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Simultaneous Alternate Time/Life-lines Collide?

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posted on Nov, 8 2013 @ 04:40 PM
There is a theory that outlines the possibility of multiple, simultaneous time/life-lines

The first post of this thread will aim to explain and expand upon this theory while the second will attempt to tie it into a recent personal occurrence with the hope of offering a plausible theory-based conclusion rather than an unexplained and therefor "paranormal" one. (though not overly so, still an unexplained experience)

I have colour coded the paragraphs for contextual reference to better understand my cognitive process in reaching the forthcoming conclusion.

teal for the original theory
green for my considerations - PRE event
blue for my expansions - POST event
yellow for my personal narrative
red headers to separate ideas

The theory was aptly visualized in a thread I cant seem to locate as this:
imagine your multiple lives - as it were - to be the prongs of a fork thats been stuck through a piece of bread. You, as the various prongs, are unaware of the connection to the rest of the fork on the other side of the bread.

simple, right? our "soul" observes and experiences the various manifestations of itself that permeate reality.

Now lets take it a bit farther and imagine each prong of the fork having found itself in a different medium on the same side of the bread, serving as the walls between prongs, causing them to be unawares of one another. One prong lands in yogurt, one in water, one in jam, and one in pudding. Each experiences life based on this medium and the abilities/limitations that each one presents, but the force behind them all gets the greater picture, the greater experiential benefit of all actions. Sometimes the mediums mix together on the fringes but for the most part, they are entirely separate.

As if each prong was, instead of being in a parallel of the same place, rather in a different place of its own; an entirely separate [universe?] version of reality with different rules (like free will) and laws to its operation (like standard physics etc). In keeping with things like physical appearance, family members and some "meant-to-be" friendship/relationships with the same underlying consciousness driving its subconscious mind and inherent spiritual evolution, thereby efficiently experiencing as many possible actions in the same time-space across multiple realities in the 3D plane simultaneously.

again, though possibly difficult to accept, still a fairly simple concept to grasp.

So now lets incorporate this all into one results driven system.

For sake of argument I will present a widely accepted idea that we are here, alive and conscious to experience and learn for the betterment of our souls higher evolution, to whatever end that may be.

With this in mind, it would be logical to assume that if there is a higher consciousness guiding these experiences, that this consciousness would want to achieve its results in the most efficient manner possible as to speed up the process. With many repeated life cycles, and past lives etc it could be a great many lives lived before evolution is achieved.

This is where we twist the knot a bit.

Is it plausible that, keeping the above in mind, there could be an autonomous action at work that "splits" each life in each reality into multiple alternate versions of itself? to maximize action and therefor maximize experience?

Something i have often considered is this:
When we make a decision and follow through with it, we experience that decision, good or bad, we are essentially in a series of "yes" decisions, because we experience a constant stream of affirmative actions. I theorize that for every "yes" we experience there is an alternate "no" timeline that forms at the same moment and continues on its own journey in parallel with our own "yes" journey, such that it now goes into life on its own "yes" journey, with everything up until the catalyst "no" that birthed it remaining the same, and everything experienced after being a construct of its own "yes's", the only difference being the decision itself, creating an infinite out-branching of yes/no journeys across multiple versions of reality, further increasing actions and therefor experiences for the soul to absorb and learn from.

Deeper into the rabbit hole;

would it be then irrational to assume that with so many wires, so many paths and options, that there is no chance of them ever crossing or colliding with one another?

i think it would be.

consider, with the above in mind, the significance of dreaming. Could it be possible than when we shut down and experience vivid life-like and even lucid dreams, that we are observing ourselves in one of these alternate realities? Could our subconscious mind be the congregation of our multiple simultaneous selves tuned into each other during sleep cycles to help, in essence, ourselves, in times of need or confusion?

I make this correlation because many of my vivid and/or lucid dreams (as well as those of a few close friends i have discussed this with) have seemed to be in times of stress or need, where there is something pressing at hand that NEEDS to be done, RIGHT NOW, its like a rush of energy and adrenaline but from a 1st person observers point of view where all of a sudden you're in the thick of it. Others are in times of desperation or despair, as if a loved one has been lost, or a great catastrophe has been suffered, but it is almost always a pressing personal or social matter, though not always a negative one.

