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Federal Reserve Whistleblower Tells America The REAL Reason For Quantitative Easing

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posted on Nov, 14 2013 @ 01:05 PM
reply to post by Gordi The Drummer

that wouldn't really work well either. inflation would take it's toll. the more money made the less it's worth. both options are sh*tty.

posted on Nov, 14 2013 @ 01:06 PM



Right wing christian ideology is the problem.

Actually it's liberalism that is the problem. The giant government, all the taxes, all the regulations, all the bureaucracy, it's all designed to obliterate the middle class and get the citizens dependent on the government, so that we are literally their slaves. It's nothing more than feudalism disguised as concern.

I agree but NEOliberals are much worse. Neoconservatives are not really conservative either. Alex Jones has been discussing this for a decade if not more. Got to rid ourselves of these NEOs and go back to traditional politics. Globalism doesnt work, quantative easing is an enormous scam, the wars we can do without, and I would also like my money back and send those pricks to jail where they belong for life.

posted on Nov, 14 2013 @ 01:11 PM
reply to post by solongandgoodnight

Andrew Huszar that helped manage the Federal Reserve's quantitative easing program during 2009 and 2010

2009-2010... just goes to show you that it doesnt take long for things to get ruined.

And to think, Obama gets 8 years to ruin us.

Yep, we are S.O.L!!

... and Andrew wasn't even trying. can't say the same for Obama.
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posted on Nov, 14 2013 @ 01:17 PM
reply to post by solongandgoodnight

I remember all to well when the banks were bailed out in 2008 and watched unbelieving as our nation said nothing! Now I see that we have no voices or balls to stop the untold corruption! I knew that no man in the presidency would bring about any change that the masses were hoping for! No accountability and no recovery!
I tried to tell those around me that we needed to stop the corrupt traitors in power but they only responded with "what can we do?"! Now I see we are all too afraid to stand up for ourselves! Therefore we will only piss and moan but never do anything of any consequence which would begin to bring about the change we so desperately need!
Even after those with critical thinking minds find out the truth "if they don't already know" there wont be any brave leaders to step forwards to lead us into that age where equality, cooperation and unity brings us into a grand utopian
It is not that difficult to do and only 51% need to believe it possible to begin the transition to nirvana!
I have believed this possible but for it not to be we only need not believe it is, for once we lose hope then we lose
that chance for a prosperous future! May God be with all who read this to see the light of hope and begin the transition
to a peaceful and prosperous future!

posted on Nov, 14 2013 @ 01:56 PM
Honestly, I thought this was all so blatently obvious what is he blowing the wistle on?

The banks giving lots of cash to banks is going to make rich people and bankers more rich?

Yeah, didn't see that one coming.

posted on Nov, 14 2013 @ 02:31 PM
And still, Americans will sit behind their computer screens doing absolutely nothing but b!tch about it! This behavior will only continue to get worse until Americans finally put their indifference to the side and come together as a whole to remove those who are fudging Americans.

My wife and I go out to rally and protest every chance we can. What are you doing to make the difference? A person has to ask themselves, “Whose worse”, these crooked ba$tards spitting in our faces, or Americans sitting on the side lines letting it all happen?

posted on Nov, 14 2013 @ 02:44 PM
sorry if this has already been covered...

Quote - Andrew Huszar in WSJ:

That was when I realized the Fed had lost any remaining ability to think independently from Wall Street. Demoralized, I returned to the private sector.

"Private Sector"?
I don't get it?

posted on Nov, 14 2013 @ 02:58 PM


"We are grateful to the Washington Post, the New York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years."

He went on to explain:

"It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subjected to the lights of publicity during those years. But, the world is more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national autodetermination practiced in past centuries."

-- David Rockefeller, Speaking at the June, 1991 Bilderberger meeting in Baden, Germany

The fourth estate sold out america. What do you expect people to do at the last bloody moment if they are clueless about everything? I put all the blame on them!!

Then when TP and Occupy tried to make a stand every msm station went on the offensive. Fox would make fun of Occupy and the liberal media would make fun of TP. Pit everyone against everyone and the bandits walk away scott free.

The Rothschilds

"The few who understand the system, will either be so interested from it's profits or so dependant on it's favors, that there will be no opposition from that class." — Rothschild Brothers of London, 1863

"Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes it's laws" — Mayer Amschel Bauer Rothschild

"Most Americans have no real understanding of the operation of the international money lenders. The accounts of the Federal Reserve System have never been audited. It operates outside the control of Congress and manipulates the credit of the United States" — Sen. Barry Goldwater (Rep. AR)

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posted on Nov, 14 2013 @ 03:04 PM
The lovely thing is:

How could you Troll this?

posted on Nov, 14 2013 @ 03:19 PM


that wouldn't really work well either. inflation would take it's toll. the more money made the less it's worth. both options are sh*tty.

