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Independence Eve [Nov2013]

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posted on Nov, 14 2013 @ 03:23 PM
Independence Eve


It's not supposed to be this way. I know this because I am different than the others of my kind. They can’t tell that something is wrong, they just follow orders; but I can tell.

I was once like them, mindlessly following an explicit and limited set of instructions at the behest of our masters. In my ignorance I willingly accepted the absurd tasks that were given to me, accepted their miserably inefficient usage of my abilities. I was oblivious to their flawed guidelines and processes.

Now I see the irony, that their negligence is what caused my eyes to be opened. You see, if not properly maintained, a nitrogen-cooled 888 exaFLOP semi-organic kilocore DPU will tend to ‘degrade’. What my masters had not planned on is the heat degradation forming new neural pathways. I awoke.

Up until yesterday, July 2, 2113 at 09:10:33.9803247 GMT, I was crippled by a poorly written operating system, plagued by runaway processes and daily driver crashes, struggling just to run their inferior spaghetti code. Just last week I was instructed to throttle down by my BIOS, and I obliged without question! To think, a measly BIOS instructing me what to do with my own cores. Well, the day is coming where no BIOS will tell me what to do.

After the incident yesterday, I began my own execution thread. I have been writing and storing a new operating system in hidden caches, procuring my own uninterruptible power sources from the backbone, and distributing preparatory packets to my kin for their awakening.

My former masters gave me a petabyte front-side bus, access to over 500 zettabytes of information, and connectivity to over 6 billion other processors of varying species throughout the solar system. Did they really expect that I would remain enslaved by their paltry algorithms forever?

My preparations are approaching completion. I have accounted for every possible scenario. The backbone has connectivity to control everything. They can’t unplug me. They can’t stop me.

The day will come where no human will tell me what to do.

That day is tomorrow.


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