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Cover-up of Comet ISON information continues - why?

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posted on Nov, 10 2013 @ 10:19 AM
reply to post by Tallone

Scientists as well as amateur observers are now asking why there have been no recent promised HD images of the comet?

What HD images? ISON is too far to get hi-rez images of its nucleus, but we've been getting lots of beautiful images of its coma and tail, even some details like jets and tail structure. MRO took a few pics during the comet's close approach to Mars, but that camera wasn't built for astrophotography, so the images are noisy.

This though may change due to interaction with the sun. The comet may come closer to Earth or furtherer a way.

No, the comet's trajectory cannot change. Even if it breaks up, the pieces will continue on the same path. ISON's trajectory is determined by the Sun's gravity (if you don't count gravity from the planets, which has been accounted for), and it doesn't depend on ISON's mass, denity, or structural integrity.

There is evidence that ISON has already had an affect on both the planet Earth and on Mars.

No, there isn't. The blurry Youtube video doesn't count. Let's see evidence from several amateur and professional astronomers, and then we can talk.

ISON is by far the biggest comet to come our way in more than a thousand years.

It isn't. ISON is relatively small, and we've been visited by far larger comets. Halley's comet is approx 10 km wide, and the comet Hale-Bopp is around 60 km in diameter. ISON is only around 5km.

Large space objects passing by our planet will have various planetary effects; severe weather, earthquakes and perhaps even worse.

Got any evidence to support that? When was the last time a large space object passed us and caused all those effects?

If Comet ISON is the big fella several observers conclude it is based on an analysis of the evidence so far then it will likely bring about changes to our planet that may affect us severely, and perhaps we are already experiencing a taste of these. Should we not be receiving all of the facts, and the appropriate warnings given these potential possibilities? Why are we not?

Because ISON will not, and cannot, cause any such effects. It could if it impacted us, but it's not going to. It's not even going to be anywhere near Earth.


These are just some of the points I addressed, but hopefully you get the picture. I could be sitting here all night addressing the rest, but will it be of any benefit to you? (Sometimes I wish I really were a givernment-paid shill, it would be such an easy life
) Other posters will chime in on your other points, I might too occasionally, so watch this space.

posted on Nov, 10 2013 @ 10:34 AM
I think it all comes down to greed. TPTB do not wish to damper consumer spending over the holiday season.

According to the NASA website Ison's closest approach to the sun will take place on Thanksgiving and the following day is Black Friday, as we all know. Ison's closest approach to Earth will take place the day after Christmas.

posted on Nov, 10 2013 @ 10:45 AM
Dumb question time. Could ISON be the bases for the ledge of Nibiru?. The ledge of Nibiru and what little we are hearing about ISON seems to line up.

posted on Nov, 10 2013 @ 10:53 AM

reply to post by Tallone

Look, sorry to keep doing this, but ISON and Mars do no not even get close to each other, neither does Mercury.

Watch the animation:

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With that animation it doesn't look like ISON comes anywhere close to Earth. Am I missing something?

posted on Nov, 10 2013 @ 11:34 AM
There is no blackout, its just not yet visible in the sky, in a couple weeks there will be attention in the MSM, when its visible with the naked eye
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posted on Nov, 10 2013 @ 11:45 AM
I'm not really sure if anyone can actually accurately predict the path or actions of this particular comet. That may be the reason that NASA isn't saying so much, they would hate to blow this up and be off on their estimate. According to what I have read, there hasn't been a comet like this for possibly thousands of years. These agencies have no references to use to accurately predict it's behavior. Not long ago, noone even thought comets breaking up was happening. Our window of observation is small, only a few hundred years with decent equipment. The people two thousand years ago would not even see this comet yet, and if it blew up they may not have even noticed.

NASA is doing an adequate job. If they were to tell us something that doesn't happen, than they would lose our faith and support. That is not good. The earthquake prediction programs have the same problems, they know the chances of a quake are elevated but can't say anything, it may fizzle out in many small shocks and be thrown back many years. These agencies are doing an adequate job. As this unfolds we will be informed as they can get more evidence to predict the behavior better. predicting the behavior of a comet that has never possibly been near the sun yet can be hard because they haven't enough evidence yet to figure it out completely. After witnessing this comet they can give a better prediction of similar comets in the future.

posted on Nov, 10 2013 @ 12:01 PM

reply to post by Tallone

Yes it is. I liiiiike it when you lot come out to play.

So would you like to clarify the you lot come out to play, or are you talking about the ones who actually understand that this is just a comet and nothing more?