Is it possible that when these things happen, the soul, the connection behind the bread, swoops in and collects the relevant sleeping streams of consciousness with the ability to contribute to currently distressing situations in its parallel experiences?

Not only serving to help the consciousness in need, but to again increase the actions of each individual stream and again increase the experience that the soul can absorb?

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posted on Nov, 8 2013 @ 04:41 PM
So, with the gist of the theory fresh in your mind; i will present the recent occurrence that inspired much of this thought and the writing of this thread.

Last night I prepared to lay down for a movie before bed with my girlfriend, i emptied my pockets of a few items and placed them on top of a cigar box that sits on top of my bedside table; the items were, a folding cigarette case, a mint tin, and a bic lighter, in that order from bottom to top (note- i distinctly remember thinking at this point "why didnt i just put them all down at once?" because i had placed them one on top of another individually) in a central alignment with one another (mild OCD).

So i lay down and rolled over to put my arm over my partner, who had started and was already watching the screen when 30-40 seconds after i had turned to face the screen with her, i heard a sound from behind me where the bedside table is. I turned my neck to look wondering what could have fallen or rolled or something, but could come to no reasonable conclusion, at which point i muttered something like "but nothing would do that…" in a confused tone as i lightly shifted various items on the table. At this point my GF takes notice of my actions and turns, i ask her "did you hear that?" she says yes, she thought i was just putting my things down, so i explained the situation as we both stared at the area confused.. then i noticed it.

The bic lighter ontop of the mint tin ontop of the cigarette case was out of its central alignment, slightly rotated and off the edge of the tin to one end. This struck me as immediately odd and i got a strange feeling inside my body as my eyes widened. I know for a fact the way that i put the items down because i cant stand when that kind of thing isnt in alignment. So i picked up all 3 items at once about 1cm above the cigar box and dropped them together as one unit.

it was the exact sound that we both heard.
I didnt even have to ask at first (though i did for confirmations sake) i could see it in her eyes the moment it happened, we both recognized the sound to be exactly, not similar but EXACTLY the sound we had both heard. We just sat in silence for several seconds looking at each other with wide eyes, i could feel the gears in both our brains spinning wildly to formulate an answer.

I spent the next 60 minutes pondering to myself as we watched a few episodes of a tv show. Before starting the last one i stopped and explained the above to my partner, who listened intently, confirming and questioning but in the end agreeing with my conclusion as plausible.

In Conclusion:

With the above theory and experience in mind, is it not plausible that my acknowledgement of a conscious decision AFTER the decision was made (considering i had the thought of placing all at once WHILE i was placing the last item, this makes the acknowledgement of it a later decision rather than a prior one) caused an alternate timeline to form with a sort of "Lag" effect to its inception, requiring a rewind and a replay with a different action that then got crossed with its counterpart and cause both myself AND my girlfriend to hear (because we were facing the opposite way and werent able to see) the 3 items drop at once?

I think so.

posted on Nov, 8 2013 @ 05:01 PM
That's all well and good, but what mechanism forces us to only be cognizant of one existence at a time? Why are we not constantly confronted by a reality that shifts along its spectrum of possibilities such that randomness is the norm? The life I perceive is pretty consistent. Things don't pop in and out of reality. When I put my pencil down on a table, chances are pretty good that if Ieave and come back, it will still be there. I can even be unconscious for many hours at a time at night, dreaming all kinds of crazy crap, yet when I wake up, everything is (as far as it matters) back where it was before.

That makes me think that there really is only one universe, which it the singular one I see through my own eyeballs. My consciousness defines the universe, and there are no other potential consciousnesses of mine that I'm sharing it with. Two eyes, one consciousness looking out of them, not 10 billion.

posted on Nov, 8 2013 @ 05:43 PM
reply to post by Blue Shift

I proposed that we, as singular representations of the greater, whole, consciousness, are subject to the confines of our own medium, our own time/space and point of perception, or that we exist in this reality with your own two eyes.
At no point was it suggested that we should flit from consciousness to consciousness throughout various realities, only that there may be opportunity to witness/experience a cross-over effect from an alternate time-line in your current time/space. Same place, people and items, different actions.

I, like you, can put a pencil down and be sure that it will be there when i get back, yes. This is our affirmative time line, compared to a parallel alternate time-line where you perhaps had put the pencil in a drawer. My statement was that it could be plausible for these time-lines to cross now and then and that we could be witness to the "glitch" in various ways if we are present in the exact right moment.

