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Do all these dreams mean the same?

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posted on Nov, 9 2013 @ 05:31 PM
Here are five dreams that I had 10-30 or so years ago that I still remember well. Perhaps you can help me interpret them? In a sense, I suspect they all mean the same, but I'm not quite sure why.

Dream #1: The desert walk.

I find myself in a desert. It's midday, the sky is clear and the sun shines - it's hot but I don't seem to be affected by the heat. I walk for what seems a very long time. The sun goes down - it's nighttime and the star are all clear to see in the black sky - I continue walking. I see no one else and there are no signs of human civilization. When the sun rises I see some huge sattelite dishes pointed straight upwards in the distance, when I come closer I see some 4-5 story business buildings - it's a small town next to a small mountain in the desert. I enter the edges town but I see no one there at first, then I see one or two people, they don't seem to take notice of me. I wake up.

Dream #2: The uncontrolled flight.

I'm on a huge cruiseship of sorts in the middle of the ocean, its nightime and only the moon lights up the sky. There are many people onboard, but no one that I know or interact with. I walk outside on the deck. Then, the wind picks me up and I fly over the cruiseship, I find out that I can control my flight and therefore I'm not scared in the beginning. I fly over the cruiseship for a while, people are pointing at me in amazement or fear. Then, I start to lose control of my flight, drifting further and further away from the cruiseship. I start getting scared and see a small island. The sun starts to rise over the horizon. I circle the island but I'm travelling to fast to land and I skip on the surface of the sea trying to slow myself down while I circle the island. When I finally come to a stop I'm in the sea near two medium sized fishing vessels, the crew of one of them drag me onboard and says "What are you doing, you can't be flying around like that!" to me, and I wake up.

Dream #3: The graveyard in the forest.

I'm with two of my childhood friends, we are in the forest at nighttime. It's dark but the moon is up so we can see clearly. In the forest we find what seem to be an abandoned church with a graveyard in front of it. My friends run away. I go to the graveyard and then enter the church. It is empty and worned down. I wake up.

Dream #4: The holiday resort.

I'm at this huge holliday resort in Spain. There are thousands of people there, a couple of them are from my workplace. All seem happy about being there. There is lots of food and drink for everyone. We live in this huge white hotel with swimming pools and a long beach. I'm at the pools and then at the beach. Somehow I figure that I will leave, I'm not content for a reason I cannot remember. People think I'm crazy for leaving. The huge hotel is on a island and I drive across a steel large bridge when I leave it. When I arrive at my destination I hear that there has been some kind of catastrophy on the island I left and everyone is dead that were there. I wake up.

Dream #5: The schoolyard

I had this dream when I was a teenager. I'm in my schoolyard, it's nighttime but the moon us up so I can see everything. There are hundreds of people in the schoolyard, but none from my school. I recognize many of my neighbours and people in the area of all ages. They all just stand there seemingly emotionless, no one are talking to eachother - like they are all hypnotized. I get an emotion that something very dark and evil is going on and I shout to them "Wake up they are stealing our souls" - or something to that effect, but they all just gaze at me stupidly. Then I wake up.

Thanks for any feedback.
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posted on Nov, 12 2013 @ 03:00 PM
reply to post by MerkabaMeditation

I can share some of my own ideas; it seems that there's something I have to do alone, and the night/day scenario might perhaps mean a mental rebirth or a new direction in my life.

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