, “Hello? Is anybody out there? Bob? Bud?! Fred!!! Where are you guys? Anybody?!”

Sam waited for a bit but received no reply. He’d been trying to contact someone...anyone, ever since it had begun. The first one to go was Bud and Sam trembled at the recollection of Bud’s screams just before he had gone silent. Then, Fred went the same way and then, finally, Bob, panicked and afraid, went away, too. Sam was broken from his traumatized reverie by a cold breeze coming in from the North. His brothers weren’t there to help shield him from the wind anymore.

“I need more resin,” Sam whispered to himself, determined to survive the cold winter ahead and began producing more when a dreadful realization swept across him.

“Oh my god...more resin....they ARE real,” Sam whimpered to the empty wind and then, sensing that none of his brothers were around, groaned, “Oh god, nobody is going to believe me now, too.”

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posted on Nov, 14 2013 @ 04:13 PM
reply to post by WhiteAlice

Insidious what?

posted on Nov, 14 2013 @ 04:23 PM

reply to post by WhiteAlice

Insidious what?

Closest I could get to the Pine Conspiracy.

posted on Nov, 14 2013 @ 04:30 PM

posted on Nov, 14 2013 @ 04:33 PM
reply to post by unb3k44n7

Pinus. Scientific classification uses latin. Pinus is the latin name for the Pine species. Was a botany major in a former life.

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