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What Will Happen If Comet Ison Careens Into The Sun??

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posted on Nov, 13 2013 @ 07:52 AM
it would seem that when most comets hit the sun, shortly
after we see a CME

So, that might be what happens cheesy, no more comet

posted on Nov, 13 2013 @ 07:53 AM
Go out in your yard and build a fire as big as you can. Now throw an ice cube in the fire. What happened ? There's your answer to your question. Comets have been dive bombing the sun since the dawn of time. Nothing will happen.

posted on Nov, 13 2013 @ 08:02 AM
comets have come and gone for millennia - and every time some chicken little screams " DOOM " but doom never comes

is it possible to change the record ?

ISON is an interesting comet - but in the scheme of things - it is pretty ordinary

and there is certainly no evidence that it will do anything to adsversly affect earth or impact the sun

there are many claims that it will do bot - but no actual crebible science - just doom porners , hoaxers and trolls feeding off the scientifically illiterate

posted on Nov, 13 2013 @ 08:08 AM
Glad to see you back Cheesy.

In the next five years they will be learning a lot more about the effects that comets have on the solar activity. Science is now aware that a flare can occur when a comet is heading to the sun so they will be watching to see if the flare is related to the comet now. It will take many observations for them to understand it completely.

If you drop a drop of water into molten lead, what happens. I have seen this when making fishing sinkers. This may be what is going on with the sun and comets.....but a little different. Give science a while to observe this so they can make conclusions about it. They like to know why also. If you see something and ignore it saying there is no relationship, how will you know. These specialists are aware of the "coincidence" now so let's see what it comes up with. It seems to me that sunspots are created by waste materials accumulating from it's processes. The more output the more unburnt crap.

posted on Nov, 13 2013 @ 08:14 AM
Why are people answering a question that is answered in the vid the op posted? A vid that the op apparently has watched himself?

Why is he asking a question that is answered by the vid that he watched?

posted on Nov, 13 2013 @ 10:17 AM
Absolutely nothing happens. Laws of physics explain that.

Sun has mass of 1.9891×10^30 kg (19 989 100 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 kg)
I didn't find any info how much mass ISON has, but its nothing compared to Sun.

Also, comets have same elements as Sun.

Comets have no effect on dark spots, they are formed by magnetic activity of the Sun.
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posted on Nov, 13 2013 @ 12:00 PM
I think poor ISON meets a quick, fiery DOOM ...

posted on Nov, 22 2013 @ 12:50 AM
The problem of the modern mainstream physics is its over-self confidence.

The practice shows that new physics laws have been discovered all the time, most often under the label of largely re-fixed existing laws. Dark matter is one of these examples. Something that we don't know about, accounts for 84% of all matter in the Universe? Isn't there something wrong in our theories then, proudly claiming the universe is all the same everywhere, as it is on/near earth?

According to the Planck mission team, and based on the standard model of cosmology, the total mass–energy of the known universe contains 4.9% ordinary matter, 26.8% dark matter and 68.3% dark energy.[2][3] Thus, dark matter is estimated to constitute 84.5% of the total matter in the universe and 26.8% of the total content of the universe

New ideas and models in Physics do exist, only to meet fiercest resistance of the majority scientists defenders of the old paradigm. The cosmology models alone made drastic changes several times in the last 2 decades, as diverse as from the Big Crunch to the Big Rip and invention of Einstein's "biggest mistake" that today is called dark energy to avoid the confused word "anti-gravity". Even the constant of gravity is under question by some. New dimensions were discovered at sub-atomic scale in colliders (CERN). Sun alone behaves as if it never read any textbook of the "allowed" solar activity. That happens as we speak in this year 2013 that should have been a year of a big solar max.Where is it?

That all comes to tell us, the nature might be very different from what today's generation of mainstream scientists painted it for us. They have made their careers on the current status quo paradigm and they would not listen to anything else or anyone else. it is a pity that today's science is more conservative than religion.

Isn't it paradoxical that CNN and other news sources would publish from time to time advanced scientific teams' findings of possible existence of Planet X of Brown dwarf, while that is not acknowledged by most mainstream astronomers, rather laughed at. WISE data is still not made available to public. And so on and so forth.

So when we have "unexplained phenomena" such as the recent outburst of Ison and that of Holmes sometime ago as far from the sun as the distance of Mars! I would rather pause and expect what the nature will tell us. Not what we will tell the nature how it must behave according to textbooks and our own limited experience in time. We observe all that grand scenery for a few brief centuries. OK add the Chinese astronomers of antiquity. In anyway all that time is a tiny moment in the life of the Solar system. I would not bet everything on the earth's proud mind that couldn't understand so far it is not the best of creation and that creation exists beyond and despite the human mindsets.

Ison may be just a common comet. It doesn't negate the above reflections.

posted on Nov, 22 2013 @ 01:21 AM
What if not a new physics law is the accepted by now Inflation period of early universe, when space-time-energy balooned expanded at rate higher than the speed of light. Similar is suggested for the dark energy at the final era of the Universe that will make the Big Rip. If that exists in today's theory, and it was taboo only 2 decades ago, how about other "re-fixes" of existing laws? Including those that act in near-earth space, not far away galaxies?

How about to reconsider what drives the sun internally, that might not be the H2-H2 reaction alone? Let alobe the Electric Universe theory that makes a bunch of new questions and hypotheses possible.

