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There's No Money in Alternative Medicine....

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posted on Nov, 8 2013 @ 01:52 PM
I imagine that most of that is just supplements.

posted on Nov, 8 2013 @ 02:05 PM


And they don't have to prove they even work to anyone at all.

Well of course.
because if it was actually proven to work, with long term blind trials and so forth, then by definition it would be regarded as "science"... and no longer wooish "alternative medicine".
As some parts of it have already become. The history of aspirin being a perfect example.

Alternative medicine, by definition, must be something not proven to work.

I am curious, is the scientific part here where Bayer got everyone addicted to Heroin?
I usually agree with most your posts on the forum, and actually believe drug choice should be up to the individual (and the science argued behind the treatment), but not everything is cut and dry. And our history of medicine is hardly scientific!

Medicine goes through fads, one day we are prescribing heroin, next day coc aine to get off the heroin, next its all illegal, and instead prescribe kids meth to get rid of their ADHD, or if it's ADD you just get some speed kid, we used to prescribe it to your mom cause she was lazy. Ibuprofen? Oh, you can eat handfuls here, but cross a few borders, make sure you don't have it in your pocket cause you might end up in jail. Antibiotics? We only give that to people really sick, but fly around the world and you can take it for a stubbed toe!

Medicine, is anything but scientific, unfortunately.
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posted on Nov, 8 2013 @ 03:28 PM

Use diet as your medicine, its proven to be effective. You can support your local farms and community gardens whilst curing yourself of many ailments.

Effective for some things, and able to cure many ailments, sure. I love supporting my local farms, growing my own food and herbs, and taking care of my body, and I would never discourage others from doing the same, but I also recognize that there are some things diet alone can't fix. For example, diet can alleviate or even eliminate acid reflux in many people, but it won't necessarily fix the problems caused by a congenital GI tract abnormality.

posted on Dec, 22 2013 @ 08:39 AM
reply to post by Taissa

used Chinese herbs for a very bad gallbladder. The surgeon wanted to take it out, but it was not bad enough yet, only paining me once in a while. I was too afraid to do a liver flush so I went to a Chinese herbalist and she saved my gallbladder with specific herbs and diet. I still have my gb too

Mildly OT.


Those things you poop out are not gallstones. They are they saponified oil you have consumed passed out as soild lumps. If you had passed even one gallstone you'd be in the hospital for days. The exit from the gallbladder (bile duct) is only a couple of mill across. It would be like trying to force a tennis ball through a hose pipe. If you do a liver flush you are in danger of forcing any small stones you have out ( size pf peas and rice grains) and they frequently get stuck.. emergency surgery time.

Personal experience.

posted on Dec, 24 2013 @ 07:44 PM
reply to post by Thecakeisalie

Ever heard of medical ghostwriting? You just fell for it.

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