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The Devil's Pet.

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posted on Nov, 11 2013 @ 04:07 PM
I walked the rise ahead and stumbled upon the remnants of a village. Clearly it had been burned to the ground, smoke still rising from the debris, bodies everywhere.
Upon seeing the the scattered dismembered appendages, headless torsos and sadistic wounds among them all, I struggled to keep charge of my senses, nausea advanced quickly.
Body sweat drenched my hot skin and as I began to heave, a breeze suddenly passed cooling the sweat and calmed me.

Standing, my strength slowly returned when beyond the smoldering carnage, a girl stood staring at me.
I approached her. In her dirt smudged dress and although her face bruised, she was no worse for wear.
Her name is Apuwata, she is only 12 years of age, and she tells me there are others.
After some time, Apuwata and I were able to find the rest of the survivors, and we left the destuction surrounding us and headed west.
They were but three survivors, A gentle but elderly woman gone mad from the assault on their village, a twenty-two year old woman who had lost her newborn boy to the attackers, Apuwata, the girl I first met.
Peyanu, the twenty-two year old told me of the attackers.
They were pure evil.
Four henchmen, who live for the carnage they commit, evidently enjoying the horror and gore as if they couldn’t get enough. Sad Bastards.

But to my dismay, Peyanu tells that they are but a gnat compared to their master, Nem Bieast. Bieast is a horrid Creature of the dark. A pet of Lucifer unleashed upon our world, and only destruction and mayhem of the worst order is tasked to him…or it.

I began contemplating what would become inevitable, I would hunt down these rouge monsters and avenge these villagers and the many others succumbed to the craft of these bottom feeders from hell.

Peyanu made clear where these creatures could be found and a map from a fragment of her dress and native berry juice mixed with mud to draw was accepted.
I found a high rock cliff with an overhang that created a natural hideout and left the females there.
With map in hand, I journeyed the thirty clicks or so to the home of Nem Bieast, and with the stealth of a sniper, I approached the clearing guarding the huge cave-home of the devils imps within. Now with clear view and undetected, I looked just in time to see one henchman disappear into the cave entrance, as he seemed to follow the loud angry bellow echoing in incomprehensible vulgarity which could only be from Nem Bieast, the Master of the Henchmen, Pet of Lucifer.
The droning echoed voice grew fainter and fainter, until silence became loud in comparison.

The time is now. I walked softly, great care taken with each advancing step towards the cave entrance. I had found a small tree branch a few clicks back and it made a fair makeshift club. I was now at the left edge of the cave entrance, my makeshift club held against my chest, clutched in both hands, and while trying not to hyperventilate, I steadied myself in the hopes this would help build the courage to turn the corner and face the evil within the cave. I was as ready as I would ever be, and with one big breathe, I turned to the cave entrance, but as I shifted my weight in step with my advance, within the blink of an eye from facing Nem Biast, I…..

“Honey, wake up! You were hyperventilating and yelling in your sleep” my better half reported as I suddenly awoke.

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posted on Nov, 11 2013 @ 05:04 PM
Great story.

I just wanted to ask if you are entering the competition? If so, you forgot to put [Nov2013] in your title, otherwise, sorry to bother you.

posted on Nov, 11 2013 @ 09:31 PM

Great story.

I just wanted to ask if you are entering the competition? If so, you forgot to put [Nov2013] in your title, otherwise, sorry to bother you.

I was not aware of this. Might put a bit more thought into it.
Where and when?

posted on Nov, 12 2013 @ 02:34 AM
The comp is running all month and we are each allowed up to three entries. It has to be from a non human point of view, deamons, trees, animalsect.

Here is the link with rules.

Hope yo see you in the comp.

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