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Action and Activation of the Brain - The Scientific Approach to Buddhist Study – the Human Life Sc

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posted on Nov, 10 2013 @ 01:18 AM
Open below link for Full Article.

I. The Rebirth And The Activation Of Brain Cells

All The Brain Cells, Spinal Cells, And Visual Sensory Cells Can Be Reborn!

Student: Many cells in our body can be reborn; however, the brain cells reach its highest amount at birth and then they gradually die out, decrease, and then…?

Figure 2/ All the brain cells, spinal cells, and visual sensory cells can be reborn!

Master: No! The brain cells can be reborn!

There are three kinds of cells that are considered not being able to be reborn according to the medical science: the "brain cell", the "spinal cell", and the "sensory cell" of the eye. The eyes have 5 million sensory cells. Every time we look at the bright light, thousands die. It could be tens of thousands when looking at the sun. A cell dies; a cell is lost. If all the sensory cells die, you lose your sight!

However, as far as I know, all these three kinds can be reborn! And it is not that hard for the brain cell to be reborn. If you can create certain amino acids, then the brain cell is capable of continuing its evolution and will be born again. It is not something that cannot be done! To put this issue aside first, we have used only 5% of our brain cells, right? All that we need to do is to develop a bit of the rest and it would turn out to be very powerful already!

posted on Nov, 10 2013 @ 05:02 AM
Interesting stuff.
Fasting has been found to increase brain cells. The theory is that when you fast your body thinks you are to stupid to find food so it starts to make new brain cells.
Here is a link to Eat Fast Live longer. Skip to 46:30 mark for the bit on brain cells. ilms


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