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Inspiration is what must lead

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posted on Nov, 17 2004 @ 12:34 AM
.....Liberty is fun. Being able to JOIN IN restores the spirit. What must endure are points-of-view--not privileges.
.....What prosperity means is the ability to take Initiatives.
.....Let us make sure government acts fairly and justly to compete in the world, so everybody gets to take some initiatives and gains skills.
.....Inspiration leads understanding, as Invention leads Technology, as Craft leads Art.
.....As a nation we must agree on what is to be forbidden due to being unsafe, dangerous or unhealthful.
.....And whereas it's okay to celebrate one's senses, what is not okay is living by being stupefied and dulled down to senselessness.
.....It's good to put Wisdom to the test by trying to restore relationships and move toward Peace. Why are our leaders only fomenting WARS?
.....God is active in the world, not just in the pages of old books.
.....The fact each of our many cultures obeys its own point-of-view doesn't MEAN anybody is "wrong."
.....Being ruled by Progress doesn't need to mean that we have to live like bees in a beehive, does it?
....."Perfecting ourselves" shouldn't mean we all have to choke down all the same doctrines and belief systems.
.....Beliefs have effects. So, let us let them stand or fall by the effects they create in Time, and stop worrying about which thoughts rattle around in whose heads.
......May we stop making excuses for the stupid acts and wrong-headed movements of the hyper-religious and hyper-cynical among us.
.....Justice is a personal outcome in which good acts begets good outcomes. Does anybody have a problem with this concept?
.....People who question what is going on today are patriots who pay a high price. And this has always been so. Harassment and attack come from all sides to those who dissent.
.....But we "can't get there from here" if there aren't leaders of integrity among us who visualize what we want our lives to look like.
.....What we permit ourselves to visualize and acquire becomes what we must master and control--but not lives, futures, or options we hope will pan out for people.
......The gift of true leadership cannot be bought at any price, and this is why those who receive that gift are so vulnerable to corruption.
......But do they have to abuse it to the extent the rest of the world hates and is terrified of us?
......Of course not. Let's not go there anymore. Write your Senators and Representatives, and tell them "Enough War and Killing," for God's sake.

posted on Nov, 17 2004 @ 06:06 AM
i think you should be our leader emily

as long as there is a never ending struggle for money and dominence in this world i dont think things will change very much. people are far too complacent. take a walk outside and see how many people are willing to listen to what you have to say. there is no way to show them how we have gone wrong, they must see it for themselves. that is to say, the systematic anhialation of our current system. my outlook is that of my life and understanding of our world, it is in shambles. your words hold far greater merit.

posted on Nov, 17 2004 @ 09:58 AM
Let's just think about the results and outcomes our nation has created by ignoring the effects we have created worldwide and just focusing on the processes, strategies and mechanics of "Gummint."

With all the agencies LYING to protect their turf, how the hell are any of the voters supposed to be able to vote intelligently? There's no truth to stand on.

And then people like Bush accuse the masses of American of being complacent. Hell! They just know they don't know anything REAL.

What percentage is there, in participating in a process in which we know and CAN KNOW NOTHING REAL?

NWO is a game for super-sports, and the rest of us are simply LEFT OUT.

The only answer I know of is, Prayer. Scream at the Universe:

"This is NOT JUSTICE!!!"

Yeah. Scream at the Universe so God can hear you.

posted on Nov, 17 2004 @ 10:56 AM

Yeah. Scream at the Universe so God can hear you.

way ahead of you

once again i think it comes down to money. alteration of truths to protect assets, concealment of factual evidence as a guise for national security. i reckon they consider national security the act of securing their money

how do you crack a system that you have harbored your entire life?

there is no greater inspiration then that of their own tools being used against them. get on the evening news and everyday go over the policies our government enacts and lay out the cold hard facts before the millions of lazy bums who are hopelessy addicted to couch mongering. then again this is entirely immposible if we can not crack the system, wide open i do say!

[edit on 17-11-2004 by sturod84]

posted on Nov, 17 2004 @ 12:14 PM
Also, I'm not just "cracking open" the Truth about a lot of these matters and issues [on my web-site].

I'm also de-mystifying the whole matter of living by cooperation and not by coercion. Living by cooperation [as in Benedictine communities] is actually not an onerous situation--clogged with cumbersome activities.

It can be quite natural to a person who is already well-disciplined and has a good handle on articulating their own motivations and goals.

So, next I'm working on the book on Seed Money and how to manifest prosperity without getting into avarice and hoarding.

That's the next book to put up sometime today or tomorrow.

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