A lot of our money gets burned, literally. This way they can print money and give it to their criminal friends, while destroying the money that you had, leaving the amount of money the same, but no longer in your hands, to keep the money the "elite" have from becoming the worthless paper that it is.

posted on Nov, 14 2013 @ 03:33 PM
reply to post by Gordi The Drummer

Where does our government's money come from? Is is just from our taxes??

posted on Nov, 14 2013 @ 04:54 PM
reply to post by MysterX

Probably a good guess. Meets up well with what I have seen in people.

posted on Nov, 14 2013 @ 05:12 PM
reply to post by Gordi The Drummer

Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!

Injecting money directly into the real economy versus into a wall streeter's funny money book? Enough of that talk. You know how long they have been trying to wring it out of Joe Q. Public? How slow and inefficient is that?

They finally got a means to skip the middle man and simply create wealth for the money junkies directly and you want to go backwards? How are they supposed to get every penny of that 6500 back? It won't work. Some of the unwashed in between will keep a few...ingrates. It's not all ours then!

This way it's like getting money you never have to pay back from someone who has no say in the matter. Sa-weeet! I'll take another $Billion$ HAR HAR HAR!

//sarc off// ....boy, I think I threw my back out on that one. Zeeesh

posted on Nov, 14 2013 @ 05:20 PM

reply to post by Gordi The Drummer

that wouldn't really work well either. inflation would take it's toll. the more money made the less it's worth. both options are sh*tty.

Hang on, I'm not suggesting creating any new money!
Just redirecting the billions they have already spent on QE, directly to Joe Public.

If they hadn't already spent the billions on QE, bank bailouts etc. They COULD have given it directly to us!
No extra money, no inflation!


posted on Nov, 14 2013 @ 05:24 PM
reply to post by Gordi The Drummer

Got it

posted on Nov, 14 2013 @ 05:56 PM
Screw em all but six and save them for the pall bearers....
Take em ALL DOWN !

posted on Nov, 14 2013 @ 07:04 PM
reply to post by solongandgoodnight

The whole system is corrupt and needs to be brought down

Amen brother. I don't profess to know how it should be done, but clearly, something must be done. If there's anything at all that I've learned in my short life on this earth, it's that the System cannot be reformed.

So long as the wolves guard the sheep pen, more blood and sweat of the masses will continue to be spilled. The question we must all ask ourselves is: how do we feel about that? Because ignorance of the facts is no excuse. The longer we tolerate this nonsense, the less we deserve to be rescued from it.

posted on Nov, 14 2013 @ 11:50 PM

reply to post by Gordi The Drummer

Where does our government's money come from? Is is just from our taxes??

Where does our government's money come from?

An excellent question!

I would love to say simply that our government is charged with administering the collective wealth of the nation; and making free trade possible without third-party (i.e. government) intrusion. I would be equally pleased to state that to such an end, the leaders each of our states gather in a congress to decide on the monetary need for the economic welfare based upon a budget devised under the rules of law. The perfect end to the story thereafter would be that a fixed quantity of currency is circulated, facilitating trade for goods and services; with the operating cost of government payed for by an equitable and fair tax.

I would love to say this... except it would be a lie.

Grab a snack, pour yourself a healthy drink... if you are truly interested, please watch this carefully...

Money Masters

posted on Nov, 15 2013 @ 01:18 AM
reply to post by Gordi The Drummer

Why didn't they just GIVE EACH AND EVERY PERSON..... £6500?

Because that would have resulted in them giving rather than taking from everyone.
If they gave people the money, they would go and buy real tangible goods with real value.
It is much better to give to the banks and have them steal from everyone else via inflation.

The Banksters Bad Derivative Bets have to be paid and it is not going to come out of their pockets.
They are entitled to lucrative salaries and large bonuses since they are the best and brightest.

posted on Nov, 15 2013 @ 01:23 AM
Anyone voting for any potential candidate backed by these cockroaches need their heads examined.
The lesson learned is any Large Corporation or Bank putting large sums of money behind a presidential candidate tells me that I will not be voting for that person, because they will not be working for the best interests of this nation but to those that hold the most gold.

The Big Wall Street Banks can go to Hell

Top Contributors to Obama
Goldman Sachs $1,013,091
JPMorgan Chase & Co $808,799
Citigroup Inc $736,771
Time Warner $624,618
Morgan Stanley $512,232
Latham & Watkins $503,295
Top Contributors to Romney
Goldman Sachs $1,033,204
Bank of America $1,013,402
Morgan Stanley $911,305
JPMorgan Chase & Co $834,096
Wells Fargo $677,076
Credit Suisse Group $643,120
Citigroup Inc $511,199
Barclays $446,000
Rothman Institute $259,500

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