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DHS and FEMA Prepare for Power Grid Drill

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posted on Nov, 12 2013 @ 08:47 PM
Well if the grid were to expire, I guess many will be happy as we'll all be equal then, won't we?

Nope...some will be more equal than others.

Doooooooooooom! Dooooooooooom! I tell ya!

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posted on Nov, 13 2013 @ 11:59 AM
reply to post by cloaked4u

OH NO. That means that all the EX boxes, playstations, computers and t.v's will be down. We are all going to turn into zombies those days, time to PANIC.

How rude and narrow-minded of you to assume that anyone concerned about such a thing simply must be a selfish and immature child, only concerned about a loss of entertainment. Or is it that you yourself can only see that far into the scenario?

More like... Dialysis machines and other essential medical equipment for those receiving care at home! Workstation computers for those of us who make their living and support their family at home! Small businesses unable to function. Schools closing. Grocery stores, butchers, bakers, eateries, and families having to throw out spoiled food, and lose a lot of money, because they have no refrigeration (That's the sort of thing that could shut down a family-owned business). Not to mention opening the doors for burglary, looting, and other crime in certain areas. These days a lot of people have electric stoves, or at least electric starters, so no warm food. Depending on the furnace, no heat either. No hot water for a lot of people...

You know, I can go on for a while still before running out of serious effects and resorting to listing stupid things like not being able to play Xbox, watch Netflix, or check facebook...

Not trying to start an argument, but...Really? That kind of talk is counter-productive flame-bait. There is good reason to be concerned about mass power-outages. The one personal thing that comes to my mind is my aunt: she lives hours away from the nearest hospital, and needs to have her dialysis done at home twice a day, every single day or she could die. She also can't afford any more overnight hospital bills either. So, for people like myself and my family, we'd really like to know for certain whether or not we need to start planning for that potential worst-case scenario, and there aren't even many options if we do.

Conspiracy theories aside, if TPTB plan to intentionally shut portions of the grid down, while stating officially that they won't, well... That's something to be very upset about. Also, continuing a statement I'd made earlier, if TPTB have prior knowledge of a pending threat to our nation and don't allow us to know in time to prepare, well... That's something to be very upset about, too. They should be held accountable for either scenario.

Still... I stick by what I said earlier... I'm sure everything will be okay, but, if it isn't, I'm glad the OP brought this to attention so we're not totally in the dark IF something happens.

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