Ison will not give all the answers. But the questions should start flowing the internet when the top scientists say in top websites that they don't know what caused Ison's latest bursts. As they didn't know what caused Holmes expansion to become larger than the sun in absolute dimensions. They just don't know and they say it.

Then perhaps the mainstream science should listen to advanced and alternative scientists who propose new models of how the universe is run. They may not be second Einsteins but they may have a bit of truth in it.

It is a challenge for me to mention a name that will be dismissed by majority. I neither approve nor reject it. Nassim Haramein proposed singularities to exist in the centers of both the sun and the earth. I am sure he is not alone in the quest of NEW KINDS of explanations instead of the outdated already models.

How much weight and mass the moon has, and why Apollo - Eagle module could overcome its gravity with so little amount of fuel on board?

Why should Sumer records be so painfully meticulous about another planet? And that planet hasn't been discovered for centuries although supposed to exist by the greatest first astronomers who made the first discoveries of the solar system beyond Saturn? How is possible the biggest and best modern earth-based and space-based telescopes of today not to be able to fix that mysterious object, whatever its name and exact kind (planet, brown dwarf, a combination)?

What are the big spheres seen on SOHO/Stereo images next to the sun? Are they all glitches of software?

It just doesn't fit all of that. At one moment one says, it is enough of all those half explanations, and starts looking for other more reliable explanations even if they are heresy to mainstream science.

Let me stop here awaiting what Ison has to tell us if anything. But you see, unless the people start changing their views it would be very hard for a comet to do it instead.

posted on Nov, 22 2013 @ 01:45 AM
I just cannot stand and read when: some reasonable posters (not myself) ask reasonable questions and perhaps propose something not so scientific instead of the flawed mainstream physics,
and as answers received proudly words how the mainstream physics explains everything possible, and how their suggestions are "not how the Universe runs". Again it is not myself to receive these answers, and the questions usually are not very scientific. But the people wonder and want to knw. They have the right to know.

So now let me tell those proud mainstream physicists and astronomers who cannot explain a simple comet how it works: "You Drs don't know really how the Universe runs". I don't know it either, but I suggest many more laws and principles will be discovered before the humanity gets an inch closer to how the Universe really works. Both on large scale and on the scale of a solar system, or even within the planet earth itself. Surely I can say more, but it enters into alternative science and I don't want to speculate with things that will be immediately attacked as "non-scientific". Let the great minds do their work, such as professor Kip Thorne of CalTech whom I respect.

posted on Nov, 22 2013 @ 02:05 AM
Could the sun explode, by a comet or otherwise? How could we know?

We read:

the Sun, like most stars, is a main-sequence star, and thus generates its energy by nuclear fusion of hydrogen nuclei into helium. In its core, the Sun fuses 620 million metric tons of hydrogen each second.

Through most of the Sun's life, energy is produced by nuclear fusion through a series of steps called the p–p (proton–proton) chain; this process converts hydrogen into helium.[48] Only 0.8% of the energy generated in the Sun comes from the CNO cycle.

At the center of the Sun, theoretical models estimate it to be approximately 276.5 watts/m3,[53] a power production density that more nearly approximates reptile metabolism than a thermonuclear bomb.

The Sun is about halfway through its main-sequence stage, during which nuclear fusion reactions in its core fuse hydrogen into helium. Each second, more than four million tonnes of matter are converted into energy within the Sun's core, producing neutrinos and solar radiation. At this rate, the Sun has so far converted around 100 Earth-masses of matter into energy. The Sun will spend a total of approximately 10 billion years as a main-sequence star

In the inner portions of the Sun, nuclear fusion has modified the composition by converting hydrogen into helium, so the innermost portion of the Sun is now roughly 60% helium, with the metal abundance unchanged. Because the interior of the Sun is radiative, not convective (see Radiative zone above), none of the fusion products from the core have risen to the photosphere

Let me doubt the so described NUCLEAR process that: "At the center of the Sun, theoretical models estimate it to be approximately 276.5 watts/m3,[53] a power production density that more nearly approximates reptile metabolism than a thermonuclear bomb."

Let me doubt of the proofs of such theory that are hidden deep beneath the surface: " Because the interior of the Sun is radiative, not convective (see Radiative zone above), none of the fusion products from the core have risen to the photosphere". Let me doubt the entire model of the sun that is fixed to knowledge of the 60s and does not take into account the latest multi-dimensional particles researched in CERN. Perhaps new processes should be added to the proton-proton reaction. Why doesn't it become a chain reaction as in the thermonuclear bomb? The more you know about the sun, the more you know the current model does not fit.

After the sun started behaving improperly and not according to the 11y cycles, some article suggested the sun could be turning into T-Tauri star...

If the sun explodes as red giant after a month or after a year, and not after billions of years, then what?

The process might be triggered by a comet, by a galactic wave, or by Planet X. How do we know without proper data? Please release the data first and then tell us estimates when the sun will run out of its nuclear fuel - if it is a nuclear fuel at all that makes the sun shine.
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posted on Nov, 22 2013 @ 06:06 AM
Nassim Haramein's model of singularity at the center of sun and all other objects (incl earth)
I do not necessarily agree and it just doesn't matter. What matters is the current model of the sun by the MSscience is desperately outdated.
If comet hits sun it hits the real sun the way it is, and not the sun in MSStextbooks

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