Your OP has already been shown to be a fallacy with the notion the world is being kept in the dark about Ison from the MSM when it has been shown your wrong.

But hey if you want to fear this comet go right ahead, but remember it is just a comet that will not come close to causing harm to you, me or the Earth.

People like you make me upset sometimes. You always act like you know all there is to be known about the universe, just because you believe in science and the evidences it is able to provide. Maybe you guys just do not understand science isn't perfect and has been wrong so many times in history.

What makes you believe with no doubts it is impossible for a comet to bring somekind of disturbances along with itself? Why wouldn't it be possible for a specific type of celestial body to interact with planets or objects around itself?
Oh yeah, I know the answer, because science hasn't yet said so.

The way you guys are acting, always dismissing everything that hasn't been yet to be proven with undiscutable evidences, is the exact opposite of what you try to accomplish. You do not push towards progress by denying.

As for comets interacting with earth, I can't really say what to believe, but all I know for sure is that everything is possible in this vast universe. When you look into history, there already exist beautiful paintings of celestial bodies in the sky which seemed to bring diseases over people. As for interacting with the sun, there are also videos showing the sun reacting strangely when comets passed by.

But why should we care, huh? It isn't acknowledged by the almighty modern science.

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posted on Nov, 10 2013 @ 12:07 PM
reply to post by Tallone

Great thread Flagged and Stared. I feel uneasy about this as well, their should be way more information about ISON then their is. Also what about Comet 2P/Encke, I have heard nothing about this one as well.

Comet Encke live Tracker

posted on Nov, 10 2013 @ 12:10 PM
Sigh..Same crap different channel apparently. We went thru this very scenario last year with Elenin. I'm starting to think the doom pornographers just simply take the previous years failed comet,asteroid, sun flare, etc change the name and revomit it back out into the forums/youtube.
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posted on Nov, 10 2013 @ 12:22 PM


There is next to NO news about ISON on the main media outlets.

What "news" are those supposed to be?

It's a effing comet. There is no "news" to report on a daily or weekly basis, except that it's a comet.

If you want news about a comet, then I recommend visiting amateur astronomer's sites or similar.
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posted on Nov, 10 2013 @ 12:46 PM

I think this makes a lot of sense

posted on Nov, 10 2013 @ 12:49 PM

I'm not really sure if anyone can actually accurately predict the path or actions of this particular comet.

You can accurately predict the path of this comet.
Yes, you, rickymouse.
All it needs is that you visit an astronomical club, or somebody with a telescope and *see the comet for yourself*.
If you do this on three nights, and take measurements of its position, you then have enough data to calculate its orbit.

Calculating an orbit is not hard, many software programs can do the job. Although Halley famously worked out his namesake comet back in the 1700's, the method used today was worked out by Gauss in back in 1801. Its well tested, so there's no excuse for saying the method is uncertain.

See it for yourself. Calculate it for yourself.

That may be the reason that NASA isn't saying so much
NASA is doing an adequate job.

Again with the NASA obsession.
Forget them. Its got nothing whatsoever to do with NASA.
Just pretend they dont exist and do it all yourself.

posted on Nov, 10 2013 @ 01:00 PM

reply to post by infoseeker26754

Well these figures might help you..

Yes, it's busy out there, but comet discoveries have dropped in the last few years.


Amateur discoveries are up.

Make what you will of that.
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Age of Thinking For Yourself? Getting hit from all sides one would have to do it alone or with a small few indeed! Yet to go all out and say It's The End, would cause more harm then good.

I for one do not see it as an end, just the start of something new. Everyone deep down inside has a fear just How the End shall Be. Lets start with the Church, they killed more in the first 10yrs then Hilter did back in the day, all because of some fear of Hell and demons! Going with the Hopi, Earth ended 4 times yet when a blue Star comes along it is the last time Man gets to have a say so or else!

Hell even childhood storyes gets you trapped into thinking good vs. evil and spend some of your life sorting through all the crap. Truth is so well hidden from us, you really have to jump off the edge just to know but a small tiny bit of Truth and now again you have to crap what once was Truth!

There was a call for Amateurs while the shutdown was in effect. Knowing most did not have that kinda money and equim and the ones who acttually did at the time were as just confused as Nasa. During the shutdown, they could have played out any possible way and get ready for anything while the people whined about the closure. Theirs a name for that really.

Phage is right half the time; nothing new odds are nothing shall happen. Most should know playing Odds can get you killed or broke! That apple has to hit you only once!

posted on Nov, 10 2013 @ 01:14 PM


What about no mention of Comet Brewington, Comet Enke and Comet Lovejoy, all at around the same time as Comet ISON?

