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Novus tek (nova tech) again....

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posted on Nov, 17 2004 @ 03:35 AM
Hello Everyone. This is my first post to ATS. I am in great admiration of all of you truth seekers out there.

Anyway I just sent of the second instalment for the Novus Tek Discovery and thought (maybe a bit too late) to do a quick research on the www. And so I landed here. I received the information booklet today and as I read it I kept on thinking who I knew that would know my hidden talents… although I do believe that everyone has a great amount of hidden potential or talents… who would know my name, address etc… Well my curiosity and faith/trust was greater than my scepticism so I decided to go for it. It cost me 138.85 and now I am waiting to get the “big book” with all the secrets….

Here are my ponderings…
Are any of you who have posted here actual members of the society?
Have you applied any of the techniques in the book?
Did you feel anything remotely close to the elevating stories in the pamphlet?

I actually felt something while and after reading the booklet… An eerie feeling of being lighter and totally absorbed in the reading (which is unusual for me…can hardly concentrate on reading a newspaper)

As I took a walk outside after reading the booklet and going to get the MO I also felt my posture had changed for the better and that I had more courage to look people in the eyes… also a somewhat unusual thing for me as I live in the hard NYC…

Over the past five years I have participated in and witnessed situations that altered my vision of this planet and the life upon it… the society, systems, governments etc. that comply with the alleged secrets in the books…. Partially a reason why I ordered it….

As I believe that we humans (well these days more like sub-humans since we were mated with aliens to create a slave race for the “gods” aka (the rulers of the world today) aka George bush Sr. and Jr. , The Rothschilds (I personally know one of the family), The Rockefellers and basically anyone with enough power (money) to control the government(s) thereby controlling us and us being the world… The new world order is alive today it is not a futuristic government… Watch “The Matrix”… It’s like watching a futuristic version of Jesus life….

Sorry got a bit of the subject…its 3 am….
Since my own experiences…. which will remain a secret for now... I sleep less, eat less and have more energy than ever before… I also haven’t been sick once since I started my “new” journey….

Well I think that’s enough for now… Love to all of you out there…

We were meant to live in abundance both in money and love.. Although
our ignorance is wanting to keep us in darkness… And the ones keeping us ignorant…

…. maybe a secret society is not so far fetched after all…I will read this book and then we’ll see….

posted on Nov, 17 2004 @ 08:03 AM
There is a perfectly tedious thread on Nova Tech here:

oodles and oodles of like experiences.


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