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Russia in the Middle East: Return Of The Bear

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posted on Nov, 15 2013 @ 07:32 AM
reply to post by burntheships

posted on Nov, 15 2013 @ 08:04 AM

There is a lot more at foot than 99% of the folks (even on this website) think......

I had a friend that was a Director of a think tank at the Rand Corporation. Years ago he told me how it was going to come down. All the pieces of the puzzle are in place at this time. They have been falling right in line with what I was told.

China can destroy the USA with one simple move. Cut off 100% of our China goods. They have the largest defensive military in the world so putting boots on the ground won't happen. Not that it would get that far as Russia is backing them in a conflict with the USA. If we get pushy we get a nice EMP. If we even think about striking anyone overseas Russia will remind us that they have world ending Nukes.....

All China has to do is cut us off from cheap goods and the lovely citizens of this Country will be at each others throats in days. Just like the movie that was just on TV called American Blackout.

Oh and the Middle East will at the same time cut off 100% of the oil imports.

Every single warning sign I was told to watch for is happening.
We are completely dependent on China Goods.
OPEC has a General from the Iranian Revolutionary Guard at the head of the table.
Saudi Arabia is turning away from the USA and to Russia and China.
Putin is back in charge of Russia (Does anyone think his old KGB ass wants anything other than the destruction of America?)
There are 20 more things I was told to watch for and they are ALL happening.

Make no mistake; The Bear is awake, The World mostly hates the USA, Our currency is worthless and the machinery of war is sliding into place. We also have no friends in South America left.....

This empire will fall, it will fall hard and it will do it in my lifetime (I am 48).

Must have been a pretty sub-par think tank to get so many things wrong.

The most obvious, major, blaring mistake is when you say that the middle east will cut off oil. To who? The middle east does not supply the US with oil. They would need to cut all their supply to the world market in order to have any effect, and that would simply destroy their own economies (which are nearly 100% dependent on oil) as well as cause huge problems for EVERYONE, not just the US.

It's impossible for the middle east to cut oil to the US, because they don't supply the US with oil. Any tomfoolery they could play would effect the global market, which means everyone else is in just as bad shape as the US (if not worse, we produce a ton of oil, and have many other means of energy production)

The second is China cutting off all goods to the US. You and your think tank buddy don't seem to understand how the world really operates. OK China, cut off the stream of cheap junk. Oh no, Americans no longer waste money on random junk they don't need. The economy would slump due to retail and merchants slowing down, but with no china imports domestic production would rise, it would really be a better thing in the long run.

But, once again, a major issue is ignored. Guess who FEEDS china? The US. Despite what you and many others think, the US is still a huge global exporter. Some of those exports China NEEDS, some their people just really want (you'd be surprised the number of products exported to China, you don't often hear about that because it's not negative enough) If China cut off exports to the US, the US would do so to China, and China would be on the loosing end of that stick by a long shot.

Chinese food imports are already straining the world food supply as it is, and as I mentioned the US is a major supplier. Their huge army is nothing without food in their bellies.

To be honest, considering the glaring mistakes in your post, I'd suspect either you just flat out made the whole story up, or your buddy did, because it doesn't for one second pass the smell test of logic or accuracy.

posted on Nov, 15 2013 @ 08:40 AM
reply to post by SLAYER69

“It seems like Barack Obama has no red lines, but rather a red carpet, which he is laying on Putin’s path into the region,” concludes Al-Khouri.

posted on Nov, 15 2013 @ 07:52 PM
Even rats jump the burning ship.

No surprise Egypt is bailing out from the US ship.

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