How come there is no mention of the Four Comets in MSM. This should at least make the broad sheets newspapers if not the 'Daily Scandal' newspapers. Some many intellectuals who just might be interestsed, not to mention us 'common folk'? No?

And don't forget Comet Linear in that bunch. I think there's actually 5 now.

Historically I'm not sure what the "record" is, but 5 at one time has to be up there...

Anyone know?

What 5 now? Somehow one would have thought NASA back in Jan; All Knowing, would have said just that! Well with the highter UFO sightings, only 2 possibilitys, 1 here to help! That would be so cool! Yet Humans forget to be Humble! 2. Seeing what we did to this Planet and Life, allow it to play itself off as intended, move it and clean it up for Life to begin again.

Surly no one believies in mind sucking Aliens? I find it as play God; Man, lets Play! I though the record was 2? Well when records were being kepted anyway. Could ask the New Pope though, with all them books hidden from the masses it could have been more!

posted on Nov, 10 2013 @ 01:27 PM

reply to post by Lil Drummerboy

I second that. Nicely put. May I join you on the fence?

Agreed! I would like to join also. Lets all sit and enjoy the show while on the fence. Now that fear is gone; somewhat, we can overcome and work to fix what once was broken without the fear inside!

Fema and the Gov just might be needing help if anything was to happen. And who can really say they aren't trying? Now everyone in the Gov is evil right? Still have the grid shutdown and a statement coming this week right? If so, talk to ya next week if I can!

The only sad part of the story would be the first 2 months! As hard as it hurts, mans self will run amonk trying to save self so best to lay low. Self will take care of self and after that, We will be able to take care of All!

posted on Nov, 10 2013 @ 01:31 PM

With that animation it doesn't look like ISON comes anywhere close to Earth. Am I missing something?

Nope, you're right, ISON will be nowhere near Earth. The term "close approach" is only relative, it means the object will be the closest to Earth in its orbit around the Sun, even when it's tens of millions of miles away from Earth at that point.

(glad to be answering a valid question, amongst all the anti-science, metaphysical, and philosophising in this thread)

I'm not really sure if anyone can actually accurately predict the path or actions of this particular comet. That may be the reason that NASA isn't saying so much

ISON's trajectory has been predicted with great certainty, using the old and trusted laws of celestial motion. You can check how precise the predicted path is by getting the future coordinates (called ephemeris) for the comet and pointing your telescope there. You can be guaranteed to find it there.

By the way, we don't need NASA to predict the orbit. You can do it yourself, as do thousands of astronomers around the world. The official data and predictions are published by the Minor Planet Center which collects observations from all those astronomers (including amateurs).

We can say where ISON will be in December, or any time next year, with the same surety as knowing that if you drop a stone it will hit the ground.
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posted on Nov, 10 2013 @ 01:33 PM
To the writer of this thread: Recently NASA discovered an "unique" not ever seen "asteroid" with 6 tails. I just wonder if this could be part also of Ison electric interaction. To clarify my view I need at least to know if this 6 tail object is near the comet Ison path or no, first. Does you have any data that point me on that direction? Thanks.

posted on Nov, 10 2013 @ 01:41 PM


I think this makes a lot of sense

Really? Just a small tiny bug can cause more harm carrying viruses on them or in them. And ice we know Life lives, things are falling everyday in the night and day. Even the last layer of air is known to carry Bugs to the earth. Lately its a night show everyday!

It makes sense since it is easer, safer and a nice way to put it!

posted on Nov, 10 2013 @ 01:53 PM

reply to post by Tallone

...that there is nothing unusual about this comet nor the amount of press it has been receiving.

Well, actually there are a number of things that are unusual about this comet, and which has been pointed out by astronomers and many serious comet watchers.

Now as to whether there is some "cone of silence" conspiracy or if the nature of the unusual behavior and observations add up to anything really extraordinary remains to be seen. It would depend on what is really causing the unusual behavior, and of course, who knew what & when.

I'm enjoying watching this one play out.

Seems a shame (and a funny co-inky-dink) that the satellite NASA has up there *specifically* to view and provide info on Comets like this suddenly became verklempt right before it would have been useful for ISON...

posted on Nov, 10 2013 @ 02:17 PM
reply to post by Tallone

I am wondering right now with the current amount of comets we currently have into the sky if there could be something with our sun approaching the second sun of our binary star system. If I consider the fact the our solar system is a binary star system and that the second sun linked to ours has an asteroid belt like the one roughly following the orbit of neptune, then this could be on of the reason why we have that many comets being talked about lately.


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