I can even be unconscious for many hours at a time at night, dreaming all kinds of crazy crap, yet when I wake up, everything is (as far as it matters) back where it was before.

my dream hypothesis was that "all kinds of crazy crap" though, yes, can be just a dream state of your current physical consciousness' reality, may also be our higher self transcending the limits of our current physical reality in order for one aspect of its consciousness to assist another in a time of need.

some of these realities or universes may have different rules to their operation, like freewill, gravity and or the building blocks of organic life, creating places unimaginable under conventional circumstances.

My consciousness defines the universe and there are no other potential consciousnesses of mine that I'm sharing it with. Two eyes, one consciousness looking out of them, not 10 billion.

none of this was meant to state that you are effectively sharing your own consciousness here with any other version of yourself; only that those versions may exist and that we may unwittingly experience proof of this on various occasions, from time slips, weird noises and seemingly paranormal events to states of lucid and even day-dream states.

Being that we are all comprised of energy from the same source, I would argue that the universe indeed does define our individual consciousness, but that our consciousness defines our perception of that reality. Like lets say someone here in this reality, this universe, is quiet and reserved, introverted, and anti social, but when they dream, they go to a place where they are confident and full of life, in a different earth-like environment with different goals and aspirations; in both cases its the environment (universe) that defines the awareness (consciousness), and then in turn the awareness of ones environment that defines ones perception of it through its own unique experiences.

posted on Nov, 8 2013 @ 06:56 PM
reply to post by EmpathicBandit

Hey Bandit. Your thread caught my eye because of a recent thread I made titled "Nuts and Bolts".
In this thread I recount a couple of incidents of this sort which occurred in my youth. The experience I had was in concert with a ouija board and "an entity" which used the label "Nuts and Bolts" to label itself.

Your ideas here sound like an interesting explanation for my experiences. If you are interested you can find that thread through my name .

Yours TM

posted on Nov, 8 2013 @ 09:28 PM
I'll post something that most will think is silly.

Changed passwords. Not at the request of a recover or change password prompt either. By change, I do mean subtle change. Words in the password transforming into their homophone. It happened once, clear as day. I even laughed to myself and said, "No, wait. Did I...shift?" The concept is not new to me. I'm not sure if I absolutely accept it as truth or not. I did experience the password change. I can say that much. Case of forgetting? Absolutely unlikely since I haven't spelled that word in that way in years and I log onto that particular site daily. It was odd. So, maybe you're right. Maybe there are multiple versions of us. What would an omniscient God be without infinite experience...that necessarily implies every life time with every choice must be lived.

posted on Nov, 9 2013 @ 12:22 AM
reply to post by TheOneElectric

interesting. i've also experience password changes in the past, though it usually resulted in never getting it right there was a time or two where it was just a subtle change to what i remembered and used regularly; like a 2 instead of a to or some other number/letter replacement/arrangement. Ive passed it off as glitches and user error but its interesting to apply this theory to these occurences!

thanks for sharing.

reply to post by TerryMcGuire

Great! that was a good read; i'll respond on your thread page.

posted on Jan, 18 2014 @ 11:47 PM
reply to post by EmpathicBandit

Found your post while doing a search on simultaneous time. If you do the same you will find more than a few relevant things to check out. I would also like to recommend two books by Jane Roberts. The 1st is the Education of Oversoul 7, a sci-fi covering different lives being lived in different times simultaneously. The 2nd is The Afterdeath Journal of an American Philosopher, William James, his views and learnings on reality since his death. You can find cheap used copies on Amazon. I guarantee you will enjoy and find things you are looking for in these.

posted on Jan, 19 2014 @ 12:17 AM
I am into the theory of time being simultaneous, past, present, and future actually end up being an illusion if you wanna go the time travel sci-fi way. However, if it was timelines, then they would have to be separate so they can keep going in a stream. You could go with the grandfather clock where actions going back can affect the future. Reality would be an instant illusion due to cause an effect, it would be natural if it where never noticed.

The universe would be a big jumble of things.

Alternate realities don't make to much sense in my view.

You could look at carbon based bodies in other parts of the universe, like twins or doppelgangers at the same time in one universe, since space can be an unfathomable never never land at times.

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